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May 17, 2014
It's a concept show. It has pretty animation, complemented with an appealing art style. It attempts to develop a vivid world, all the while presenting, and accentuating themes of acceptance. It tries to do all that, but it succeeds at none of that.

Aside from the concept itself, there's absolutely nothing novel about this. It has a vapid antagonist, inclusive to a totalitarian, more technologically-advanced society. Antithetic to that, is a more 'human', less-technologically advanced society. Both view the other are being the inverse of the other -- both literally in the show's rendition of physics, and figuratively in the values which they hold dear. read more
Dec 22, 2013

Walkure Romanze is a harem series laden with fan service.

But, that doesn't exactly detract from its ultimate purpose. The show itself is fairly blatant with establishing the mood -- the type of show that it's going to be. It's not meant to be a serious show. It's not meant to have fantastic writing. And most importantly, it's not meant to revolve around intimate character interactions. Yet, it goes against that. It actually develops a storyline. It actually has characters with decent, albeit cursory writing. It presents jousting not as a means to advance the storyline, but as an integrated way to define the series, read more
Aug 18, 2013
The conflict between the ending the author foresees, and the ending that the viewer want is prone to be controversial. At times, the author's judgment is the 'best' judgment, resulting in an unexpected, albeit enjoyable ending. At others, the other's author's mildly delusional. This case isn't either of those -- the author had a clear purpose with what he wanted to illustrate, but it was done in a way that stimulated the unanimous ire of every other viewer.

I don't think most people watch OreImo for the storyline. They watch it for the fun interactions. When you bereave those interactions, and create three episodes of read more
Jun 30, 2013
Terse, trite, and tried to do too much.

*This review contains some spoilers for the show*

Suisei no Gargantia was my anticipated show of the season; written by Urobuchi Gen [the mind behind novel renditions of derivative works such as Madoka Magica (to Faust), Psycho-Pass (to works such as BNW/1984), Saya no Uta (to Lovecraftian works), Kikokugai, and so forth], and animated by a studio adept with handling most subjects [Production I.G.]. I was looking forward to it; his works not only make the audience think, but they’re often crafted intricately — excelling in both plot, characterization, and ultimately, presentation.

But the result? A mercurial series effusive with read more
Apr 7, 2013
It's a series that had potential, but ruined it by doing too much.

[mild spoilers pertaining to storyline progression and general point-of-view]

A third season of Spice and Wolf is perhaps the most desired adaptation among fans of the franchise. When announcement came through that a similar series, with similar staff members, was going to be released, fans were ecstatic. Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple to live up to the name of the predecessor, and it's even more difficult to satiate an entirely new crowd. Maoyū Maō Yūsha suffers from a variety of debilitating features that not only make it a shitty, half-assed 'successor', but read more
Feb 9, 2013
A harem done right?

[contains suggestive language, and an extreme loss of interest in constructive reasoning halfway through.]

It's difficult to end a harem. Regardless of how happy the ending turns out to be, only one girl 'wins' the guy over -- the others are presumably meant to cope with the loss. Some series like Mashiro-iro show the externalities of a singular bliss, while series like Zero no Tsukaima, like most others, avoid the topic all together. Isekai handles a harem correctly [as it is the highest rated harem on MAL], but it does so in an unorthodox manner.

It does this by creating a romance so read more
Jan 1, 2013
Kokoro Connect's essentially a teen drama.

[Contains vague spoilers, nothing specific; keep in mind, the rating's just a number, read the content]

When you leave five teenagers in a room, you're bound to have something interesting happen. Sexual tension, explosive conflict, and heartful resolutions are perhaps all derivatives of what ultimately makes Kokoro Connect the series that it is -- a great agglomeration of lovable aspects and developed characters.

Each character has a particular flaw-- some rely on other characters, others attempt to rely solely on oneself, while others want to depend on a certain, individual character. Whether the problem ranges from being something as commonplace as read more
Feb 25, 2012
Oh the memories that this brings back...

[review doesn't have spoilers]

I remember watching Steins;Gate due to a friend's recommendation. I didn't really expect much; it was science fiction. In my head, science fiction solely revolved around giant mechas and melodramatic teenagers with daddy problems. Surprisingly, I got into it, and I caught up to the 22 episodes in a day. Then the last two episodes aired. The feeling while watching it on-going is completely different than marathoning through it. For me, it was one week of constant trepidation; I was expecting the worst [probably slightly exaggerated]. Then it was followed by a week of being ridiculously read more
Feb 22, 2012
Gyo (Anime) add (All reviews)
What exactly am I watching?

[Contains mild, creative language used to emphasize certain things, also contains spoilers]

This review doesn't seem to flow, think of it as fragments of criticism.

So basically, I started the movie with mediocre expectations, it had a horribly low rating, but it was animated by Ufotable. So, I may be watching mediocre shit, but at least it'll have pretty visuals.

Anyhow, the introduction piqued my curiosity, a group of fishermen appeared to be dazed and shocked from a discovery, the discovery wasn't revealed till later. Now, what was the discovery? It was landfish.

The landfish essentially have a grotesque smell, followed by a read more
Feb 12, 2012
This review is just a brief "summary", it isn't a "great" well-thought out review, it took a few minutes to type on impulse; it's just a brief overview of how the movie is. There's some generalized spoilers, and some creative language.

I started the movie feeling pretty great, it inflected a great mood; I began reminiscing on how I don't credit FMA enough for carrying the shounen genre with a bearable series. FMA in my book, remains the only series to accentuate a "strong" shounen feel, it isn't melodramatic, the characters aren't fucking idiots, and it's logically held with in-depth mechanics. Despite those redeeming qualities, read more