Feb 6, 2012
Undead (Manga) add (All reviews)
rondoblend (All reviews)
I read this in Shonen star
It caters to cater all otakus out there. The premise is what will ya dork do if he/she is brought back to life?
I've got an impression that the author to make a series. Because the first two chapers is about the girl you see in the cover of the manga.. But midway he changed it into a collection of short stories. It might be because the poor reception, the editor decided to drop the series.
the lead in all of the mini stories is good for nothing guy. He/ she always cry like a baby, the author pay no respect to masculinity. The supporting characters in each of the stories of course unbelievably tolerant to the lead 's behavior.
The problem is those who are brought back to life all have no reedeming value that could make otaku feels he/she want to relate to them