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Aug 20, 2019
The main female character is there to be a plot device for the main character. If she had a bit more character development outside being the typical moe this could've been even better. I feel that the teacher in the beginning did a very poor job with regards to the bullying. I know that some teachers may not handle the bullying as well as they could it felt very tragic all around. The background needed to be done in 20 minutes. I get it.

I even understand that the little sister is there to reveal the main character's growth as a person who cares. The read more
Aug 20, 2019
The first season has a 9/10 because it had really focused arcs, even with the second arc being dialogue driven. Those were fresh arcs with mostly fresh characters because of the continuation of linking everyone else into the timeline.

However, this 2nd season ends up being too tidy in a very chaotic series. All the loose ends are explained as coincidences but the writing makes too smooth of an ending.

This would be a 10/10 if I liked a clean ending. If you dig underneath the supernatural, horror, fan service, and complex storylines, it is a harem genre at heart. So they created a clean ending. It read more
Aug 19, 2019
If it wasn't for the second half arc being so long winded due to having to explain everything, this would've been a 10 because the first arc is a 10/10.

The first arc of Owarimonogatari might be my favorite in the -monogatari series because it's so suspenseful that it resembles a psychological thriller. It attaches from Episode 1 (a two-part one hour long arc going into the main character's trauma) right into Episodes 2-6 (a five episode arc that dives deeper from that trauma into another trauma). We learn that the main character didn't understand what he needed to do to help this girl's arc.

The second read more
Jul 21, 2016
This is the anime that balances fan service, harem, and supernatural perfectly.

They took a typical harem anime and made it absolutely exhilarating, frightening, and paced it absolutely perfectly.

SHAFT's artworks shines through here because it fits the manic, freaky, scary, hyper pacing that fits with all the conceptual "aberrations"

The symbolic figures are spread all throughout the series beautifully and it feels like a detective hint for many of the arcs because clues are left all over the place for the viewer.

For me, episode 5 is when everything starts to click because the dialogue in that episode really pushed the series forward.

The character development is wonderfully done read more
Jul 21, 2016
The first season that was Bakemonogatari is my #5 anime of all time.

How does the follow-up Nisemonogatari rate so poorly?

Fan service can be good in moderation. I'm one of the types that understands its appeal but wow the amount of excessive, over the top fan service went way overboard here. What is known as the "toothbrush" scene is a clear example of getting really excessive with the fan service.

This could have been due to covering up the fact that the first arc spanned 7 of the 11 episodes. The first arc went at a snails pace compared to the whole Bakemonogatari. Half of those episodes read more
Mar 5, 2015
I loved Season one of Code Geass and consider that one of the best that anime has to offer.

I also loved Season two. Why would I give an anime that I love only a 6?

The problem is that the character's motivations become shallower and shallower to create that same chessboard concept that occurred in season one.

In the first season it all felt natural. Each character felt like they did what they did was their choice.

In the second season it felt a little more forced in that this character has to do an action in order to keep the story moving. The plotline is genius but read more