Feb 4, 2012
rondoblend (All reviews)
This is an example of how an adaption could go very wrong. If you are a fan of the game, there is no reason to watch the anime. especially if you are a fan of Rena
The anime follows the game story faithfully and throughfully, without skipping any part of the story. as result by the time this anime ended the story hasn't finished yet. Unfortunately there is no second season leaving viewers disgruntled and upset.

The background is plain and empty. What happened to rena? in the game she looked charming and smart 17 years ols but this in anime she became a 14 years old moe. Celine also looked very different, in this anime . well not just the girl, ashton used to look cool in the game but in the anime.. Perhaps it's because budget constraint

Rena is supposed to be a happy go lucky charming girl and full of life, but in this anime she is fragile, weak and clueless. The anime follows claude's side of the story, so the producer might thought that it would appeal to its shounen vievers if he changed the rena character just a little bit to fit the classic story about a heroic hero and a helpless girl.. but it's not a reason to completely Destroyed Rena's character.

I am a fan of Rena and played the game because of her that's why in my opinion this anime sucks