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Sep 25 2022, 3:40 PM | Updated Sep 12, 4:34 AM
As simple as the title suggest, a stack of anime that have a remake

For each series will add objective differences and my personal opinion
Haven't watched all of them but will add my thoughts as i watch

If you know of any other remakes hit me up with a comment :)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
TV, 1992, 46 eps Me:- Author:-

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal
ONA, 2014, 26 eps Me:- Author:-
TV, 1972, 39 eps Me:- Author:-
Added by @Savoon

Devilman: Tanjou-hen

Devilman: The Birth

Devilman: Tanjou-hen
OVA, 1987, 1 ep Me:- Author:9
2 part OVA

God tier animation
Good storytelling and pacing
Well developed characters

The horror elements are chilling and exeptionally well animated, story also has a heartwarming side to it which gets you to connect to the characters
Devilman: Crybaby
ONA, 2018, 10 eps Me:- Author:1
Horrible animation and character design
Pacing and script are garbage

They turned Akira into a literal "crybaby", the series has been stripped of all of it's emotion
First half can be put in the "so bad it's good" category, has a Scary Movie vibe
Second half is absolute shit

Digimon Adventure

Digimon: Digital Monsters

Digimon Adventure
TV, 1999, 54 eps Me:- Author:10
Better structured plot
Well developed characters

Not much to say, personal favorite, grew up watching this :3
Digimon Adventure:
TV, 2020, 67 eps Me:- Author:6
Plot starts to fall apart about half way
Big scenes that should've had something special about them don't have much impact

Nostalgia bait :'3
Dororo to Hyakkimaru
TV, 1969, 26 eps Me:- Author:7
Has the distinct style of it's time
Dog tags along for the adventure
Few inconsistencies
TV, 2019, 24 eps Me:- Author:10
Main plot is the same
Different take on the story
Changes up the order of some events
Much better pacing

Very wholesome but very dark at the same time, surprisingly good combo 👍
Fruits Basket
TV, 2001, 26 eps Me:- Author:5
Dropped this
Found the pace too slow

Will try watching remake to compare
Fruits Basket 1st Season
TV, 2019, 25 eps Me:- Author:-
Fullmetal Alchemist
TV, 2003, 51 eps Me:- Author:10
Came out before manga complete
Different take on the story

Still very good imo
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
TV, 2009, 64 eps Me:- Author:10
Faithful manga adaptation

One of the few remakes that's just as good if not better than original
TV, 2001, 13 eps Me:- Author:5
Came out before manga complete
Different take on the story
Lead writer is Chiaki Konaka (Serial Experiments Lain)

Personally his style is not my cup of tea
But if you're a fan of his works then def give this version a shot
Hellsing Ultimate
OVA, 2006, 10 eps Me:- Author:5
Unexpectedly comical
Much faster pace
But also seems to spend less time getting to know the characters

Gore scenes incredibly well done
But i found the story to be too repetitive and predictable, it relies a lot on shock factor
Hunter x Hunter
TV, 1999, 62 eps Me:- Author:10
Darker tone
Bigger focus on character developement and psyche
Better developement of side characters
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
TV, 2011, 148 eps Me:- Author:8
More lighthearted
OST gives a more comedic vibe
Still does a pretty good job of keeping things darker on more serious arcs but with a more dramatic tone to it
Almost souly focuses on the main 4
Has some pacing issues

Not a terrible adaptation, but still personally prefere HxH 1999
TV, 2002, 13 eps Me:- Author:-
Kanon (2006)
TV, 2006, 24 eps Me:- Author:-
Majutsushi Orphen
TV, 1998, 24 eps Me:- Author:7
Story had lots of potential
But wasn't explored in enough depth

Will comment more on it after i watch the re-make

Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen

Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi
TV, 2020, 13 eps Me:- Author:-
Shaman King
TV, 2001, 64 eps Me:- Author:-
Shaman King (2021)
TV, 2021, 52 eps Me:- Author:-

Tetsuwan Birdy

Birdy the Mighty

Tetsuwan Birdy
OVA, 1996, 4 eps Me:- Author:-

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode

Birdy the Mighty: Decode

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode
TV, 2008, 13 eps Me:- Author:3
Good concept, nice sci-fi vibe and aesthetic
But script and pacing are terrible
Thermae Romae
TV, 2012, 3 eps Me:- Author:-
Thermae Romae Novae
ONA, 2022, 11 eps Me:- Author:7
Nicely shows ancient roman culture

Will comment more on it after i watch the original

Tokyo Mew Mew

Mew Mew Power

Tokyo Mew Mew
TV, 2002, 52 eps Me:- Author:8
Typical 2000s shoujo vibe
Tokyo Mew Mew New ♡
TV, 2022, 12 eps Me:- Author:-
currently watching
TV, 1998, 26 eps Me:- Author:-
Trigun Stampede
TV, 2023, 12 eps Me:- Author:-
Urusei Yatsura
TV, 1981, 195 eps Me:- Author:-
Urusei Yatsura (2022)
TV, 2022, 23 eps Me:- Author:-


X - The Movie

Movie, 1996, 1 ep Me:- Author:4
Will comment more on it after i watch the alternate version
TV, 2001, 24 eps Me:- Author:-
Yozakura Quartet
TV, 2008, 12 eps Me:- Author:-
Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta
TV, 2013, 13 eps Me:- Author:1
Absolutely appalling, there is no semblance whatsoever of any plot
This series can only be described as a random collection of panty shots

Hopefully the original is better

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