Sep 22, 2022

I'd like to briefly describe why this is my least favorite season of all Gintama. Firstly it's Gintama so it was very hard to give a 7 because by the time I got into this season, I was already in love with the series. For me, in terms of comedy and serious arcs both, Gintama has always been a solid 9/10 if not more. BUt out of all the top tier amazing shit till now, this season has been the least appealing to me. Gintoki didn't have much to do this season - that's one major issue I had. But that shouldn't be a problem because Gintama has such an amazing and diverse cast right? Well, these 12 episodes weren't the same case. The plot kept shifting from one recurring supporting character to single-arc characters, each sharing their story about why the sky is so beautiful and how it doesn't rain forever blah blah that kinda shit which I normally freaking enjoy but this time it just kept rubbing me the wrong way. None of the fan-favorite characters are there for long - which would have been fine if everything else made up for it. But apart from Jirocho, Hedoro and some hilariously funny parts, I was half-asleep most of the time until the end of the second last episode. Yes Tsukoyo and Kyubei were badass and all since the beginning but all these supporting characters who appeared to grab some screentime were overpowered for the sake of Edo winning against the antagonist group. Most of them weren't weak to begin with but they definitely weren't this strong either. I couldn't care less about that hard boiled guy, he has probably the most lack-lusture personality in the entire show. The most interesting characters were least shown and hence I enjoyed this arc the least. Irrelevant characters bluffing out life quotes and motivation usually works like gold in Gintama but this season continued shifting from the BLAH BLAH of one random supporting character to another after each one takes down a group of random irrelevant villains (ofcourse with Gintoki and co. in background) thus not letting any ONE thing settle down completely. Honestly I was bored to death for most of the season. But since I was able to witness Shinsengumi & Katsura even for a little while and also because the final episode was really good (Gintama-tier), I'll give it a 7. Yeah the last two episodes get the story back in track after pulling it from this confusing mess. I'd definitely recommend to watch this because it's still decent just not AS GOOD AS the rest. Also, Silver Soul Part 2 is great so gotta watch this to experience that and the rest of Gintama!
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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