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The two main characters are very similar in their sarcastic tone. The story surrounds the main male lead's interaction with the girls around him.
report Recommended by neutralizer
Same company made both with very similar elements such as the theme music. Both have very good storylines that are totally individual to the character no matter how random it is.
report Recommended by skyfox66
The shows are both very similar in the fact that parts of the stories mirror each other as well as similar main character in similar situation
report Recommended by Nerull
Well, it has the same productionstudio, same kind of animation and style. Even the music sounds the same (what is great). And if you like the mysterious style of Clannad, you sure will in Kanon (2006). Clannad actually "steals" the same type of jokes from Kanon, so you can't go wrong with both ^^
report Recommended by lifeaspect
From watching the first few episodes it is obvious to notice several similarities between the 2 shows and I'm not just talking about the production studio. ^_^
report Recommended by Master10K
Both by the same company. As tory of loyalty and love, both animes are about the school life of high school students. There are different arcs for different characters and you'll see the sad and happy parts of each person's life
report Recommended by chrissy12
The quality and cohesiveness of how the story all goes together. The slight, but perfectly witty and timed humor from the male protagonist is present in both. Both also have the perfect mix of humor and drama.
report Recommended by Cruxis_Angel
Made by the same company, aniamted in the same style and basically a pretty similar plot-line, Clannad and Kanon are very much alike and yet both so awfully enjoyable. The classic elements and humour you saw in Kanon (2006) are all present in Clannad, if not more so.
report Recommended by Xaltwind
I really enjoyed Clannad and I enjoyed Kanon (2006) even more! Kyoto Animation works its magic in both of these romance / drama anime. Clannad and Kanon were both written by Key, and were video games before anime. They both have really intriguing plots and the animation is amazing and close to flawless! I was brought to tears by both of these shows. There are really moving scenes, and also scenes where you find yourself smiling from ear to ear or even laughing! I strongly recommend Kanon (2006) if you liked Clannad!
report Recommended by kwikslik4
Both animes are made by the same company. These two series' have lovely art and story lines, filled with romance, drama, and comedy. Both involve a male lead who befriends a couple girls and learns more about them.
report Recommended by YakuzaDog
Clannad and Kanon have a similar kind of Tragedy element, where Kanon is slightly stronger in Tragedy, and Clannad has a stronger Commedy/Romance feel. They'll both make you cry and if you love one, you'll like (or love) the other.
report Recommended by Godel
Both Animes are centered around a male lead and many females. They are also Key + KyoAni, which pretty much means they both have amazing animations.
report Recommended by Datenshigami
The stories are a little bit similar. They have the same positive feeling about them, the art is also amazing. They both are kinds like miracle happens. Really Beutifull story.
report Recommended by Jesper_Rayne
Both stories are originally done by Key, and both are of the romance genre. Both Kanon and CLANNAD are highly dramatic, and considering the many similarities between both stories, a fan of CLANNAD would definitely love Kanon (2006).
report Recommended by Raptor73
They're boh visual novels by Key and were adapted by Kyoto Animation. The storylines are quite similar. They both involve a male protagonist who helps different young girls he befriends throughout the series.
report Recommended by patient_senses
Same art style and character personalities and plots are similar like a girl disappear in both. Super drama is how I define these two. The main characters like to be funny and joke around.
report Recommended by Lang
The characters are really similar by nature; Yuuichi and Tomoya are both pretty sarcastic and there is plenty of girls around him. Also girls resembles each others on strange ways. Also the animation is done by the same studio. And both animes have "snow opening".
report Recommended by Sonja
Produced by the same people, Clannad and Kanon are really similar. They both have a lot of girls, a little bit of supernatural, and the atmosphere of the anime is really calm.
report Recommended by chopstix7892
Very similar drawing style. The behaviour of both main chars are also so similar, that I imagined it's a story about one person in two different dimensions.
report Recommended by arsemond
They are both about the past and about characters who are a lot the same. People hiding their past and trying to make friends.
report Recommended by Maariesu
Same people did this. Same good art, lovable characters, heart wrenching moments. A little more action and a lot less tears, but overall good series if you liked Clannad.
report Recommended by HoroFan85
First off, they're both made by Key. That right there is a plus. Both anime revolve around a young man surrounded by girls, they both have many teary moments, and they both easily make you laugh. The art style is somewhat similar, and you're pretty much guaranteed to find a character you'll end up favoriting. They also both have a few magical elements added into the mix.
report Recommended by Seiji-kun
The stories have the same positive feeling about them, and each Character is unique.
report Recommended by Saan-kun
Same studio and if you watched the one you really have to watch the other. Both are romances with a little bit of fantasy in them but it doesn't ruin the story itself even if you don't like fantasy =]
report Recommended by CielClair
Kanon and Clannad may seem to have come out of the same mold. Truth is, they have - there are many similarities between the two. They are both excellent nonetheless and you should watch BOTH. Trust me on this one, I was a bit skeptical on whether I should Kanon if I've already finished watching Clannad or which one I should watch first but in reality, it doesn't matter. Chances are if you liked one of these two animes you will like the other one just as much.
report Recommended by asdfrq2dg
Both feature a male protagonist meeting different females who have weird quirks In Kanon Ayu says "uguu" a lot In Air Misuzu says "gao" a lot In Clannad Nagisa is obsessed with the dango song They have similar art and music and will both make you CRY! Same genres
report Recommended by Inugirlz
Deep emotional stories intertwined with humor and school slice of life mixed with romance.
report Recommended by Glamrgrl104
they both have lots of romances and drama and if u like this kinds of thing i think you should watch them for sure. these or two of the best drama anime iv ever seen so far and the best anime to hope i find more like these soon.
report Recommended by Nick27
Both are created by Key and animated by KyoAni. There's a positive and happy foreground, but the backgrounds of each character are very deep. Many arcs focus on the main characters, further developing them, and continuing the overall plot.
report Recommended by ADiSiNS
Similar atmosphere and characters in both animes. Storyline is a bit different but only a bit and your feelings when you are watching them are very similar. Both of them are very emotional stories with a bit of harem: a boy who is friend of several girls and helps them a lot. I really think that if you liked one of them, you'll definitely have to watch the another one. And if you like high-school stories with romance, fantasy, a bit of mistery, a bit of harem... (and very emotional stories), you should watch both of them.
report Recommended by naceale
oriented towards a school as the backdrop to an engaging plot, if you are a sap/ sucker like myself, this could be a potential tear jerker
report Recommended by AnimeXDieNastYx
Honestly, these things are the same damn show, with many similar characters, absurd amounts of moe, and the main difference is that Clannad has a lot more jokes than Kanon, yet you know you're going to love both just as much.
report Recommended by robfoster
Kanon and Clannad are made by the same people and are similar in the slice of life theory. You'll enjoy it as much as Clannad
report Recommended by hitsutoush
Both are very similar, after all, they are made by the same company. The difference: Kanon has a huge moe factor, as many of the characters have a cute catch phrase they repeat (Uguu~!). Kanon also has more of a mystical element, while Clannad is pretty realistic (though, there are mystic elements too in the form of ancient Japanese folklore).
report Recommended by lxtazl
Both were originally developed as a Visual Novel by key. In addition, the anime version of each one contains a exceptional combination of Drama, Romance and bit of comedy.
report Recommended by BDT_T
Aside from both being created by Key, Kanon and Clannad both are herems centered around a kind-hearted guy who helps one girl after another. Both of these animes are very comical at points, but also have their sensitive moments. There are points at where you're completely appalled by what you have found out and leaves you asking and wanting more.
report Recommended by Anlaemar
Both are great visual novel adaptations by Key (you should consider checking them out if you liked either of these!) which revolve around a likable and clever protagonist helping out a bunch of girls. Each of them have a good deal of drama, as well as some great comedy. Kanon and Clannad each have supernatural elements, and many of the characters are quite similar, although to go into their similarities would spoil it. They're both very good, but the second season of Clannad sweeps them both away.
report Recommended by supersloth
Same producers - namely KyoAni, and they both have the same vibe. They share a lot of similarities, everything from a guy helping girls with various things, to love and the emotions they bring out. To cut it short - if you liked Kanon, then you will definitely like Clannad.
report Recommended by Yuniashi
Same creator, studio, and a plot eerily similar to each other. You could pretty much substitute the characters back and forth and you wouldn't notice much of a difference. The biggest difference I would say is the higher art quality in Clannad, as well as a more serious aspect to Kanon. Clannad uses comedy throughout the series to great effect, which Kanon also uses, however to a much lesser extent. Both are great series, and if you liked one, you'll like the other.
report Recommended by cooldra01
Both have crisp animation and art style characteristic to Key. You'll find cute characters like Ayu, Fuko, Nagisa, Nayuki, Shiori, Kotomi, Kyou and many more in both of these, one of which you are bound to like, and eventually get to love. These two animes have that specific heartwarming style of storytelling. If you've watched one of these, it is crucial that you do not miss the other.
report Recommended by jiyuudansei
same company. both use elements of "miracles" in their stories. both have 5 girls protagonists, and many are actually very similar - Ayu = Fuko, Mai = Tomoyo (maybe), etc. Both are almost harem, where in the beginning, the male lead has connections with every girl, and in the end chooses one. However, I would say that Kanon is sadder in general while Clannad is mostly happy (until after story anyways)
report Recommended by coolwolf
Basically the Same Anime, They Are So close Its Ridiculous. Both Centre Around A Nice Guys Who Cant Help But Help Females Out With their Problems, Which Causes them To Swarm to Him Like Flys, Both Under A Harem Fantasy Category To.
report Recommended by Charsly
Both is made by kyoani, both is made by key, both is tear jerk, both have an amazing story line.
report Recommended by Venneria
The story evolves between one guy a few girls in High School which is similar to Clannad. Both of them has supernaturals in them. Also they both has a spirit of a young looking kid which claims to be in the same grade as the main character. Both of them has a lot of very similar characters. Therefore, if you love one of the anime, you will love the other.
report Recommended by ItsACakeNyaa
Both series show us very good story. Watching both series will cause a lot of tears in our eyes;)
report Recommended by idziej
I was recommended to watch Kanon after Clannad by a friend, and I can see why. Both animes are from Visual Arts/Key, they are similarly animated and they have their own very interesting stories to tell about the citizens of a town. Who knew a little magic, some storytelling and interesting characters could make such great animes?
report Recommended by September
These 2 animes are both made by the same company (key visual arts) the story line is similar it takes place with another guy surronded by girls but is bad at school and is always in trouble one day he meets a girl called nagisa on his way to school which starts to change his approach to school and life and caring throughout the series the main protagonist tomoya helps other friends to gain orbs for the future the orbs he gets will help for season 2 now you will have to watch this first to go on to season 2 the after story
report Recommended by Gold_Time
Both series are masterpieces and emotion-packed moments. You should expect some tissues if you are very sensitive. The achievement is of great beauty. In the two series you will follow the adventures of a boy who will create strong bonds of friendship and maybe more ... Expect to spend a great time watching these animes simple and refreshing. (Sorry for my English)
report Recommended by krysyS
Same type of story. In first few episodes, the main male character gets to know many female characters, and later on in the series, tragic events happen with a few episodes dedicated to each female character.
report Recommended by Epocka
Both are very touching and emotional stories. Make sure you get some tissues before watching them. =)
report Recommended by WhackoIR2020
Both anime series are extremely similar. From art-style, animation, and character design to the involvement of somewhat magical elements, storyline, and events. If you enjoyed either Clannad or Kanon, you'll definitely enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Schonn
Incredulously similar and both involving very good characters where the ending is a happy ending for everyone
report Recommended by WilhelmPrice
Both anime involves a guy who helps others while at the same time dealing with his own, although 1 deals with slight memory loss and the other dealing with family issues. Both created and produced by the same people
report Recommended by MiyatouSeishirou
As if the 104 other recommendations to Kanon weren't enough, I felt as if I had to add to the rec pile since a lot of people I know who have watched Clannad have slipped by Kanon (2006). The first thing I'd like to say is that I don't believe Kanon was inferior to the first season of Clannad in any way shape or form, despite a lot of people who say so. The only disadvantage that Kanon had to the Clannad series was its length, which didn't include the "After Story" portion and didn't give Kanon the opportunity to add further depth to its story. Clannad   read more
report Recommended by riots
Kanon has that cute, funny, serious, supernatural and mysterious feel to it as did Clannad. It doesn't go as deep as Clannad though, but it will give you around the same feeling.
report Recommended by Silverfang18
made by the same makers. kind of the same principe. one guy and multiple girls who all had a rough past.. and alot of romance in both..
report Recommended by 16584651
Because they are both have a main boy character that doesn't like school or doesn't have meaning to their lives. Characters in the shows are simular, they both have deaths. They are both funny and sad, and i recemand watching both.
report Recommended by bartles_forever
Both series follow the same basic structure, with the main male character helping a cast of female characters with their problems. Each arc starts out funny and lighthearted, but slowly turn into very sad stories.
report Recommended by AndyRayy
Well, both stories are done by the same visual novel company, Key. They are essentially set up in the same harem (1 boy and 5 girls) format. But unlike typical harem, both anime actually have plot involving these characters and the story makes sense. Despite what I said previously, these two anime are actually quite different in some aspects in that Clannad is a intense tear jerker, while Kanon has more plot twist and mind-blowing revelations.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
The two main characters are very similar in their sarcastic tone. The story surrounds the main male lead's interaction with the girls around him.
report Recommended by Lex-kun
The main theme is about friendship and family. The artwork is very similar, there are story arcs and you'll love the characters.
report Recommended by ultimategodplayr
Both series are made by Kyoto Animation and are both Key novel adaptations. The main character has similar interactions between the characters, and the animations look almost identical.
report Recommended by qewqwe33123
Both these Anime give a heart-warming cry when something tragic happens. Both Male Protagonist will have friends on their side when going through tough times. When they see the truth, they can't take it and refuse to accept the fact. There life is dealt with in school, but Kanon deals with more supernatural stuff. The Romance in both happen in different occasions in the show. ENJOY :)
report Recommended by AznBaka
Both anime were made by Key and have an amazing storyline with awesome soundtracks. Kanon (2006) bases more around the memory loss of a character during its character development, but it is a very moving anime just like Clannad. If you liked one, you'll most likely like the other!
report Recommended by Sledgedude
Both of these harem series are game conversions from 'Key', animated by 'KyoAni'. As such both series are very very pretty and extremely well-produced. Clannad and Kanon center around a male high school student (Yuichi in Kanon, Tomoya in Clannad). They are similar in personality: both are quite sarcastic and at times, obnoxious, towards the girls they are surrounded with. There is also a female in each that is the main love interest for the male (Ayu in Kanon, Nagisa in Clannad); they are similar in character design and influence on the male. The plots are also similar; each has a number of arcs related to   read more
report Recommended by Sabeeh
You´ll definitely experience a similar feeling while watching this show. It has the same kind of emotional, tragic, funny and above all, touching story/atmosphere. If you cried during either one of them, chances are good that you will as well during the other one. All in all, i couldn´t recommend watching this show more, if you liked the other one. Kyoto Animation ftw ^^
report Recommended by Woaixiongmao
Both based off of Key visual novels. Both have that visual novel feel where they have character arcs. The arcs tend to be dramatic and sad but there is still room for humor in both of the shows. If Clannad didn't have After Story, these two shows would be eerily similar.
report Recommended by wumbmasta
This is probably the easiest comparaison. Both MC is surronded by girl that have a personnal problem or condition. Both have some arc that end sadly and other happy. Both is pretty much harem style, without the ecchi stuff. Both have almost the same art style, even if Clannad is more neat on this point. And both are really good drama.
report Recommended by minouneetzoe
Kanon and Clannad both involve a boy helping a bunch of girls. Being done both by Key and Kyoto Anime, their art and plots are the same. The 2 shows also have similar characters. The primary difference plot wise would be that Kanon is more supernatural (though not horror) and tragic than Clannad.
report Recommended by wowsermax
every character and the supernatural have some similarity , if you dont have watch clannad and kanon , i suggest watch clannad before watch kanon, because you will know the plot of supernatural if you watch each one of clannad and kanon , and clannnad worth than kanon
report Recommended by salga77
Pretty much the same. The drama is there, same creator, both have awesome plot and are totally worth watching. If u enjoyed one of them you will definetly love the other.
report Recommended by LordOfCinder21
Almost same animation, both were originally written by Key, both are teenage dramas, both male protagonists are quite the same (you know, the typical dude who is surrounded by cute girls but apparently doesn't give a **** at first), and both are pretty innocent concerning stuff such as trusting strangers or sex. If you loved Clannad, you will definitely like Kanon!
report Recommended by Totentanz94
Both were by the same producer and Jun Maeda was the one who wrote th story , he's well known to write such sad stuff . Touching and sad tear jerking anime . Characters are pretty similar in some ways.
report Recommended by dopestkitty
Very similar story, the same music (maybe the same producer?), but Clannad is a little bit more about life in general, Kanon is more about love.
report Recommended by Auphora
These series are both: -Made by the same studio and, therefore, have the same art and animation style. -Harem (anti-ecchi) with cute, loveable characters. -Based around tragedy. -Fond in including characters shrouded with mystery.
report Recommended by StarryyChai
Same art Characters are very alike i could see similarities between more than 4 characters Very dramatic A lot of girls, but still not harem Kanon is like the mother of Clannad , if you like one of them you will like the other one for sure
report Recommended by mary_mikaele
Factual similarities: Both are based on visual novels produced by Key, both are harem and have 5 heroines, and both have a conclusive ending. My opinion: Kanon is much wider and cohesive in its focus, it gives importance to most of the main characters compared to Clannad. Clannad has a much greater emphasis on family; in Kanon you don't know the protagonist's family, whereas in Clannad, family (not just of the protagonist) plays a crucial role. Kanon is more about lost connections. Clannad is definitely more plot driven compared to Kanon. I also think the humor flows better in Kanon than in Clannad, and the protagonist   read more
report Recommended by Gerhakiki
Kanon is similar to Clannad in many ways, but most of all it has the same drama feel that clannad had throughout both seasons, and has a good comedic feeling over all the events that occur through the anime.
report Recommended by Wiland
Too start these two titles were animated by KyoAni and were originally created by Key. They are both based off visual novels and have great soundtracks, story and characters. Neither are afraid too hit you where it hurts and are both very touching animes.
report Recommended by NotoriousNick
Two works from the same creators. Representing the main character trying to overcome the past and also with those of others , helping to heal the suffering of their friends around them.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Clannad and Kannon are practically the same anime: the visuals for the characters are identical and the behaviours, comedy and build-up of relationships go through the same motions. This may be due to the same people being behind both anime. As both are based on VNs, the lead male character is a bit bland and inconsistent at times (The exception being Clannad After Story, in which the MCs are vastly improved)
report Recommended by Draganna01
They are both made by Kyoto Animation, and if you have seen Clannad, you know that it is a tear-jerker. This anime ALMOST made me cry. I didn't. Regardless, they are both good pieces of Romance and Drama. I gave Clannad a 10 and Kanon a 9.
report Recommended by LelouchForPres
Both anime has similar art styles and have the similar story line of a visual novel where each girl has their own backstory and touching conclusions.
report Recommended by XyriaLight
--- >Made by the same company, aniamted in the same style and basically a pretty similar plot-line, Clannad and Kanon are very much alike and yet both so awfully enjoyable. The classic elements and humour you saw in Kanon (2006) are all present in Clannad, if not more so.
report Recommended by lRenzyl
Very similar character design and a similar story revolved in a similar environment. Both are excellent!
report Recommended by Croeb
The series are both dramas created by Key Studios and animated by Kyoto Animation. They both take place in a high school where the main character meets several girls and helps them with their problems. The characters in both series also have very sad backstories. If you like slice of life anime with comedy and drama in them, you'll probably like both shows.
report Recommended by Sande
It's as close as you'll get. Kind hearted male protagonist surrounded by a harem of girls. Friendships are made and characters are developed through said friendships.
report Recommended by theillusionary
If you havent watched these anime you are missing on some good drama animes that are one of a kind .Well some people would not like the Art (just like some people i know) but that isnt really important in Clannad or Kanon , and if you are still hesitating to watch them ... DONT HESITATE embrace the FeelTrip :) .
report Recommended by Gustaz
The similarity is beyond any coincidence. They're both slice of life tragedy, with a lead male surrounded by a harem of girls. And this is just one of the many similarities.
report Recommended by VladWolfsbane
Almost same plot, 1 lead male character another support male and rest all female characters. This one is fantasy but gives the SAME FEELS as Clannad
report Recommended by LoneRanger124
It's like ctrl+C , ctrl+V. Clannad and Kanon are similar in everything. The Art is same, the Soundtracks are similar. The characters are similar. One guy who is the protagonist. Many girls. But MC chooses the chubbiest one. Interaction with Ghost of a person in coma. Miraculous happenings.
report Recommended by Sadi-st_Tanmoy
There are too many similarities between these two shows. Similar characters, similar personalities, similar art, similar world settings. Both are Key Novels and are also adapted by the same studio (KyoAni). Both show has it's special moments and both shows are really good
report Recommended by Minar-kyun
Kanon (2006) is another one of Key/Visual Arts' iconic tear-inducing shows. Honestly, out of CLANNAD, Air and Kanon, Kanon is definitely my favourite. It has the same feel of which we've all felt before, but even more. Kanon (2006) goes through every arc, but makes all feel as if they have contributed something within the show and each is valued the exact same. I cried at every arc. Other similarities include: ❀ A male main-character who is real and heartfelt ❀ The same "Arc"-type format, each of them are tear-jerkers ❀ An improved, cuter art style, than that of Air ❀ A masterpiece of a soundtrack ❀ Lovable female characters
report Recommended by Betsyspaniel
Along with Air (TV), those 3 animes were like the holy triforce of romance, drama, slice of life anime from kyoto animation. Kanon (2006) is a bit like clannads lesser known and older sibling. Both have an entertaining and memorable male main protagonist, who many people can relate to. They are interacting with mutiple girls, form special connections and help out with their problems. A girl for main love interest is of course included. Both anime also have a very beautiful ost that really fits with the specific situations and atmosphere. To conclude, if you like the well balanced comedy-feels-mixup-ride of clannad, you will   read more
report Recommended by MadokaJojocolleZ
Supernatural Drama Comedy with great characters(Just like Clannad)
report Recommended by aManOfCulture99
Both are adapted from visual novels made by the same creators. They have a similar story line about the main character helping other girls. They are both made by the Kyoto Animation which is a good thing. They are really similar to each other in story and experience.
report Recommended by Lehialre