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Anime Stats
Days: 209.4
Mean Score: 7.08
  • Total Entries1,018
  • Rewatched104
  • Episodes12,295
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited
Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited
11 hours ago
Watching 4/11 · Scored -
Nanatsu no Taizai: Kamigami no Gekirin
Nanatsu no Taizai: Kamigami no Gekirin
11 hours ago
Watching 8/24 · Scored -
Digimon Frontier
Digimon Frontier
11 hours ago
Completed 50/50 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 33.1
Mean Score: 7.52
  • Total Entries209
  • Reread1
  • Chapters5,951
  • Volumes465
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Ayakashi Triangle
Ayakashi Triangle
Aug 2, 10:52 PM
Reading 7/? · Scored -
Vigilante: Boku no Hero Academia Illegals
Vigilante: Boku no Hero Academia Illegals
Aug 2, 10:52 PM
Reading 31/? · Scored 8
Undead Unluck
Undead Unluck
Aug 2, 9:09 PM
Reading 26/? · Scored 7


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Uchiha_Sasuke May 25, 2015 1:30 AM
Uchiha_Sasuke May 24, 2015 9:22 AM
i see your anime stats
wow..!! Sugoi :D
charmecia5 Mar 27, 2014 6:35 PM
oh yeah. Sailor Moon will always be the show to me. Plus it got me into anime (along with Speed Racer, Dragon Ball z, Pokemon, Gundam Wing, and Inuyasha and others).
OkabeScientist Jan 14, 2014 8:24 PM
To think some of my comics are still in the front page, hehe. Did you ever get to watching anything from Samurai X?
EsdeathIsWaifu Jan 5, 2014 4:46 PM
I'm sure that they'll make a second season. It's like a licence to print money. So I'm just waiting for that :P

Crunchyroll just fixed itself, so I don't think there is a lot you can really do until it decides to work. >.>

Since '09? That's insane. Are they still in the same area? >__<
EsdeathIsWaifu Jan 1, 2014 5:46 PM
How are you liking AoT?

I was having that same problem for a week or so on PS3 and on PC. I think it's on their end. A fair amount of users were having problems

The Shinobi World War Arc is still going on in the manga?
EsdeathIsWaifu Dec 26, 2013 6:48 PM
I really hated the Bleach filers that I've seen. I'm too OCD about skipping episodes though >_>

Yeah, free members can only see some of the manga. I'm an anime user and I still can't see it all. I can send you a gift pass if you need one.

I wonder how much longer Naruto will go on for
EsdeathIsWaifu Nov 16, 2013 10:49 PM
Lawl. I figured you'd like that. I think he's probably the coolest looking character in the series. Haha, I can't stand Orihime. "Kurosaki-Kun...." is forever burned into my brain -____-

I think one of the saddest scenes I can think of off the top of my head is when Naruto finds out about Jiraiya. Especially when he's sitting outside the store with the popsicle. When Naruto comes back to the village after defeating Nagato though...Oh man, the feels. Finally being recognized by everyone, a great moment.

Bleach was the first anime I started watching besides the stuff everyone watched in the 90s/00s. I've been meaning to get back into it, but it's been about 5 years. I stopped watching it when I stopped watching Naruto. All the shitty fillers, and waiting for weeks just to be rewarded with even more filler. I never meant to take this long to get back into them, but I just kinda fell out of anime after that until this year. It sucks that the ended the anime though :(

I find it hard to read manga online. Just seems odd to me. I might try it again now that Crunchyroll has manga on their site.

That sucks the last few chapters haven't been very good. The very little I know past the Shinobi World War arc seems pretty interesting. Save for someone dying ;(
EsdeathIsWaifu Nov 11, 2013 2:03 AM
Lawl. Well, he as was all in your icon and stuff on the RC a while back, that gave it away. >.>

I like a lot of the characters, but I really like Naruto. I love his positive attitude towards everything, even after all the shit he's had to deal with.

Like when he was a kid, and they show him alone and he's eating his cup ramen, and he's still all "Itadakimasu!"
EsdeathIsWaifu Nov 7, 2013 10:32 PM
Lawl. I'll probably be caught up by then. I'll let you know what I think of it when I get there.

Oh, I can see that. >.>

I like him too though
EsdeathIsWaifu Nov 7, 2013 4:09 PM
Also Naruto > Sasuke >___>
EsdeathIsWaifu Nov 7, 2013 1:11 PM
I ended up deciding to watch them all. The six tails arc was awful. The enjoyed the Konoha History arc though.

At least I have that one to look forward too.
EsdeathIsWaifu Oct 30, 2013 5:46 PM
Hey, I'm going to start up Shippuuden again. (I think I was on episode 134 or so) are any of the filler arcs worth watching?
EsdeathIsWaifu Oct 23, 2013 10:34 PM
I keep finding interesting anime while browsing around on here. It's been a big help.

It's Hei from Darker Than Black.
EsdeathIsWaifu Oct 20, 2013 2:53 PM
Lawl. That sucks >_<