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Sep 22, 2022

Shounen tropes and Shoujo tropes are always at war for the number 1 position at Anime Cringefest.
Anime is very educational.
Shounen tells young boys that if you spot a 'flesh and meat' with tiddies & coochie anywhere near the diameter of your dick, this thing, for 99.9% of cases, will lack any sort of motivation or ideal other than a sole emotion called 'love' exclusive to you/your rival & remember boys, your every 'annoying' and 'get lost' = one blush which fills in half of the circumference of that thing's face. Ofcourse you're allowed to have multiple of these plushies around but it ...
Sep 22, 2022

Funny how the manga readers argue that the manga is better but turns out it's just as bad. Anime made a few differences but they're both very below average.

Sad how the designs were cool, the girls were doing the same kinda shit the men were doing instead of groveling on the ground 'KUN-ing' the fuck out of said MC's name but what's the point when plot and character development don't exist! I like Akame a bit tho, prolly because she's stoic & super strong idk it mostly works with these two traits together but not saying she's a good character or anything. Esdeath is ...
Sep 22, 2022

So here's the thing. Attack On Titan was one of my favourite pieces of media up until a few months before the manga officially ended. I'll try to keep it short but I'm sure it isn't going to be. I didn't want to write a review but I changed my mind so after a year here I am. It is a story with no meaning whatsoever. Remember all those symbolisms & metaphors, comrades dying for a purpose, a constantly building hypothetical atmosphere addressing a slow unfolding mystery which would lead to Eren ending as one of the most complex and perplexing protagonists? About ...
Sep 22, 2022

I'd like to briefly describe why this is my least favorite season of all Gintama. Firstly it's Gintama so it was very hard to give a 7 because by the time I got into this season, I was already in love with the series. For me, in terms of comedy and serious arcs both, Gintama has always been a solid 9/10 if not more. BUt out of all the top tier amazing shit till now, this season has been the least appealing to me. Gintoki didn't have much to do this season - that's one major issue I had. But that shouldn't be a ...
Sep 22, 2022
Afro Samurai (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings

Story : 3/10

The story was extremely boring and generic. Guy sees someone kill his father, becomes vengeful and walks the path of revenge and killing, only to stand alone at the end with no friends. Yes, the plot is extremely recycled but you could still pull off the same mainstream story if you hone it to near perfection. Afro Samurai, sadly couldn't do that. I hate to admit it but I was so bored at certain points that I felt like dropping it. Luckily I have an ironclad rule of completing every anime/manga I touch upon no matter how cliché it is (unless it's ...
Sep 22, 2022
Mixed Feelings

Story: 6/10

Okay so there's no actual plot in Sakamoto Desu ga. It's purely episodic with a cluster of independent plotlines about how people are drawn to Sakamoto perfect-kun due to jealousy/attraction/admiration in an attempt to either impress or degrade him but in the end Sakamoto perfect-kun overcomes all odds & obstacles and shines brighter than your dad's hair gel. The pair of short stories every episode were overall fun with some moments being really really fun while others being meh or extremely cringey.

Art: 8/10
Colors are great. Characters look good (Sadly most of them ONLY look good).

Sep 22, 2022
Free! (Anime) add

Okay I'll keep it short. I gave it a 5 because of the astonishingly beautiful animation and colors. Otherwise I'd give it a 1. Also, let me remind you, just because it's about swimming, doesn't mean it's a typical SPORTS anime. There are a bunch extremely hot shirtless guys that I absolutely loved staring at, being a straight woman but that's it. The ending is horrible, I get that it was meant to be wholesome friendship thingy, but the glasses guy was memed real bad. It was a complete wtf moment for me considering he's the only one I liked a little as ...