Feb 8, 2012
rondoblend (All reviews)
Ps iread in Shonen star magazine, had i spent more money to buy the comic, i would be more critical,.

+Seiji is not a dork,
he is the strongest kid in town. The last thing thing i want to do is to read a story about good for nothing guy. This guy has a reedeming value.

+ A shoujo ai that a guy can read
Seiji is not the rich, cool, good at everything guy. He is a rebel, and just like a normal guy, he doesn't want to loose to anyone (in his case at fighting). He might remnd you of your pal or yourself

+ unique artwork
The mangaka has his own art style, so the characters don't look similiar to those of other comics. But not by any means amazing

-Story about a punk whose life suddenly got turned upside down is actually not new. Beelzebub for example

-emotional moments
It's the cardinal rule. boys don't cry, don't let anyone has a pity on them. Seiji sometimes cry, But Kota is an embarassment. He is worse than emo kid, he is a teenage dramaqueen who thinks is important to let everybody now about his feeling.always cry and thinks .