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Apr 10, 2012
Keroro Gunsou (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (Unknown/? chp)
what will happen if you give doraemon gun, knifre, and bazooka and there are five of him? you'll get keroro gunsuo. each of these doraemons also has a cute girl to accompany him.
This manga version is more mature than the anime version, every now and then you get to see the girls naked. If in the anime Koyuki seems to be mostly interested in NNatsumi as a friend, in this manga she wants more than just being her friend,read sexually attracted). Her relationship with Dororo is also more suggestive. They sleep in the same ...
Mar 3, 2012
Mixed Feelings
Again you must watch this if you are a fan of sergeant keroro. the movie is a vebue for keroro platoon to show what they capable and what they really are, "soldiers, war machines on the battlefield".They are not just another doraeon copycats and for koyuki fans out there, here is a chance to see her.

the story suffers greatly from its inorriginaliy. Instead of coming up with a new fresh idea, they reclyed the story from the first two movies. statues that emits brainwashing wave frim the first and naughty punk bent on taking ...
Mar 3, 2012
the gang go on vacation to an exotic island on the caribbea, completely unaware of the lurking danger. Maru,a self proclaimed princess abducted natsumi in order to make his princess. at first Natsumi was hesitant, but maru had a kero ball that makes all of his dream comes true. Pay attention to the choice of word, Maru used the word princess and not queen.

It's 20 minutes longer than the first movie which means thereare more rooms for story development and tension building.

It contains spoiler so read on your own risk
I must ...
Feb 17, 2012
Defense Devil (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (39/100 chp)
What's the line between imagination and reality. Should it be a pure fiction or should it be based on fact. what makes manga Detective Conan great is that Ayoma Gosho always consults his brothers who were chemists on technical aspect of crime scene investigation such as blood spatter and blood clot. So he didn't just make up the stories out of his pure imagination.
another case is slam dunk, The author Takehiko Inoue is a genuine basketball lover. He understands the game well, it can be seen on the lead Hanamichi Sakuragi who has the size and ...
Feb 13, 2012
Preliminary (5/25 eps)
While the premise of the story sounds promising , the story suffers a great deal from its unoriginality. searching for a friend who has abandoned everyone. what does it remind you, naruto of course. the difference is Sasuke did it on his own will while Gauche suffered from amnesia.
Tegami has a dark atmosphere, the setting takes place in a land of eternal night. we will be shown that in the land poverty is rampant, and some people can't afford new clothes. but wait a minute the letter bee's headquarter ...
Feb 8, 2012
Ps iread in Shonen star magazine, had i spent more money to buy the comic, i would be more critical,.

+Seiji is not a dork,
he is the strongest kid in town. The last thing thing i want to do is to read a story about good for nothing guy. This guy has a reedeming value.

+ A shoujo ai that a guy can read
Seiji is not the rich, cool, good at everything guy. He is a rebel, and just like a normal guy, he ...
Feb 6, 2012
Undead (Manga) add
I read this in Shonen star
It caters to cater all otakus out there. The premise is what will ya dork do if he/she is brought back to life?
I've got an impression that the author to make a series. Because the first two chapers is about the girl you see in the cover of the manga.. But midway he changed it into a collection of short stories. It might be because the poor reception, the editor decided to drop the series.
the lead in all of the mini ...
Feb 6, 2012
MÄR (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
The author played it safe because he intendes to make MAR his last work.. So there is no complex story, no in deep character background. Just a linear story.

Story and character
It's about a kid named Ginta, who is bashful due to his relatively short stature and eyeglasses. his classmates treat him like a little brother instead of bullying him. Ginta is not an antisocial to begin with, this is a good start. Most authors sacrifice moral value by making ...
Feb 4, 2012
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (1/65 eps)
This is a comparate review of cardfight vanguard with Yugioh.
this is an early review and i might change my initial score as thestory progress

same meek character who suddenly find recognition and acceptance of his peers due to his abilty to play card. But i like Yugi oh better because at least Yugi at least showed an interest in archeology. While Sendou is merely a victim of bullying.
The entourage of Yugi is more interesting, Honda and Jonouchi used to bully Yugi, but then developed genuine friendship after knowing taht Yugi is more ...
Feb 4, 2012
Star Ocean EX (Anime) add
This is an example of how an adaption could go very wrong. If you are a fan of the game, there is no reason to watch the anime. especially if you are a fan of Rena
The anime follows the game story faithfully and throughfully, without skipping any part of the story. as result by the time this anime ended the story hasn't finished yet. Unfortunately there is no second season leaving viewers disgruntled and upset.

The background is plain and empty. What happened to rena? in the ...

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