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Aozumi | Feb 4, 6:49 AM
My classes started yesterday~
And I know which class exactly will have an exam (there will be 3 exams in total; the first one will be the 27th of April and the last two the 28th).
It will be quite the stressful semester (though in reality classes only last 2 months and half...) but it seems it will be also quite the interesting one :D (at least for what I could see from the summary of each class).

The only thing I don't like is what we will be studying in catalan, but it's pretty much what we already did in spanish two years ago I think, so I'm not THAT scared about passing it or not, it's just I simply don't like it xD who does like grammar anyways?

even if you didn't read the last chapters, what did you thought about it?? :D (PD: There's a short sequel of two volumes of the series if you're interested)

I was just kidding about the uniform! I was imagining a "worse case scenario" manga/anime style because that's what usually happen when they catch an adult wearing a student uniform xD
I never had to wear a uniform so I can only base my suppositions in anime/manga that are somewhat related to that

I'm trying to find Haikyuu male!characters x readers fanfics, in hope that it does make me wanna re-try the anime.
But there's no much variety honestly...

Actually yeah, those two years are for those who want to go to university (I remember there were some others ways to enter here in Spain; depending on your age or if you had another kind of degree that had more or less the same valor of a baccalaureate certificate).

When you enter the baccalaureate (the "normal" daytime type, the one in which you have to go to class every day, etc) most are between 16-17 years old and the normal age to finish is between 18-19 (though it depends on the person, and, like in my case, if you stopped studying for one year or more, but those are the average age of baccalaureate students) <--- in my case I did "stop" for one year and half because of reasons and because I needed to be eighteen in order to be accepted in this online baccalaureate, because they don't accept younger people/underage unless really special exceptions

Uhm, probably, but as long I have Miga with me it should be alright(?) Miga is one of my two cats if you didn't know xD
Plus I'm pretty used to be alone already (and when I was younger I used to be alone at home quite a lot too so it's not like I don't know already how does it feel) so yeahh, I'll survive, to be honest my only real preoccupation is money and if I'll have enough for the whole yeah orz

Aozumi | Feb 1, 8:08 AM
In my whole life, I've seen snow only four times. But it never snowed enough that I could enjoy or play with it.
I live in Spain, literally at the border of the coast (the beach is only 5 minutes at foot from where I live), so it's not that strange?

Sometimes girls are a lot worse than boys (koffkoff for a reason I always had more male friends than girls koffkoff), and they're even worse in the middle of puberty!

Lololol, what you want is to have a Shoujo romance story to happen in real life!
But let's be honest, who doesn't want that? xD (that made me remember, I saw in quotev a fanfic with the reader as a teacher and the love interests were both Eren and Levi also being teachers, wanna read it?)

I told you the joke about the agent because I remembered a chapter of Switch where the main characters had to infiltrate a school because of a case they're working on, and one of them had to dress like a student and the other as a teacher xD

If they notice, the other teachers and above (director, etc) would think you have that kind of weird fetish (that one in which adults likes to wear adolescents uniforms) and I'm not too sure how that would end up for you xD

I totally cracked up when I saw that speedo! At least he got more fashion sense than Rei, and even if it was a plain black one it looked quite nice on him xD

Oh, right!
There you have it:
- (I THINK it was this one, but I'm not really sure because I haven't read it yet)

I'm hoping they won't catch you reading manga then, because if before they already saw you as a student, I'm sure they would be picking on you even more if they knew that(?)

This last semester would be the equivalent of the last year of studies before you enter University.
(Here in Europe we have what is called a "Baccalaureate" and it last 2 years, here school/studies are divided in primary school, secondary school/High School, Baccalaureate (<--- I'm finishing this one) and then College/University, I'm not sure how are grades classified there so that's why I'm mentioning all this)
Aaand, if everything goes as planned and I can find a job, I'll be living in Canada for a year and saving money for my first year of University, that's the whole plan yeah~

Thanks ;-;!! I hope everything will go alright, I really have enough to live here with my parents, the more time passes, the more unbearable it gets uwah :<

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea! I was the only one to feel that way and even now I still don't know which food exactly was the culpable D:
At least I didn't throw up but damn it did hurt! couldn't even stand up or walk without wobbling around. Talk about a good way to start the year lol.

Aozumi | Jan 26, 6:29 AM
uhm...I don't remember telling you but I'm not sure though xD (but given I don't know yours more than probably you don't know mine either)
I'll send you an mp with it, just in case don't want my real name to be displayed publicly over the internet

I'll show them to you each time then :D! (PD: I'm sure the first time I'll see snow I'll make a full album of it lolol)

teens and up are the worse so it's totally understandable that you prefer lower grades xD being a HS teacher makes you crazy in the long term (I had one teacher that even if it was one of my favs he absolutely hated us teenagers and at that time he even ended up punching his own table once and kicked a student's table another because he couldn't stand us orz, gotta admit most of my classmates angered him on purpose, which is a shame because IMO he was a good teacher and I always had quite good grades with him... <--- I had good grades + good behavior, so I guess in part it was thanks to that he didn't personally hated me, to be honest I still don't understand why the students had such bad behaviour in his classes, it made you feel bad for that poor teacher honestly)

ahh yeah, they adore to do that in order to put the teacher on a lower level, I remember that happened a lot with that teacher I mentioned you above^
I imagine when that happens and they keep barging for their "prowess" or searching for other mistakes you just want to punch them in the face or tell them to shut up xD
you work on a only girls institution?

tell them you're an agent called "008" (koffkoff like "007/James Bond" but nº2, let's not have problems with copyrights laws koffkoff) on an undercover mission and that's why you wearing a teacher uniform, because there's a case to resolve here in the school(?)

now you understand why I used to watch so many dubbed series in english when I could because I needed help with the language xD

actually Horrible Subs are rip off of Crunchyroll subs, so in reality the ones that doesn't translate lyrics (most of the time) it's them
the love we -fans- have for the boys, probably....I suppose? xD

the servant x princess/rich girl fanfic or which one exactly?
no idea, I'm guessing it's because the two boys are the explosive ones and both of them are somewhat quite hot headed (though the explosive & hot headed person like Aomine would be Kagami, but ehhh, what do I know? let fans think whatever they want I guess) and the fact it's oficial that Akashi said the person he got along the least in the Teiko period was Aomine because he never listened also helped that new trend I guess? dunno honestly

my classes start again the 3rd of february but until then I'm totally free xD (apart than the fact that I'm still searching some stuffs that may help me with my final project)

and btw, I also know when my next exams will be! at the end of april: 28 & 29
well, that may be because more or less you have approximately the same amount of holidays than your students (unless you have to go to teachers reunions and such), but I'm guessing it's why you have more holidays(?)
well... I started the year (around the first or second day of the year) with what seemed like a quite hurtful food intoxication buuut apart from that my holidays were quite okay? I had to study most of the time for those exams I had to re-pass though xD

Aozumi | Jan 21, 5:20 AM
I MADE IT! Finally I know the results and I approved the two of them!! *tears of joy*
I was starting to get worried, even more because in one of them it said I didn't do the exam and I was like "wut, is this a joke?? I spent around 8 hours travelling by train, bus and got lost a few times only for 2 exams that lasted for around 1 and half an hour and you dare to tell me I didn't present myself to the exam???" <---- not even mentioning the money wasted if that was really the case that they lost my exam

Buuut, it looks like it was just an error and in that exam I even got a final grade of 6/10 sooooo everything is fine :D (but man was it stressful....)

I will I will!! I have been waiting to travel in Canada for sooo damn long that I'm sure for the first months I will look like a typical nerdy tourist photographing every thingy inimaginable lolololol (and my mother jokingly told me to do that too so no regrets lol)
the same with Finland (and plus with Russia & Sweden at the borders of the country I'll make sure to travel a few times there too :DD)

Well, I would say around 9000-10000$ at year is the average university's fee for "domestic" students in US (at least for what I saw), same with UK, and it's even worst when you're considered an international student (sometimes it even DOUBLE the price, wth)

I imagine because of the height some students don't take you seriously and make fun of you sometimes because of it? (kids this days are shitheads; they have no respect whatsoever for anyone so if that was the case I wouldn't be really surprised)

I remember having a really short (and super young too, probably at that time she had just finished her career) biology teacher back then when I was still in HS (I think it was in my 3rd year?)
I would be lying if I said it didn't felt a bit strange to have an adult -and furthermore a teacher- be a lot more shorter than you, but putting apart the slightly awkward aspect of it I personally think it was one of the best teacher I ever had :D
Her way to explain and everything, it was incredibly enjoyable to have classes with her, it was simply perfect! so much I didn't even need to study and I easily had 9-10/10 in exams -even in things I never studied before- (plus biology was one of my best subjects so I guess it helped too lol)

I'm saying this because, even if at first it's difficult you have to keep going! I'm sure you'll become a really good teacher and you will make others respect you for that, you just need to let them adapt at the new situation (new teacher and all of that, don't tell me that when you where younger and a new teacher appeared, most of the students didn't just started asking stupid questions, everything in order to not make class and stuff like that, for me at least it always meant that we had free class to do whatever we wanted because my classmates where SO occupied asking personal question to the substitute teacher -until making him/her feel incredibly awkward to the point it felt like he/she just wanted to run away lol- that we never did class xD) and you yourself too have to learn how to make yourself respected by youngsters!
being a teacher is not easy, buuut you have to keep going! I'll be cheering you :D

that's because the more we grow up, the more we know our "real" priorities (when we're young hobbies>responsibilities, when we're adults responsibilities(work,sleep,etc)>hobbies)
even if it's not "directly" related; your mind knows that in order to work(responsibility nº1) you need to sleep (in order to be in your "fullest shape" for the day after) and because of that sleep becomes a responsibility nº2 I guess xD <--- and that's probably why now sleep became more primordial than manga & anime for you

this is the very first time someone directly told me I'm obsessed with SnK lol xD (even if I knew it was somewhat true I didn't thought it was that bad to the point someone else would tell me lol)

to me the weirdest thing of the song is the lyrics, the engrish in it makes you cringe lol ("punky funky love", are they even serious? xD)
I'm taking a liking to the ed though

you have to read at least 3 chapters to get a minimum grasp of the story and feeling!
it's like when you can't decide if you like an anime or not and you watch the first 3 eps to decide if it really worth your time or not because normally first eps are only introductory and they're just not sufficient to decide if something is good or not! that's why you need to be a bit patient

lol, servantxmaster I don't know but I remember in quotev there was a story with reader being a princess (or someone from a rich family) and Levi was your bodyguard or something like that, haven't read it yet but if you want I can send you the link anyways xD

the thing is, it's a lot easier to find SnK reader x character fanfictions than for any other anime I searched, I DID find a few KnB reader x character fanfiction, but they're not that many
but I'm guessing with a bit of search in DA there could be a few more? (but most of what I did read aren't as high quality than some SnK fanfiction that I found, so bear that in mind?)
there's a few aomine fanfictions but for some reason those fanfictions most of the time end up being a love triangle with akashi in the middle?? lol xD
there's quite a few with akashi actually, about murasakibara no idea, didn't see any as far as I remember (not like I specifically searched either so I can't really tell if there's or not)

I told you he was smexy >:D got good eyes for men LoLoL
for me too it was love at first sight xD

willytoto | Jan 10, 2:55 PM
I will def read the DnW manga!!

My winter break is finishing tomorrow x( i'm so sad hahaha..... it's so cold here lately!!! it was -20 today -_-
Yes~~ i'm in my third year! Next year will be my last year!

How are you doing lately? :) What anime will you watch this winter? I will probably be watching Death Parade, Rolling Girls, KnB and Durarara... i'll obviously keep watching DnA and other anime as well :) (if school work allows me to do so x()

Aozumi | Dec 21, 2014 1:36 PM
In the end I have to re-do two exams (catalan and philosophy) but for once I'm not scared of what could be the results, I can do it! albeit no with a 10/10 but I can approve them, no, I have to! >:v!

Nah, but I wish that was the case! that would make things SO MUCH easier xD (that if I had another house in Canada lol)
The reason why I'll go there -if everything goes as planned- is to work (whatever I can find, even if I have to do three part-time jobs at the same time) for an entire year before beginning university, so I can save money to live by myself in Finland xD

so to sum it all; it's to prove that I can be independent enough that they don't need to worry at all when I finally leave home :D (and I won't be able to come back a lot, probably only a few days an entire year because I'll be too busy working even on holidays so I can save money for the next years)

I hope I'll be able to watch the movie before they air the next season or I will need to postpone the new season until someone finally uploads the movie somewhere online xD'' (because what happens in the movie is a direct sequel of the first season, and the second season is a direct sequel of the movie so WE NEED to watch the movie first xD''')

congratulations! I remember you were eager to work :D
and work is important so be happy! if anything just try to plan well your time between work time and hobby/free time and you shouldn't have problems xD unless you stay awake until really late just because you got addicted to some anime manga in particular and because of that you can't stop watching/reading it

then here go a few links~ (I guess I have more but those were the first ones that appeared)

I actually don't know, it was definitely one of my favs of 2014 but the end just turned me off SO MUCH I can't even say if in the end it worth it or not xD''' (I don't know anyone who was actually satisfied with how it ended so it's not only me being picky orz)

the OVA definitely worth it! when you have enough time YOU HAVE to watch it xD (when you do tell me so we can fangirl about it together lololol)

btw, have you listened the new OP and ed? I listened them the other day and I have this feeling they sound the same as the ones before(?), it's weird I'm guessing they're trying to maintain the "kurobasu vibre", but still...

right right??
well it seems they got their priorities wrong because holy shit I got mad with what happened with the Armin PO xD'''

most of them are still mxm sadly xD'''
I'm really picky too with fanfictions (after years of reading tons of them I guess it's almost natural to be this way?)
sometimes I like smut, but I can't stand it either when they go straight with the smutty scenes from the very beginning with no development (in feelings or storywise) whatsoever and in the end I just want to throw my DSi across the room lol 90% of the time I read fanfictions in my DSi, that's why I say it


I has been so, so, SO long since I read a fanfiction this good I just can't stop fangirling about it xD
the only other time I read something so well written was when I discovered END GAME last year (I discovered it when only the first chapter was published, but damn it was promising!)

the good thing about character x reader fanfiction (if well written, of course) is that you can imagine your name in it, sure you kinda need to get used to the [Name], [first name], [h/c] <--- hair color, [e/c] <--- eye color, etc... tags so next time you imagine it with your own characteristic but then it's quite easy to immerse yourself in the story :D (I have been addicted to those stories since around the time we moved out to our new house in april, and now I can't stop reading them xD)

I do know quite a few fanfics chara x reader that imho are quite good and interesting, but I'd better warn you they're mostly shingeki characters x reader, but if you're okay with that I don't mind giving you the links~ (that if I remember where they all are... xD)

willytoto | Dec 21, 2014 11:49 AM
ooohh ok ok i see!! thanks for telling me!
I stared watching the anime yesterday to give myself an idea of the story, and i think its really cool!!! i WILL be reading the manga for shure!!!!!

How have you been lately ?? My semester is finally over and i'm back at my parent's house... time to start catching up on anime!!!! :D

willytoto | Dec 14, 2014 12:08 PM
i did not..................!! 0_0 ;A;

Aozumi | Dec 14, 2014 11:34 AM
I have a question, do you read fanfictions? reader x character type of fanfiction to be more specific

Aozumi | Dec 14, 2014 3:35 AM
first of all, sorry disappearing -again!-
my new semester started and this time I really wanted to get serious on it xD''' (and even if I have this feeling I will need to go re-do the philosophy's & catalan's exams in january I would say the others went rather well? (I HOPE SO))
if I finish this goddamn semester there will be only one left and after that I can spend an -almost- whole year in Canada, so I have to finish at all cost (ง; •̀ω•́)ง✧

I remember reading at some point (an article news in ANN?) that [K] will have a second season and she will write the manga version (that or she'll draw the manga version of the movie that was shown in a few theaters in summer) <--- It's been a while since I read anything about K so I'm not really sure now orz)

if you don't mind I think we will have to wait a bit more for the challenge, at least until I have more time on my hands xD''' (and I was the one who asked for that, again sorry orz)

that's not true, each time I want to buy a book -manga or novel, in whatever language- she always has this look of disappointment and disapproval in her eyes that I can promise you is not nice at all (the reason why she doesn't say anything is because last time we got in a quite huge argument related to that and she knows that I was right)
so don't feel jealous, my share is not as nice as you think xD'''

suruga-ya has some really cheap prices an offers, but have in mind that the reason they're that cheap it's because they're secondhand objects, but japanese people tend to treat their stuff quite nicely, so when you buy them it's almost as if the objects were still new

I'm still stuck with that shitty Windows.8.1, it feels like I haven't played with an Otome Game for PC in ages uwah

I think I followed a few of them (5 or 6 maybe...?) do you still want the links?

I liked Aldnoah.Zero A LOT, but only at the beginning, the end just turned out pure "WTF" to the point I'm not even sure I truly want to see the second season
uhm..... I don't really remember Aldnoah.Zero as incredibly difficult to understand so I would say no? (I usually watch subs from Horrible subs, if that helps you)

full furigana is one thing, furigana above some difficult kanjis is another, of course those are better because it helps you identify the kanji faster if you need to search it on a dictionary or translate it xD'''

I haven't played a pokémon game since Souls Silver & Heart Gold, I'm so behind with the franchise now...

about A Choice With no Regrets.... DID YOU WATCH THE FIRST OVA??? man I couldn't stop fangirling all the time *^* (but I think it was more because of Farlan and Isabel than Levi himself lolololol)
they changed a part of the story
but IMO it felt more realistic and even if I wanted to see how Farlan and Levi adopted a chibi/little Isabel I felt satisfied, even the "additional info/background" felt better than in the manga xD
I can't help it! that end/half-last part of the manga was almost pure trolling, I mean, look how they portrayed Erwin (as a creepy jerk) and how "docile" they made Levi, if almost felt it wasn't him D: (I don't even include the fact that the art style of Levi and Erwin changed and in the end it seemed almost as if they were completely different characters)
but I was wondering how they plan to finish the rest of the story with only one OVA left... I'm guessing there will be a third one? or at least that's what I think from what I saw on the PV for the second one(?)

I guess yeah you could call me a vanilla fan, I simply love how it smells and the taste too xD
"so europe"? why? xD I always though vanilla was a really common thing?(?)

it's french but it's also widely used in other languages, so I wrote it on purpose this time xD

with how disappointed I was with the second season I'm not that sure
the good thing is that finally we will see Akashi full time<3
I still can't believe in only a few weeks the third season will finally start xD

I almost ordered Armin too!
but the same day the shop announced they would accept orders,IN ONLY A FEW HOURS, they were already out of stock .-.
I got so upset I ended up not even wanting Armin anymore, the "funny" thing is that Levi and Eren were supposed to be EXCLUSIVES, and Armin and Jean NORMAL releases (which means a LARGER number of existences available) but they didn't even last 10 HOURS, wtf
so for now my Eren will stay alone... :/

__veni | Nov 17, 2014 11:37 AM
the anime is good. the animation and soundtrack are great but they had to add something different for the ending because the last arc was too long for 12 episodes, then the mangaka added it in the manga as a sidestory.
watch the anime and read the manga they're both good!

lol I always hear about how awful he is but i never watched the anime so idk. most people say the 1st anime fucked up his character. in the game he's okay and isn't useless but he is annoying me with "GURLS ARE SOFT AND SHOULD BE PROTECTED NOT FIGHTING" even though he's the weakest.

__veni | Nov 16, 2014 1:03 PM
ugh i knowwww spoilers everywhere

same, my friend bought it but it didn't work because it's region locked so now we're both stuck with watching it on YouTube

no no its different just try it! it's like a shounen anime for girls

omg you love archer too? I'm not finished but i like him and rin the most


the game is a typical visual novel but It's fun! usually they bore me but fate is exciting!

shirou is annoying tho

__veni | Nov 15, 2014 11:48 AM
I still haven't finished s2 bc i love these guys so much. I might finish the manga after s3 ends, maybe.

ohhhh I might do that too even though I really wanted to play it D:
and noooo if you have the game just play it all it's such a waste.

ahahaha ok. I wanted to watch Kiseijuu anyway but i thought it was censored! thank god it isn't
and you should read the noragami manga if you havent yet!

btw now I'm playing the fate game! i'm almost done then I can watch the anime + zero

__veni | Nov 14, 2014 3:45 PM
I'm sorry i lost it and it's such a pain but i'll make sure to add it again!

just you wait I'll have the whole GoM have a spot in there someday xD i love them all so much but mukkun is my current fav!

omg you have arena??? the new or old one? it's region locked so I couldn't play it but I really want to D:
that's ok I don't like yukiko too. Honestly I don't get why she's so popular. and i only removed Yuu bc he's been there a long time and I still call him souji :P

Hayatempest | Oct 4, 2014 8:21 AM
You mean the spinoff two series? Personally, except for the first three episodes or so, I didn't like them much.

And oh, عيدكم مبارك :D

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