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Rysta11 Mar 25, 8:21 PM
hahaha yoooooooo more like u long time nv shows up XD
CursedD0ll Feb 11, 2:44 AM
Ouch <\3
CursedD0ll Feb 11, 1:54 AM
look whos back..me
NemuriNezumi Jan 12, 11:46 AM
btw, total random but have you heard of "collar x malice"?? it's a new otome game that is supposed to be released for the PSP Vita this year -but given the publisher is otomate, 85% sure they're a gonna delay it at least once or twice-

I saw the charas/boys and I had an instant crush on Aiji Yanaji, I still can't get over it xD someone pls bring me back to reality lmao, but seriously tho, hot damn...!!
NemuriNezumi Jan 12, 10:34 AM
YAY, no more exams!!! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ today was my last one *crossing fingers in hope that it went well*

my true holidays are starting now, ayeee
NemuriNezumi Jan 3, 4:48 AM
I used to receive them! but they're mostly send by email, but I do remember getting notification also here??? like when a number in orange pops up alongside "my profile" option above when someone sends you a friend request or a club invitation, or when MAL is trolling and you have nothing but the number is still there (like what is happening right now, it says I have a club invitation, I enter and there's nothing and I'm just like ಠ_ಠ)

well, I just told you what my friend told me xD
welp, in your case you have your hands full 24/24h, you're living the full adult life now D:! I can only imagine it will get even worse if you have kids, because they do need a lot of attention, especially when they're very young as they're so fragile and such

I finally bought jap novels!! I asked them as a gift for christmas xD alongside the second volume of the novel of NO.6 in french, and the third volume of the novel of Psychic Detective Yakumo in italian
I bought the first novel of Brothers Conflict, the first novel of Hakushaku to Yousei, and that novel inspired in one mobile otome game: Ikemen Oukyuu - Otogi no Kuni no Princess
And I almost finished the first of Brothers Conflict already!! (I only have, like, 23-24?? pages left, I'm probably gonna finish it between today or tomorrow), and the moment I finish it, I'm buying the second and third volumes immediately, that's how much I enjoyed it xD
I never expected to love the novels SO FREAKING MUCH (I mean, I do love BroCon, since always! but still, woah!!!) and more than anything else, I never expected to read it SO fast (I spend more time reading my first novel in italian than my first novel in Japanese, didn't expect that lol, but I guess it's somewhat normal given Psychic Detective Yakumo has like maybe 150-200 pages more and it has a more difficult vocabulary given the context and all that, but still!)

At first I was a bit scared that my level wasn't good enough yet but woah, didn't need to worry that much it seems? xD (sure I do have quite a few terms I need to search from time to time because I don't know them, or the engrish sometimes is so unintelligible I'm just like ¿¿¿?? or I forgot how do you say some kanjis even though I do know the meaning) but yep, not gonna lie, I feel so proud of my progress ;-;

Like, even my mother is happy for me(??), even though she was weary of me learning japanese because she neither sees the appeal or the need for it gvauvhaifvbaflhli maybe she will buy me some books from time to time now? who knows, that would be nice tho xD (BroCon has like, 14 novels in total: 7 the first season, 5 the second, there's one troll/AU? novel book and I heard there's one final one with side-stories and a special epilogue which shows Emma's daughter!!!)

shush, my phone had only like 8GBs by itself and I bought not so long ago a micro SD of 16GBs (but I can only use like 14,5GBs for some reason, meh) and I'm happy with it, plus I can't afford anything else xD (it was miracle I could afford that Micro SD)

plus you actually don't need that much space?? from time to time there's some actualizations but they don't take that much (only that jap game I downloaded a few months ago; Drug-Ouji to Matori-hime, which has like a lot of actualizations and does spend a lot of memory, but I love that game so I don't really care xD)

I still don't know how my laptop holds up, like, two semester ago It broke completely and all my stuff was gone, as you can imagine, that was the worse that could happen at that time when exams were near orz (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

PD: speaking of exams, sorry for the wait, I had exams at the beginning of december and I needed to study! (I failed one exam and I need to re-do it the 12th of this month, but the other ones went like, really well?? I even got a top mark: 100/100, I still can't believe it xD even less when I spend my second day of exam with a food intoxication and the only thing I wanted to do was cry and run away because I couldn't take the pain anymore, orz, it was horrible)
AYOSHINA Nov 25, 2015 10:33 AM
Sorry for the extra late reply. The last 2 weeks has been a little chaotic.
WOOT WOOT! how old are you? ^^
. i watched about 2-3 hours of it a day before heading to bed (i sleep late rip). seeing how the eps are about 20mins long if you cut out the bs intro/outro i can squeeze in 3 eps per hour. So 6-9 eps a day, probably more.

NemuriNezumi Nov 11, 2015 10:54 AM
welp, I can only imagine how much being an adult sucks D:
I have one friend who is finishing his career and he seems to be "mildly" traumatised at the prospect of becoming an "adult" now that he needs to work lol (which means no more free timeeeee, or at least that's what he says!)

healthwise I would say so far so good! apart from the occasional cold that re-appears from time to time now that the weather is getting colder xD good thing in the end that thing didn't become a problem for life orz (still need to be careful as we have no idea what it was or what caused it and that's why I'll be doing a new blood check-up next week)

about studying japanese, I don't have much time either, though (as always), my main problem is that I don't have enough stuff to practise with (I read free samples of books that are available online, but that's pretty much it and it's rather rare if they're available in the first place, ugh)
oh well, lately I have seen amazon offering japanese novels (they also have hakushaku to yousei and Brother Conflict novelssssss, omgsh I was so happy when I first saw it, I still can't believe it, I guess I will ask the first volumes as a christmas gift? as they rather expensive there and I'm pretty sure they won't let me ask for more than 2 books, hahah....)

Btw.... I finally discovered (and tried) Voltage games.... xD (and a few others from other otome game mobile companies such a "shall we date", etc)
I finally got my first smartphone ever and well, I guess it was inevitable??¿ so far I can only play with the free stuff though xD
What has gotten my attention the most so far is KBTBB (Kissed By The Baddest Bidder) & LLFTX (Love Letter From Thief X)

PD: didn't even notice you message 'till now when I scrolled down, does the new MAL not send comment notifications anymore?? D:
AYOSHINA Nov 7, 2015 11:09 AM
Nishinoya is too precious for words.
I love his interaction with Tanaka.
They're hilarious!
Shooot, being an adult sucks. It took me months to even catch up in the manga/anime because of the 9-5 job.
nikkykitty Nov 4, 2015 5:59 AM
I don't know, with Haruichi's new haircut and all. He might be my new favorite.
nikkykitty Nov 3, 2015 7:56 AM
I know! I love his new haircut! I was dying to see what he would do with his hair and I'm so happy I found a raw version in tumblr.
AYOSHINA Nov 2, 2015 2:11 PM
Oho? Bokuto is just sooo !#!$
Going by your icon, are you a fan of trashkawa?
I can't wait for the upcoming episode, we get to see him and Kageyama together again ^^
CursedD0ll Aug 13, 2015 3:54 AM
is he reading with u ? XD
NemuriNezumi Aug 2, 2015 4:38 AM
not so long ago, someone told me that they were sure that if I ever ended up liking Haikyuu my fav would be Kuroo, and I was like HOW COULD YOU KNOW?¿ xD
and she also told me that she was almost sure that I will like someone else called ehh.... Akaashi I think it was? he didn't appear in the anime but should in the next season

(she told me that because of how "resembling" those characters seems to be with my KnB favs, and not only because of the resemblance of their names lol)

oh, oh, I know why you call them the perfect dorks together! it's because of the "oh oh oh, oh oh" (or "ho ho ho, ho ho"?) thing, right? the joke is all over the internet, that's why even I know about that xDD (and they also call them the "duo trash", or trio alongside Tsukishima(??) lol)

but yeah.... long story short, this is what happened during the time I hadn't been in contact

but I have good news(?), I'm drawing again! xD (the bad thing tho is that when I was about to finish the colouring of my side img for my new tumblr it's when my charger stopped working and I had been unable to continue now seriously, how can I have such bad luck, it's not even funny in the end)
NemuriNezumi Jul 19, 2015 7:41 AM
I fell into haikyuu hell and the reason is called Kuroo Tetsurou

I still don't know how it happened

PD: I'm back ;^;