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March 25th, 2012
there are three mangaka whose works are guaranteed to give you a boner and set the standart for manga artwork to the next level.
1. Ito Ogure, his women are long legged, busty and most importantly are gutsy. He is on top of the list because can breathe live into his character. they can fight and strong It's the inner beauty dude.His brilliance lies in drawing women legs as if they are wearing high heels, eventhugh they are not.he is also good at creating slutty characters
- he always torture his female characters, especially those who are not waifu type. He prefers the bimbo. inconsistent artwork, the quality drops over the time
2.Tony Taka, He really knows how to draw cute girls, traditional japanese beauty. They have peaceful eyes and give the aura of devoted women. slender yet busty. best things is he does hentai movies and some doujininshi
-naive and brainless women what can i say, they are very submissive. they don't other qualities.
3.Hagiwara Kazushi, hot busty curvaceous woman. Hugh Hefner the owner of playboy would love them. look for the complete edition version of bastard and bastard doujinshi made by him.
-so far, he has only produced one manga bastard, an awful manga. The lead talk much while other are only for posturing. bad characterization. The women have the bad luck of being in this manga.

Kyo hatsuki also deserves mentioning, she draws explicit sexual intercourse. yay. she could have been easily on number three spot had the quality of her work not dropped. his early artwork are very smooth but now the girls are flabby
-meek lead male, dumb girls.

eventhough the artworks are great, sadly none of them has produced a hit manga. i guess boobs can't compensate for good story. they only have a smal niche market of hentai lovers l

Eichiro, needless to say, Nami and robin anyone, too bad he doesn't do sex scene
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March 17th, 2012
To me it's understandable why Ogure killed maya, eventhough it might be not his intention, underneath the heroic sacrifice Ogure had brought to light the issue of bullying in high school. bullying in Japan is brutal, systematic, done by the whole student body and goes on for years.
The target of bullying is usually a student who stands out and has lost one of her parents, maya matchs this profile a smart, confident student who has lost almost all of her family member.
after being bullied throughout the most of highschool years, Maya saw a chance get away from everything, . she wants to go to her brother, her guardian, she wants to go to back to the time where she was safe.

Souchiro's mother's life, is an example of how hard it is to be a single mother. She could have found her reason to live in souchoro, had he been a smart young man, instead of being a hoodlum who noly knew how to fight. just like Maya she seized the chance to die the honorable death,.

underneath the heroic sacrifice, the death of these two tells the story of two differents women, one is bullieda teenager and the other one is a single mother to can't take it any more, and decided to end their life when oppurtunity knocks on their door

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