Dec 22, 2013
mdz (All reviews)

Walkure Romanze is a harem series laden with fan service.

But, that doesn't exactly detract from its ultimate purpose. The show itself is fairly blatant with establishing the mood -- the type of show that it's going to be. It's not meant to be a serious show. It's not meant to have fantastic writing. And most importantly, it's not meant to revolve around intimate character interactions. Yet, it goes against that. It actually develops a storyline. It actually has characters with decent, albeit cursory writing. It presents jousting not as a means to advance the storyline, but as an integrated way to define the series, and to develop the characters.

It does everything that a generic harem shouldn't do. It has fan service, but not to the point of it being obnoxious. It has its episodes bereft of plot, but at the same time, episodes laden with it. It's a character show. And as a character show, it presents an array of generic, archetypal, but affable characters. It does its purpose well. It goes beyond that by actually having drama which supports the series. It does more than it was expected to do. It's not sloppily handled, and for the most part, it's enjoyable. In comparison to some of the other shows this season, this show is probably the most consistent.

The aesthetics of the show were surprisingly good too. The art style affable and easy-on-the-eyes, with the animation, being consistent, and apt enough to present the series. The soundtrack was surprisingly good: a melange of memorable tracks which played during the lachrymose and climactic moments. It's a show that doesn't disappoint because not much is expected from it in the first place. There's not much of a chance of disappointment when there's really nothing to initially expect. Walkure Romanze supersedes its nonexistent expectations.

Walkure Romanze understands its demographic. It doesn't try to cater outside of it. A show that doesn't try to do too much, a show that isn't inconsistent, and a show that surprisingly, has its unexpected, positive surprises is not apt for a universal condemnation.