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The main protagonist from each series Naruto (Naruto) and Midoriya (BnHA) share a weakling persona in the world that they live in. They also share a dream reaching the top of their respective societies (Hokage for Naruto and #1 Hero for Mirdoriy). Each protagonist is also paired with a much more gifted and talented rival. The setting are very different but both series revolve around students gaining the proper training, experience, and licensing needed to become a professional in their respective worlds (Ninjas in Naruto and Heroes in BnHA). Aside from the main characters the rest of the casts for both series are immense   read more
report Recommended by logic340
These both are underdog tales of sorts, MC's who were losers and struggled in the past but gave it their all and became the strongest of their time. They both have super powered characters and battles. They are both JUMP series and shonen battle anime.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
- MC are very similar; the usual "I can do it" belief. Both aspire to reach their ultimate goal with the same mentality, that are similar to one another. - It's the usual shounen story with a nice twist to it; heroes in BNH and ninjas in Naruto - Many consider BNH to be the next Naruto If you enjoyed Naruto, or miss It, Boku No Hero Academia will definitely fill the void. Bones have done an incredible job and the story is executed extremely well. Must watch.
report Recommended by Yasuhito
Story about teenagers who are being trained in a school dedicated to cultivate people with special abilities by teachers who also possess such special abilities. Those special abilities are usually diverse with most of the characters weilding a disctinct style of abilities. After fighting with other students to prove their strenghte. they then go on to beat up some bad guys, at start usually under the teacher's supervision.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both shows focus on younger kids that have various abilities, who battle each other and go to a school to train these abilities. The style of the characterization is pretty similar along with the structure of the story. The art is somewhat different, but both are bright and colorful and evoke a similarly exciting feeling from the viewer.
report Recommended by vigorousjammer
This is a recommendation made based on how the MC resemble each other, and to some extent, lead how the story is going to progress. Both series featured a young boy who is shunned and looked down by society, and thus driving them to proved those stigma wrong by becoming 'the best'. It's an intriguing coming-of-age-type stories that will make you rooted for the MC in order to reach their dream.
report Recommended by KannaAyasaki
Both MC's are weak, had a rough past and didn't had support of parents. Both MC's want to be strong and help others Both have a little comedy, lots of action, scenes that should touch viewers emotionally
report Recommended by Hutai
In these two series, it’s needless to say that we get to watch the main character grow in more ways than one. While the main character in Naruto is a delinquent, and the one in My Hero Academia is a timid and polite boy, similarly they only wish for the best for the people around them. If you like a story about characters who start off with nothing and prove to everyone else that they can be something, then you’ll most likely like these.
report Recommended by OtakuJKP
This is a common recommendation, and for a reason: -The protagonists have that 'If I try hard, I can do it!' personality -They both involve diverse special powers -Both are shonen series -Both have rivals that the protagonist strives to overcome
report Recommended by thelectricow
This is the modern version of what the best of shounen has to offer. The way that Hero Acedemia paces the action, plot development, fights, and character interactions are all top notch.
report Recommended by SoonDayRay
In both series the protagonist starts as someone who is seen as weak by others and vows to become the strongest to show everyone that with hard work he can do it too. Both series have great fight scenes with characters using special abilities in them. If you enjoy watching shounen anime where the main character grows throughout the show you should like both of the series.
report Recommended by Sande
Weak but ambitious main character on his way to reach the top and proving himself to the ones who doubted and wronged him. The main focus lies on his journey to power up, finding friends and rivalry. (Action, Fantasy, Superpower, Shounen, Comedy)
report Recommended by Shibuya_Akira
- The loser one - the better one - the loser one tried hard to keep up the better one - the loser one and the better one fight each other these two anime have the same way of characters
report Recommended by Vin1103
Great character designs , colorful color palette , a distinct and diverse huge pool of characters , tactical battles , A school setting. It takes what made the Original Naruto series so popular and tries to recreates that magic in a Superhero genre.
report Recommended by AnjuRatty
deku and naruto are hopeless losers that seem weak and dumb, but they have a big spirit and receive a grand power to strike down evil and change the view of others towards them, also tournament arc and rivalry between main characters is there, they are also very palpable to the mainstream audience
report Recommended by RafaKiyoura
Well the main theme of the story is similar. As both are shonen anime
report Recommended by fahad_al_rafi
Both of the main characters strive to become recognised in their own rights Both anime have characters with quirks or abilities . Both anime have humor, lots of action, concentrated on friendship and scenes that touch people emotionally
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
- Great fights - Similar story and main character (the mc starts weak and gets stronger as he learns how to use his powers) - Same goal to become the strongest hero/ninja - Evil organazitaions (Akatsuki/League of villains)
report Recommended by alexleonardo08
Both animes show a weak protagonist that aims to become a strong person. The two animes have amazing side characters such as Kakashi and All Might in Naruto and Boku no Hero, respectively.
report Recommended by Nicholas_BR
Similar in the aspect of the protagonist being a character who is weak and is gifted with power which allows him to be better and struggles to master his power and overcome the odds. Main Character being being a person who is both acting like a fool and has good plans in a while.
report Recommended by 00Lone_wolf00
it has weak to strong plus naruto and izuku is simular they had to grind theyre ways up
report Recommended by Pelmarito
gets you hooked the moment you watch it im a bnha and a naruto fan their basically the same
report Recommended by eboy417
both main characters aim to be the best in their world, and they both have a rival. both bnha and naruto follow the main character becoming stronger and stronger experiencing fights and strong villains. both anime have epic fights, comedy and of course painful moments.
report Recommended by bezeaa
Both shows have a vast array of characters. They follow the story of someone going from zero to hero. Also, they both include superpowers/special abilities type things within the meta of the show.
report Recommended by Nicko_Hambro
If you loved watching my hero academia then there is a likely chance you are gonna love Naruto as well. Both the shows belong to the same genre and in both the shows the MC is somewhat powerless at the beginning. But the character development is great in both the shows and both the protagonist have a strong sense of justice and has a goal that they wanted to achieve.
report Recommended by Gilsaber
Like the atmosphere is like very similar like there is school for shinobi in naruto there is a school for heros here. Deku is like Naruto who starts off weak and later grows stronger as the anime progresses. Like Naruto there are interesting classmates and side characters with well written back stories.
report Recommended by CallmePaul
Both obviously seem very different however Naruto and Deku seem to be more similar because of their drives and especially with the side characters and villains seem so similar to Naruto
report Recommended by MasterBuck325
These shows are both fun, entertaining, mildly childish (but have deeper meanings) and are both "superpower" based anime
report Recommended by XDZO
Well... Boku no Hero is basically Naruto but instead of ninjas we have heroes. - The classic shounen with 'If I try hard and don't give up I can do this' protagonists. - In both there are several well-built characters whose anime pays attention to them without focusing entirely on the protagonist. - Awesome battles with strategies and powers. (And a exciting action music lol) - A ''school'' where the characters train and study to be a ninja/hero. - Both series tries to make you laugh, cry and get upset. (And usually they can) - And best of all, both are awesome anime.
report Recommended by D10G0
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