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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
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Dragon Ball Super
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Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
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Shokugeki no Souma
Shokugeki no Souma
Sep 30, 7:21 PM
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keragamming Oct 17, 6:04 AM
I thought it was great, I couldn't think of a better way this twist could have been executed. A lot of persons thought the twist would have been some experiment gone wrong twist or trueman show twist, turns out Isayama came up with a fresh execution. And I'm not surprise.
Thrashinuva Aug 21, 4:50 PM
Well I don't know how much you know about Cross, but if you say that Trigger's gimmick is time travel, then Cross's gimmick is alternate timelines. You could say that Trigger is linear in that everything you find out fits in a pattern, while in Cross, you get to find out different things about your world from different worlds. Let's say "Big event" happens in both worlds A and B, but World A lost all records of it and you've only dealt with the consequences. In world B, society made sure to learn and remember all about it, and so it gives you that opportunity to learn what happened all those years ago. Because of that flip of a coin, you could say, people who were your enemies in World A may now be your friends in World B.

Chrono Cross explores a lot of different characters (there are 45 obtainable characters, but don't stress over that, you can't get them all in one playthrough). A lot of things happen. You could say that Cross probably has an equal amount of unique things to it as Trigger, and yet it's also a completely different game. It also has a very unique battle system where you slot magic (kind of like Materia), but you have to gain magic through attacking, and once you use it, it's used up for the battle. It's a little weird at first but it get's a lot easier to understand after you have more experience with it.

I don't really think opinions are as split on Cross as it seems. It's only because Trigger was the "Legendary SNES RPG" that went down in history, and it really overshadowed it's sequel, especially since PS1 had also birthed it's own "Legendary PS1 RPG" Final Fantasy VII, as well as other huge hits.
Thrashinuva Aug 21, 4:29 PM
Lol of course the music is good. Nobuo Uematsu had a hand in it. Of course unlike many of the Final Fantasy games, he wasn't the sole composer of Chrono Trigger, but the quality of music is represented by him being a part of it at all.

Of course Akira Toriyama did the art for Trigger. Back then the art couldn't be expressed very well so unless you saw the box art or something, you weren't likely to link it to Dragon Ball unless you really paid attention to the character portraits in the menu. Of course he does the art for Dragon Quest too.

Both of these people also collaborated on Blue Dragon, as well, an RPG on the X-Box 360. Although I can't attest to if it's good or not.

Toriyama and Uematsu didn't have a hand in Chrono Cross, but the other composer for Trigger, did. Trigger gets a lot of love, but there are many like myself who prefer Cross.
Thrashinuva Aug 21, 4:02 PM
There's a few people older than me here. The younger users come and go but the oldies seem to stick around.

I found out about Rogue Galaxy last year or so. Someone on here actually told me about it. I booted up an emulator, but unfortunately experienced technical difficulties. When it came onto PS4 I decided to just get it through that, but I never manged to actually get around to buying it. I had just gotten off of the jungle planet, so I'll have to see what the game is like after that. The desert planet where you start was pretty entertaining, but the jungle planet wasn't so fascinating.

If you've only played FFX and FFXII, then you should really give Persona 4 a shot, as well as Tales of Abyss, Star Ocean Till the end of Time, as well as Xenosaga. The PS2 was an RPG machine. Really the only system that compares to it is the PS1. Hopefully we'll start seeing an influx on the PS4 though.
keragamming Aug 7, 4:46 PM
One of my favourite, not #1 favourite though. I like him because he is a charismatic character, and he's intelligent but at the same time a bit goofy. I like those type of characters generally.

I gave the anime a 7/10 simple because I really like the phantom troupe arc, the other arcs were above average to below average "chinera ant arc"

The manga version is a 6/10, the current arc is extremely boring and full of pointless dialogue. Its a pretty overrated series and I prefer naruto over it.
HaXXspetten Jul 25, 12:52 PM
Well that's kind of the point. He's supposed to represent the ugliness of what ordinary human beings can actually be like in desperate situations. Compared to some OP Gary Stu protagonist facerolling everything or at least being seemingly unaffected by all the stress you'd expect him to be in, I vastly prefer this. It gives it a much more psychological view on it

And yeah that was obviously Puck (you could see the ear ring on the monster as well). I also heard episode 18 is supposedly some game changer including a title drop according to WN readers so that should be interesting
HaXXspetten Jul 13, 10:30 PM
Well.. I mean if you just take everything at face value rather than what it really means then I guess..
HaXXspetten Jul 13, 11:53 AM
Are you serious? His entire character is a multi-layered façade both to himself and the others as a means for his mind to shield itself from his own fear and guilt of being a rather horrible person on the inside. The way he consistently tries to keep up this act of meta jokes and energetic behaviour in order to run away from the truth, but every so often has to come to terms with it whether he likes it or not due to the endless suffering he has to endure, not to mention having to experience death many times over. It's breaking his mind continuously as the show goes on and he becomes all the more desperate to keep the act up the worse it gets, but some events still push him past his limits such as when he first saw Rem impaled (basically putting him in a state of PTSD) and now last episode when her limbs were dislocated in front of him (which managed to convert his despair into rage instead). I don't think these things are particularly hard to see..
HaXXspetten Jul 13, 10:35 AM
Time travel + psychological suffering + fantasy world + extremely good character development = a very successful anime

I.E. it has several different elements which are generally very well received within the anime community at the same time
Think most people have been sold on it since episode 7, although episode 15 was probably the nail in the coffin. I think it's pretty great too

I'm personally more curious how crap like Koutetsujou no Kabaneri and Boku no Hero Academia got popular but whatever
HaXXspetten Jun 27, 12:20 AM
Yeah... I don't really think it was a bad episode per se but it was certainly pretty painful to watch
Uuh Jun 16, 5:24 PM

AreyKyoya Jun 1, 3:34 AM
HaXXspetten Jun 1, 2:58 AM

HaXXspetten May 31, 11:57 PM
Happy Birthday~