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Playcool Today, 12:49 AM
Never came back to you, but hey, I readed Spice and Wolf till vol 7 and so far enjoying it alot, albeit being a LN means that in order to enjoy more, it is better to take some breaks between extending reading periods.
Danae Oct 11, 12:23 PM
That's fine! Btw feel free to reply belatedly too, I don't mind at all. After all my messages can get pretty lengthy.

I see lol. Shana is a bit annoying, I usually hate tsunderes voiced by Rie Kugimiya. I remember watching Toradora and finding Taiga unbearable at times, especially when she threw tantrums. Yeeah I like Yumiko too! She's pretty sweet, though at the beginning of the common route I found her quite annoying. But I obviously warmed up to her later, especially during her own route.

I'm glad we agree! Personally I usually root for the guy who gets the girl, the only exceptions are HnR and Strobe Edge. I read HnR years ago but the salt is still real XD Tsubaki-chou is pretty great so far, I love Akatsuki and Fumi <3 I'm always alert because things are running *too* smoothly without a Mamura stand-in. Like I said I think this is one of those manga which are better off binge-read, because I really lose the vibe waiting for the translations and new chapters. I've kinda forgotten the characters' actual traits. Do you have this problem too with monthly manga? I haven't read the Shishio side story, I saw some of you guys commenting on the discussion thread but I couldn't find it translated in english! Was it good? Or did it feel like the author was simply throwing a bone to the fans?

I like Sasuke's VA too! However I admit that I mostly associate him with Shirou and Sasuke LOL. I haven't heard any opinions on the original Norn9, so I don't know if the VN is good. I imagine that if you want to read it then it must be cool though. I'm still in the second route of Dies Irae, I haven't watched the first ep of the anime but I think that most people said it's shit. In contrast to that, I watched the first episode of Code:Realize and found it pretty damn great. I think it was one of the strongest starts of the season. That's cool! I wish I had a PS4 too, but I'm not complaining since I haven't run out of games yet. Do you have a favourite game excluding VNs? This year I've only played the Assassin's Creed series, but I also like GTA, Need for Speed, Fallout and Skyrim.

Wow, ou seem very responsible and experienced to me <3 How can you manage attending your classes, studying *and* working? Tutoring doesn't sound like a bad idea but it must be tiring, right? I think I'd want to try a job but I don't know what that could be... I'm busy during the year because of my classes but I could look out for something during summer or another not-busy period. But whether I want it or not, I'd have to work one day. Next year we have mandatory internship for a specific number of hours in a hospital or institution, so that's something to look forward to lol.

Hmm I see. knows how long? That situation when you were 14 must have really sucked especially if you were forced to break up with your boyfriend. Thankfully now you're an adult so your parents can't dictate what you're doing. I hope it goes well with your parents when the time comes. Even if they don't take it too well, I really advise you to do what really makes you happy. It might be hard to oppose your parents but you don't have to do what they want at the expense of your own happiness. On a side note, I'm glad your parents are not too strict, compared to the arranged marriages supporters. Maybe it also has to do with living in the US? I mean, I imagine living in India could be a more conservative environment, but of course I don't know. Have you ever traveled there, by the way?

I don't know! Having you say that is a bit comforting, but I feel like I've been missing out on something most people my age have experienced lol. Doesn't it sound a bit weird if a 20 year old girl has never had a relationship? I dunno, maybe that's just my own pessimistic view. But what you described doesn't sound half bad to me, tbh it sounds pretty cool that you had various boyfriends to remember during your teenage years! You shouldn't really regret it, I think adolescence is partly about friends and partly about relationships for most people. I can't say those were bad years for me though. I had a great time with my friends, so I look back rather fondly. I hope your boyfriends weren't immature so you can look back fondly as well. In any case, that's so cool, it seems like you've been very popular! <3

I'm honestly glad you have had a pleasant relationship with your parents! That's really important because if your relationship is messy then you might face all sorts of troubles later in your life. No it's not too personal, I consider you a friend so I don't mind :) I'll try to be concise, my parents had an awful relationship and my mother was always locked up in her room. I don't remember doing pleasant things with her during my childhood. Thankfully, when I was 8 they divorced lol. Even after that, my mother was always tetchy and aloof, so I had eating disorders because I was anxious when I was with her. I grew up associating anxiety with not eating, so I had some problems during 10th grade. Besides that, my mother always treated me like an unwanted burden and she never cared about my feelings. I generalized this situation and felt like I was a burden to everyone, so I struggled with keeping my friends. Even now, whenever I hang out with them I feel like I might feel sick and burden them, and then they won't want to hang out with me. Sometimes in the past I felt so stressed to the point of fainting, but most of the times I had a normal panic attack. As for my parents, after their divorce they tried to make up thrice, which sucked big time. The third time ended rather traumatically, but at least they're not on speaking terms anymore and I don't have to deal with their forced drama.

I'm really glad you're feeling better these days <3 And I think it's really important that you persevered even though it was a tough situation. You managed to work there and you also gained some experience. Plus, because you worked there now you know that lab work does not interest you. If you ever feel anxious then you should at least talk about it with your closest friends or your partner. Not only will you take this off your chest but you will also feel less helpless and alone. Are you having a good time right now, with your studies, your job and your friends?

Don't worry, my parents are not really informed in mental health issues either. My mother doesn't even know I'm on meds because she thinks they're for alcoholics or crazy people. I don't want to deal with her negativity at all.. Anyway to answer your question the meds definitely helped. Back in March, I was feeling like shit, I couldn't step outside the house without feeling like something bad would happen. Deciding to consult with a psychiatrist was a difficult decision, because it's like you have to accept that what you have is serious and dysfunctional. But it really helped. I might still be stressed in social situations but at least I can go about my daily life and hang out with my friends. I wouldn't call my life fulfilling nor happy, but I wouldn't call it miserable or hopeless either. So yeah, if you ever feel completely overwhelmed, you shouldn't be in despair, even if you simply go to therapy there's always something that can help you. If someday you consult with a psychiatrist and he deems that you need medication then it might take a while to find the right combination, but once you do it will definitely make things more bearable.

Yuup my cats are so cute! I'll definitely send you a pic of them. I might send you a selfie too, though I rarely take them and I wouldn't call myself photogenic either XD Do you have any pets? As for studying abroad, it's not really expensive. This exchange program is very cheap. Grad school can be a bit expensive on the other hand, but it always depends on the city you choose. I think the US education can be too pricey, I've heard about numerous people having student loans even in their 30s, which sounds outrageously inconceivable.

The party was fine, the previous one was miles better but it's important to socialize and get out of the house from time to time. Thank you, that's a very sweet thing to say <3 Have you been doing anything these days? I'd love to hear about your friends or your routine!

Airing anime, huh... Juuni Taisen is fine, it's an action show with no plot armour. It's a bit of a Fate rip-off, but it's enjoyable. Garo:Vanishing Line seems like another action anime which is just mindless fun, but it's really stylish. Ousama Game is a horror one which definitely has some potential if they don't screw it up, plus Miyano Mamoru voices the MC <3 There's also Mahoutsukai no Yome, which has a magic/ fantasy setting with an intriguing concept. I think this one and Code:Realize are so far the most impressive ones for me.
Hias Oct 9, 7:49 PM
That's great!

What are you up to now?
TheAceCasey Oct 7, 10:54 PM
I play all games, like every genre. But i stream FPS mostly and currently Fortnite :)
VinnyLam Oct 5, 5:56 PM
Yeah, you should totally finish up on Monogatari. I'm glad I decided to give this series a try. I don't know how I managed to watch everything from Bakemonogatari to Owarimonogatari 2nd season, but it was totally worth it. :)

Getting off topic, I'm happy that To Aru Majutsu no Index just recently got announced for a third season. I don't know about you but I'm also a big fan of that series. I've been waiting for a third season ever since I finished watching both seasons of Index and Railgun in 2015.
Danae Oct 5, 10:36 AM
Another late reply, sorry about that, I've been a bit busy because of some university assignments and I'm playing the VN on my free time. I'll try replying sooner and this will be quite easy anyways from now on, I think <3

Yeah that's kind of a normal thing in my university. Nothing is scheduled, everyone does whatever they want, so this is no news unfortunately :/

Yup I have some imaginary girlfriends but Michiru is definitely #1! Really, your brother likes tsunderes :O Does he have a favourite one? I think most of them are unbearable, with some exceptions of course. Sometimes I prefer them over kuuderes though because the latter can be too aloof and characterless.

Duuude tell me about it I read HnR back in 2015 and I'm still salty lol. I was completely indifferent towards Mamura, Shishio was the obvious best choice. He was such a kind and humorous guy with a child-like attitude sometimes which was adorable. I would have bitterly accepted Suzume choosing Mamura if Yamamori had written the story with proper focus on them. But no, instead of that she made it all about Suzume and Shishio, and even in the penultimate chapter it seemed like they were endgame. It's like she changed her mind during the last chapter. I sometimes feel like re-reading it because I absolutely adored it up to a certain point, but I don't want to experience the pain again xD Tsubaki-chou might be Yamamori's redeeming story lol. I really like the story so far but I need to binge-read it again because it's a monthly manga so I always forget what happens and the general vibe. I completely agree with you, her art is absolutely gorgeous! There's not a single poorly-drawn panel.

I usually enjoy the sex scenes too, though I would exclude a couple or two from Kajitsu. I see what you mean! That's how I pictured Asako as well. I thought they had sex like once, but if she is portrayed as a romantic lead or the focus is primarily on a non-existent romance then I don't think I would like it or find it believable either because of how she was described in the prequel.

I am on the second route of Dies Irae, it's an awesome VN! There are so many great characters, I think you would like it as well. I hope I manage to complete it until the end of the month because the anime will portray the 3rd route. Wow that's a lot of VNs! I will think about buying a vita, especially if VNs are like Code:Realize (meaning that they are only available on vita and ps4- there's no way I'll buy another play station soon). Have you read Norn9? Was it good? I had started the anime but found it a bit boring. I'm gonna rewatch it sometime because I didn't finish it. You have a PS4? O_o that's so cool! I only have PS3, and it's a bit annoying because all the recent games are available only on PS4, which is always the case when a new console is out. If your game has arrived I hope it's as good as you thought! You seem to really like Danganronpa, do you think the anime is worth it or should I just go for the VN?

I see! You'll be the youngest one then, right? Why do people start med school at 24, do they have something else they need to do before applying? Personally I might graduate when I'm 21, then there's grad school and then off to work lol. The thought can be a bit intimidating. When I think I'm supposed to be an adult it seems weird to me. I don't know shit about taxes and bills and I've never had a job..
I see what you mean about your parents! I have another indian friend who's 24 and her parents keep pestering her about marriage. Is this the norm, like most Indian families are a bit strict on the relationship aspect? I hope I am not being offensive or anything. You seem like you have a great relationship with your boyfriend, I think your parents will approve of him especially if they see how much you care about him. I think it would be easier for you to introduce him sooner rather than later, because then you'll be more carefree and you will be able to spend more time with him. Btw it's so cool because you've been together for quite a while! As for me, I might be 20 but I haven't had a boyfriend or girlfriend ever lol. I haven't even kissed someone, which is a bit weird because most people my age have already had their fair share of experiences. I don't mind most of the time though because I focus on maintaining my friendships, I don't think I would be able to sustain a relationship.

Hmm I don't really spend time with my parents, their priority is their respective partners so they focus on that along with their jobs. That's totally fine with me though since the longer I spend time with them the more likely it is for us to have an argument. My childhood and my relationship with my parents have been tumultuous at best, but I can't expand on it now because I suspect this comment is long enough already lol. I think you're right, I should bite the bullet and send an application. It's only for six months and it would be nice to live on my own, I can't be too dependent on others. It's not like I'm attached to living with my mother, I will only miss my sister and my cats because I've got used to them and I care about them the most. If they accept me in a different country, maybe it will be a better experience than how I imagine it.

Wow that sounds like quite a stressful situation, and on top of that you had to work there for months. Do you feel more comfortable now when you meet people or make friends? I hope you feel better than you used to. It's the same for me, so perhaps you're in the spectrum too even if you haven't been diagnosed. I think it really becomes a problem if these feelings disrupt your life, like how you described your work at the lab (p.s. working at a lab sounds quite demanding). Personally I really struggle with my friendships, I have managed to keep my closest ones though and they're very supportive of me. Sometimes I wish I were a better friend to them, the last couple of years I've been really depressed so I am not usually the one to call them and stuff. There's this university party tomorrow though and my friend wants us to go so I'll do it for her sake. I'm actually a lot better now both with my anxiety and depression, partly because of my antidepressants and partly due to psychotherapy.

So you suck at math related stuff too, congrats for passing these classes, I imagine there must have been quite a few of them! Yeah, I think most boys are interested in scientific stuff so they would opt for psychiatry rather than psychology. And I see what you mean about european studies, they can be more specific and this is a good thing because you can start to choose what exactly you want to do, so you don't have to suffer through more generalized studies that you might not have liked during the first two years. Studying in America could have its advantages too, I think, it's not like the european system is infallible.

It's fine by me, I think I wrote loads more and I'll have more free time from now on so it's no problem for me <3
Yup Oct 5, 8:52 AM
TheAceCasey Oct 1, 11:19 PM
I play a ton FPS, and I usually stream it on Twitch. But when I'm not streaming I usually play JRPGS!

I love Persona, and the Tales of series of coures, but ff15 was fantastic! What games do you play?
Danae Sep 28, 1:06 PM
I hope your assignments are going well! Personally today I had my last exam and the professor just. decided not to show up without notifying us, so I literally lost 3 hours of the day for nothing lol.

I agree! I haven't watched that many shows to begin with, but lately I prefer female characters to male ones. I think the only real tsundere I can tolerate is Rin from the Fate series because she's not annoying so she makes up for it with her cleverness. Yeah like you said Michiru subverts this trope, and she's a quite deep character so she'll always be #1 in my heart. If I had a girlfriend, I wish it would be a girl like her <3 Btw I saw Shishio from HnR on your favourites, you have my enthusiastic approval lol, though that ending was a real fuck you to all shishio fans and I am forever salty because of it T_T

Kajitsu was pretty long iirc. However it might have seemed that way to me because I read it during my senior year in high school while I was studying for my uni entrance exams, so I couldn't binge-read it. I have bookmarked Meikyuu to download it once I finish what I'm reading. Hmm I think I've read some spoilers, you mean the sexual aspect of the relationship between Yuuji/ Asako? I haven't read Meikyuu but if that's what you mean, I guess they might have put that in there because in all VNs there are H-scenes, and the usual target group is men for these types of works (with a lot of girls and a male MC).

I am actually reading a VN these days, it's called Dies Irae and it's pretty damn great so far! It's over 50 hours long including all the routes but I was quite intrigued from the upcoming anime's description, so I downloaded it once I heard that it will only have 18 eps. I get what you mean about Code: Realize, after all it's rare to see an anime adaptation that's doing justice to the VNs. I did a quick search and Code:Realize seems to be only available for PS4 or PS Vita, and I have none of those so I was a bit disappointed... how did you read it? On a side note, are you reading something these days besides MuvLuv?

That makes sense then. Accelerated programs sound pretty demanding though. As for med school are you doing a full 4-5 year study or less than that? You're going to have to move back with your parents huh, if they're close to you and if you have any siblings it can't be that bad, I think! Were you living alone these last 3 years? Was it a cool experience? Personally I'm still living with my mother (and sister, one year older than me) because the university I was accepted in was nearby. We used to have a pretty bad relationship but we're on better terms now. I don't see her a lot anyways because whenever she's not working she travels to our countryhouse because her boyfriend lives there, so that's a plus lol. Anyway, the point is that I haven't left home yet. There's this european university program called Erasmus, which is basically a program in which students send an application to study to a university abroad for 6 months. It might sound a bit childish, but I feel kind of hesitant when I think about it... perhaps it's because I'm not that sociable (I have social anxiety, so I only have a few, but very close and reliable friends) so I'm not all that interested in the prospect of meeting other people. I'm still thinking about it, though!

Yeah tell me about it lol. You must be pretty hard-working and smart to be able to study all of that, the medical field is quite challenging. Personally I suck at physics and everything math-related so I would probably be kicked out lol. Oh your bf studies psychology too, that's very cool, in my class boys are almost extinct xD As for teaching kids, that's an actual course, to be more specific we have many such courses throughout our studies, but it has to do with how to effectively teach kids, learning difficulties and how to handle crises in school. If you're interested in becoming a school psychologist you can choose more subjects related to kids (when you're a junior or senior you select most of the courses you want to attend and have few obligatory ones so you can start deciding what specialty you're interested in) but personally I am more interested in the clinical aspect and psychoanalysis so I'm only studying the basics of the school psychology.

45 minutes driving, wow that's a lot considering you won't even be using public transport. It sounds quite troublesome especially if you consider the early morning classes! Is your current college near your flat at least?

P.S. I ended up blabbering so obviously feel free to not respond to all of this if you're busy! I'll try to keep my next reply shorter, you just seem like a very interesting and likeable person :)
Hias Sep 24, 8:35 PM
Sasuke will never stop being a douche.

I am going to try and watch anime again.

Also damn, I just realized that your location is Florida. Hope you and your family managed to evacuate without too much trouble.
Animated_Amateur Sep 23, 4:38 AM
Yup Yandere and proud ^-^ (I have a serious problem yandere are my favorites) and hooray compliment :D

LOL XD you nailed it I have always rated shows based on how they made me feel in the moment and because of that I feel like I need to watch a wide variety of anime to better understand the property and myself as well but I too have limited time >.< so I think you are right that one day I will get there with certain anime properties that I just cannot make it through . . . . . or put them on hold for eternity at least :D

Oh yes I would say personally that the hardest thing about grad school is not necessarily the material because if you like the subject you are getting a higher education for then for me it just comes more naturally but really the difficult part is the time and the amount of work you have to get done at least that has been my experience >.< yes I fear without direct legislation passed by my administration the On-Hold list population problem will just get more and more out of control *-*

That is what everyone tells me XD and the episodes I have seen have always plastered a big grin on my face that I cannot get rid of while I watch it so I definitely need to pick it back up again! Interesting yes it seems from your experience it is great after a long day to unwind that makes sense I will have to try it out and take my time with it so I can truly appreciate it ^-^ (although since they make a lot of references to other anime series don't I have to watch those as well *.*)

Well it is more of a vague idea XD I know the next 3 and the 1000th title but after that things get a little more up in the air I mean I have a vague I idea of what titles I want to be my milestones after the next three but nothing set in stone XD and even after title 1000 I do not know where I would go from there *.* although as a fun little thing the 9 titles I will watch leading up to the big 1000 will be some of the worst anime titles that have been rated as such by the anime community XD so that will be an interesting grind I am sure it will not drain me :'D

But, yeah if I ever figure out how to make my profile look good then it will be great to display the milestones in a cool fashion and be like wow loo how far we have come ^-^

Yay :D video games and anime music are entertainment for the soul ^-^ is that right well I will have to give it a listen then sounds like a real boost to the smile :D I have been meaning to watch K-ON (of course XD with my plan to watch list) it seems like a show I would really enjoy sometimes I wonder if I should listen to anime music before I see the anime or when I actually watch the anime to enjoy the experience (I am weird that way >.<) but I really am a sucker for adorable types of anime so I might end up watching them sooner then I know XD Excellent the classics do not change and Beethoven was a musical genius he is one of my favorites same here school just takes up so much time but once you are able to find a balance then you can take steps to re-polish and dedicate time to all your skills and hobbies :D

So what is new with you Fisher-chan are you doing well? How are the shows you are currently watching panning out? Any surprises? Any disappointments? O-O Do you have a 1000th milestone in mind? Can you guess mine? Also, question out of left field do you have any pets? What are their names :D
StyleF1re Sep 22, 12:48 PM
I'll get back to this in a bit.
StyleF1re Sep 21, 11:44 PM
Sounds good on your part! My world is pretty stalled right now, so I need to find my way to my motorcycling endeavors fast, if not a career or romantic relationship. I feel as if I'm going through motions right now and finding it hard to get excited about anything. Well, at least consistently!

I suppose there are some definitive advantages to being passive, though maybe generally speaking its better to be proactive and more aware of your surroundings. As for the mainstream movie craze, you're damn right! Forget spending ten dollars on movies I'll likely forget about in a hurry. Better do drop back and invest my time in the classics or more critically-acclaimed and timeless works as opposed to keeping pace with the current trends and environment.

People are even more aggressive in their opinions online thanks to social media. I wonder how many of them actually mean or support what they say behind the screen. Plus there are those who get too caught up in the smallest or most meaningless topics and conversations. Anyway, I've seen friends bury their faces into their phones and others who take the IM diction and talk into the real world with all the random memes, acronyms, or phrases popular nowadays. Idk, I just think people back then had more class and a more profound knack for vocabulary and conversation. Heck, my disappointment can even extend to what I hear on the radio nowadays compared to the reggae and r&b stuff of prior decades. Those genres are just an example though and not my personal favorite genres by any means. There are other things I could get into, such as with gaming v-loggers, but I'll just cut the cord here before I start becoming fiery with my rants... haha

But seriously, social media does have its perks too in allowing people to keep in touch with another and spread information about local news and events quickly and rather efficiently. And it's absolute bliss for photographers and those who share their travels with the world!

haha I hope so too. The US and whatnot has been taking quite a beating this past month. It's rather tragic to think about.

Feel like I missed some stuff and left out some thoughts, but that's all I have for now. Enjoy! And lmk if you prefer to use WhatsApp for conversation too. MAL feels a bit slow like how email conversations are... haha
VinnyLam Sep 21, 4:25 PM
Owarimonogatari gets a lot better, especially in the second season. I just finished watching the second season yesterday, and let me tell you, now I have post-anime depression. One of the reasons is because I've grown really attached to the characters and the ending has left me wanting for more, but unfortunately, I've currently watched all the anime adaptations, including the three Kizumonogatari films. The next animated arc will be Zokuowarimonogatari, and I really hope it comes out soon to fill in this emptiness.

(SPOILER ALERT) As for Shinobu, yes, she's my favorite character in the series. I mean, who doesn't love a vampire loli? Also, the gag with her and donuts is adorable. I was actually disappointed that Shinobu didn't get enough screen time in Owarimonogatari 2nd season, especially since she was pretty hyped up at the beginning of the season after regaining her full form.

VinnyLam Sep 21, 2:25 PM
Hi there. It's been a while since I last spoke to you. Are you a fan of the Monogatari series?