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Jan 2, 2021
So whomever wrote the script for this heap of garbage is probably a man hating feminist that looks similar to the female orcs in the video. All the characters are stripped of their personalities and become cardboard feminist propaganda icons, we have an attempt of rape upon a man from females which in the author opinion should be funny, insults galore to the male protagonist, lack of any actual humor, or actual jokes. The few jokes that exist are recycled from older episodes but the way they are presented unfortunately makes them lose their humor entirely. The animation and art is decent although is a read more
Jul 4, 2019
So the only part I actually enjoyed where the last 5-10 minutes with Senjougahara. The problem is that:
1. they miss the whole thing that made Monogatari a cult anime: the mystery, the puzzle, the interesting interjections. There is none of that. It is all so boring that you feel the dread and want for it to be over
2. All the "reveals" are already well known by both us and Araragi from the previous installments but he seems to have forgotten them for no reason
3. The ending made absolutely no sense and made Araragi way too powerful

In a word the show looks like a bad fanfic read more
Feb 20, 2019
To start off I really wanted this anime to prove me wrong after seeing the first episodes and the following episodes showed some potential. But unfortunately the show never cashes on it. I think the show shpuld be called a fat girls summer dream. My main problem is that the main character is a total Mary Sue. She is a glutton with a boarish personality and no real skills but everyone is in love with her. The main protagonist the kitsune dude and the dude with the schoolgirl fetish are extremely effeminate and with no personality whatsoever. So far the only ones with a personality read more
Jan 29, 2019
A wonderful journey into buddhist philosophy showing why this whole religion is an insanely stupid concept created by humans based on the first lie of the serpent : "You will not die but become as gods". While the beginning is coherent, the ending lacks almost all coherence and tries to appear deep by blabbering nonsense. It always amazes me how people with low intelligence find deep meaning into something that is utter nonsense projecting all their feelings, thoughts and desires upon things that mean absolutely nothing. That being said is a strange and enjoyable show and one should see it.
So in a way the anime read more
Jul 29, 2018
You must wonder how incompetent can one be to mess up an ecchi anime. The answer is Maken-ki.

Let's start with the beginning:
1. From the first moment you are assaulted by bra and panty shots many having camel toe. Trouble is this is a done in a way that does not entice you. Rather than that it grosses one out. Is like being farted in your face. Most of us do not like it.
2. Generally the girls do everything they do to entice a guy and then beat him up if he gets excited and beat him up if he does not because he did not read more
Jul 5, 2018
Now this shows promised a lot but failed to deliver.The main problem with this anime is how it tries to be phylosophical and deep although being just a typical shounen anime. The first annoying thing you will notice is lot of narration describing what characters feel instead of showing this to way in other ways. The other big problem is the last episodes. They fight to the end to change their fate and break free from destiny and then give up and accept being controlled by the Council. This looks like NWO propaganda. They could have changed the world so that there is read more
Jun 28, 2018
The show starts pretty well but soon the problems start to arrive and you realize that the author was more interested in promoting a number of social messages as:
1. A woman can cheat on you as a form of love towards you. Makes no sense but whatever
2. Even the worse, evil woman in the world can have her happy ending just because
3. When it comes to religion men evil, women good.

Now to dive in the problems this show has:
1. The motives of the person seen as the antagonist for most of the series are dumb and nonsensical but for some reason many seem to agree
2. read more
May 27, 2018
Ok, so I had to write this to update my older review. The show had a great start and while being at episode 8 I was really excited. After watching the whole thing a number of giant problems started to pop up as a result of the writers not doing their homework so to speak:
1. rapiers are poor cutters . Depending what you consider a rapier various authors would say they either not cut all, cut very superficially or poorly. So using it as a cutting sword is a big no no.
2. If your style is based mostly on slashing a curved sword read more
Jan 5, 2017
So before I start this my overall view of the show is that a fan of the monogatari series should see it but not pay any money for it because it is bad, really bad. As someone else said there actually 15-20 minutes of actual content stretched over one hour. The main impression the movie made on me was that of young art school student who tries to impress too much. So without delay these are my points against this movie:

1. the drawings are extremely different from the rest of the animes related to Monogatari. And different in a bad way. While in the rest read more
Jun 18, 2016
The story is pretty straight forward in many ways and is basically a story of a journey. The journey from two to one. It is a journey Cou and Rin take together to better understand who they are and their feelings for each other. The plot I would say is there to drive the development of two characters along. That is not to say other characters do not develop in time, just not very much. The story is kinda simple. Boy meets girl , boys falls for girl, boys and girl save the world. I wished I could have the show a better grade as read more