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Grand Blue
Grand Blue
Aug 29, 2:57 PM
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Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden
Aug 29, 2:36 PM
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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
Aug 22, 8:37 PM
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Hajime no Ippo
Hajime no Ippo
Jan 20, 2017 11:34 PM
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Dear Green
Dear Green
Mar 8, 2014 12:12 AM
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Aug 4, 2009 9:10 PM
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Skittles Aug 31, 11:34 AM
Dark, realistic, character development, you say? Then look no further than Nana. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Haha, I know a lot of people who commented the same thing about Aria. It's indeed medicine for the soul :D

LOL Mawaru, huh. A really tough show to swallow because of Ikuhara's penchant for extremely disjointed storytelling, but the final payoff is phenomenal. It's acquired taste, though, so not everyone will like it sadly :(
dotta Aug 30, 1:30 AM
Yea, I love the last episode as well. When I first watched the show, I actually thought it was bad. Probably because I thought I wanted more out of it. But when I rewatched the show, I learned to appreciate the last episode the most. Something about the feeling it creates in ending in ambiguity. I had realized when I slowed down and viewed the show a second time, it was out of sheer appreciation that the show didn't give me more, not unease that it did bad. And even though the last episode ends in a non-dramatic fashion (compared to some of the other episodes), the ending felt larger than life. In an essence that is what Toradora always did, strike cord after cord and created something special out of it despite not relying on a totally unique premise.

Also, I like how you have you favorite singular episodes listed out on your profile. I think its because I envy it, I probably could make a list like that but my memory sucks and unfortunately I don't really like just going back to rewatch singular episodes. I don't really know why.
Samuji Aug 29, 8:09 PM
u could say I relate to NGE more than anything else in my life :)

and let's say Steins;Gate is weird at first but the characters really make the show and I fell in love with the vibe that show gives me
EnigmaOlivia Aug 29, 6:11 PM
Thank you! Let's never run away and face the angels head on!
Shodge Aug 29, 3:05 PM
thanks, i mostly love psycho-pass because of the concept of the sibyl system and every scene with makishima

and yeah i'm pretty addicted to the atmosphere of knk, i didn't like it that much at first but i just couldn't stop thinking about it
unimportantuser Aug 29, 3:00 PM
To be perfectly honest, I have considered picking NANA back up. While I'm not entirely sure that I will, it's definitely the series on my dropped list that I am the most likely to give a second chance to. Because the thing is, I don't even hate Nana, I was just disappointed with it initially, because the 1st episode really caught me, and then the following 3 did nothing for me.

So I don't know. Maybe NANA will be the next Kare Kano for me, I initially dropped Kare Kano after the 1st episode, but I went and picked it back up, and now it's my 3rd favorite anime. So I'm not against giving NANA a second chance. But I'm not sure if I'll actually go through with it or not. However do report back to me.
Hanakotaba Aug 28, 7:39 PM
The soundtrack is too good to be true. Every composition is pristine through soft melodic harmonies and acoustics. Hypnotically beautiful sounds from the ost. Sadly, almost half of the soundtrack were unlisted or blocked here T-T. I had a friend who complied the soundtrack from all 3 seasons not including Avvenire if I remember correctly. I feel genuinely sorry for fans who can't even listen to on its own. This is best I can do for one of my memorable ost. I've been wanting to rewatch the anime series for a special occasion but that time is not there yet.

You should get to resume watching Cardcaptor Sakura. I hardly believe myself that I would come to love the series than I initially expected. Its one of few prime examples that mahou shoujo can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of demographic. While mostly episodic, they don't interrupt the flow over the course the series which makes them all worthwhile fun. Cardcaptor also don't hold itself back as it raises some stakes that gives the characters some believable conflicts which is admirable for a children show. Cardcaptor has that charm that some children show may have lack. Give it a shot. I think you may end up loving it as well
literaturenerd Aug 28, 10:06 AM
Anything I gave 4.5 or 5 is a movie I really love. My favorite director is Akira Kurosawa, so it's no surprise I love classic Japanese cinema from 1950-1975. I also LOVE Russian cinema from the Soviet period. Since they were so opposed to capitalism, their directors had zero concern for making money or pleasing a general audience. They made very challenging and abstract art films that in America wouldn't receive a lot of budget, but the Soviet government actually gave these films solid funding. According to the film snobs of the British Film Institute, the Soviet Union in terms of great films per number of total films, was the greatest cinema power in history. I kind of can't argue with that.
Hanakotaba Aug 26, 7:17 PM
Of course, its nice to see another Aria fan spreading the good gospel. I've been in love with series for almost three years and still remains the best in the medium. You should get around to read the manga to complete that experience. Play the soundtrack in the background while reading really enhances it.
Skittles Aug 26, 1:09 AM
Haha yeah! Aria is definitely my favorite slice of life ever. Everything about it, from the characters to the setting, is terrific. Origination is just on another level altogether :D

Glad to know that! I've been told by many people that I share similar favorites with them.

Nana is simply phenomenal. A music drama with excellent characters, realistic relationships, absolutely incredible soundtrack, and mature themes. The show manages to distinguish itself from the majority of the genre. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for something darker and more serious. In other words, it's the polar opposite of Aria lol.
literaturenerd Aug 25, 1:57 PM
BTW, do you have a Letterboxd? I decided to finally get a monthly subscription to Criterion, so I've been watching a lot of older movies recently.
Greyleaf Aug 25, 1:04 AM
Well, thanks for taking the time to check it out! Life hasn't been too easy recently, but Aria definitely helped with my mental state enough for me to consider it my absolute favorite work of fiction. I often find myself going back and watching episodes at random whenever I'm feeling down, or unhappy with things in life. It never fails to cheer me back up. :D

Haha yeah, my ratings might be harsh, but my general rule of thumb is that anything I give a "6" or higher is recommendable. A lot of people only like to use the top end of the rating system, but for me, 6-10 are all positive scores.

Yeah, I've definitely heard good things about KnK, but I just don't think it was my cup of tea. I might give it another chance one of these days, but it didn't really leave me wanting more at any point while I was watching it. The third film felt entirely "edgy for the sake of being edgy", and I pretty much dropped it at that point. Who knows, maybe someday I'll revisit it. =P
Duffster Aug 24, 6:24 PM
Oh lol, yeah I really did not like that movie.

I wanna rewatch all the movies. But yeah 5 and 7nare definitely the best.
Duffster Aug 24, 3:04 PM
Yeah I love the Monogatari series. Especially 2nd season with Tsubasa Tiger being my favourite arc.

What makes you think I hate Black Lagoon 2nd Season, lol?

Nice. I am glad to see somebody who also loves Kara no Kyoukai. Definitely need to give it a rewatch.
lillhium17 Aug 24, 1:47 PM
I'm glad you like them, I write them mostly for myself but it's great if other people can appreciate them. MAL was acting silly and for some reason kept on deleting or altering the tags for some shows (mainly Monster, Evangelion and Psycho pass, don't remember if it did so with other shows), so that's why I left a memey tag in Monster out of frustration (if that one is even around anymore, I don't know).

I plan on watching the rest of the Monogatari series eventually, I'd just like to catch up to all the shows I kind of left on hold first. I heard great things about the Aria series too, I'm looking forward to it.