Feb 12, 2012
mdz (All reviews)
This review is just a brief "summary", it isn't a "great" well-thought out review, it took a few minutes to type on impulse; it's just a brief overview of how the movie is. There's some generalized spoilers, and some creative language.

I started the movie feeling pretty great, it inflected a great mood; I began reminiscing on how I don't credit FMA enough for carrying the shounen genre with a bearable series. FMA in my book, remains the only series to accentuate a "strong" shounen feel, it isn't melodramatic, the characters aren't fucking idiots, and it's logically held with in-depth mechanics. Despite those redeeming qualities, very few of those were prominent in this movie, however, it wasn't necessarily a "bad" movie, it remained enjoyable, but it was objectively mediocre.

Unfortunately, after the reminiscing was over, it started to go downhill from there: incessant bad developments ensued. Every development leaned towards the traditional "bad" cliche shounen, something that Fullmetal Alchemist typically doesn't represent; every other development halfway through changed from possibly ingenuous, to innocuously "bad" (deus ex machinaes). The first half was written by someone aspiring to retain the traditional Fullmetal Alchemist feel, while the second half was a collaboration between Ao no Exorcist and Guilty Crown. As much as I would like to criticize the weak plot, it wasn't completely bad. Some developments were somewhat "good", the "bad" ones just overshadowed the "good" in this case.

Now the ending to this was also somewhat lackluster; it appeared to be a logically impossible "happy ending". The new characters were essentially on the brink of destroying the entire world, there isn't logic in granting them freedom without punishment. It's great that a smaller nation got it's "independence", but it's kind of surrounded by two powers. One power has a brigade of alchemists, while the other has a arsenal of chimeras. All it has is strong will, and determination, that isn't enough to defend itself against attack. Unless the surrounding nations contest the newly "independent" territory leading to a stalemate, but that's just the best case scenario.

Overall, was an enjoyable watch I guess, didn't really expect much out of the movie. Although that ending with Ed complementing her was unneeded and somewhat forced, there wasn't exactly any development between those two, nevertheless actual chemistry.

Also, where the fuck was the Mustang action, all he did was watch; I expected fucking fireballs everywhere. Seriously, probably one of the biggest what the fucks is him standing there while lasers are shooting everywhere. He has less than 30 lines this movie, he doesn't do anything but watch. Killed his vindictive personality.

Objective Rating 5/10: It should be lower, but it being Fullmetal Alchemist rather than some other series alleviates some of the criticism. What FMA possesses is a unparalleled world on mechanics, alchemy. There isn't a shounen anime that comes close to it, it's just ingenuous and "balanced".

Subjective Rating 6/10: More enjoyable if you watch it braindead.