Feb 4, 2012
rondoblend (All reviews)
This is a comparate review of cardfight vanguard with Yugioh.
this is an early review and i might change my initial score as thestory progress

same meek character who suddenly find recognition and acceptance of his peers due to his abilty to play card. But i like Yugi oh better because at least Yugi at least showed an interest in archeology. While Sendou is merely a victim of bullying.
The entourage of Yugi is more interesting, Honda and Jonouchi used to bully Yugi, but then developed genuine friendship after knowing taht Yugi is more than meet the eyes and he is fun to hang out with. They are like average students who find their social status by associating themselves with the smartest student in school.
This what hurts cardfight vanguard the most, the characters are not as smoth as those of yugi oh . and not proportional. Aichi, Misaki and kai really look like each other except for the hair. Aichi's knight also looks like a cheap copy of Yugi's dark magician.

The battle is far from exciting because the characters talk too much .