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Today, 1:05 AM
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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Dec 3, 10:07 PM
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Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume wo Minai
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume wo Minai
Dec 2, 1:15 PM
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Kimi ni Todoke
Kimi ni Todoke
12 hours ago
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Hitorijime Boyfriend
Hitorijime Boyfriend
12 hours ago
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Ryzor 3 hours ago
Oh how exciting! Brisbane is nice, especially during the summer. I haven't been there in a few years either. The drive shouldn't be too bad, the worst one I've ever done was from Darwin to Adelaide (about 30 hours), then the next day Adelaide to Melbourne (10 hours). Don't think I would do it a second time :P Maybe read a manga on the way, it will go quick! Enjoy not being connected. After the initial withdrawals it really boosts your mood being away from social media. Are you staying in a hotel? The weather should be nice this time of year :)

I'm in emergency services so no I don't get a break. I'm even working Christmas day! For some reason holidays tend to be when people do dumb stuff like drink drive and fight each other. Hopefully its fine this year.

I actually do have New Years off. Not sure what I'll be doing, my best mate is in Queensland, and everyone else down here usually does their own thing. I live 100m away from the beach and theres usually fireworks and such so I might just wander down and have a look. Maybe I'll stay up and watch anime :P I've got so many I want to watch and every day someone recommends something else, my to-do list is massive!

Have a good day :) almost the weekend!
Precious 4 hours ago

ahhh thats how i felt about hunter x hunter! it was so popular so i decided to check it out!
it makes me happy to hear that im the only one who does this! :p
literally i go to the top ranked animes and watch it to find out why everybody likes it
oh really only 27 episodes? and theres like a 100+ episodes right? whoaaa i thought you were farther in than that xD

wait wait
is "fullmetal alchemist" and "fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood" two different shows? 0_0
or are they one? because right now it sounds like they're the same thing
Precious Yesterday, 11:14 PM
yea i understand, every time i see an anime that has 100+ episodes, it discourages me
but ill be real honest!
when i first watched hxh for the first time, i was only planning to watch a couple of episodes, but as i continue watching, i got hooked onto the events. like it was almost like drugs. o_o
before i knew it, i watched a whole arc . 0_0
well if you ever start watching it, let me know! :D
and take your time, it sounds like im pressuring you to watch it, but i swear im not lol

ohhhhhhhh ive never watched fullmetal alchemist before and its a pretty popular anime T-T
how close are you to finishing it?
Precious Yesterday, 10:08 AM
aha im the same too like its just random and depends on what im feeling :p

GASP i see that you have not watched hunter x hunter
have you heard of that anime?
Ryzor Yesterday, 2:53 AM
Hahha I'm the same! Cliffhangers are totally lame. Well, they are ok when you can watch the next episode right away. But not when you have to wait!

Yeah totally agree. I actually can't watch subbed anime if I can't concentrate or I'm tired, my brain doesn't like reading and watching at the same time unless I'm fully awake :P Dubbed isn't so bad though since I don't have to be staring at the screen to hear whats happening. Fairy Tail is definitely enjoyable, agreed its predictable but sometimes you just need that kind of thing. Feel good shounen is a good term for it!

I might have to set aside one of my days off this week to sit down and watch Bunny Girl Senpai then! I was meant to do some anime watching today but I fell asleep and had a nap... whoops!

I didn't know what to expect with Kill la Kill but I found myself enjoying it! The animation is so over the top it took me by surprise buts it totally suits the show and is actually really well done. Definitely not one to take too seriously but very entertaining. Its also an interesting take on a dystopian alternate world, a life-or-death high school :P Not something I have seen before for sure.

You would be on summer holidays soon right? I bet you can't wait to get stuck into some more anime!
Precious Dec 3, 10:25 AM
what kind of animes do you watch?
Precious Dec 2, 10:15 PM
Ryzor Dec 1, 9:47 AM
I certainly did! Solid 8 hours, and a nap, and I'm back to normal :D Lazing around at home is my idea of a good weekend haha!

Well thats good. I personally don't like watching one episode at a time so I just wait until a full season is out. Fifty shows :O sooo much anime! I'm still a fair bit behind you :P

Omg I absolutely hated maths, I dropped it as soon as I could. And I've never had to use it since! So don't worry about it, especially if your other scores are decent I'm sure you're tracking well! :)

I get you. Well I'll just have to find out for myself! I do like it when shows slowly reveal stuff, it keeps you hooked and wanting more. I have some days off coming up this week so might check it out then. I can definitely vouch for watching uninterupted blocks of episodes at a time. It feels jarring going back and forth and forgetting specifics when you have a break. I personally struggle to watch complex shows when I'm tired, so I try to save them for days off when I'm refreshed and can easily digest it all.

Fairy Tail is my go-to at the moment when I don't want to think too hard, and just sit back and be entertained. Theres so many episodes so I definitely won't be finishing it any time soon. Theres a lot of different anime I want to watch at the moment, I just need to find the time to do it!

I recently watched a youtube review of Bunny Girl Senpai, which looks way more interesting than I thought it would be. Its an odd choice of title given what the content actually is. What are you thoughts on it? I see its on your favourites list.
militarumats Dec 1, 9:17 AM
thanks :)
SacoTaco Nov 30, 2:55 PM
Yea I mean I wish there were better ones I could've recommended but the upcoming season really is feeling very dry. All the really good anime is Spring 2020 or Later. There's a few season 2 animes that'll come out then so maybe catch up if any are series you've seen.
SacoTaco Nov 30, 12:47 AM
For Winter of 2020 if you're interested:
Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita (It's apparently supposed to be like Kaguya-sama Love Is War, if you've seen it.)
Somali to Mori no Kamisama (Sounds like it can be a very sweet and heartfelt anime IF done correctly. Mostly slice of life.)
Darwin's Game (Probably a gruesome anime if you're into that. I'll probably give it a shot and instantly regret it, who knows?)
Koisuru Asteroid (Same thing as Somali to Mori)
That's pretty much it, the others sound very hit or miss so I wouldn't be surprised if I used Winter of 2020 to watch older animes or finish ones in my Current Watching/On Hold.

For Fall of 2019 I recommend:
Mairimashita! Iruma-kun (It's actually going to be a left over in Winter of 2020 but it's a sort of 'feel good' show you should watch in the morning, and it's a show I do highly recommend because if feels like it's a modern anime disguised as a classic anime.)
Houkago Saikoro Club (It can be very very boring, but if you like the concept of board games/learning about games you could play with friends it's kinda cool.)
Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo (It's an anti-harem to begin with and it can be funny, but it honestly just depends.)

You've pretty much picked clean the good Fall of 2019 anime, so there really isn't much I could recommend. The only heavy hitter I think should be a must is Mairimashita! Iruma-kun but that's purely subjective. I'd say just read the synopsis for some of them and let me know what you think.

SacoTaco Nov 29, 7:15 PM
Your school cycle sounds very odd. To be fair though ours isn't any better. For us we start school at the end of August and go until midway June with the exception of some breaks like 2 weeks during December and 1 week during April (Winter/Spring break). We have weekends off and there are also some holidays. We also go in Quarters so about every 2 - 3 months is a quarter, on our final quarter we take our finals. that doesn't sound fun to say the least. Since I live near the east coast we never have any fires or major stuff like that. The worst I've experienced was a low earthquake a few years back, but not much since. We do have wildfires that happen in California because of the wind there, but that's all I know about. I'd hate to go outside and smell smoke since I already get headaches from anything that has a moderate scent of smoke. Sounds like a horror movie if you ask me with it looking like a fog.

I guess you could say the situation here in America is better. We don't have many weather issues that I know of (at least at the east coast) but we mainly just have political disputes here. That's generally the only topic the media picks up here and it's frankly boring. Other than that it's probably going to start snowing next month since the seasonal zones have shifted south so the northern colder air has started to settle in. The only real threats where I live are minor snakes and black widow spiders, but finding them is a rarity in its own so you'll almost never hear about anyone getting bit by one. I've gone to take walks out in our nearby forest and have yet to see one. You'll only end up getting a cold if you go outside for too long since it's currently very dry and cold.

I guess you could say life in America is generally pretty peaceful minus the politics. Though if you head into more western or southern american states you'll hear some wacky stories (usually about violence).

So when the Fall 2019 anime season ends which shows do you think you might pick up (or maybe Winter 2020 if anything)? If you do happen to pick something up maybe try Hoshiai no Sora. The description doesn't completely scratch the surface of the anime so I think you might enjoy it. It's about tennis so you might be able to relate since it's like badminton to an extent and the OP/ED isn't bad.
SacoTaco Nov 29, 3:20 PM
I'd considered it, but never had a job. I live in the US, and since where I live if more people in your household work a job, the rent also goes up. Since we're already stable there really isn't a point other than just wanting to get money to buy wants (which I don't have many). But yea, it really is nice to kick back and relax. It honestly feels nice to not have to be responsible for anything but with that comes boredom imo. Some people just like a bit of urgency and I'm kind of missing that. It's just like having a deadline for a school project. Not to mention it can also feel rewarding at times. But yea enjoy school life to the fullest, I know I've been missing it recently.

I'm assuming you don't have a job since you're too busy with studies. How's Australia though? I usually just hear there are deadly animals/insects there, though that's probably just be the stereotype here.
Ryzor Nov 29, 1:23 PM
Heya sorry for the late reply, I did four hours overtime yesterday, another hour today and have barely slept :P hope your weekend has been good so far! :)

Thats not too bad. I could definitely buy a couple of volumes to see how much I like it.

Oh no! 15 is so many to keep track of! Maybe you need a break to reignite that anime spark? I am similar sometimes, I might binge an entire series in a couple of days because I'm so invested in it, or take forever just to watch one or two episodes. Have you ever had to stop watching an anime because you disliked so much? Pretty much every anime I've seen so far I've at least enjoyed it a bit, but I've researched all of them before watching to make sure I'll like it. You have seen a lot more than I have though so maybe I've just been lucky so far.

How did you go in the exams? Or is it too early to tell?

That sounds interesting. Why did you like the first half more? If you reckon its a rewarding experience then thats enough of an endorsement for me!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)
SacoTaco Nov 29, 9:46 AM
You could probably look up a tutorial and learn what every different tool in Photoshop does and practice with them. That's what I did when I took my Digital Art class. The rest would be left to how creative your brain is, I can think of cool things but I can never seem to get it quite right. Same thing goes for drawing (let alone painting). I can think of critical points and aspects on a 2D plain to look 3D but I just botch the entire thing up so I don't even try.

Honestly one of the best parts is that you get to see them everyday. It's been like six months since I graduated and I haven't done anything since then so I just spend most of my time watching anime or waiting for friends to get online. Other than that I just mostly sleep. It gets pretty boring at times. Glad though there are other people to talk to though.