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Aug 16, 2013
This was a really good movie to watch. I was very impressed with the film and the story was really good as well as the characters and sound. This is truly a good film from Leiji Matsumoto and I'm glad I was able to watch this film, as it is very hard to find around here nowadays. This film is worth watching if your a fan of Leiji Matsumoto's works and if you like movies dealing with space and travel as well as battleships, this is the film for you. A true gem and worth watching. You won't be disappointed. You'll even feel sorry for ...
Jun 2, 2013
Isaku (Anime) add
This is a very sick anime. So sick, that I nearly puked. My god was this series awful.

The whole entire ova is filled with nothing but rape, where nearly everyone except the male protagonist is raped and touched by a filthy and disgusting man named Isaku, who wants to have fun and do disgusting things to women sexually and thinks all women are whores.

This entire series is not meant for everyone and if you like a series that is based on disgusting things, mainly rape, watch this ova. Very similar to Cool Devices, and both disgusting.

just remember to keep yourself sane after watching ...
Jan 12, 2013
Hi.Me.Go.To (Anime) add
damn this ova really had me in a whirlwind. It was so good and so addicting that i wanted more. The main male protagonist sure knows how to get around, and the female leads, they're definitely not afraid to go after what they want. This is a really good ova hentai and totally worth watching if your ever in the mood. Especially if your a young boy and have steamy fantasies of banging your teacher or lover. Definitely recommended. Will have you begging for more.
Aug 17, 2012
I personally thought this was a really good prequel special. The story i thought was really touching and the background music really fitted the special well.

The plot is basically about Kaoru, who had just left his family background and is living life on his own, but one day he finds a pendant, which later turns out to be Santa's Claus's pendant. One day, Santa pays him a visit and Kaoru gives Santa her pendant back. In honor of returning her pendant, Santa grants Kaoru a wish.

It's a really good prequel that focuses on Kaoru's point of view (at least when it comes to Christmas), ...
Apr 30, 2012
I really and truly enjoyed this prequel Ova. It was really good and i thought it was very sweet, touching, and totally fits what had happened before the start of the series. Rumiko really knows how to make good plots.

The story focuses on what happened before Kyoko works at Maison Ikkoku and what her life was like before she met and married Soichiro. It also explains who Soichiro was (as a person), why Kyoko loves him so much, how Soichiro the dog came to live with Kyoko and them, events of Soichiro's death and funeral, and why Kyoko had decided to become a manager at ...
Apr 30, 2012
I thought this was a very good Ova series. The animation, characters, sound, and everything was so good and overall it was very enjoyable.

The Ova focuses on the side story of the manga, called "Yusaku's Island" (only the ova is called Deserted Island), and it's about Godai, Kyoko, and the gang having a good time on Mitaka's boat until something happens (thanks to the crazy tenants who just can't live without causing trouble or drinking booze all day). Anyways, the gang ends up stranded on an island and thinks of ways to survive and get help from traveling boats and stuff.

the animation was really good ...
Mar 25, 2012
This is the second story i read by Chiho Saitou that i've read that was really good (the first i've read is Revolutionary Girl Utena). To put it off, this story is really good for reasons that i will state:

1. I just love the whole plot and the characters in this story, particularly Setsuna's character. It focuses mainly on Setsuna's life as she comes to dealing what had happened 15 years ago and why she's bent on learning her past life and why she wants to have revenge against the people who caused her parents death. While dealing with these things she meets someone from ...
Apr 28, 2011
The reason why I say this is better than Banner of the Stars and even the prequel of the series, Crest of The Stars is because of a few reasons. Also here is the reasons why I gave it a perfect score too!

1. This one totally explores the relationship of Jinto and Lafiel. And what I mean by explore, I mean it literally focus on just how much Jinto and Lafiel love each other, and how they would react if anything ever happens to them, Mainly Jinto. I thought Crest of The Stars was a good series, since it shows how Jinto and Lafiel first ...
Apr 18, 2011
Mixed Feelings
I can't believe that i used to like this season as a kid growing up. I can now see why though.

seeing as i am a huge fan of romance and stuff, I listed this series as a favorite because i thought the sailor moon r series stands for romance, especially when it has mamoru and usagi kissing more in the r series than anywhere else. Boy was i ever wrong.

don't get me wrong, i enjoyed this series, especially in the english dub (before cloverway owned the series and totally ruined the voices, although dic is no angel either.) But since i started watching it in ...
Mar 22, 2011
As you can see, this is one of my favorite Movie out of the whole three movies that came out and here is why!

1. It is actually based off the manga, though in my opinion the manga was way better (you even get to see a party in the beginning of the manga as well as Usagi using the Luna Pen, which she hasn't used in a long time!

2. I happen to like Luna, who some may think is a nag, but at least she does care for Usagi and is actually quite useful in a lot of ways. Anyways, this is based mainly on ...

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