Sep 22, 2022

Funny how the manga readers argue that the manga is better but turns out it's just as bad. Anime made a few differences but they're both very below average.

Sad how the designs were cool, the girls were doing the same kinda shit the men were doing instead of groveling on the ground 'KUN-ing' the fuck out of said MC's name but what's the point when plot and character development don't exist! I like Akame a bit tho, prolly because she's stoic & super strong idk it mostly works with these two traits together but not saying she's a good character or anything. Esdeath is okay too but it's SHOUNEN bitches! - so we got a couple of chics including her just hopelessly in love with a very below average looking & boring MC. I mean, Lubbock was way more charming but no girl liked him. Mmmm SHOUNEN. Meanwhile the mc is like 'oh no *blush* boobs'. Typical. Overall pretty bland show, everyone dies, that too for very weird reasons. I mean they just die. One after another. Quicker than how the teachers steals your paper when you're tying to scribble during the last 30 seconds.. The last fight is kinda cool tho. But Akame got some super six paths sage hack in the end which didn't make sense in the anime but looked cool nonetheless. So it's not worth watching. But watch it if you want. Who cares. I watched it too.
Reviewer’s Rating: 4
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