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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
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Both anime have completely psychotic characters and an insane story line.
report Recommended by Lolicon
There is a lot of blood shed and similar supernatural concepts brought into play in the story line. It is a case of kill or be killed and figuring out how everything links together.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Beware the seemingly innocent children -- when push comes to shove, they can be the scariest. Both series explore the increasingly horrific circumstances that come to pass when desperation leads to sanity slippage and an ever-increasing body count. Sometimes the most important thing is knowing who to trust, but even that's not foolproof.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Just because you're cute doesn't mean you can't creep someone out, as both these anime can show that being silly is only part of their plan, catching you off guard with a knife wielding character among other disturbing things laying in wait is what these anime have in store.
report Recommended by artist-retired
Both use time shift as a plot element, and feature survival games that the protagonists play to determine their future. Both examplify using yandere characters and gory scenes.
report Recommended by coolwolf
Both of them have a teenager (who suddenly finds himself in a situation with lots of blood and mystery) as a main character. Also, there are really strange cute characters with multiple personalities and a character of an older guy who helps the main chracter to solve the mystery.
report Recommended by luth_0
Both have lots of gore with scary moments. Both series have a cute girl that chases the main character around, use the wide-eyed look for creepy characters and use disgusting splats for blood shedding scenes. Also, Both the main characters in Higurashi and Mirai Nikki have one objective-- to stay alive.
report Recommended by Moudaijoubu
The same feeling that one gets. Higurashi takes a little longer to get the feeling, while mirai nikki jumps right in.
report Recommended by zz78
They are both thrillers, you can't tell whether a character is sane or not, Mirai Nikki might not be as gorey as Higurashi, but you can see the similarities when watching the two.
report Recommended by Novelty
These anime's are both psychological thrillers and I enjoy both very much. Characters are similar also.
report Recommended by AnimeGuru284
Interested in bloody animes with a complicated non-linear timeline? Or maybe you like cute kids doing not so cute kiddy things such as killing each other. Both Mirai Nikki and Higurashi have that 'creepy girl' and that sort-of useless male protagonist, with the 'Supernatural' parts in it as well.
report Recommended by Glaede
-blood and killings -yanderes -2 faced characters. They might seem okay and cute but there's an inner psycho brought about by past events like abuses. -Time is a vital point in both animes
report Recommended by daisy-
Both are incredibly violent and feature a unique cast of psychopaths that combine innocence with insanity.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
If you loved the yanderes/yangires from Higurashi, you'll LOVE Yuno from Mirai Nikki. She will be your favorite Yandere of all time.
report Recommended by Aesther
- if you watched Mirai Nikki first, Higurashi have multiple copies of Yuno. those girls are crazy! - can't get enough of kills. - plot twists are prevalent. - both have psychological theme.
report Recommended by raviel_ken
Both have the same theory of " diferent worlds " and for the plot, is high recommended for those who like a good story.
report Recommended by Murasa22
Both are high caliber psychological thrillers. While Mirai Nikki has one character who can snap at any moment, this is true for the entire cast of Higurashi. If you love that atmosphere of never knowing when someone is going to snap and never knowing what horror is about to happen, then I'd recommend both of these shows to you (I'd recommend them to anyone, but especially to you).
report Recommended by leaferickson21
Both contain intense psychological and character development as well as everyone's favorite: a yandere. :) There are thrilling aspects as well as heart-wrenching, and I found both of them to be excellent by my standards.
report Recommended by Darkgreenwoods
Average male protagonist with psychopat girls around him. Bloody scenes and horror.
report Recommended by Parantica
- Both of them have got engrossing story - There is much blood in both of them - There are psychotic characters
report Recommended by natty83
If you liked the "feel" of Mirai Nikki, you'll probably also enjoy Higurashi. (Especially the first arc) Both are exciting thriller shows with some supernatural elements, with things that are, perhaps, not as they seem.
report Recommended by TwinBee20
Psycho relationships with the male main character of the show, showing a good example of yanderes. Thrillers with weird storylines and very violent scenarios. And pretty moe artstyles. Dissimilarities Mirai Nikki isn't really a "harem". Higurashi hasn't a Hunger Games like plot.
report Recommended by parallelle_slip
With a strong gore sense to this Anime, Higurashi and Mirai both have a Yandere character to this Anime and for people who love gore and horror this is a good series to start.
report Recommended by KayotikGaming
If you like horror anime, you're at the right reccomendation. The two of these shows are dark, funny at times, and really mind boggling. If you like yandere characters and a lot of violence, you're in for a treat.
report Recommended by _Jai
ever seen future diary? if you have you know that yuno is one crazy yandere son of a bitch.....imagine the same thing........but with more death and blood....
report Recommended by evilpuppy
Both have crazy yandere and very gory scenes.
report Recommended by CptTerror
Both are first and foremost fairly gory thrillers featuring a multitude of mentally unstable characters. Higurashi's resident yandere was the face of the archetype until Mirai Nikki's Gasai Yuno usurped that position. While Higurashi is slower pace-wise than Mirai Nikki, they end up giving similar vibes, as they have many plot similarities and handle their mysteries in a similar fashion (the sort of mysteries the studios didn't want you to think all that much about because the way these anime are adapted leaves a number of inconsistencies & holes in the plot, though this is much more easily apparent in Mirai Nikki).
report Recommended by TK8878
Both contain yandere characters. Both have gore. Most importantly both are a disservice to their respective source material. Did you know that Keiichi from Higurashi regularly cross-dresses? No? You wouldn't know that from watching the anime because they try to cram 10 hours of visual novel into 2 hour segments by cutting out most of the plot; it's like the cliff-notes of anime. Meanwhile Mirai Nikki doesn't feel too rushed, but it totally changes the mood of the manga; all of creepy things Yuno does are played off as fanservice. In summary, read the VN before watching Higurashi, but if you liked Mirai Nikki, you're   read more
report Recommended by secondtooth
Both souls try to kill and who have too dark side are similar
report Recommended by shinya_hiiragi1
Both deeply psychological and filled with action and gore.
report Recommended by Psychiezen
Both animes have a very dark and gritty tone and lots of thriller elements. When they cry leans much more onto mystery than the Future Diary, so if you liked slowly uncovering the mystery behind Yuna and the game itself then you'll love When they Cry and trying to piece together the truth about whats going on in that small, broken, mysterious town when they cry takes place in.
report Recommended by Leon_Trotsky_
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