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Days: 191.2
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Boukyaku Battery (TV)
Boukyaku Battery (TV)
Yesterday, 3:34 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored 8
Unnamed Memory
Unnamed Memory
Yesterday, 3:34 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored -
Yesterday, 3:34 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored 5
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Houkago no Idol ni wa Himitsu ga Aru
Houkago no Idol ni wa Himitsu ga Aru
41 minutes ago
Reading 35/? · Scored 6
Level 1 kara Hajimaru Shoukan Musou the Comic
Level 1 kara Hajimaru Shoukan Musou the Comic
Yesterday, 3:31 PM
On-Hold 8/? · Scored 7
Nebula's Civilization
Nebula's Civilization
Yesterday, 3:31 PM
Reading 39/? · Scored 8

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Javucho_780 Yesterday, 12:24 PM
True, even if the video isn't funny, or doesn't even try to make you laugh, there's going to be some hilarious comments (specially if you like dark humor). But at least you can just go to the next video and forget about it.

Yeah, but I think that considering how little free time most people have, the risk of missing out on something good that has a 6 is smaller than the risk of finding just garbage animes that are a waste of time if you give chances to animes with low ratings. But it's true that there are some hidden gems in anime, but I think that if you really want to know which ones are a lot better than their ratings, you should just ask for recommendations on the forums or watch a YouTube video of a guy who talks a little about the anime, to know wether or not it's for you. But it doesn't mean that no one will like the show if they watch it, some people just have some very speciffic taste and can enjoy stories most people wouldn't (I would probably enjoy an Isekai even if it has less than a 5). Yeah, it's a great story even for those who don't like fantasy and maagic stories. Yeahh, people will complain if the anime doesn't develop EXACTLY how they want it to, so if it's something nobody wants, they're going to threaten them deffinitely.

I don't know though, it's just my opinion, maybe when a One Piece new book comes out it sells 10 million copies, so even if each of them is like 2 dollars, it's still a huge amount of money, so maybe they want to get a lot of sales in manga, more than getting an anime. Yeah, which is a shame, we usually focus more on the negative things instead of on the positives, which makes us apreciate less what we have.

I guess that might be the reason, like you build up expectation for the whole week until the new episode comes out.

Yeah, the thing is if you had it, you could work more because it would feel like less, but in order to pay for it, you'd have to work more without the effects of the machine, which is kind of funny lol.
xtsukimi Apr 15, 12:50 PM
Thanks for the birthday wishes!! :D
Empireotome Apr 15, 8:36 AM
Yeeeeh It's very practical. And in future research you can separate by seasons ^-^
I want to watch the new season of Black Butler, but I have to finish the previous seasons 🤡 I'm still on season two.
Apart from this I don't intend to follow any more sequels. Boku no Hero I stopped at season 5 ... unfortunately I lost interest a little... and it was one of my favorites BUTTTTTTT I have been thinking about returning .. I do not know when ahahaha
And of course One Piece AHAHAHAH I'll follow until I'm old AHAHAH

What sequences are you following?
WOW You're watching too many anime. With 15 animes I already find it complicated, imagine with 35.
LunyRem Apr 15, 6:45 AM
There is one CGDCT anime that's very easy to spot from this Spring lineup, and that's Yuru Camp S3. No way I'd ignore that one so ofc I'll be watching it weekly. And it's easy to find too because its weekly episodes are being simulcast in an official YouTube channel where my country is included. Well for me, "too many" is like, more than a dozen. It sucks that my list is piling up because this Spring anime lineup has.............a lot of cute pretty anime girls. Now my schedule is stacked and this weekly schedule is killing me, lmao. I cannot handle a busy seasonal lineup of over 25 shows, but can you?

I have discovered your stack about Messed up Manga when I checked the MAL manga entry for a specific manga, and I now remember that the manga in question was this one. I actually encountered a random YouTube video where the person was talking about how messed up and how grotesque this manga was. I even saw a few pages with some disturbing panels. It's freakin' absurd... Calling it absurd would be an understatement. The manga pages I saw from the video were so disgusting that I don't think I can stomach reading more than one chapter of this messed up manga. What made me cringe was the fact that this manga entry wasn't tagged "Gore" and/or "Horror" here in MAL. In fact, this manga should also be tagged with "Isekai" and "Reincarnation". I would submit for an appeal to add tags for this manga, but I highly doubt I could make it come true because I lost faith in this site's admins since they easily skim and ignore certain requests from the thread. The anime entries I requested to have their tags changed have been ignored for a very long time even though I did my best explaining why those anime had to be modified. It seems they didn't even see my posts so my posts have been buried in older pages hence they'll never ever see it.
Empireotome Apr 15, 5:45 AM
^-^ Yes I'm watching a lot eheh If you are interested in knowing here is my list for the spring 2024 season
And are you watching a lot?
Tsukiyuki-kun Apr 15, 5:24 AM
I didn't play BA but I am interested to know its story because the game is popular, comprising lots of fan arts, fanfics, and many other media. BA kinda made me curious.

Well, I might add some. I'll just organize and fix my schedule so I can balance my work and anime/manga together. ;)
Empireotome Apr 15, 4:32 AM
I'm fine too, thank you very much
Empireotome Apr 15, 2:54 AM

Hello Thank You So Much for Accepting 🌺

Nice To Meet You

How Are You?

Tsukiyuki-kun Apr 14, 2:58 PM
I'm watching two anime from this season: Blue Archive the Animation and Train to the Other World. I'm planning to add more anime to watch this season. Hopefully, I can manage it because of my busy schedule.
Javucho_780 Apr 14, 1:24 PM
It's kind of annoying, specially since I go into the comments a lot (they are funnier than the videos themselves). True, so it's better to just not get in that situation by working hard everyday.

Which is fair enough though, because there are so many animes above 8 that people just play it safe and watch those instead. Me too, although if it has something really low like a five it might be a sign that it isn't a good anime, since even the people who liked the idea the anime proposed gave it a low score (but yeahhh, the cover art plays a huge roll). Deffinitely, I think most anime fans are Sousou no Frieren fans too now. Well, they have got incredibely mad before for things that were less important, so it's not far from the truth. Lol, the fact that it would be for another Isekai would make people even more mad.

Yeah, it's like when we were talking about the first episodes of the second season of Tsuki ga Michibiku, were they just showed the side characters, if that was the case, I guess the fans would be even more excited to see the next seasons now (but I guess they are pretty excited because the previous season was just about Megumin, so they want to see the other main characters). Probably, although from what I know, manga in Japan (which is the place that probably makes the most amount of sales) is pretty cheap, so I assume that most of the money comes from anime rather than manga. Yeahh, even if it has a pretty good amount of different things from most Isekais, people are going to fous on the similar things because it's an Isekai.

True, plus even if the story is not really enjoyable, having to watch only one episode per week makes it more entertaining.

It would actually be amazing lol.
Tsukiyuki-kun Apr 14, 8:17 AM
Thanks for accepting the fr! ;) Nice to meet you! You also like CGDCT and iyashikei, nice!
Fryphe Apr 14, 12:19 AM
MaxYar Apr 12, 5:31 PM
Thanks For accepting, nice to meet you!

nekochan3134 Apr 11, 2:06 PM
hii thank u for accepting:)) nice to meet u<3
RobertBobert Apr 11, 7:34 AM
Hello! Yuri and Shoujo ai are synonyms, not a definition of the level of intimacy in lesbian shows. If only because yuri itself symbolizes feminine purity.
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