Sep 22, 2022
Mixed Feelings

Story : 3/10

The story was extremely boring and generic. Guy sees someone kill his father, becomes vengeful and walks the path of revenge and killing, only to stand alone at the end with no friends. Yes, the plot is extremely recycled but you could still pull off the same mainstream story if you hone it to near perfection. Afro Samurai, sadly couldn't do that. I hate to admit it but I was so bored at certain points that I felt like dropping it. Luckily I have an ironclad rule of completing every anime/manga I touch upon no matter how cliché it is (unless it's absolutely, I mean ABSOLUTELY unbearable). I feel like a 12 episode length would make the same story worthwhile but 5 eps were too quick and the story felt incomplete at parts.

Art : 10/10

Ooof the art and animation made me watch through this no so great series. I also loved the single hue color palate (which is blue for most parts) - It looks really gorgeous and fits the theme of the show.

Sound : 7 /10

Although Samuel Jackson does a good job, the other voice acting felt really mid to me. OP and ED were great.

Characters : 3/10

The MC was very umm boring? I liked Jinno much more than any of other characters tbh and the white afro guy was very annoying but it worked to a certain extent. I found everyone else quite One-dimensional and uninteresting.

Enjoyment : 5/10

Enjoyed the gore, the animation and the fights. Was quite boring with everything else.

Overall : 6/10

Honestly it's not a show to be ignored. You can definitely watch it but only when you don't have any more good stuff left to watch.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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