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Oct 20, 2022
Jigoku Shoujo (Manga) add
As someone who has not watched the anime yet, you should probably go watch it over reading this adaptation. The reviews on Hell Girl's manga page should be taken into consideration as well.

So the question is, is this manga horror or a comedy?

The way the manga presents itself is very childish; even though there are serious tonalities in every chapter. The theme of Hell Girl is supposed to be dark, and the artwork did not deliver that. You have panels that did not transition, and sometimes you don't even know what the heck just happened. Also, for some reason 90% of the chapters open ...
Oct 11, 2022
Mixed Feelings
I may be in the minority here regarding my review on Kaichou wa Maid Sama, but re-reading this series after like 9 years or so, the story is really not good. I can see why it was popular for its time in the early 2010s, but the story lacks depth and does not hold up after all these years.

The story dragged with no real development on most of the plots introduced, making the chapters completely pointless and extremely boring. The lack of plot was repetitive in each chapter. Usui and Misaki’s relationship is really the biggest saving grace in this series. Their chemistry is ...
Jul 16, 2022
I’ll be the first to say that this story was hard to follow, especially for a childrens manga. The story was set to read like an RPG; basically a video game format that just got too repetitive, dialogues were confusing, and each chapter would end with a monster or human saying “thank you, take this item, now we don’t hate (other) humans anymore”. The first 4 volumes were basically side quests, and those side quests didn’t establish much at all. The whole adventure process was incredibly bland and went in circles. The story doesn’t really progress until the final volume.

Yuuki is a terrible main protagonist. ...
Jul 4, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Since there are no reviews here yet, let’s talk about ‘Di Gi Charat’.

This comic anthology all started with the great Koge-Donbo, who is well known for her mangas ‘Pita-Ten’ and ‘Kamisama Karin’. It is apparent that ‘Di Gi Charat’ was solely created for slapstick humor for the magazine “Gamers” back in the 90s. However, this small comic idea became a hit and skyrocketed Koge-Donbo’s career.

At the time, “Gamers” magazine was featuring artists that drew doujinshi who were not so well known, but their contribution to this manga boosted their careers drastically. Various manga artists helped create this ‘Di Gi Charat’ anthology while Koge-Donbo ...
May 25, 2022
Gau Gau Waata (Manga) add
This series was published in the US by a now defunct company called “Gutsoon! Entertainment”, also known as ‘Raijin Graphic Novels’, back in 2004. Only 2 volumes were ever released in English, and boy am I depressed.

It is not surprising this series faded into the abyss since it’s US publication has been terminated, but what I’m most shocked about is that this series has literally no scanlations online. It is impossible to find it anywhere. Sure, you can still buy the manga in Japanese, and the first two volumes in English, but this series has so much to offer and it’s saddening that Bow Wow ...
May 24, 2022
Ultra Maniac (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
I have to admit, re-reading this series after god knows how long, I felt that ‘Ultra Maniac’ was a bit underwhelming.

On the last page of the final volume of 'Ultra Maniac' contains a bio section of the manga-ka, Wataru Yoshizumi, and also a comment section where Yoshizumi said that once this series started, she became less interested in magic and struggled coming up with ideas for the manga. This seems to explain why the plot is so basic. Everything about this series was pretty basic and straight to the point.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very cute series that I felt was ...
Mar 23, 2022
This is the WORST manga Natsumi Ando ever created.

From start to finish each chapter had an exaggerated anime trope. Trope after trope after trope, it loses its sense of story-telling completely. These tropes practically told the story itself.

Overly dramatic scenarios for an anti-climatic story. Practically every trope you can think of, it’s all in this manga.

Each character also had exaggerated facial expressions; it was uncomfortable and unnecessary. Even in some scenes when there’s a character falling off a tree or building it was SO unnecessarily exaggerated.

The whole manga was an exaggeration. There is no originality whatsoever. Idk if Natsumi Ando was bored ...
Jan 25, 2022
The last time I read this manga was about 10 years ago. I remembered it being really funny to me with all the crude humor and slapstick, which at the time really attracted me to this manga; besides the artwork of course.

However...crude humor is definitely subjective when it comes to ‘Butterflies, Flowers’. With the time that have gone by, and a lot of growing up to do, my love for this manga dissipated into the abyss.

Story: 4/10

The plot is simple: girl grows up in a rich household with maids and servants; she was attached to a servant who had to find work elsewhere ...
Nov 21, 2021
Rizelmine (Manga) add
This is quite possibly Yukiru Sugisaki's worst manga she's ever made. It was pretty embarrassing to read. I’m not really sure why this manga ever got an anime.

-Story: 2
Anything that is “explained” in 'Rizelmine' is completely vague. There was barely an explanation why Rizel (FMC) was an android created “before mankind”. Why? How? “She was created by so and so” …then what happened? What about the other androids? Needless to say, this series is only one volume long so to “squeeze in” every bit of detail was not executed well. Even near the end when you find out about Tomonori’s past (MMC), suddenly “all ...
Nov 10, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Since there are no forums or reviews for 'Two Flowers for the Dragon', I'll do the honor of writing it's first review!

-Story: 6
The story itself is good for what it is, technically. Each character had their own arc which was done well. There were parts of the story that even took me by surprise the first time around. One of the biggest criticisms I have for the story though is the "villain". The last two volumes (6 and 7) was not enough time to build up this villain in particular. The climax was done last minute and the buildup was not really there to leave ...

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