Sep 22, 2022

Shounen tropes and Shoujo tropes are always at war for the number 1 position at Anime Cringefest.
Anime is very educational.
Shounen tells young boys that if you spot a 'flesh and meat' with tiddies & coochie anywhere near the diameter of your dick, this thing, for 99.9% of cases, will lack any sort of motivation or ideal other than a sole emotion called 'love' exclusive to you/your rival & remember boys, your every 'annoying' and 'get lost' = one blush which fills in half of the circumference of that thing's face. Ofcourse you're allowed to have multiple of these plushies around but it depends on your universe/genre/the extent of contact between the writer & a living female. You don't need to press any buttons, the 'Ereh' 'Sasuke-kun' 'Naruto-kun' 'Light-kun' are almost spontaneous. They're pretty handy for the day mc loses his memory or somewhere along the way, the reader/viewer forgets said MC's name for how boring he is.

Shoujo teaches young girls that it's okay for that one 'PERFECT' guy who has no personality other than being 'physically perfect', to touch you without asking & harass you whenever he feels like. It's alright for him to suddenly pull you up close and land a hickey on your waist and lift up your skirt on the second day of you seeing him and kiss you by force BECAUSE, HE'S FUCKING HOT. And because he's everybody's crush but he's paying attention to you and only to you. Don't you dare think about saying 'no' to anything he does to you! Don't you dare. And girl, don't get confused. It's not like you don't reciprocate his 'love' because, you know, YOU DON'T LOVE HIM OR ANYTHING. You're a shoujo protagonist and this guy touches you without consent and is the national crush. You will eventually love him. That's the friggin' rule.

I remember when I was watching 'Yona of the dawn', a particular scene where Hak - the main male lead (a character with a decent backstory and personality), suddenly started licking honey off Yona's hand (For extra context, they're not lovers & Yona likes someone else at that point of the story) after a jar of honey accidently fell on her hands and I remember seeing comments saying 'hot' & 'romantic' but I was grossed out as fuck at that scene. I provide this example, to show that even a good story like 'Yona of the dawn' with actual good characters starts to cower when you decide to include typical overused problematic meta-narratives exclusive to 'shoujo' or 'shounen' demographics. This particular scene was so out of character for said, 'Hak' who in the early episodes/chapters is proved to be very stoic and is shown to respect Yona and prioritize Yona's privacy. And even though he's in love with her, he would never force Yona to feel the same, right? Wrong. Yona, quickly multiply your feelings for me by a leap of 50 folds while I grab your hand and lick it without asking if it's okay because it's so romantic gooosshhh!
Many great shounen and shoujos, have regressed by 100 years, only because of the implementation of these clichès and Kaichou wa Maid-sama isn't even great to begin with. So how bad can it get?

Okay this is becoming too much of a general anime rant. Coming back exclusively to Maid-sama.


- Usui, in the first and only season of Maid-sama is just a stalker with no personality.
- Misa is a tsundere by default and by the rules of anime, she'll fall in love with the guy after he constantly follows her for a span of 8-10 episodes.
- The chemistry is just zero. Plain Zero. They try but it's just SHALLOW.
- There are moments when something romantic SHOULD happen, provided it's tagged 'Romance' but, is instead followed by Usui being a pervert while Misaki starts pushing him away with a ripe tomato face. This same thing goes on and on and on and on and on only for Misaki to say 'You sexually harass me but I love you I guess' during the 100th repeated version.
- There's this typical love traingle guy introduced at the near end and the writer leaves no stones untouched to make it crystal clear to us that Usui is far superior to him in all sorts of 'aesthetic' aspects or that he or no other guy for that fact stands a chance in front of Usui when it comes to our Misa-chan.


- That one band in the show. Bruh.
- Art is pretty crisp for something animated in the early 2000s.
- Taking out the context of 'Romance', Kaichou wa Maid-sama! is fun for the most part. Obviously most jokes don't work, but you can still sit through with a laugh every once in between, provided Takumi & Misa are not trying to make sense of their half-assed relationship.
- Supporting cast, even if not that great, some of them are quite okay, like the hypnotizing guy with hoodie or the other maids at the cafe or even the idiot trio.


If it's as a comedy, you CAN watch it but I'd recommend it only and if you are done with comedic geniuses such as Gintama and Saiki.

As a romance, a huge NO.

In all honesty, this is one of those many many MANY animes which gives it's teen veiwers the wrong message about how relationship and consent works. They tried to portray the protagonist in the light of a 'strong' woman who takes no bullshit but at the same time when she's in the vicinity of the main guy, she makes no deal about him lifting her dress. The irony lmao.

I might be being too salty for one hell of a fictional piece of work but again, I'm just tired of shoujo being ONLY about falling in love and getting turned on after being dominated or harassed. When I was 15, one the few things I was constantly worried about was if I'd get spanked by my mom for drawing a fake tattoo with a sketch pen on my arm. Anyway, don't exactly recommend it but you can watch it, it can be YOUR thing if you resemble anime's idea of a teen girl.
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