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Kill la Kill
Kill la Kill
Mar 27, 2014 10:46 PM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 9
Gin no Saji 2nd Season
Gin no Saji 2nd Season
Mar 24, 2014 3:33 PM
Watching 5/11 · Scored -
Tiger & Bunny Movie 2: The Rising
Tiger & Bunny Movie 2: The Rising
Mar 24, 2014 3:32 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored -
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Apr 5, 2012 11:26 PM
Reading 380/411 · Scored 5
Hajime no Ippo
Hajime no Ippo
Apr 5, 2012 11:26 PM
Reading 972/? · Scored -
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Jan 22, 2012 2:44 PM
Reading 88/142 · Scored 9


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Burnt_Red Jun 10, 2017 8:26 PM
From International SaiMoe League Club

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Chokko Feb 5, 2014 2:12 AM
I saw you on tumblr, you're awesome.
You're a 07th Expansion fan.
You like PMMM.
Your name's Amy.

exepher Nov 11, 2013 1:03 PM
And I'm reviving from my abyssal slumber.

How have you been! I know we've all been busy haha. I noticed the veterans of MAL have died or slowed down so I'm not surprised if you've been too busy as well!
xm0123 Oct 10, 2013 8:17 PM
I tried to play the Clannad VN. Anime version's better. Yes, I think Kyoani's version of Clannad is superior. The VN does have its upsides. (You get a better understanding of Tomoya's character early on, for example.) but trust me when I say the anime is better.

As for KnK, I'm glad you asked! Since I'm a cheapskate, I'm watching on Crunchyroll......with no account, meaning I can't watch past the second minute of the newest episode. With that said, I already reported to EmperorTopaz about this, so let's see if I can do a copypasta.

When this started......holy shit, that music, that narration, the way she jumped over that fence, I was sucked in! Then Main Guy is talking to a girl with nice hair, still pretty interesting, then he visits Mirai........who is now acting like a moeblob. What? I don't understand; she keeps flip-flopping in her competence! One moment, she's like Homura Akemi, just completely destroying everything around her like a boss, then the next, she's like.......Homura Akemi, if that makes sense. XD

Then all of a sudden, the dialog gets all clunky, trying to talk about the world they're in. Were they trying to fit an hour's worth of exposition in 10 minutes? Like you warned me earlier, the show got very jumpy all of a sudden. Then, by the end, it gets good again! I also sampled the beginning of the second episode (you can do that on CR), still serious, still really good!

In terms of production values, definitely better than K-On. And the opening movie of Chunnibyou, too. Main Guy and Mirai still have "derp"* faces, even if they aren't as bad as other Kyoani series in that regard. (I guess we'll never see Kanon 2006 faces again ;_;) Animation quality is really good for a tv series. Backgrounds are nice, and Dat Music. <3 Voicework......not the best I've heard in Japanese, though Mirai sounds great whenever she's not moeblobbing.

In all, I think this could be a good series, it just needs to get better footing first. Less attempts at humor, more seriousness. (Though not too much) I was getting some serious Ryukishi vibes at the start and finish of the 1st episode!

*Oh, if you don't know, other friends of mine really dislike the facial designs of characters from more recent Kyoani anime, K-On and Tamako Market being the worst offenders. I find them.......below average. The faces in KnK are more like the ones in Hyouka; still rather simplistic, but not as cheaply drawn.
xm0123 Oct 3, 2013 7:44 AM
I try to read the source material first myself, but not always.

I've heard lots of praise for LB myself, though that might be I visit other sites than you. I have seen it get attention in the VN fanbase, not as much as Clannad, but there are fans out there. XD

Oh really? It'll probably be until next week before I can see Kanata. (I'm waiting for the Crunchyroll broadcast to be free. XD) We'll see if what you say is correct.
xm0123 Sep 28, 2013 8:18 AM
I tend to enjoy manga more than anime, so long as the series in question started off as a manga. There are exceptions, but that's usually how I roll. And yes, you talked about Rin and Ilya before. XD

I haven't made much progress on book two. It's definitely not as good as the first, even if I love most of these characters. XD I know it'll be a while before I see something that was not in the anime, so I gotta be patient.

I can't guarantee you'll love LB. I "only" gave the VN an 8, and the first anime season a 7. I mainly watch it because my favorite characters are hilariously awesome.

Let's see......didn't know there was mor Hajime no Ippo, good for you. I have no interest in Kill La Kill, to be honest. Don't know what Samurai Flamenco is, and while I liked Bacanno, I did not like the Durarara anime, so skipping that. Yeah, still just two new anime series for me. XD
xm0123 Sep 22, 2013 8:12 AM
Oh. Then you might like Kaworu more in the manga after all, though I make no guarantees. Ilya is my second-favorite Fate character (behind only Rin), and Iris was one of the better F/Z characters, so enjoy. XD

Yeah, got it on my Kindle now, and started reading it. Haven't dropped it yet. XD Though if this is the "worst", then I can't wait to get to the segment not covered by the anime.

Aside from Wendee Lee not sounding as silly as Aya Hirano, I prefer the English version of the anime. Has some of the best voiceovers I've ever heard in my life. I have noticed anime is funnier in English (assuming the English cut isn't crap) too, though I have laughed out loud at sub-only anime. (See Gintama and Watamote)

And look! There's actually two tv series from Japan I'm anticipating next month! One is Little Buster Refrain, which will cover my favorite segments from the visual novel, so I know I can't skip that. The other is Kyoukai no Kanata, the first Kyoani series I've been interested in in years. Anything new you wanna sample?
xm0123 Sep 21, 2013 7:53 AM
The inability to italicize, bold, and underline text in Notepad drove me crazy. XD

He does, and he has more screen time, yet, in at least half of his scenes, he is not the "perfect" angel that you see in the anime versions. At times, he is, but others times, he's not. Fortunately, as I've admitted, I'm not a huge fan of the character, but it's something that knocked the manga against its favor.

I may get book two soon, maybe even later today. And while I loved the original Melancholy, I must admit, some things turned out better in the anime. For one, Yuki and Ryoko's encounter was better in the anime, thanks to the graphics. Also, the ending with Kyon, Haruhi, and the closed space, in the anime, it was magical. Didn't quite feel as magical in the novel. Not to mention, some lines specifically in the English dub were funnier than the text. Otherwise, there were other things I preferred in the novels. ("If Japan legalized guns, I'd shoot myself." Never change, Kyon! XD) Take and give, it seems.
xm0123 Sep 6, 2013 8:17 AM
Notepad? I used to use notepad to write short stories on! XD

Oh yeah, I'm reading the Eva manga, and Kaworu has shown up. And yet......I think I actually found a way the manga is inferior to both animes; Kaworu is less interesting as a character. Alright, in that case, keep Asuka up on your favorites. XD

I'm Central California, so not far removed from you. Though I don't think political leanings has much to do with it; even people here that are rational in every other facet will lose their shit if discussing a relationship that isn't heteronormative. Oh, and before you ask, it's not just kids in school that are anti-gay; many grown men and women are like this too. It's hideous.

Share thoughts? I don't think I can read the novels that quickly. I still have only read the first book. Still, I can compare notes on the way. XD
xm0123 Aug 31, 2013 8:11 PM
That's not that many!? Are you trying to build an army of depressed magical girls!?

"Enigmatic" True. "Pretty boy" well he does look better than Shinji, and unlike most retro 90s bishounen, he doesn't look excessively feminine, so there's that. XD "who is also damn gay for Shinji" Oh yes, yaoi fangirls. I've seen them online, but I keep forgetting they exist, given that I live in a community that, to put it lightly, frowns upon homosexuality. :-/ Oh wait! He's also played by Akira Ishida, a voice actor so charming, even I can't help but love him! XD Alright, I'll try to remember his presence........outside of Rebuild, of course. >_>

Part 10 and 11 come out in November, as one book. Once I get that far, we'll see what we all think.
xm0123 Aug 31, 2013 7:03 AM
4 Sayaka figurines!?!?! I am unworthy, for how could I compete with you? XD

I think I've seen the name Erza Scarlet before, let me look this up sometime.

I'm a heterosexual male, I don't know what works best for women! Regardless, oh yeah, there's a character named Kaworu in Eva, forgot all about him. Oh, and for the record, I don't care for him, which may be another reason 3.33 failed for me.

Oh yes, the old cliche of, "She doesn't feel whole, because she needs a man!" Doesn't just happen in crappy romantic comedies, though I never got that impression in Disappearance, unless if Yuki is just that good at hiding her feelings. And the official English release is up to volume 9 at the moment.
FakerEmiya Aug 24, 2013 6:06 PM
*cough cough*


xm0123 Aug 23, 2013 6:12 PM
Figures? Doujin? All that other stuff? For most of my life, I've viewed merchandise as a waste of cash. I mean, what kind of accessory would I possibly wanna get? A Sayaka figurine? My mind's drawing a blank. XD

Thanks for clearing that up. I've started Natural now. I like this OP more.

I think you just summarized the whole point of the show; she could have a social life, but she gets all these weird thoughts and assumptions in her head, and overthinks everything, it's where a lot of the humor comes from. Yeah, it's even right there in the title: she faults others for her lack of friends, but I know better.

Fairy Tale? Uhh, I don't really know anything about Fairy Tale.

But there's already Rei, Asuka, and Misato for fanservice! >_< And maybe Ryoji if you aren't into girls! It really does seem like she's there just to apparently blow our minds.

Huh? I don't ever remember you saying that about Yuki. Personally, I like how she was portrayed in the Disappearance anime, so I imagine I'll like the book's take too. But it was in Disappearance that I finally came to start liking Mikuru, so now I'm anxious to see more of her (get out of my head, Kyon!) and Itsuki now.
xm0123 Aug 22, 2013 8:10 AM
Going by those images, some of the facial designs look off, but the coloring and backgrounds are gorgeous! Nice! And you have Aria artbooks? Wow, you must really like it. Only artbook I have is the one that came with my copy of Persona 4. Yeah, I got the official artwork of Persona 4, but nothing else.

But Himeya doesn't seem any less talented than the other companies, or have I not seen enough of the series yet? Regardless, it seems there's an Undine for everyone.

That's what's so odd about Tomoko. I'll admit, when I was younger, I often assumed the worst out of my classmates too, but that's because most of them were close-minded self-obsessed assholes. Just about no one in Watamote is a jerk, so.....maybe if she starts having conversations with household appliances, I'll see the Satou connection then. XD

LOL, that's not dysfunction, they just live together. You live together with someone, but don't have chemistry, you get awkward conversations like that. Believe me, I know. XD

Concerning Titan, strong female characters in a shonen manga? Yeah, because Fullmetal Alchemist, Chrono Crusade, and Soul Eater don't exist. :P While it's nice to see diversity, I need a better hook than that to read/watch it. Though yes, I've seen the blu-ray sales in Japan be fairly high by anime standards, so it's not like the producers can't complain about lack of funding for a new season.

Oh good! While I'm all for Anno and crew trying something different, it seems they strayed too far from what made Eva memorable. Remember, I "only" gave the old series a 7, yet even that is higher than what I gave 3.33. >_> I got another complaint: why is Mari still in this? Hell, why does she even exist to begin with?

I'm also attached to the anime because it's also where I started, but when you say character development, does that also include Yuki? She's my second favorite behind only Kyon. And Itsuki's your favorite? That's right, the anime doesn't really tell you much about him. Perhaps now, I'll learn more about him too!
xm0123 Aug 21, 2013 6:37 PM
Whoa, I just came on here to post that I finished the first season of Aria (8 out of 10), and you posted again! Whoa! Anyways, thanks for the heads up. Now I'll spam your profile to my heart's content! (not really. XD)

Wait, I've already seen the best episode in the whole show? Uh......was #11 my favorite? Actually, I liked the one with "Grandma" the most in season one.

I do like the manga of Azumanga Daioh, but I didn't care for its anime. Lucky Star, I found okay, but nothing special. Curiously enough, my other friend who told me about Aria loves HS, dunno why.

Is that so? I should look into the manga sometime. I have noticed Aika is on your favorites list, but while I like all the characters, I think I'm leaning towards just Alice for my favorite, at least for now. I also love Athena's voice. It's not only beautiful, but her singing voice also has a calming effect. XD

Indeed, Tomoko seems to think everyone at school is dumb, a "slut", or all these other negatives things. Geeze, not everyone in high school was a shallow bimbo! >_< Although I wouldn't quite say she's as dysfunctional as Satou.....yet. Regardless, I have one sibling, an older brother, and some of our own interactions are like that of the Kurokis. I would say my favorite aspects are the brother-sister dynamic, and whenever something funny happens when I'm not expecting it. (Humping cats! Yaoi boys shouting in Engrish!)

What!? 11!?!?! So basically like all my other friends on MAL. XD If you mean currently airing, I'm only watching Watamote. Of course, I'm about to start Aria the Natural too, but otherwise, I'm not following Attack on Titan or anything like that. As you probably noticed, I'm a lot more selective in what I watch in my free time. Oh yeah, as for AOT, I've had people tell me to watch, but also had people say don't watch it. So.......don't know what to do there.

Oh wait, there's something else I'm doing! Reading the manga of Evangelion! Since Rebuild 3.33 was such a colossal disappointment, I'm curious as to why Anno couldn't just do a straight-up adaptation of the manga! Think about it! It has a version of Asuka I love! And more humor! And a backstory for Kaji! Why was all of this ignored for meaningless symbolism with Kaworu!?!?!??! (Yeah, I'm still sore about Rebuild.)

One last thing, I started reading a book series. I started reading the original Haruhi Suzumiya light novels. You can buy electronic versions on Amazon now, and I'm currently reading the first book. It's such a riotous blast! Even though I already know what's gonna happen, I laugh my ass off every time Kyon thinks something witty, or Haruhi snaps at him! It's so much more detailed than the anime!