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Aggressive Retsuko (ONA)
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA)
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Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
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14-sai no Koi
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Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet
Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet
Dec 21, 2017 6:52 PM
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OhTaKuSo Jan 30, 7:19 PM
Thanks? I want to re-watch K-on
OhTaKuSo Jan 27, 7:59 PM
But the adaptation as a whole was okay for the 13 episodes it got

But I enjoyed even after a few rewatches
OhTaKuSo Jan 27, 6:52 PM
And I still need to read Meikyuu and Rakuen
OhTaKuSo Jan 27, 6:40 PM
If the anime was at least 26 episodes it would've been better, I did like the original ending for the anime and the unique aspect ratio for anime(It felt more like a movie)
OhTaKuSo Jan 27, 6:22 PM
Yes, the VN way better, But the anime had a huge impact on me as a fan of the medium when I first watched it,
OhTaKuSo Jan 27, 5:42 PM
So? I'm not allowed to enjoy the anime?
OhTaKuSo Jan 27, 5:26 PM
And who said that I haven't read The VN?
OhTaKuSo Jan 27, 1:05 PM
And this is how wars are started
OhTaKuSo Jan 27, 12:46 PM
We all know that Michiru is best girl
Danae Dec 5, 2017 2:57 PM
It's fine, I figured as much. You don't even have to apologize <3

I completely agree! Minori is the magenta-haired girl you mentioned, I think she was a better match for Ryuuji too. But I guess sometimes people in relationships don't have to be similar, they can complement each other. And yes, Taiga was annoying at first but eventually she grew on me, plus her tsundere moments were not as unbearable because she showed gratitude whenever Ryuuji was there for her. I think Kugimiya's best role is Kagura from Gintama<3 but this season she's even voicing the MC of a harem anime so it's something different for her.

I haven't found the Shishio chapter yet, so if you have the time and you could send me the link via PM I would appreciate it<3 No pressure though, you said your schedule is pretty hectic right now anyway. Reading Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet, at first I thought the triangle would include that Mamura clone who ended up being Fumi's friend. But thankfully that wasn't the case. Yes Gorou must be the other guy... which is unfortunate considering he's Akatsuki's friend. I wouldn't mind it either, although it would require some build-up especially from Fumi's side, in order to make the relationship canon. I'm firmly on Akatsuki's team, but I don't hate the other guy is all I'm saying.

Nice!! God I really need to get my hands on some Final Fantasy or Uncharted, I've heard nothing but praise about them, and they are your favourites too! I feel really annoyed because I only have a PS3, which means that every new game that comes out is unavailable to me. Skyrim can be annoying at times, especially travelling from location to location, but it was fun. With all of these responsibilities I wonder how you get time to play games, but I am glad you have some time to relax and brighten up your mood.

Wait, so you're gonna be a TA, MCAT instructor *and* tutor? How are you gonna do all of that? And on top of that you have volunteering :O That's gonna be super busy taking into account your studies too. For what it's worth, I decided to take up piano lessons again! I had stopped because I was really anxious and couldn't stand it but I love playing the piano so I don't want to let that be an obstacle. I had my first lesson yesterday and it went pretty well, so I'm quite happy about it :) And speaking of jobs, I want to find a part time job too! I think I'll send my CV to some publishing companies in case they want to hire me for book translations. Besides that, if I am not needed I'll try my luck with some bookstores and electronics shops, or a shop which basically sells toys for kids and has a really pleasant ambience. Or babysitting. But anyway, I'd rather apply for a sitting job because whenever I get anxious I'm dizzy, but I guess I need to get over this fear.

Well that's understandable, I mean India is really far so the tickets must be pretty expensive. Do you like living in the US or would you prefer to live in India if you disregard the conservatism? I have never visited any eastern country, in fact I've never gone anywhere outside Europe, apart from Panama (my dad's from that country) and Boston (that's where my sister was born).

To be completely honest? I am not holding my breath because I am quite introverted lol. Most guys are kind of immature and lowkey obsessed with sex (nowhere near as much as they did in school though). Only a couple of them are more mature right now. Not that it's a bad thing, I am just looking for a shy, bookish kind of guy which is really similar to me and my tastes. I think these guys can be really sweet <3 How did you meet your current boyfriend if you don't mind me asking? I don't think you could have been lame in high school tbh! Actually I think you are extremely cool and admirable. You are a person who is super fun to talk to, your hobbies are awesome and you manage to work, study and maintain a social life without even complaining.

Well childhood unfortunately can screw someone over, but one doesn't have to mope around because of it like I've been doing. I think that sometimes even if you do have kids and you try to act unlike your parents, it's really possible that you will either become the exact opposite, or that you will inadvertently adapt some traits of your parents... ometimes if you have grown up hating something you might end up perpetuating it exactly because you've been exposed to it for a long time. That still doesn't excuse shitty behavior, but it's easier to avoid stuff once you realize you've been doing it.

No fortunately I don't have any! It was a long ride but now I have a healthy relationship with food XD I know exactly what you mean, and it's not easy at all. I had the exact same experience for a long time, with my relatives and my self-image. It's horrible. I think some people think they're just teasing you because they think being skinny is not a problem, while if someone is fat or chubby such comments are immediately deemed as rude. I'm glad you're better now. This shit is really soul-crushing and nothing to make light of.

So you had it rough last year too? 2016 was a shitty year for everyone it seems! I think you should be really proud of yourself because you've come really far. You should definitely reach out if your anxiety starts disrupting your daily life. Seriously, you might think you're hopeless or that nothing can help you sometimes, but these experts have been trained to help for all of this, and waaay worse cases than anxiety disorders. What I want to say is that there's always help and support for you, and as long as you know that you will feel better, I think. Hmm it's not like I am not happy, my life is simply dull, but I am thankful because I don't find it unbearable anymore. One of my biggest concerns is my relationships with people, because when I feel down I isolate myself from everyone and I don't feel like talking; and when you do that then you stop feeling connected to your close ones. So you need to have small talk so you can feel that connection again. As for you, I think it's really healthy that you find something exciting every day. What do you find interesting each day? Is it a specific class, job or talking to someone? I need to adopt some of your positivity x)

I don't have a snapchat! I do have an instagram though, I made an account very recently! This message is very long so if you want me to PM it before you reply to this it's totally fine with me. If you don't have one, I can send you pics through PM. And you can send me yours too, if you'd like <3 I'm sorry about your fish :( Unfortunately they don't live long, and that's always really sad. Pets are really important, and I consider my cats as a part of my family, so I definitely think you should get a cat or a dog eventually, it definitely makes your life happier and of course you brighten their days too. Are you gonna live with your parents throughout med school? Maybe you can rent a flat with the money you earn, unless you prefer living with them for the time being.

I see! Are your friends from your university or school? I prefer calm situations too, and your friends group sounds interesting and less rambunctious than most, which is nice. What's your ideal outings? I really like going by myself to bookstores, if I am with company I like having a cup of coffee or a drink. I like going to the movies too! I hate night clubs and all that noisy stuff though.

Code:Realize is pretty lit, but holy shit saying it's rushed is an understatement. And I can tell even if I haven't read the VN XD But it's intriguing, and I really ship Lupin x Cardia! Ugh all I think about while watching the episodes is that I want to get my hands on the VN but I have no PS4/ Vita :( This is soooo frustrating!
Playcool Dec 3, 2017 6:05 PM
Not planning on continuing? I been on a hiatus, with the possibilitly of getting on it again when spring starts (just seems to suite the series alot dunno).
EarlCiel Nov 20, 2017 8:31 PM
OMG LOLLL my freaking late response is like throwing a bottle into the sea...>___< dude I haven't replied to you in a long time either. What even LOL pls don't apologize I'm also like pretty horrible for not replying man.

I'm glad I have someone to go back to when I want to talk about Danganronpa though! hahaha but yeah, definitely we share the same opinion on the future arc of or Danganronpa 3. I AM LIKE SUPER DUPER EXCITED FOR V3 I STILL NEED TO GO OUT AND GET THE GAMEE!!!

I've seen a few of the chapters online, the playthroughs with subs and the new cast is absolutely amazing haha I love the characters for danganronpa. We always have such a colorful, cast filled with interesting people and honestly after the prologue, chapter 1's trials is amazing. Haha won't spoil though in case you haven't played but you might have actually played by this point since I'm legit responding after...over 2 months -__-
Playcool Oct 21, 2017 12:49 AM
Never came back to you, but hey, I readed Spice and Wolf till vol 7 and so far enjoying it alot, albeit being a LN means that in order to enjoy more, it is better to take some breaks between extending reading periods.
Danae Oct 11, 2017 12:23 PM
That's fine! Btw feel free to reply belatedly too, I don't mind at all. After all my messages can get pretty lengthy.

I see lol. Shana is a bit annoying, I usually hate tsunderes voiced by Rie Kugimiya. I remember watching Toradora and finding Taiga unbearable at times, especially when she threw tantrums. Yeeah I like Yumiko too! She's pretty sweet, though at the beginning of the common route I found her quite annoying. But I obviously warmed up to her later, especially during her own route.

I'm glad we agree! Personally I usually root for the guy who gets the girl, the only exceptions are HnR and Strobe Edge. I read HnR years ago but the salt is still real XD Tsubaki-chou is pretty great so far, I love Akatsuki and Fumi <3 I'm always alert because things are running *too* smoothly without a Mamura stand-in. Like I said I think this is one of those manga which are better off binge-read, because I really lose the vibe waiting for the translations and new chapters. I've kinda forgotten the characters' actual traits. Do you have this problem too with monthly manga? I haven't read the Shishio side story, I saw some of you guys commenting on the discussion thread but I couldn't find it translated in english! Was it good? Or did it feel like the author was simply throwing a bone to the fans?

I like Sasuke's VA too! However I admit that I mostly associate him with Shirou and Sasuke LOL. I haven't heard any opinions on the original Norn9, so I don't know if the VN is good. I imagine that if you want to read it then it must be cool though. I'm still in the second route of Dies Irae, I haven't watched the first ep of the anime but I think that most people said it's shit. In contrast to that, I watched the first episode of Code:Realize and found it pretty damn great. I think it was one of the strongest starts of the season. That's cool! I wish I had a PS4 too, but I'm not complaining since I haven't run out of games yet. Do you have a favourite game excluding VNs? This year I've only played the Assassin's Creed series, but I also like GTA, Need for Speed, Fallout and Skyrim.

Wow, ou seem very responsible and experienced to me <3 How can you manage attending your classes, studying *and* working? Tutoring doesn't sound like a bad idea but it must be tiring, right? I think I'd want to try a job but I don't know what that could be... I'm busy during the year because of my classes but I could look out for something during summer or another not-busy period. But whether I want it or not, I'd have to work one day. Next year we have mandatory internship for a specific number of hours in a hospital or institution, so that's something to look forward to lol.

Hmm I see. knows how long? That situation when you were 14 must have really sucked especially if you were forced to break up with your boyfriend. Thankfully now you're an adult so your parents can't dictate what you're doing. I hope it goes well with your parents when the time comes. Even if they don't take it too well, I really advise you to do what really makes you happy. It might be hard to oppose your parents but you don't have to do what they want at the expense of your own happiness. On a side note, I'm glad your parents are not too strict, compared to the arranged marriages supporters. Maybe it also has to do with living in the US? I mean, I imagine living in India could be a more conservative environment, but of course I don't know. Have you ever traveled there, by the way?

I don't know! Having you say that is a bit comforting, but I feel like I've been missing out on something most people my age have experienced lol. Doesn't it sound a bit weird if a 20 year old girl has never had a relationship? I dunno, maybe that's just my own pessimistic view. But what you described doesn't sound half bad to me, tbh it sounds pretty cool that you had various boyfriends to remember during your teenage years! You shouldn't really regret it, I think adolescence is partly about friends and partly about relationships for most people. I can't say those were bad years for me though. I had a great time with my friends, so I look back rather fondly. I hope your boyfriends weren't immature so you can look back fondly as well. In any case, that's so cool, it seems like you've been very popular! <3

I'm honestly glad you have had a pleasant relationship with your parents! That's really important because if your relationship is messy then you might face all sorts of troubles later in your life. No it's not too personal, I consider you a friend so I don't mind :) I'll try to be concise, my parents had an awful relationship and my mother was always locked up in her room. I don't remember doing pleasant things with her during my childhood. Thankfully, when I was 8 they divorced lol. Even after that, my mother was always tetchy and aloof, so I had eating disorders because I was anxious when I was with her. I grew up associating anxiety with not eating, so I had some problems during 10th grade. Besides that, my mother always treated me like an unwanted burden and she never cared about my feelings. I generalized this situation and felt like I was a burden to everyone, so I struggled with keeping my friends. Even now, whenever I hang out with them I feel like I might feel sick and burden them, and then they won't want to hang out with me. Sometimes in the past I felt so stressed to the point of fainting, but most of the times I had a normal panic attack. As for my parents, after their divorce they tried to make up thrice, which sucked big time. The third time ended rather traumatically, but at least they're not on speaking terms anymore and I don't have to deal with their forced drama.

I'm really glad you're feeling better these days <3 And I think it's really important that you persevered even though it was a tough situation. You managed to work there and you also gained some experience. Plus, because you worked there now you know that lab work does not interest you. If you ever feel anxious then you should at least talk about it with your closest friends or your partner. Not only will you take this off your chest but you will also feel less helpless and alone. Are you having a good time right now, with your studies, your job and your friends?

Don't worry, my parents are not really informed in mental health issues either. My mother doesn't even know I'm on meds because she thinks they're for alcoholics or crazy people. I don't want to deal with her negativity at all.. Anyway to answer your question the meds definitely helped. Back in March, I was feeling like shit, I couldn't step outside the house without feeling like something bad would happen. Deciding to consult with a psychiatrist was a difficult decision, because it's like you have to accept that what you have is serious and dysfunctional. But it really helped. I might still be stressed in social situations but at least I can go about my daily life and hang out with my friends. I wouldn't call my life fulfilling nor happy, but I wouldn't call it miserable or hopeless either. So yeah, if you ever feel completely overwhelmed, you shouldn't be in despair, even if you simply go to therapy there's always something that can help you. If someday you consult with a psychiatrist and he deems that you need medication then it might take a while to find the right combination, but once you do it will definitely make things more bearable.

Yuup my cats are so cute! I'll definitely send you a pic of them. I might send you a selfie too, though I rarely take them and I wouldn't call myself photogenic either XD Do you have any pets? As for studying abroad, it's not really expensive. This exchange program is very cheap. Grad school can be a bit expensive on the other hand, but it always depends on the city you choose. I think the US education can be too pricey, I've heard about numerous people having student loans even in their 30s, which sounds outrageously inconceivable.

The party was fine, the previous one was miles better but it's important to socialize and get out of the house from time to time. Thank you, that's a very sweet thing to say <3 Have you been doing anything these days? I'd love to hear about your friends or your routine!

Airing anime, huh... Juuni Taisen is fine, it's an action show with no plot armour. It's a bit of a Fate rip-off, but it's enjoyable. Garo:Vanishing Line seems like another action anime which is just mindless fun, but it's really stylish. Ousama Game is a horror one which definitely has some potential if they don't screw it up, plus Miyano Mamoru voices the MC <3 There's also Mahoutsukai no Yome, which has a magic/ fantasy setting with an intriguing concept. I think this one and Code:Realize are so far the most impressive ones for me.
Hias Oct 9, 2017 7:49 PM
That's great!

What are you up to now?