Feb 13, 2012
rondoblend (All reviews)
While the premise of the story sounds promising , the story suffers a great deal from its unoriginality. searching for a friend who has abandoned everyone. what does it remind you, naruto of course. the difference is Sasuke did it on his own will while Gauche suffered from amnesia.
Tegami has a dark atmosphere, the setting takes place in a land of eternal night. we will be shown that in the land poverty is rampant, and some people can't afford new clothes. but wait a minute the letter bee's headquarter is a majestic palatial building. no wonder the people are poor, the letter bee must have charged exorbitant fee for its service which make the cities bankrupt.

If they can afford such an luxurious office building, why don't they just have sylvette operated? too stingy.
Niche, she only appeal to loly fans, zoophilia and people who have fur fetish. I wonder why the show is not banned, because there is a scene of niche naked