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Touhou Shinigami: Meteor Methuselah Gaiden
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Miyazaki, Hayao
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i have been punished & my punish is not to read manga for 2 months sobsss
my comeback to my babies will be at 16.05.2014

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Aozumi | 6 hours ago
sorry for the late reply, but guess who has now almost 5 months of complete freedom 8D (no more school and homeworks 'till around mid setember, woohoo!!!)

okay, time to reply now (that's probably going to be a pretty long post, be aware xD)

[ - About Diamond no Ace/Ace of Diamond - ]

I'm somewhat relieved to read that I wasn't the only one to felt this way because of the first ep xD

uhm, I think he's crying of joy(?) because one of the bubbles says that if he's crying he shouldn't laugh and he answers "I know..." but I don't know (I don't even know Kimi no Todoke orz)

there's three characters in that set of gifs, so unless your otp is something like a threesome I suppose you're talking about your fave and Furuya(?) xD

uhm.... I guess I will have to give it another try, now that my "summer vacation" already started I have no excuse to not :x
but I'll be honest: I don't really have any expectation of improvement xD' I don't even like the design

[2nd reply]

I suppose what I really liked from the OVA was the SWITCH vibres I got from it (like, seriously, both ova start the exact same way saying almost the exact same thing, that can't be only a coincidence can it??)
at first I didn't really know about the genre, so unless the producers did exaggerate the BL vibres on purpose (like what happened with GetBackers) the manga is pure shounen ai, which is a thing I don't mind at all, it's always a plus for me lol xD

and sure!
anyways I searched a bit and it may took me a while before obtaining those 6 volumes (because they're quite old and most of them can't be found anymore gah) so I have no problem waiting until your punishment ends (I have a question though, why have you been punished?? if you don't mind me asking of course)

[- random -] at first when I watched the first season I though they did change the opening for an english one and I was kind of upset for the entire season because of that, but then when the second season started and saw they'd choose an english song again I felt stupid xD <---- that what happens when you don't search for pure lazyness lol
but I guess they do fit with the theme of the series

imo it will surely be a one cour series (around 12-13 episode), I wouldn't expect much at first and even less if the manga is long :P (and by experience I know that if I already know a manga from before and it gets an anime it never ends well koffkoffKarneval and MakaiOujikoffkoff <---- that's why I'm so scared for the anime adaptation of Barakamon, the manga is gold but I'm too scared to have any kind of expectation for the anime <--- and that's also why I stopped reading it even if I'm still buying the volumes)

uhm? vomic of which series? KnB?? <--- lost

uhm... I would say it's quite entertaining but I wouldn't call it the next masterpiece of the decade, or at least not now (and so far there's only 3 episodes aired, but there's like super important events happenning and it gives the feeling it's going way too quickly??), but I recommend you to try it, so far it worth the watch in my opinion xD (same goes for No Game no Life and M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagani if you didn't tried them yet)

for now only Eren, he's my fav of the two plushies :x
Levi will have to wait for when the second pre-orders open, in a couple of month I guess it will happen but I'm happy I saved money for those c:
though it would be nice if at some point they also release their cleaning version and an Armin, I want Armin, he's my fav in SnK, bby Armin needs more love >;

awww seriously? that's a shame D; the opening was released not long ago and I wanted to show it to you D:

Hayayandere | 10 hours ago
I'll tell you in a message XD

Hayayandere | 11 hours ago
I come across them a lot too, but don't worry, they don't change the meaning. It's still 酒だ even with the little 'a'.

From my experience, the mini letters appear when someone sounds cutesy or something. Maybe just like how the big あ in だあ sounds rough, the mini ぁin だぁ has the opposite effect, maybe.

Hayayandere | Today, 10:42 AM
You mean the small characters written in hiragana and katakana? Can you show/link me to an example?

Aozumi | 04-18-14, 6:51 PM
I remember trying AnD when it started airing, but the MC is one of those I utterly hate because he seemed so damn cliché I couldn't stand it D;

yup! and wow, I was expecting something boring or something that wouldn't be my cup of tea but now I'm really glad I tried it anyways, it was great!
it was confusing because I have no idea what the story is about but it remembered me so much at the OVAs of SWITCH I think I fell in love with it, even the beginning was almost the same as SWITCH lol (PD: SWITCH is my favorite manga)

I will surely start reading the manga very soon, it pleased me this much! :D (I love so much mafia/police/military/gangster/crime related stories, but there's only a few that are actually worth the reading and this one looks like it will be great)

meh, I'm not gonna force you, I can understand why you wouldn't try the series anymore (I'm, myself, having a really hard time watching the second season lol), but you should try at least the op, it worth it in my opinion:

oh, I remember reading about the anime announcement on ANN, it will supposedly air this summer right? I would have prefered an adaptation of Ore-sama Teacher aum, but I will surely watch it anyways
he is the red-haired one right?
ummm, after thinking a while I remembered it happened the same with the first drama cd of KnB, I guess it's because when they decided the cast at first they didn't though it would be popular enought to have an anime adaptation or simply it's because the cast that won't be used again were way to busy with other works and maybe it's because of that they couldn't take the job(??)

I knew that, I remember hearing him in the first episode I think, he is the one with glasses right?
show me a video xD

I told you!! that show is so cute! and so far it's still the same as good wich is a good sign :D
though I'm not really fond of the new girl that appeared (the university student with short/curly hair who gives the impression to be and angel but she's a bitch)

honestly I have never been really fond on Kaji Yuki's voice myself before xD
neither I liked Eren when I first started watching the anime (and have in mind I only started liking the show around the 10th episode)
when Eren stopped acting like a f*cking brat around the end of the first arc I started enjoying the way he was and -inevitably- his voice too
I searched for month cds drama with kaji Yuki with the tone he was using for Eren but I didn't find any WTF (he only voiced ukes in BL cds or the only few talk drama he did were or childish/annoying ones or totally passive /though I did find one where he acted more "agressive" but he ended being Do-S and nope, nope nope and nope (and no, that cd wasn't with Kanato, I'm not approaching never again anthing DL related, as simple as that) (and I remember in that Do-S CD at some point he was whipping you WTF <---- just imagine my face of disgust remembering this shit)
okay, continuing what I was saying, after so much search without result I started loving even more Eren's voice (because yeah, Eren was the only one that didn't sounded like all the examples mentioned above), so when I heard that the MC of Black Bullet had his same voice I got super excited (I guess I got so obsessed with the search that I couldn't help it(??))

I wouldn't say I like Kaji Yuki at the same level as Sakurai or KENN (or even Kamiya! or even Toriumi when he voices character the same way he did with Akira) but you could say I like him now only because of Eren and that's why I'm praying for some Talk CDs with "Eren"'s kind of voice

look at those cuties~~~~<3

PD: you mentioned Tatara, did you know an otome game of K Project is being created and should be released this year!? and yeah, we have the possibility of dating Tatara too!!!!! 8D yup yup yup he will be my first choice without doubts

Aozumi | 04-12-14, 8:54 PM
not gonna lie, you got me half confused here honestly

something good happened with Ace or diamond or something?

Aozumi | 04-09-14, 8:31 AM
I haven't watched Code Geass, but I know how does it end too, damn spoilers, ruining everything :P

For what I know at first it was supposed to be BL-ish but after a certain amount of time it just became a normal shounen and that's why it ended up changing the publication to another magazine (because the first magazine was one centred in yaoi/BL if I'm not mistaken), so I guess that kinda answers your question about its genre xD

The second season gives the same vibres as the first, so if you didn't liked the first....surely the second either
though in my opinion you wouldn't need to watch the first in order to watch the second so you could try, even if it's only for the op xD (I must admit I loved the op, seriously, you need to hear this one, imo is on of the best ops of the season so far!)

eh...EHH?!?! was KENN supposed to be in the cast but in the end they didn't used him??? awww c'mon, I love KENN, he doesn't get enough works, same goes for Sakurai, they don't get enough love *sob* ;;

personally I like it, and quite a lot! I couldn't help but say "cute" like each two-three minute while watching the first ep lol, at first too I wasn't really convinced, but it worth it in my opinion, give it a try, if anything you can always drop it later(?) xD

btwwww, have you seen the first ep of Black Bullet?? it gives so many AoT vibres lololol
and Kaji Yuki is the main character and he's using the voice and tone he used for Eren!! (hell yeah I wanted to hear him more with that kind of voice, now if only he would use it in his Drama/talk CDs....)

PD: did you know about the Gift Plushies of Eren and Levi that are going to be released soon?~

willytoto | 04-08-14, 11:14 AM
yes!I understand what you mean :P I hope there will be a season 2!!!! there is so much to do with this manga, so hopefully there will atleast have 2 seasons!!
Have u finished knb??

willytoto | 04-08-14, 6:40 AM
it was really nice!! i really liked the voice actors they chose...
I think they followed the manga really closely, and thats good ^_^
I cant wait to see the other characters in next week's episode!!!

willytoto | 04-06-14, 6:35 PM
how did you like the first episode of haikyuu ????? :)
i liked it!!!

Aozumi | 04-06-14, 1:44 PM
but I already know what is going to happen, so I don't really see the point, sorry xD'
nope, but I know there was two ovas announced :x

well... it's the same

yup, but it's only the first ep so I don't really know how to feel about the series yet, too soon :P
I only started to like KnB after the 5th episode so I guess it will be around the same with Haikyuu

my favorite of the season is: Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou~

Aozumi | 04-05-14, 9:28 AM
around 11-13 episodes is fine
but they have to be dubbed in english xD

I had for some time Yami no Matsuei on my "planning to watch" list (around the time I started watching Kyou Kara Maou, Tactics & Nabari no Ou) but as time passed it went further down onto my priorities, I want to watch it but I don't feel starting now, maybe in summer
I know my sist has read the manga when she was young, they had the volumes in the public library in my city, I tried one volume but yaoi/shonen ai series weren't my thing at the time so I didn't touched it anymore (the only manga I was reading from that library was Ayashi no Ceres, pure shojo xD)

about Angel Beats.... I hear the title a lot but seriously it doesn't interest me in the slightest :P

about Sakamishi no Apollon... I remember someone talking about it but yeah, I hadn't checked it, was is it about? the only thing I think I know is that there's 2 boy and two girls and they create a musical band together(?)

Saiyuki? is from the same author of Wild Adapter by any chance?

it doesn't matter the ugly art, it's the exact same thing with SWITCH manga and that series is my absolute favorite, and even KnB & AoT start with weird art and then they improve!

I'm not really into reading scanlations or chapters online anymore so I can't promise you I will read it xD''
but if I come upon a good offer for the manga in italian version I may give it a try :x

btw! finished! both Ghost Hound AND finally Mushishi! now gotta try the new season .v
PD: and yeah, as I told you before Mushishi remains the same until its last episode :P

Aozumi | 04-04-14, 12:06 PM
at first the reason was to improve my english but later it just became an habit: if the anime was already full dubbed in english I will watch it in english

sure, there's one condition though xD
when I watch short animes (12-ish episodes) I want the other one to have more or less the same amount of episodes, the same goes for longer-ish series such as Mushishi & ghost Hound for example, so when I finish one, I -supposedly- should finish the other at the same time or at least not longer after :x

Aozumi | 04-03-14, 11:59 AM
I choose it because it was in english and normally I watch two english dubbed animes at the time (this time it was Mushishi and Ghost Hound, next time it will be Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and I haven't decided the other one yet)

actually it's mostly the same each episode, so yeah, it's better if you watch one ep of mushishi, then another ep of another series, one ep mushishi, one ep of another series and keep repeating until you finish, because if you don't do that it becames extremely boring (and having the characters sharing the exact same face and hair-style all the time doesn't help to not feel like you're watching the same over and over again)

it's good, but honestly it's only enjoyable if you watch it once at week so that's why I'm planning to watch the second season when it airs xD

Aozumi | 04-03-14, 9:28 AM
kinda xD

is not that the series is bad, but it feels like it never ends orz, that's why I watch at the same time Ghost Hound so I don't get too bored

and having the second season starting tomorrow I'm traying to finish it as fast as I can in my free time

if I finish my art homework in a few hours today I think tonight I'll be finally able to finish both series xD

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