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Great Teacher Onizuka
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Serial Experiments Lain
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Dragon Head
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Dubbs Oct 8, 1:06 PM
That might actually be an old account of mine lol, but I don't remember ever playing mlb and I've always been an xbox guy up until this gen, so the likelihood of that is probably on the lower side. I'll be sure to shoot another fr next time I hop on.
Dubbs Oct 1, 2:56 PM
Yo, wanna give me a run-down on Sonny Boy? I've heard some interesting things about it and I need some new anime to watch; seeing that you slapped an 8 on it also makes me intrigued as well.

(btw, I tried to send you a fr on playstation a lil while back, and I don't think it went through due to something with your privacy settings, you can either change em' or feel free to send me a fr whenever -- my id should be Dubbs_03)
Cyncuile Sep 27, 10:09 AM
Yeah, it sure has been, hope you're doing well too. But I'm doing fine, just reading some, and watching anime on the sideline.
Dubbs Sep 22, 8:25 PM
I don't have RL atm but I've played it before on xbox and I believe it's free now..? So I could always give it a dl. Like you said we can always find something whenever we get around to it. I honestly don't really play that many multiplayer games, so co-op games are qute an unexplored territory for me. I'll shoot a fr sometime in the near future ((been really busy recently, which is why I took a lil while to reply)

Yup I do, I've had one for about 2 years or so now. It's been really nice just to play games with higher framerates n shit -- especially considering it has taken consoles this long to catch up.

Sorry if this reply was too brief or whatever btw lmao, probably just overthinking it but I'm quite tired so I'm probably gonna be heading to bed shortly.
Jericho1142 Sep 18, 10:28 AM
Oh, Chaos;Head is 30 hours. Chaos;Child depending on your speed is around 45-55 hours.

Have no clue how you haven't gotten spoilt on anything considering how often it's brought up on Anitwt but happy for you, Fata's a story that the less you know about it going in, the better.

Glad you don't mind that, you'll probaby have a good time with the medium then since that's the primary issue most people have with it.

Love Hatori too, haven't seen 2001 version but his backstory episode in 2019 might be my favourite episode of Season 1!
Jericho1142 Sep 18, 7:53 AM
Niceeeee, it'd be great to have someone else to talk about the series with, let me know your thoughts on both Chaos;Head and Child whenever you start. And yeah it might be a little better to play it before Fata since it's shorter (around 30h compared to Fata's 45h). That said, a few things to clarify before you get into it:
1. The Chaos;Head let's play I linked is for the original. There's another version of the game called Chaos;Head Noah which is apparently the director's cut edition and universally agreed to be superior though it isn't translated yet. As a result, some elements of Chaos;Head might feel a tad incomplete in places since they're apparently part of Noah (most notably the supporting cast is a tad underdeveloped)
2. You'll notice in the let's play that there are "delusions". Within the game, you have the option to give the MC a delusion which will involve some kind of hallucination or fantasy. They don't factor into the main story that much tho other than adding to the surreal feeling and deciding which route you get in Chaos;Child's case. On that note, recommend checking out the B ending as well as the true ending for Chaos;Head, it clarifies a few of these incomplete elements I mentioned earlier.
3. I mentioned this in my previous comment but I'll repeat again that I wouldn't recommend going into this expecting something like Steins;Gate and I mean that particularly in the protagonist. Takumi isn't really as likeable as a person as Okabe but he's still great in his own right.

Yeah, Fata is almost universally praised and there's pretty good reason for it, I'll try not to say too much but Fata is easily one of the most unique experiences I've had, it's pretty hard to describe admittedly but it's great, especially in the way the characters are structured in such a manner that it feels more like you're putting together puzzle pieces to find out who they truly are rather than following a traditional story arc. Put simply, the hype is well deserved.

I can understand that sentiment, the more I think about it, that might've been the same situation for me actually since I wound up putting a lot of things on the backburner when I started Higurashi a year back. One bit of advice regarding VNs, I'd recommend a bit of patience since pretty much all of them are fairly long-winded to some degree and take a little while to get going (Tho Fata and the Chaos games are definitely on the faster end). Hope your exams went well, mine are starting in a few weeks actually.

Also on a side note, since you're also a Yuki fan, look out for episode 21 of Season 2 of Fruba, really good episode for him and probably my favourite of the series so far!
Jericho1142 Sep 15, 2:48 AM
Steins;Gate and Chaos;Child are part of the Science Adventure series, which is basically a series of VNs surrounding all sorts of Sci-Fi elements (For example, S;G with time travel and C;C with psychics). Most of them are written to stand on their own so you don't technically have to read anything prior (Tho in the case of Chaos;Child, I'd recommend reading Chaos;Head first since it's sort of a pseudo-sequel to that game). Chaos;Head doesn't have an english release tho, and I personally had a nightmare trying to torrent it so assuming you'd rather play the official release or have similar problems that I do, I'd recommend this no commentary let's play:

Oh yeah, on a side note, the Chaos series is pretty different stylistically and tonally than Steins;Gate so I'd recommend going in with different expectations, especially Chaos;Head. While Steins;Gate is a more of a psychological thriller, the Chaos games lean more into horror/mystery. Also hope you enjoy Fata when you get to it, it's absolutely fantastic.

Nice, Ayame's great too and yeah these days I find it hard to stay engaged with anything where I can't go at my own pace, though I'm doing a little better with Fruba atm.
Dubbs Sep 14, 6:43 PM
omw! 🏃 (god, I feel like a fking boomer who just discovered emojis. been using them a lot more recently, which is something I never do)

Also, gave a look back at some of our convos and realized we never exchanged PSNs or anything when I brought it up, so the offer's still open. Still the same as back then (don't know what we could play), but it wouldn't hurt just in case we get any ideas (this is my sos saying I need ppl to play games with lmao)

Btw, be sure to lmk if you ever get/build/conjure a gaming pc.

(edit: just realized you dropped yours already lol, I could give it an add if it's still the same).
Slushii2002 Sep 13, 11:02 AM
I've only seen Devilman Crybaby out of those (which I thoroughly enjoyed btw!) and had no idea it was that type of adaptation lmao. I've yet to see Dororo, even though I've been planning to for the past year (thanks, school), but I did figure there was going to be extra stuff since the manga is super short compared to the anime's length (24 episodes), and the fact that the series is directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, which makes me even more hyped to watch it. I've seen a lot of people saying that it has a lot of problems (including you now that I'm looking at your list lol), but I guess I'll have to see for myself. It seems to be a story right up my alley, but who knows, I might come to the same conclusion as everyone else.

Oh, actually?? I'm so glad my explanation was effective! I've actually recently started working on a YouTube video about just that and how it uses visual storytelling to capture your attention from episode 1. I'd be glad if you could watch it when it comes out! I hope it makes you even more interested in checking out the series, haha. 86 is a phenomenal show and one that has been on my mind ever since I finished it back in spring, and I strongly feel that you'll appreciate it just as much as I did if you like looking for details in anime when it comes to symbolism, direction, camerawork and cinematography in general (which you probably are since, from our early discussions, you seemed to be a lot more interested in this stuff compared to the average viewer). Again, I'd say it's one of the best in this category and it's probably my favorite aspect about the show. The second season is actually coming out relatively soon, so it would be the perfect time to get into it! Oh, I've actually seen some of those! I know Rurouni Kenshin's Trust and Betrayal OVA is a LOT darker compared to the manga. The difference is night and day, I'd say. I vastly prefer its adaptation, but the source material wasn't bad either, just not quite as powerful. I've also seen Ping Pong, and as you might know, it's one of my favorite anime of all time, but I've never read the manga to know what it changes about it. I really want to watch everything else that you listed though. Utena? Wasn't Utena an original anime with a manga counterpart? (Now that I'm looking at it, the anime started after the manga begun serializing... but it ended before the manga? What?? That reminds me of Evangelion and its manga lol, which came out before the anime but finished waaay later, in 2013.)

That sounds really compelling. Would you say that the Dragon Ball anime is worth watching over reading the manga? I've read around 50 chapters of the manga and loved what I saw, but I honestly still haven't decided whether I should just continue the manga or start the anime. I'll probably do both once I get the chance, I just don't know which I should finish first. Yeah, I can see why you'd prefer slower stories. I personally have to be in a specific mood to get immersed into that type of experience/atmosphere, which is what makes fast-paced stories easier to consume for me. But yes, I do agree with everything you're saying and those are the exact reasons why I enjoy slow-paced stories as well.

I usually watch it on my computer and (rarely) on a TV, which makes this even weirder lol. I almost never watch stuff on my phone, except when I'm on family trips and such. It's actually pretty relaxing when I get to do it since it reminds me of those relaxing times, but obviously, my concentration severely diminishes when I use my phone for watching anime, so you'll never see me doing it at home. I think the best place to watch anime for me is my PC since I'm standing at the desk where I usually do all my work, which, I feel, significantly improves my ability to concentrate. To be fair, it's been quite a long while since I've sat down by myself and watched an anime movie. I usually watch anime movies with friends, and as I've mentioned before, I can't usually stay concentrated within that context since the experience is constantly being interrupted by humorous interjections from my friends and even from myself sometimes, which is understandable. It is a shared activity after all, but I can't pick up on all the details of a film whenever I do that. I should try watching more movies by myself. It might be a problem of the past, who knows. Or maybe I should just watch them in chunks, as I do with anime episodes. (Actually, I know that I mentioned that I recently saw Madoka Magica Rebellion, which I have watched alone, but that could be treated as an exception. It's a deliberately confusing experience on the first watch, and I watched it on my TV, which I've noticed is not the optimal way for me to watch anime. I probably should've done it on my PC lol.)

Damn, that sounds really cool! I'll add it to my list if I see it on Netflix. It's a concept I could easily get behind from what you've described. I actually think I've heard of the "filmed in one take" thing out of context, but I'm not too sure. Is it a well-known movie? I'm not too familiar with western movies, unfortunately.

Yes, they did like my essay, which was very surprising! It was around 1500 words and it took a lot of time to write. I also had some friends help me to make it better, so it wasn't just my work alone lol. I could send it to you if you'd like. It's more of a general presentation of the series though, with a significant portion dedicated to analyzing Meruem's character arc. It's sort of like a review, which isn't my preferred writing style, but I loved working on it. I actually don't talk a lot about anime IRL either, I also do it mostly on Twitter and MAL lol. Of course, I have casual discussions with my friends, but most of my writing can be found online.

I definitely relate to that feeling of wanting to rewatch everything to know for sure what your favorite is. What I've found out over the past few months is that recency bias should not be given as much weight when it comes to rating anime. I personally feel that looking at the experiences you had with those shows and trying to remember that feeling from your initial watch greatly helps out with sorting your favorites out. It's what I did to make my mosaic and it's proven to be very effective! There are some shows among my top 10 which I haven't seen in over 2-3 years, but somehow, thinking about them in retrospect and what they did for me as a person really helped me to... not care how I would feel about them now. It doesn't matter whether I would or would not enjoy them now as much as I did a few years ago; these are stories that have left their mark on me in some way or another and I'm grateful just for them being able to do that. But despite that, I still wouldn't say I have a definitive favorites list lol. My top 5 to 6 or so anime fluctuates constantly because there are little to no gaps between them and it could be something completely different depending on what day you ask me about it. So yeah, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Being in a confused state about it really shows how good your favorites are; you can't even decide which one is the best!

I'd imagine the manga is closer to the 2011 version, right? If so, I could easily see how 1999 is different from the manga (as you mentioned, Gon's characterization, as well as tonal changes). And yup, I definitely remember the extra scenes. I particularly remember the scene of Aunt Mito hugging Gon on the boat. That's the one that sticks out the most in my mind. What a lovely first episode man! I'd probably put it over the manga AND 2011 as well. It's the one that had the most impact on me. I personally can't imagine Greed Island portrayed in any other style than 2011. It fits that video game aesthetic perfectly, and I honestly can't see how it would be like in 1999's style, but they probably would've figured out how to make it look incredible either way. I think it's more fitting to have the OVA aesthetic for Greed Island since early digital animation -> "digital" game, and the old, cel animation -> nature, exploring the world (which is mostly what happens in the other arcs), if that makes sense. I wouldn't change it basically, lol.

Yeah, I've heard that Utena being confusing is a trademark of its director lol. He's also done Mawaru Penguindrum, which has a similar degree of ambiguity to it and it's also a series that requires multiple rewatches to understand it properly, from what I've heard. I haven't finished either of them, but needless to say, I'm really looking forward to doing it! Everything you described about Utena sounds awesome!
Jericho1142 Sep 11, 5:44 AM
Oh that's fine, don't worry about it lol. Chaos;Child's in the same universe as Steins;Gate for reference tho I believe it was written by a different writer. If you ever do get into VNs, I'd recommend Fata Morgana, I feel like you'd really like it.

Fruba's been pretty great so far, I think my favourite character is Yuki as of the middle of S2, I really dig the way his relationship with Akiho is portrayed in particular, really curious to see where that plotline goes. Kyo's great too, based on the MAL favourites I'm guessing he's the fan-favourite and I can definitely see why, and I find his relationship with Tohru to be really sweet. I've been having trouble consistently watching it because of a bunch of other stuff but I'd say I like it overall
Dubbs Sep 8, 7:35 PM
got any leftovers from that restaurant..?

SoldierDream Sep 7, 5:00 PM
The one with Gon and Killua looking up while they were talking to Mr. Wing in Heaven's Arena.
Jericho1142 Sep 7, 10:42 AM
Ah that sucks but glad you were still able to enjoy it.

And that's Chaos;Child, finished it recently and loved it!
Slushii2002 Sep 7, 10:02 AM
Loool, that's awesome!

Thanks man, you too!
SoldierDream Sep 7, 9:49 AM
Happy birthday! May you have a great day.

Also nice renewed mosaic, quite expressive (but I preferred the previous HxH shot :3).