Apr 18, 2011
Mixed Feelings
I can't believe that i used to like this season as a kid growing up. I can now see why though.

seeing as i am a huge fan of romance and stuff, I listed this series as a favorite because i thought the sailor moon r series stands for romance, especially when it has mamoru and usagi kissing more in the r series than anywhere else. Boy was i ever wrong.

don't get me wrong, i enjoyed this series, especially in the english dub (before cloverway owned the series and totally ruined the voices, although dic is no angel either.) But since i started watching it in japanese, especially now that i am older, i have changed my mind about this season.

This series was actually pretty bad. First you have alan and ann showing up to collect energy for their doom tree, who needs energy to sustain life for whatever. And then you have mamoru, who has just been revived, only to have his memory completely lost and basically being a brat to usagi. Not to mention each of the senshi's getting awesome attack powers, only to never show up again in future episodes, which suck because their attacks were awesome. The only one whose power remains is Sailor Moon's, but she's the main title character so it doesn't mean anything.

Then there is the real arc. Finally mamoru and usagi are together again, only for chibi usa to come along and kinda ruin the whole thing. And then there is the break-up, which if you ask me was stupid and pathetic. They made mamoru into a total jerk and made them break up, whereas in the manga, they never broke up. They just have a small fight, but they never really broke up. And Usagi was never that jealous of chibi usa, at least not in the manga part. Nor was chibi usa that annoying in the manga.

They pretty much remain alone till when Usagi started recieving that dream, which was part of the reason why they broke up. Then after that, they are a couple again, though mamoru should of never broke up with usagi to begin with.

The only things that were good about this series was the music. Mainly "La Soldier" and the minor characters and the villians. Out of all the villians i felt sorry for the most, it was Saphir and Diamond. They were actually alright and hot. When they died i kinda lost it. But i wanted to finish this up in time which i finally did.

anyways, if you love sailor moon and liked the first season i recommend this for you. But otherwise for the most part, I prefer the S , the first season, and the Stars series for major enjoyment. I prefer the manga too.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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