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Aozumi | 08-11-14, 10:59 AM
uwooooohhh!!! so in the end you're doing what I recomended to you!! :D (the twitter thing)

my book status: I'm planning on buying a few dounjinshis (no +18, don't worry lol), some novels and a few mangas, I'll try a new method of shopping (with proxy) and if in the end it turns out more rentable I guess I'll be able to buy new books more often and -also- practise more often with them :d (I don't play otome games anymore because my PSP is working really bad and it ends up being a pain to play in those condition, last time I could only finish 1 frigging route (of a total of 16) of Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino, and as a plus it was a bad end OTL)

I think I mentioned you about those that are related to Jump manga (Kuroko, Haikyuu for example) but honestly I don't know, I suppose they exist because after all younger ones also need to read books other than manga and to be able to understand them but honestly I don't know any example, sorry :/ (if anything I'll be only able to tell you if they have -or not- furigana when I buy those: first volume of Tokyo Ravens, Black Bullet, Kyoukai no Kanata and No Game No Life, Tsuritama novel, Ao Haru Ride novels and the novel of Boku no Kawaii Serena <---- those are the novels I'm planning to buy that I mentioned before)

if she still doesn't understand even with that there's no salvation, let's be honest xD''''


haven't read the end of days of blue yet -neither the end of K memories of red let's be honest, I can't bring myself to read the end orz-

but but, I want to support the series as much as I can, and it started so well.... those last chapter went so wrong for some reason... it turned out as some kind of troll end :c
if I did that I wouldn't be able to buy anything, I mean, most series are not even finished and if there's a lot of volumes it turns out to be imposible to buy all of them at once orz

tea? I'm not a fan of it, never understood what's so good about it D;
uhm... I don't have a reason, I just ehh... remember it from somewhere else? I "feel it"? when I try to write something I try to remember examples or something I have read in the past -that could also mean I could be totally wrong- (PD: if you were expecting some kind of useful answer I'm sorry, it's really how I tend to write, and not only in japanese, with every other languages is the same way too xD'''')

I'm only studying two at the moment? -or more like only one right now (german, yep, started studying it again /o/)- because I have stopped "studying" jap and italian and I basically only read/hear/watch stuff in those languages so my level gets gradually better-
I'm not that good, I can assure you that xD'''

the third season has been confirmed for 2015!!!, with -a lot- of chances also SnK2 will air next year, if that is the case it sure will be a fabulous year!! :DD (if you didn't know: it has been officially announced -in a german convention that was being held during the beginning of the month- by the principal producer of the series that the second season of AoT has been green-lit and now it's in "pre-production" status!)

but if this time there's not enough Akashi I'll be pissed, like really really pissed >:/

I'm so behind with the latest consoles, I'm still with the PS2 and the first PSP lol

CursedD0ll | 07-13-14, 10:24 PM
wow .. delete girl delete ...

sorry for my late <3

CursedD0ll | 07-11-14, 3:36 AM
hehehe thats right XD
what bout u ?

CursedD0ll | 07-11-14, 3:05 AM
not yet ..
maybe two days before 3id .. like always XD

CursedD0ll | 07-11-14, 2:46 AM
hahahaha i know how u feel XD

1 moooooooonth <33333

CursedD0ll | 07-11-14, 2:22 AM
yea .. but hey
next week will be the last T^T<3
u were sleeping?

CursedD0ll | 07-11-14, 12:36 AM
heey boo !XD
missed me ?:P

Aozumi | 07-04-14, 3:45 AM

third season of KnB announced~!!! told ya it would happen! (seems like it will air next year, my guess is that it will air around spring 2015? xD)

Aozumi | 07-04-14, 3:31 AM
well, it's not like the process of learning a language can be done overnight, I mean, you need years for that, so don't be too shady when it hasn't been even one year since you first started xD''' it took me like 10 years to finally stop making so many mistakes in spanish after all, can you imagine? 10 years! though it was also because I learned catalan at the same time and all those years I kept confusing both and that was the main problem orz, like 5 years ago I stopped using catalan and that's why my spanish is great but now I only know how to write catalan with a "spanish" manner OTL

and here a thought the fact of "reading" was kind of feminine(?) lol
well, there's is some novels -and I guess mangas too- that doesn't have "drawings" at the cover so you could tell her that those are normal books lol (like with the original No.6 novel covers for example)

don't worry, my mother kinda thinks the same lol, and I think everyone who is not into manga/anime/etc will think the same too, it's inevitable, we just have to deal with it (japanese translators/people who do know japanese are not that common (more like pretty rare, same with persons who do know korean, chinese or even russian) and that's why they tend to be paid quite a lot more so actually to know japanese is a very good plus when you're an adult!, they will only understand the value of learning the language when you explain them this, but until then you will have to keep bearing this kind of critics and such)

well, if you ask my opinion I'd say you should do what you want and that's all, at first they will get angry but then they will get used to it and then they will simply stop caring for those things

just so you know, new CGs have been revealed at the game site~~
not long ago I read that the manga (days of blue) was ending in the nearby months? (don't remember the exact date though)

ehhh, I'm jealous, I want stickers for japanese keyboards too xD

yes! WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT!!! it's really great, for some reason I loved it since ep 1, though now I can't finish it because once I finish the few last eps of the second season there won't be any more english dubbed episodes and that actually makes me really sad xD
(PD: I'm planning on starting the manga and novel of KKM soon btw! I wanted something that forced me to keep practising my german and I saw that the country has both published! it was a bit hard to find the first volumes in stock but a few weeks ago I finally found them AND with a really nice price :B)

about Kuinaki Sentaku... I read the last chapter (8) yesterday before going to sleep and in my opinion it felt like a half-assed ending, it made Levi look like he was some kind of uncertain teen that can't seem to stay with one decision for two minutes straight, it felt all too cheesy and more than a few times a facepalmed myself because of HOW EASY he was changing his mind, I'm really not sure now if I want to buy the second volume honestly, But because I hate having incomplete series in my shelves I guess I will OTL

__veni | 06-18-14, 6:15 AM
ahahahaaa you finally see the light
i gotta catch up with knb too ⊙﹏⊙

__veni | 06-08-14, 11:21 PM
whyyyyy he's so awesome!!! i always had a thing for psychotics characters ââ½â

Aozumi | 05-27-14, 8:15 AM
PD: I see you have Kyou Kara Maou on your plan to watch it, you have to watch KKM xD

PD2: ahhh.... the last(?) chapter of AoT: A choice with no Regrets should be released soon, I'm so not prepared for this ;; (there's already some scans on tumblr that was incredibly fast)
I can sense it, this is gonna be so painful to read (´;ω;`) why did I have to get so attached to those two adorable dorks that are Isabel & Farlan.... (´;д;`)

Aozumi | 05-27-14, 6:47 AM
I think it's how is it called, yes
I don't count the number, can't really tell how many I know :P (though after learning hiragana and katakana at first I fiercely studied the 100 first most important kanjis so for sure I know quite a lot more than that, I mean, it's been at least 3 years since that summer, it would be quite sad if it wasn't the case orz)
I can recomend you a few online/international shops if you want
eh? does she dislike this much the fact that you're studying japanese? D: (or it's because you would be using their money and not yours?)

seriously?!?! yes!!!!! days of blue is an adorable spin-off, too bad you won't be able to choose one of the secondary/tertiary characters, they're all so cute! (*´∀`) (same with Memory of Red)
do you want to see the sample CG for Fushimi?~

that's the spirit! you go girl!!
(that japaneseclass site looks quite nice, I may even try it was it that one you recommended me?)

in my opinion you should avoid the comfy line where you basically only use hiragana/katakana because it's easier than scary and difficult kanji AS FAST AS YOU CAN
why do I say that? because kata/hira are bad? no, that's not it, actually you would be able to "survive" with only those two BUT, yes but, it's really difficult to later switch to a more adequate way to write
the more you are used to only use the easier method the more you will find it difficult later when you need to level up but you have that "barrier" that will make you go back to first levels and re-study all over again and that is totally a pain
and if you're planning on going serious with the language just try to avoid it as much as you can (remember that time when I mentioned you I prefer to write with as much kanji as possible? well that's why, its like when someone write in the "msn" form but then later can't even write correctly <--- is kind of an extreme example but do you see my point?)
I don't consider myself to have enough knowlege to be saying which one is the best method to study (and also because everyone has their own manner to learn) but that's my recomendation because I personally know how shitty is when you don't learn well since the very beginning

and the more you read/write them to more you will learn and obviously the more you will know!
so yeah, don't be afraid of kanjis, love the kanjis, embrace the kanjis(???¿?) and use them as much as you can!
(PD: piece of info: you certainly know there's a few ways to write in japanese, right? totally in katakana (not recommended, they only use it for foreign words basically), totally in hiragana (for little ones/people that are still learning), all mixed (what you see mostly everywhere and at any time) AND all kanji (no kidding, and yes, those texts are scary and you get lost pretty easly <--- that happens to me hahah) what does that mean? kanjis are important and you need to learn them, don't avoid them because sometimes knowing hiragana won't help you at all! though the latter is not that common, but they still exist)

basically I mention to make a schedule so when you're used to it basically it becomes part of your daily life and you will be studying without you even noticing it! and this way you will -or at least should- improve everyday without having to do super studies when you have free time etc

ikurai_risa | 05-25-14, 12:21 PM
لا ماتخرجنا مخللين بالكليه XDD
اما عااد 3 اشغاال =""""| !
اشوف شكل ادمان المانجا الانمي زاد مره
مافكرتي تشتغلين شغله الكترونيه عن بعد هع XD
احس حماس ولا !

Aozumi | 05-21-14, 5:56 PM
yup! there's still some little things to do but you could say we're done moving xD

it has only 25 episode after all (and it doesn't look like they're trying to rush things either? <--- I say that because the first couple of episodes were kind of slow but because I don't know the original material I can be really sure), but if the season goes well (in disc sales) there may be hope for a second season like with KnB!

ehhh, I'm not scared though? I like it when people recomend me stuff

uhm, I would say it depends? some shounen aimed a little ones (or mangas in general that are really mainstream) have some help to read "difficult" kanjis which makes them easier to identificate or search the meaning and such (if I'm not mistaken the volume "children" of 07 GHOST had this characteristic <---- if you don't know about what I'm talking about I can take a photo)

they're good though, it makes you both read and makes you learn how the kanjis should sound/are called, you should try with easier games if the ones you tried were too difficult

in any case, what you need is something that makes you practise on a daily basis, in other words, you have to create daily routine! (at first I used those bots on twitter, not sure if you remember? I'd read them everyday for more than a year, and even now when I'm bored and don't know what to do I start messaging bots and reading their answer (though now their mostly SnK bots hahah, but I did find one which has tweets otome-game-ish(? is that even a word) and it's just nnnnghhhhhhh I simply love it<33 , and I remember also finding a similar one but related to Free))

it should be released in Japan in june (maybe at the beginning of the month or at the end, there's not specific date) and the plushie should arrive at my home like a couple of weeks later~ (I suppose)

I'll make photos

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