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sirwence May 11, 1:59 PM
Well it will make me look silly - but I meant to edit a spelling mistake and wound up deleting because I wasn't paying proper attention since I was on the phone.
ezorde Feb 15, 4:06 PM
Hey man, I wanted to talk to you about your review of Maid Dragon

I just wanted to let you know one thing

You said :"Also the fact that the author tried to make it into a lesbian feminist's wet dream makes me upset."

Most people who watched it in dub reach this conclusion, but it's not COOL nor KyoAni's fault, it's the fault of Jamie Marchi, the person in charge of dubbing Lucoa, you can watch here the difference between sub and dub :

I just wanted to let you know about it since it changes a lot of things :)

ZephSilver Feb 9, 2017 12:37 PM
100 Ghouls in a city of 200k still doesn't equal a drastic population decline that could wipe out the species, especially since you addressed another thing just now to prove my point since you're right, they are hunted on a daily basis. So taking that into consideration, their already smaller population is constantly dwindling. This is basic war of attrition where the number game favors the 2,000 to 1 odds. And it's hard to believe vampires can only suck human blood, but hey, that's what happens in fiction; fictional rules are made and its universe simply adheres to it. In the same way you don't question the innate flaws with Kabane's setup, it's the same reason I never made that a part of my argument.

And no, you can't give an example of man vs man where all they made was walls, to counteract hoards of man-eating monsters where one is capable of taking down an entire platoon on their own, and a bite render the only option to turn or commit suicide. And these aren't just walls, they're practically fortresses outfitted with huge iron-clad gates and gears and train system. Or are you telling me they also built interwoven train passages that stretch miles on end in that amount of time too, without being slaughtered by zombies? Because last I checked, they can't even step outside without being attacked.

You may get enjoyment out of playing devil's advocate for so long, but honestly, I'm past of the point of caring since the conversation has yield nothing significant. I don't think either show is good enough to warrant this hefty kind of a discussion, to begin with, since they're both inherently flawed, so I'm going to make very simple, streamlined bullet points.

-Ghouls have smaller numbers than their prey
-Ghouls are hunted by CCG on a daily basis
-Most Ghouls operate under organized rules
-A ghoul can survive off a meal a month

-Kabane has the majority population
-Kabane hunts the humans with no monthly quota
-Kabane has no self-restraint like humans and are shown to kill until they themselves are killed
-When bitten, increases their own population or decrease the humans by forcing them to commit suicide to avoid turning

In what scenario is an uncontrollable group that decreases an already small population while increasing their own more probable to one where the small population is being hunted as fast as they do the actual hunting?

This is a simple numbers game here and you're not on the winning side of this argument.
ZephSilver Feb 8, 2017 12:58 PM
A 30+-year-old math major and programmer that gives probability scenarios that require them to make sense of the logistics to it, but doesn't bother to make sure their example make sense? A task that's quite literally a google search away? Could there be any greater irony? What's next, Michael Phelps forgets how to swim and English teachers forget their literary devices? If I was you, I would keep your credentials to yourself, especially when giving examples that suggest otherwise. And besides, what does your credentials have to do with your inability to decipher the shortcomings of a show's script? As a fellow human being, I resent this lol
We are given a dozen ghouls in one district, and when expanded upon, another 2 dozen or so. I'm not the math major here, but the law of averages is something anyone could grasp given the average population for a Japanese district. And you can't simply bypass the fact that given their vastly smaller numbers, and ability to pace themselves means that there's far too many people out there for them to simply eat through them all, that's a ridiculous assumption.

Toyko Ghoul is still not a good show because of this, but it's far more practical than your zombie example, as you literally just indirectly prove my point.

"So if we consider that 1 infected can infect just 1 other person it would take fewer than 33 iterations for the entire population we have at this time to be infected."

Precisely, so where do we get the time to fight off a tidal wave of zombies in order to build giant walled up cities with mechanisms that allow passages for huge locomotives to each? It would take decades to string up that kind of structure the show has, and that would be without the threat of hoards of zombies. And you think this is "more plausible"? If you're really going to showboat your "mathematical background" by making claims that do nothing but indirectly prove my point, then I'm embarrassed for you. Because let me just say that you don't need a "mathematical background" or need to be a "math major and programmer" to realize when someone is succumbing to extreme amounts of mental gymnastics to make a point.
ZephSilver Feb 7, 2017 5:45 PM
No, I don't see your problem because that's a silly argument to make with no idea of this alternative setting's populace, not to mention the big deal they've made of the ghoul's vastly smaller population. In a country of millions, we've been made to believe there's thousands of ghouls at most. Not to mention food preservation is a factor here, nowhere does it indicate that they need an entire body to survive. And they also made it clear that only a small percentage of this already small population are uncivilized and kill without thought. We even see several ghoul societies that try their best to remain hidden, showing that there's rational thought in their numbers to not raise too much attention to themselves. And 20+ years? Are you nuts? By the time a girl has her menstrual cycle she is more than capable of reproduction. Or do we pretend teenagers don't get pregnant now? And Ghouls don't need adults to survive, literally in the first episode, the main character is shown to be a prey for a meal and he's only a young teen. By the way, the cow population is 1.4 billion and there's 7.4 billion humans, but you don't exactly see human killing off cows to the brink of extinction now, do you? That's because one cow is capable of producing meat for far more than just one person. One cow can produce 4,500 patties, thus vastly compensating the population difference. Come on man, this is just common sense at this point. If people are capable of micromanaging cows that are 1/7th its population, while getting 4,500 servings from just one, surely a group of ghouls can prosper when the numbers are reversed and their ability to survive is monthly, as oppose to people who's consumption is usually on a daily basis. Ghouls are even setup as the vocal minority from the start. Their kind is ostracized with little resistance due to that fact. In short: smaller population, longer survival cycle without eating and proper self-restraint means they could survive very comfortably. In fact, more comfortable that humans when accounting for the fact that they don't exactly need to pay for their meal.

So the probability of that setting working is far more believable than that where zombies not only outnumber humans, but also demonstrate no self-restraint, which means the chances of them even surviving long enough to build giant walls don't make sense. How could they possibly build cities like that when they could barely make it from city to city by train without them being decimated by zombies? It's a show with absolutely no care in the world for forethought, and because of that, its entire setting needs to simply be accepted at face value in order to work.

Your analytical skills are damn near nonexistent. Have you ever tried to properly dissect any kind of story before? This conversation seems to only suggest not likely the further it goes on.
ZephSilver Feb 7, 2017 4:40 AM
I think it's easier to make a case for Ghoul if we're being honest. Feeding off of recently deceased people, as they explained on them gathering the bodies of suicide victims, seems far more viable as a way of life than people managing to fight off a zombie apocalypse long enough to build impenetrable walls. Both require suspension of disbelief but I could buy into Ghoul for more for keeping the Ghoul's in question more like the ugly that go bump in the night than something over-aggressive group. Think about it, humans are their food source, so killing them off would make no sense. If they did that, they'll simply starve.
ZephSilver Feb 7, 2017 1:50 AM
Whatever explanation anyone gives it is far more effort than what the show does, that's "death of author" syndrome kicking in. And honestly, that's besides the point, how the virus works had no bearing on the moment to moment nonsense of the show. It's just a poorly constructed schlock fest, nothing more, nothing less. The willpower bit was thrown out there as a simple example of whatever ill-defined reasoning the show relied on for explaining fighting off the virus. The same way your follow-up response as "starving fear" is equally ludicrous. Don't get caught up on trivial details, it's the lack of forethought the show has that's being addressed.
ZephSilver Feb 4, 2017 5:55 AM
"They starve him as it feeds on fear." so we move from one laughable explanation to another? Feed on fear, will power, neither changes the fact that's it's inherently foolhardy and downright silly as far as reasoning goes. The more people try to defend Kabaneri the further they indirectly prove just how braindead the whole thing is. And no, there's no principle in real life that correlate with this, come on, you're old enough to know what your saying is unfounded, I shouldn't have to guide you to the proverbial drinking well on that one. The idea only works by one viable means: if it's cool, we'll do it. The show operates in that limited capacity. They don't have an iron cage over their hearts for the reason you give, they have it because it makes for cooler boss battles. The character didn't choke himself out for some misguided idea of how disease works, he did it because the writers thought that would be "supa hardcore." For some shows, it could pull of rule-of-cool very well, as is the case with something like Black Lagoon that aims for late 80s/early 90s action blockbuster cannon fodder, or something like Bebop and Champloo that operates like a love letter for western pop culture. I just don't think Kabaneri is able to reach those heights. It tries but is entirely to shortsighted to get from point A to point B without writing in something that's inherently stupid. Like when they had a firework display, despite being low on provisions and the very fact that it would attract more zombies. It's a show that sees the tree, the moment to moment things, but not the forest, the inherent fault of its actions. And it's for that reason that you get zombies shooting hyperbeams and main leads using to "the force" on trains. But I've said enough, the show is dumb fun, but not "good" in any sense, at least for me.
Whether you enjoy Kabaneri more than Ghoul isn't really saying much to me, as far as I'm concerned, they're both pretty bad. But I would give you this, I did laugh more with Kabaneri, so in that sense, it was pretty entertaining, where as Ghoul was too busy being serious to allow for bombastic moments. And antibiotic injections is not will power, in case you were actually serious about that response.
ZephSilver Feb 2, 2017 1:02 PM
That's a terrible explanation to excuse away why the parasite works. You can't simply "fight away" infection out of simple will-power. If that's the case, modern medicine would be a bust. Could you imagine someone fighting away gangrene without the assistance of medical staffing simply because they "willed it?" Had Kabaneri been presented as one of those "nakama power" battle shounens that rely on overly idealistic monologs and yelling to save the day, then sure, it could get the pass. But let's be honest here, it was never trying to do that with its content. Instead, trying to legitimize itself at every turn while operating with no self-awareness whatsoever. It's for that reason I can't credit Kabaneri with anything more than just entertaining tone-deaf schlock. Tokyo Ghoul is equally as silly as Kabaneri, the biggest difference for me is that Ghoul didn't quite literally have a plot hole/plot inconsistency in every episode, as with Kabaneri, it became the unintentional joke of it all. Ghoul tried to do the man vs man parable and failed at it while Kabaneri retconned its way through every episode with no visible signs of pre-planning. Kabaneri failures are made more apparent since I've taken AP writing courses and have since familiarized myself with literary devices. So where both of them are silly, one stood out for being both silly and poorly written at every possible turn. For me, if you want to see a better version of both shows, I say Blue Gender for Kabaneri and Parasyte for Ghoul.
ZephSilver Feb 2, 2017 10:56 AM
That's a critical evaluation of its quality, in my enjoyment section I clearly stated it was "fun," the problem is that it's fun for unintentional reasons. You won't praise a horror movie if it makes you laugh instead of making you unnerved, as is the intent of that genre of storytelling, and in the same sense, I won't praise Kabaneri for making me laugh at its shotty writing and silly attempts at "rule of cool" when the intent was to be taken as something cool.

In short, I enjoyed it but I don't value it high, falling more in the realm of entertaining schlock than it does anything else.
OrthrosShrine Feb 1, 2017 3:46 PM
Hahaha Ok
OrthrosShrine Feb 1, 2017 8:39 AM
Oh you like Linux (at least that is what I see from your profile pic) :D
Wadefan1 Oct 2, 2016 2:25 PM

Here is your September Character Claim!

Hope you enjoy and please rehost the cards soon!
R_TF Sep 7, 2016 5:43 AM
Narutophobia :P when i thought naruto is finally going to end,they're going to adapt another anime from novel :3
Yeah thanks for the info,i would keep that in mind.
R_TF Sep 7, 2016 3:36 AM
Haha,you've to bring in naruto in every comparison :P
Tbh,at first i thought it's yuri stuff,so i skip it out but i want to give it a try now and about the male nudity thing,i might just have to ignore those parts :3