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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
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Very similar main characters, facing similar complex and personal problems, in a similar isolated setting, similar messages... I could go on. Enjoy!
report Recommended by Ausp
the anime tells a story of a young boy striving towards his goal of being a professional in their own respective field while simultaneously facing other problems in their daily lives. while solving their inner problems, they get stronger and eventually reach their goal (hopefully). graphics-wise, both anime has a similar style. it can be gloomy in times and bright the other. the main character is a boy wearing glasses with a blonde older sister-type support female character.
report Recommended by sora2eugene
both feature young child prodigies with an extreme talent: chess and music. Both are about more than just that talent, as the characters deal with underlying issues within themselves and their relationships with others.
report Recommended by laputia
Both of these anime delve into a deep psychological trauma. Both MCs are known as child prodigies and it is due to a need to avert their eyes to reality. They are both complex stories that touch upon the heart strings with topics of depression and self-acceptance.
report Recommended by Kami_no_Tomo
Story of a boy who climbs to the top of his profession. Through with that, he is bounded by a wall created from dark past.
report Recommended by chiyo-german
I can't help but to think about Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso when watching 3-gatsu no Lion. Similar titles aside, both feature the same premise; a prodigy young man's struggles to cope with the depression of losing a loved one. Both series feature a prodigy MC (Rei and Kousei) who are similar in looks and personalities and female figures (Kaori and the Kawamoto siblings) who came inside the MC's life and help them overcome their depression. The MCs also gains many rivals and friends throughout their journey in their career. Even though I found 3-gatsu's tone more consistent and its comedy less forced than Shigatsu, I enjoyed   read more
report Recommended by PrincessZero
A prodigy with an existential crisis. A lot of gloominess and not strong enough comic relief to wipe it away.
report Recommended by Niveen_Sleem
3-gatsu no Lion and Your lie in April both have a main protagonist who suffers from a depression. They also are good in playing the piano. While the one is more romance oriented and the other slice-of-life, they both share the story of how the protagonist overcomes his depression.
report Recommended by Reapermask
Main character who has a painful past, who excels in a field (Arima on the piano and Rei at the shogi). He also has many uncertainties about his future and lack of self-confidence. Warm characters around the main character; (Hina, Momo, Akari in 3-Gatsu no Lion and Kaori, Tsubaki in Shigatsu) A wonderful animation with a visual identity for both. (The two animes look slightly alike)
report Recommended by TuyNOM
Both animes are quite , about feels and talents and independence both animes have the main character who is shy , wearing glasses both heroines are blonde , and they look like each other both main characters have suffered their parent's death and trying to live independently
report Recommended by HikarieChan
Both shows have a lot in common. They both tell stories of a main character who is a child prodigy and struggling to maintain their title. Their struggles are represented in a similar style and narrative, and yet the overall story is different, so it doesn't feel like you're watching the same show twice. In fact I would go so far as to say March Comes in Like a Lion surpasses Your Lie in April in many ways. TL;DR: If you enjoyed watching Kousei overcoming his past and learning to love life, this show is for you.
report Recommended by AetherByte
If you're watching this because title similliarity, than you're not watching the wrong show. Both MC has similliar problems, and each anime has their own style of art.
report Recommended by absortio
Similar Art styles
report Recommended by Otaku_Joe
Both protagonists share a dark past and a remarkable skill. The monologues in each of them often have deep metaphors for life. Introspection, retrospection, and dealing with losses/mourning all are resonating themes in these two.
report Recommended by Nikuvik
Both protagonists struggle living their lives due to their treacherous pasts. They both have people help them develop into becoming better people. Both of the protagonists are proficient in what they play, Rei to Shogi as Arima is to piano. Similar artstyle. Both protagonists have glasses (I ran out of comparisons lol)
report Recommended by IzaEpsil
Both feature a protagonist who is struggling with depression because of the death of his loved ones and both main characters have a complicated relationship with their passions (Shigatsu has music, 3-gatsu has shogi), but these passions are not the main focus of the shows. Also, both protagonists meet people who change their lives for the better. They have similar color pallets and realistic characters. March Comes in Like a Lion has more unique visuals and better direction than Your Lie in April due to the very different animation studios and directors. Also YLIA has way more romance (3-gatsu being more of a slice-of-life series), but   read more
report Recommended by cosmonautic
Both of these series feel similar in their directing and animation styles. While Your Lie in April focuses more on romantic relations, March Comes in Like a Lion focuses more on familial/platonic relations. Both are sure to hit ya right in the kokoro.
report Recommended by FloralMangoes
Not only the titles look-a-like, but the feeling you get when watching is fairly similar. Main characters have only one thing they are good and his friends (and other side-characters) will help him get back on his feet. The scenes vary from funny to death serious which makes it very appealing to keep on watching. So If you liked "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso", "Sangatsu no Lion" will not disappoint you.
report Recommended by Y_TZ
Both protagonists look like they could be brothers and they have a very similar personality. They both deal with depression and loneliness, but are also gifted with a special talent in their field. Both series have an unique color palette and look very good.
report Recommended by _Maneki-Neko_
The main characters are both struggling with depression, they're both genius and can't give up on it. They are both drama/slice of life anime with beautiful unique soundtrack and animations. The plot of the stories revolve around the main character struggle and them learning things from their mistakes and experiences.
report Recommended by Hishouha
The Art Style is Similar. Both Protagonist are talented, they also look alike with glasses, Both Lacks Confidence and depressed. It also gives you The Your Lie In April Vibes
report Recommended by KotoriMinami
A talented prodigy who feels as though they've got nothing else (and also happen to look kinda similar) the stories are pretty different, but they give off a similar vibe - and anyone who loves the first, will definitely love the other - at least, I certainly did! They're emotionally deep, are astonishingly beautiful to watch and will leave a whole in your heart you won't be able to forget. About dealing with past trauma, and the journey to self discovery and finding a way to wake up from that half-life depression. Honestly, they are instant gems, masterpieces, unbelievably refreshing and unique but with unbelievable   read more
report Recommended by troublesomeone
Both of the main characters have only 1 thing that they do exceptionally well and want but can't separate it from their lives.
report Recommended by PogLover
I find these shows both similar not in the aspect of plot but in character. Both mains, Kousei from Your Lie in April, and Rei from March Comes in Like A Lion both share similar character as they have both had traumatic past life events. This prompts them to be somewhat timid and silent but have thoughts encircling their minds at all times. On top of that, they are both young prodigies in a competitive field (Piano and Shogi respectively). Finally, they share a somewhat similar appearance with glasses, messy black hair, and an always wavering mouth. Another thing noted is the animation. I find   read more
report Recommended by spartan1232
Both MCs have mental and social problems due to losing their family member(s). And some characters help them get out of those problems. No ecchi. Both are anime with competition in it. Both arts and musics have the same vibes. EVEN THEIR TITLES HAVE "GATSU" IN THEM.
report Recommended by IMNOTPOLAND
Both of these series focus on characters who are dealing with depression and the loss of loved ones. Both also follow their character's chosen profession and how they handle these careers at young ages. I recommend this to those who are interested in stories about depression, loss, and perseverance.
report Recommended by Lugengeschichte
I do think the MCs are very similar and overall they have the same tone to them.
report Recommended by titleist5
Both main characters have a special talent (Kousei piano and rei shogi)they both walk through life with the past constantly biting them and both are quite emotional.
report Recommended by Megumince106
Both the protagonists share some aspects in their lifes, like the absence of their families and confront their past to keep moving on
report Recommended by gugfsb
The vibe of the two anime are very similar.
report Recommended by ananimeweirdo
Similar themes about doing something because you must, not because of passion. Similar main characters, but 3-gatsu stays true to its themes, and ends up superior in almost every aspect, especially with its drama.
report Recommended by TopaktasGL
Both of these anime are both similiar and different in a lor of their aspects. Both of these series have a talented teenager as a main character that are good at what they do( shogi and Piano). Both these characters deal with tragic events that had happened in the past. Both these characters seek outside help from people they hardly know for support and both these shows get you right in the feels. They have a competitve aspect too. They're a lot different too!
report Recommended by Amruth_Vs
Both series' deal with a MC who struggles with personal problems as a result of a loss of family, to which it is through the relationship with the center female (3 in 3-gatsu) that the main character starts to break from his shell
report Recommended by Short_Circut
the main character Arima, kousei is so much like Rei in how they both see the half empty part of the glass .. how they both feel lonely without piano - in case of arima - and shogi -in case of Rei -, and how the few people around them make the the biggest effect with the least action the make towards them. both are one of my favorite slice of life animes and if you happen to like one of them, you got to watch the other cause surely you'll like it,too enjoy it :D
report Recommended by EslamMohmed_
Both series feature protagonists who are young prodigies, who are struggling to overcome depression and a traumatic upbringing.
report Recommended by Tavero
Both shows feature a main character who suffers from this inherent, inescapable guilt which they work tirelessly to overcome. Both main characters also look very similar and have a lot of similar character traits in general (even when excluding their main difficulties they face plot-wise). Shigatsu is shorter, but Sangatsu is a true masterpiece. Anyone who enjoyed Shigatsu or who cried should give both seasons of Sangatsu a try, ESPECIALLY season 2 as it is far superior (which is hard to do given that season 1 is already perfection).
report Recommended by Hezzadude12
Both Main Characters are almost 100% Similar in their downtrodden Characteristics and their Genious attribute in their own places. Arima is a Piano Genius who has difficulties playing it due to his unrivaled skills and past circumstances. Rei is a Shogi master who has been a Shogi monster but his step sister and brother had pushed him away thus he think that his skills of Shogi is nothing but a Necessary Evil for him. Both hate their Genius abilities but they can't live without Piano/Shogi Both were kindled by the people and friends around them
report Recommended by Morisaki_Ichijo
-Both the male MCs are eerily similar, both physically as well as with their past. -As time passes, they both slowly open up and start mending the cracks by forming beautiful relationships with those around them. -Both series capture emotions of the viewer and twine them together as the story progresses.
report Recommended by Joeywatches
Why they should be similar, were you thinking, right? Well, to start both told a story about a shy, confused and little coward boy, who tries to overcame his fears and anxiety. As the story moves on we will see our main character grow, evolve, we’ll see him smile and cry, how he’ll interact with his surrondings and what kind of relationship will born with the other characters; because personally, i believe, that these last ones are the most important and fascinating. I will be straightforward with you, both of them have quite the strong emotional impact, on which i reflected a lot. Both of the stories   read more
report Recommended by AmeNoRyuu
Both have similar sort of atmosphere and slice of life story telling involving the mc actually developing and making better relation with other people.
report Recommended by TheFirmSword
2 stories about 2 geniuses struggling to overcome their loss in the past, and how they were saved by the people around them.
report Recommended by CrestDragon
- The main characters both deal with trying to find themselves due to their pasts - Both are conveyed in very similar ways - Both have characters where they help them discover themselves - Both are touching, however Your Lie in April is sadder
report Recommended by marylizy
A story about getting over the past, which is a reoccurring theme in both series. Both protagonist are naturally gifted and talented, however because of it they are both haunted by the past. Kiriyama suffers from discrimination, while Arima lost his abilities to hear himself. They are both great masterpiece series out of their own perspective series.
report Recommended by Aoi_Yozora
Both the MCs are alike and both anime deal with their problems and I think if you have watched either of them you will like the other.
report Recommended by Casual_Elite
They are both stories of despair and passion. The main protagonists have something traumatic happen to them, and this despair begins to overtake and hide their passions
report Recommended by GasLit
These slow-burn, drama-heavy anime will keep you coming back for more. Plus, both the main character of each show, Kiriyama of Sangatsu no Lion and Kousei of Your Lie in April look like they could be brothers. While watching Sangatsu no Lion, I couldn't help but be reminded of Your Lie in April.
report Recommended by Hikool101
Both have the same melancholic, romantic, sad ambience and atmosphere. Really peaceful but a lot of inner turmoil. Both had me crying :(
report Recommended by seloshna
March comes in like a lion and Your Lie in April are both amazing dramas following an introverted kid with a huge passion and talent in a certain activity. Both of these shows also both have a similar art style which may not be beautiful on their own, but they fit their respective anime all too well. And finally I need to mention that both of these anime are extremely sad, which is to be expected from dramas, but in my opinion the sadness factor in both of these anime is WAY above average.
report Recommended by Lybees
Both deal with lots of character development and backstories for each one. goes in-depth to smaller characters and tells their backstory.
report Recommended by Bloomberry
slow paced and have VERY similar premises.
report Recommended by MVKO
Both of the main characters lack color and depth within their world. They are now failing at the sports that they were amazing at and both suffer from depression due to lack of family and friends in their world. However, both meet people that manage to bring color back into their world. Sangatsu, overall, does a better job at this than Shigatsu and manages to show amazing scenes along with the struggles that side characters often go through as well. Thus, if you like Shigatsu, consider Sangatsu.
report Recommended by NachoCheese0531
Both are very slow-paced slice-of-life drama-oriented animes, with a troubled-minded main-character boy (looking almost alike). Your lie in april (Shigatsu wa kimi no uso) focuses on classical music, while 3-gatsu no Lion involves a Japanese board-game (shogi).
report Recommended by invisibleumbrela
Extremely similar to each other, both serving many parallels that can be identified with the other. Both feature a main character with past trauma involving their respective professions (Pianist, Shogi Player) who gradually develop themselves due to the influence of others. If you are looking for something like Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, this is your go-to series.
report Recommended by Vursed