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Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Dec 3, 3:07 PM
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Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Dec 3, 3:07 PM
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Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone
Dec 3, 3:07 PM
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Otoko no Ko Tsuma
Otoko no Ko Tsuma
Jan 10, 12:59 PM
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Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Jan 5, 7:22 AM
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Dec 3, 2018 5:05 AM
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sbyrstall2 Nov 12, 6:57 AM
I'm an engineer. I wanted something different.
sbyrstall2 Nov 12, 6:38 AM
LOL. I hope you didn't lose much sleep. It wasn't puzzle. Just a geometry definition. Wikipedia is your friend. ;)

Dodechedron-O24 means is dodechedron of order 24, aka a regular dodecahedron with 12 regular pentagon sides.
sbyrstall2 Nov 11, 10:00 AM
I had to delete the email that I had originally created the previous account AND I didn't have the password anymore, so I couldn't recover it.
noah9999 Aug 15, 12:45 PM
Well, and i'm not sure if i can find you... but... ill add ya! or u send me one or whatevs :P
noah9999 Aug 15, 12:31 PM
Also, I'm gonna try to find you on Discord... or... if you wanted to send me your Discord, i'll add you! I'm at noah9999 - #1319 ... i think i did that right haha.
noah9999 Aug 15, 12:29 PM
oh... i hit the reply button to early haha..

I've only played the first one, but just having that game on and just listening to the music is worth it... The graphics, the production... i love watching people play Pikmin AS MUCH as I enjoy playing it myself haha.

Good for you for really practicing at something! That is really the only way to master ANYTHING! just patience and practice. And it sounds like you really wanna win this stuff! I applaud your tenacity. The whole e-sports thing is really gonna hop off.... I mean, it already has hopped off, but its just gonna get bigger. I should start watching more of it! I always enjoy watching the AGDQ every year... the community is just so supportive and inclusive, it seems. Its amazing the video gamers have a place to shine! If you ever come to America, and its near Kentucky, you can stay with me, ha! That would be SHWEET
noah9999 Aug 15, 12:01 PM
Well... Um... Totally thought I responded to this... And had a long thing written out... But... its gone and that was weeks ago haha. So we'll do it again ;)

I have actually seen a little JoJo now! Just a few days ago actually... random episode... but i had NO IDEA it was so old! I guess this was the remastered version of it... It was pretty neat! Silly and funny, mainly... Its interesting to see the old conventions take place ;)

I've also recently joined Discord too! If ya ever wanted to chat there ;) I am always on my new phone, dude. All the freaking time haha. Pretty much instantly, I was addicted lol... But it is so worth it!

I dont think I've ever watched a show that long haha... I mean... Adventure Time might be it, but even that is relatively short haha. I was keeping up with it while it aired though. But i really think thats probably the longest show I've seen. Not even close to the ranks of Bleach or One Piece haha.

I will be so surprised if that Stadia thing works out... Reminds me of the OUYA thing lmao. I hope that Stadia fails, honestly, just to remind people what is valuable in video games. Who really wants a dang Stadia? it looks dumb! And I like Google stuff! I would just... Stick to PC gaming or a PS4 before even thinking about Stadia!

Have you gotten Mario Maker yet? I've heard its magnificent! I haven't played yet though... Haven't played much of my Switch at all, come to think of it :/

Your movement physics is one of the most crucial points in ANY game design, ya know? Fighting, shooters, platformers... even RPG or whatever! Thats what games like Mario have been so big for so long, because the movement is unique and so satisfying... And its why I can't really play Grand Theft Auto 4, because the movement in the earlier generations of GTA is so much more fun. I feel like I'm moving through molasses in GTA4 haha.

What kind of studio is making the game that you are testing? Is it a small company? I forget if you've told me haha... Curious about how the gaming market has opened up for consumers... There are SO MANY games now a days, and you hardly need a huge studio name to make amazing games, ya know?

OH MY GOSH, CONGRATULATIONS :D :D :D !!! Good job! dude 400 euros is amazing haha... I heard that the new Fortnite champion won like 3 million dollars too... good god... Everybody should become a professional gamer with that on the line lmao. Do you have more tournaments coming up?

Yeah, Yoko's hair would be hard to maintain... But boy, it'd be fun to play around ;) ... Right now, I'm watching Beyond the Boundary, and... its not that good of a show... BUT... Mirai's pink and messy hair is hella cute :D .... wait.... Um... idk alot about BNHA... but when I look up Toru... the internet says she is invisible? lollol :P

Wow... I am so sorry for your travel troubles.. that is an actual nightmare... but heck, its been like a month... how did it all end up?! did you make it to Japan? HOW WAS IT :D ? I hope it got better from here on out xoxoxo ... international travel is scary man... tension is so high with so many international policies that are scary! It's a shame it isn't simpler... Oh gosh, i pray everything worked out xoxo

Food is both evil and angelic. Delicious and obsessive. I think most people have a strange relationship with food, to one degree or another... Modern societies preoccupied notion of image and presentation demonizes food in a lot of ways... and the food companies make it even worse! There is so much terrible food out there and also so many bogus diet foods... The whole world is obsessed with it, it seems... its completely normal to skip meals, at this rate.... The pills would kinda suck... food is very important to social aspects... food AND beer... I would hate to see it go... but I'd also like to eliminate all possibilities of binge eating, and well... you can't binge eat if there isn't any food lmao...

Yo, you don't like fried chicken? what the heck! I don't know how long you'd last in America, lol lol XD though, i will say... i like my fried chicken and waffles to be separated , please ;)

oh oh, a paprika crisp?! sounds delicious. I've never seen that!... CRISPS are the best chip, always. Period. Have you ever had a MUNCHO? Oh gosh, they are delectable :D

WHY do they make mobile games that you can't play offline? That is so stupid. I hope they get angry letters in the mail. That'll teach em! Ya know, silly mobile companies rely too much on mining data from their users... its just DR. MARIO! Why would you need internet to play a game that was designed a console from like 35 years ago? Its not even about the games at that point... dumb idiots...

Wow... that language looks incomprehensible haha. It is random to choose between ge-, be-, and ver-? I don't understand.Though, English doesn't make any more sense... also, "geleefd" is just hilarious. It STILL looks like a cat is walking on a keyboard XD

Aw :) you and your dad are cute :D My dad doesn't understand video games one bit haha. I stand by the fact that Pikmin is a one of a kind game. I've never seen a game try to recreate or successfully reenact that kind of gameplay. But the music sets it in stone. I've only played
tamoxxlevi Jul 11, 3:56 AM
oh i'm sorry!
but trust me it's better then history exam :(
anyway have a nice day ^^
tamoxxlevi Jul 11, 3:48 AM
i'm so tired :(
what about you? ^^
tamoxxlevi Jul 10, 1:22 PM
I come across your account some of my friends profile and really love it! so I decided to add you ^^
tamoxxlevi Jul 10, 1:00 PM
oh I think we don't know each other, is it okey?
DazaiHiroshi251 Jul 10, 9:19 AM
well I don't think you know me
noah9999 Jul 9, 4:32 PM
Well thanks for listening :) ... I've never seen JoJo but they have a lot of OP's! The first one made me laugh but i really love this second one haha!

Who knows, these apps are always changing... Writing a comment on the MAL app is whack for me too, i run out of room all the time! Do you use iPhone or Android? I just recently got my first smartphone EVER and its an Android.. the Google Pixel 3! Its neat!

Well your criticisms of Bleach do not encourage me to look further into it haha. Thats ok, I think i'll survive ;)

Oh my gosh, the new Just Dance will be released on Wii? Thats amazingly hilarious... I wonder if its coming to the Wii U... i hope not, that would just be damn hilarious lmao.... You know I bought Crypt of the NecroDancer and did not understand it... and got frustrated and rage quit lol... I should try again... the mash up with Zelda though is legendary, i bet that is a lot of fun to play!

From the looks of it, I think I would also prefer platform fighters. They seem like they have more fun physics! Again, I'm not versed in the fighting game world, but I can get pretty bored with things like Soul Caliber and such... Man, they put Parappa in PSABR? That is badass! I forgot about Parappa sometimes haha... I actually dont like the Parappa games much, but he is a cute little dude, I'll give him that lol lol ;3

Ya know, I recently saw an advertisement that stated that the people remaking Elder Scrolls Morrowind needed some test players but... when I got to the website, they were full haha...Sounds like a lot of fun to be helpful like that! ... that does remind me, I got Minecraft in its Alpha stage but... I didnt provide feedback of course haha.

Halo might be a little out of date now but man... Halo 2 was THE JAM. TF2 and Overwatch are fun too! What game did you play at that 800 man tournament? I hope you did well :D

Twinning = Winning ... yep... that math adds up, no lie! Man, if someone cut off some of my hair like that, I'd have a panic attack haha. Thats giving me the chills just thinking about it! ... If only we could run our whole lives like an RPG... things would be much more awesome. I'm about to finish Gurren Lagann and i would love Yoko's hair... or really, If I could just look like Yoko from top to bottom, that'd be great.

I did alright with Jetlag honestly, i seemed to have planned it well or something... Though I purposefully went to bed when I got to Japan to help that haha. Did you survive your 12 hour bus trip? Jeez thats rough I'd lose my mind!

Eating properly is seriously so hard. It is something I think about every day.. this past year I've managed myself through eating disorders, with binging and bulimia and such and ... it is like the bane of my existence. I just wish I could go a day where I could just not even have to think about it and just eat normally and not hate my body before, during, and after. God it makes me so mad. Us humans need food and it sucks i wish we could just get rid of it and have regularly monitored nutritional pills or something lol. It'd be worth it!

Hmm... do waffles also make you sick? that would be interesting if they didnt ... Doritos are dangerous, the salt can be overwhelming! But oh so delicious... but they pack so much FLAVOR in it that I understand how it could make you sick after just one bite now... What is your favorite chip otherwise?

Dr. Mario is so much fun! I'll play with ya on mobile... is it releasing soon?

Please explain your grammar rule, i havent heard it yet!

Oh my gosh, Pikmin on speed run sounds very satisfying. Amazing, amazing game. Truly one of the most unique games Ive ever played..

Good luck with your training!

I think I would try to run Super Mario World on SNES, just for how familiar I am with it... I used to be able to beat it in 30 minutes... but idk where the record is now. But I LOVE flying through that game. so much damn fun.
tamoxxlevi Jul 9, 8:16 AM
Hi there!
what's up
Deisiya Jul 4, 2:40 PM
Ah haha that might be so..

I did think i recognized you with the name but i wasn't sure is all.
Although..I'd say usually I would have seen more of Asui back then. :P