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kishitani_sid May 19, 5:56 AM
They're nice. Ohh Serial Experiments Lain, been a while since I saw that in someone's favourites. Such a great anime.
It was basically website development for my computer course. I also had an art stencil design project on the side. They were generally exciting indeed.
MIIMZZ May 14, 1:11 AM
Nice to meet you also. I'm fine, how about you? Have you watched any good anime's lately?
kishitani_sid May 8, 12:40 PM
Yes indeed. I totally get you, I got super distracted most of the time, especially when taking care of my large as hell project for the past semester.
I see, five isn't too bad. Adding more isn't a bad idea either. For me I haven't changed up mine since January, guess it's time to review it.
It's always difficult to decide what to remove or add, so take your time.
shisha_no_sekai May 7, 6:05 PM
hello :3 I'm watching kaguya sama s2 how about you

thx for adding me btw
kishitani_sid May 6, 4:25 AM
That's great to here! I see, I just got done with my finals on Monday myself, definitely deserved a break after all that online hassle.
That's great, Oyasumi Punpun is a phenomenal experience of a manga, but even I haven't finished it yet. I love how it tackles realism in such a beautifully detailed but messed up manner.
Same case here. I'm always getting new favourites every few months, I wish I could make it longer than it is.
Tissemand May 6, 3:47 AM
You like anime?
kishitani_sid May 5, 3:23 AM
No problem, thanks for accepting. I'm doing pretty much alright, how about you???
Nice favourites btw, it's great to see more people reading and appreciating Oyasumi Punpun.
Seiya Apr 30, 9:48 PM
Happy Birthday!
Imaishi Jul 17, 2019 7:03 AM
Thanks for the request.

Kill la Kill AND Utena in favourites? I 'm always happy to see this combination.
Maybe I should get to watching Houseki no Kuni finally

NovaKingSA Jun 11, 2019 1:36 PM
Nahh,, you know how the left side of your brain is math/calculations and the right side is art/creativity?.. well something must've happened to my right side cuz i can't even draw a straight line lmao
My adviser got a new job and i've been too lazy to look for a new one.. i at least want to know how much time/money i'll have to spend to get my bachelors in Computer Science so i really need to stop being lazy and find another adviser.. if i knew them i'd envy them too for working at NASA,, i'm assuming they're about our age too so that's pretty awesome.. a friend of my friend (or maybe they're related?) studied abroad in Japan and he ended up getting an internship at Square Enix and now he actually works there. He's a bit older and i have no idea what he does but that's the only person i know with a real cool job.
So you're saying there's a chance i could've pulled off Astral Projection if i forced myself to sleep in bed instead of going to my desk/couch?..... dammit
i never thought about wanting more than 1 cat but now i want to have 2,, except i'll probably try and get sibling cats
is this like a family secret or something??.. cuz your brother might hate when people bring that stuff up more than his actual abilities
When i'm on a minecraft server on xbox with friends we each do our own thing so i don't have to worry much about building and instead i go around and find zombie villagers so i can turn them back to normal and then i set up a villager breeding spot 😶.. i can get pretty nerdy on minecraft lol
yeah once you get a beard, you won't ever want to be without it.. my beard is pretty big i guess but i just let it grow out naturally and sometimes i'll trim it but never will i completely shave because i feel superrr weird without it.. lmao, bet you won't say anything :P .. i swear there was a way to see who is watching the stream tho
There was a restaurant i went to (Fongs) and they have all kindsss of pizza but i created my own and literally only had Canadian bacon as my topping. i'm lame.

try to make some snickerdoodle cookies!.. those are greattt.. i don't like cookies as much as i used to but ........ dammit i want a snickerdoodle cookie now lol
oof that 2019.. a Kia Stinger would be awesome to have too.. does yours have a backup camera?.. my car unexpectedly had that and now i can't live without it.
Is the accident you're talking about that one big one you mentioned before where you guys were stuck and kept getting rammed by other cars or was it an accident with only you involved?
I still feel bad that you had to go through all that,, both the accident and that guy throwing a rock at your car.. even if you were to catch him and everything,, just looking back at that memory will make me soo mad.
i stopped doing anything related to spooky stuff at night cuz of a certain event. many years ago i was watching Elfen Lied at like 3am no problem.. i took a break and watched some youtube videos.. i had just discovered a youtuber so i was looking through his older videos and found one where he played a scary game so i watched it.. everything was fine, it was more funny than scary until the very end........... .. skip to like 7:00 and the voice in the background that shows up a couple seconds later had me SHOOK.. i had to finish Elfen lied in the daytime smh.
speaking of Elfen Lied.. i can't see you Not liking it.. .. tell me that that synopsis doesn't make you feel some special type of way :) .. pretty sick
hmmmmm.. i'm uspet.. it does look a lot more like diamond.. that character's icon on the page looks yellow so i didn't bother clicking on it or else i'd instantly know it was that one cuz of the colorful hair.. i thought you just did that on yours for fun but i was wrong :( .. you did well on that tho.. my favorite drawing of yours is probably that Adventure time one.. there's also one that i've only seen on your stream on that auto-scroll thing you have.. its some character with blue hair and they're laying down as they reach forward with ink splattered.. i'm describing it purely out of memory but i'm certain that's an accurate description 😅
i probably won't read Berserk until the whole thing is completed or else i'll join everyone at being pissed that a new chapter hasn't come out. punpun is really popular too so i'm going to have to find as way to read it on my phone.
well in that case,, i'm depressed af.. i overthink a lot and tomorrow 2 of my friends are going to go tour a house (i work so i won't be going) and if all goes well, we'll be moving into it.. it all sounds great but i keep thinking about what i'm going to do once i'm there and i keep going through a bunch of good/bad scenarios in my head.. i'm supposed to be smart when it comes to things like this and my smart-self is saying there's no need for me to move out so soon but my curious-self is telling me Fck It, deal with everything as it comes along...... yep,,, so that's my current situation.
We had a zapper thing on the wall but it's been broken for years and mosquitoes basically live on it now.. lmk if you'd like me to send the video with the rats we found back there :P
i've had more opportunities to have "sleepovers" cuz of the parties i go to where most of my friends get drunk and stay over at the host's house and i probably could too but i hate beer so i never get drunk and end up either driving home or driving a bunch of drunk people home
i've never been on a plane 😶.. a couple weeks ago i drove out to the city for the first time ever.. i was nervous at first cuz of all the cars but then everything felt natural (kinda, some drivers are dumb)
my ideal/realistic home would be a modern studio apartment with a gym/pool in the building in a city that has Uber Eats (pets allowed).. that's literally all i ask for.. pls
lmfao,, yeah with that first phrase especially no wonder your mom replies in English,, probably thinks you're goofing off 😅
NovaKingSA Jun 6, 2019 2:28 PM
Had to google that and i'd probably get more stress if i had to draw. i've always hated drawing cuz i'm insanely bad at it.. Art therapy is pretty awesome tho, combines both of your interests and you help people with new things every day.. but anyways,, you've only gone to college for like a year right?.. i think it should be fine if you "start over" if there's anything else you'd like to do. better late than never
super late for me but maybe i can be an Analyst at NASA even if i do nothing related to astronomy
i was so shook that first day i had it tho.. i swear every time i laid in bed after that, it felt like my bed was swaying so after i stayed awake for 2 days, i forced myself to sleep on my desk before i went back to my bed. do your cats sleep in your room?.. i tend to overthink things and i didn't talk to anyone when all that shit happened so i feel like i'd feel better knowing that my pet is next to me cuz then i'll have someone to turn and talk to..
That's what i love too.. can easily get out of nightmares but sometimes i let my nightmares continue just to see what BS happens lol
That is so sweet,, i envy you.. when he mentioned Astral Projection i read about it and it was super interesting to me.. i've always had a weird mindset about things so i have a ton of beliefs when it comes to religion or anything else.. pretty much,, unless it's 100% proven to be a myth, then i believe in it.. i don't go around telling people my beliefs but i don't ever reject anyone else's (saying all this kinda explains why i wanted to go into astronomy/astrology 😅).. kinda funny how your brother hates it.. is it from your mom or dad's side?.. ikr, no time to do things and then it doesn't help that i take a nap every chance i get
His youngest sibling is uhhh sick 👍.. ahh so you're more into the building aspect of it.. i always build my house inside a mountain and i have a specific layout i do every time i build the house (i'm not very creative).. do you play on creative or adventure?
lmao.. i enjoy listening to your rambling tho,,, last stream you talked about wanting to grow a beard lmfao.. honestly tho, i do feel bad for not talking in chat 😶.. i don't consider myself shy but i'm soo bad at starting conversations that people irl always portray me as a shy person (i tend to talk too much once a conversation does start tho).. but yeah,, just assume i'm watching the stream and ask random questions.. coincidentally, you start your streams as i'm getting home from work so it works out
ik ik,, someday i'll grow out of the kids meal.. i don't like taking risks and ordering food i've never tried before so that's another reason chicken is my go-to.. I eat ramen too much if anything.. i eat out A Lot but when i eat at home it's either cereal or ramen,, i order pizza VERY often too.. about a year ago, i decided to stop eating my parents cooking cuz i felt like i was keeping them from making food that They want and i regret not doing it many years sooner (i lost 30lbs and now they make weird food so it all worked out)
ooo what kind of car is that?.. someday i WILL get a Tesla.. that's my realistic dream car... okay,, now that's just really shitty of them.. either they really envy you or you did something (doubt you did).. really sucks that happened to you, this town is pretty chill so i can't even imagine that happening to me but idk what i'd do if it did.. i get back at people in pretty confidential ways 😶 (I know A Lot of people)
yehh,, now you can maybe read those instead of that spooky one you said you read before bed.. Dude so that's where you got your profile picture from?! :O .. if for some reason i'm wrong, then your picture looks just like Phosphophyllite (i totally just copied and pasted that name lol).. looks like it came out in 2012 too so i wouldn't be surprised if you came up with Apoostrophe cuz of that character too.. I've heard whats been happening with Berserk and their chapter releases... so do you read manga by buying the actual manga?? i just use the MangaRock app and read off there but i prefer owning the actual book when it comes to novels.. i was going to read punpun but it was blocked in my region or something
I don't like saying i have depression out of respect for the people who genuinely have it but in the Summer i'd always feel depressed because of how bored i was then i'd start to overthink and worry about small things (i liked going to school so i hated summer)
i reallyyyy hate that.. I Have to wake up and kill it.. i used to work at a bakery and there'd be sooo many mosquitoes and when i'm bored i'd go around and spray them so they'll be unable to fly then kill them (sometimes i'd kill multiple at once).. it was my way of getting back at them.. it may be disturbing but i think i still have some videos so i'll DM them to you
Did you just say sleepovers are overrated? lmao,, that actually made me laugh.. wow so you've gone to Canada?? Another Pro of living in NJ,, you're close to NY, Florida and even Canada..
Same.. i don't need to live a rich life with a big house,, i'll be fine with those small apartments they show in anime
tell me some :) ... in my case it's the opposite, my parents try to speak English to me but i always reply to them in Spanish... my reason for doing that might be the same as your mom's *insert sneezing emoji here* :P
NovaKingSA Jun 4, 2019 12:07 PM
damn wtf,, those are actually the same ones i'd go for too.. I got an associates in Computer Science but if i had the money and intelligence i'd love to study Astronomy/Astrology cuz i've always been fascinated with it.. i also wanted to be a school counselor (i'm pretty sure that's psych and not soc 😶) cuz i liked being a tutor in college and i helped with suggesting classes for people and making their schedules.. i don't think i'd like to be a counselor for anything under high school level tho
okay so minutes after i typed this, i took an order for a Space Center.. This HAS to be some kind of sign right??!
.. if only you saw my reaction when i pulled up a Space Center for this customers order.. these kind of coincidental situations happen wayy too often with me
i yelled.... A LOT... it was last year when i had my first sleep paralysis experience so i was pretty old but still freaked tf out.. i had it 3 other times after that but i haven't had it this year (i may have just jinxed it ffs).. i didn't know sleep paralysis was a thing until i had it so imagine how i felt as i googled my symptoms lmfao.. hows your glass of water set up?.. like, is it a legit glass cup with water?? if so, you may not even need the water if you have a glass cup falling on you lol.. i never tried concentrating on a body part tho,, i give myself "pulses" to my eyes/head cuz that's how i wake up from normal dreams.. lucid dreaming is greattt,, i stopped writing my dream down but i still remember some random dreams
One of my friends tried to get us all to have an "Astral Projection" experience back in high school and he wanted us all to meet at the gym with our soul at like 2am.. of course that didn't work out, but astral projection is a pretty interesting read tbh.. (fun fact: he became a vegan to get closer to opening his 3rd eye.. love that kid)..
She has an awesome personality.. her music taste is uhhh questionable but i personally am okay with it.. i'm just really happy that i joined her stream when i did cuz hearing her stories made me instantly love her
Killua is a beast,, now i'm certain you will like Killua's family.. you're pretty close to seeing that arc too so lmk how that goes.. Hisoka is a really "fun" bad guy
Now that i think about it,, i've bought it 3 times 😅.. started with ps3 then xbox one and then PC.. i love minecraft too but i got bored of it on console because it's really repetitive and Mods on PC make it sooo much better imo.. i'll definitely watch you stream it too.. just know that even though i've never said anything in the chat,, i'm almost always there so feel free to ask random questions and i'll see if i can answer lol
"the meat of the insect"😶😶... "nice and airy" 😶... .. . the type of food i dislike goes much much much farther than cheese.. i'm an awful person to go out to eat with cuz i only want to go to places that at least have chicken tenders.. that's probably the #1 thing i have to change about myself but i have trust issues with food
yeah BMWs require more maintenance than any other car and they're one of the most unreliable vehicles out there but even with all that, they are still one of the best cars to drive.. black is the only viable option.. it was my first car so i was pretty picky with what i wanted but i was running out of time so i chose the one i chose
Should download some manga/anime in preparation for all that.. i haven't read much manga but from the one i've read, this one has the most blood and this one is my favorite short one
i'm going to feel even worse than before now if another hurricane does happen so hopefully nothing happens but climate change has been messing all kindsss of things up
Nah our main attraction is Corn...... yep.. we're the largest producer of corn and there's rarely any empty field that isn't a corn field.. no matter where you are in the state, there's a corn field a mile away .... dude this state is so lame.. i got upset just typing this
seasonal depression huh.. is it bad to be depressed every season? asking for a friend :P
i'm not afraid of bugs but i Hate how annoying ants and flies are inside homes.. camping and hiking are things i want to do someday.. i've never slept outside and now that i think about it, i've never slept at a friends or anyone else's house neither.. not that i didn't want to, my parents just never allowed me to smh
Someday :) .. if i'm on a tight budget then i'll just go to Canada.. Japan would be sick to go to too but a struggle at the same time.
I've heard you say "Yo no se" in your stream and it was pretty fluent so that phrase should be enough to get you out of any Spanish situation lmao
NovaKingSA Jun 3, 2019 11:19 AM
Is there anything you'd like to major in that isn't related to art?
Lucky you can sleep in class an have a literal nap room. I can't trust the people around me if i were to sleep in class and even though the teachers won't say anything, i'd likely get shunned by em for sleeping.. frequent lucid dreams is a good thing!.. i can lucid dream when i want to but i had to teach myself back in middle school.. i read that i had to write all my dreams down so that i'm more aware of when i'm dreaming so i did that for a LONG time and eventually i mastered it (i'm surprised it worked tbh)..
My first sleep paralysis experience was so fckn bad that i didn't sleep for the next like 36 hours.. i'm pretty strong mentally so i rarely get scared of stuff and i'm very self-aware so the 2nd time i got sleep paralysis i tried to force myself to wake up like i do with dreams but that shit didn't work.. even though i knew it was sleep paralysis, i was still super shook when i woke up.. I haven't had it in a long time but i feel really bad for you cuz no way is sleep paralysis something you can just get used to. Or are you OP and actually got used to it? 😅
I started watching an artist streamer (i followed her because of GTA but turns out she streams art too) who is an animator for some marketing agency.. she gave so much advice about art and life and said stories that were quite intriguing so feel free to check it out even as like a podcast (Hirona.. her philosophical spew start at 2hours)
I actually made a friend who isn't that into anime watch hunterxhunter and at first he stopped watching it because he thought it was a fishing anime but he ended up finishing and loving the whole thing.. not for everyone tho.. what part are you in rn?.. i feel like You will like Killua's family and the clown looking-like character but the anime does get better #trust..
Do you play Minecraft on PC or console? i couldn't get used to the controls on PC but i used to watch soooo much minecraft hunger games videos and i'd say i'm pretty smart when it comes to games like that so i thought i'd be a god at it but Nope. Even though i know what i want to do, i'm such a noob with the controls.
umm.. i've licked a lollipop that had a cricket inside it (a single lick) and had cricket powder thrown at me 🙃 but i've never tasted the actual cricket. I'm sure it tastes awful (:P) but at least you're getting a lot of protein 👍.. onion ring mozzarella sticks,, i'm sure the majority of people would love to eat that but in my case, you're combining 2 things i don't like lol (i love pizza but not cheese (yeah i know 😅))
it's a bmw so a love hate relationship is a given with these cars cuz of how often they break down but how nice it drives when it's actually working.. i can ignore the maintenance but having to see the Tan interior with a wood dashboard every day is a painnnnnn. ugly imo
Hurricane Sandy?! damn dude .. i remember seeing news about that. That was in 2012 too so imagine the people who were thinking that the world was going to end..
That view in the 2nd pic tho.... i felt bad when i drove by peoples houses during the tornado but i can't even imagine the feeling your dad had overlooking all that.. must've been quite the experience for all of you.. do you remember how long y'all were out of school for?.. both times during halloween too smh
it's legitimately an iowa thing to do random dumb things during bad weather 😅.. during tornadoes adults sit outside and drink beer as they look at the tornado from afar.. i'll send you a video of things ppl were doing the day that it was -20F outside.
fun fact: i don't sweat.. i prefer the winter season because i HATE bugs but if it wasn't for the that, the summer heat can be quite pleasant
Spain it is. Can go to Barcelona and they somewhat speak spanish there (it's Catalan, a type of spanish) but that's where my favorite football team is from and its on the coast too :) .... someday
NovaKingSA May 31, 2019 1:28 PM
Damn.. have you done animation before? It could be fun tho,, hopefully you end up liking it and make random funny animations to keep yourself enticed.. Same,, i'm pretty good at following orders so i'd rather not be left to do things on my own.. It's nice that you at least thought logically about this decision so whether you switch majors or not, you know the pros and cons
Okay idk about actually sleeping In-Class lol but i'd regularly sleep in the library cuz i had a 2.5 hour break in between 2 of my classes and i was too lazy to drive home (and i had such a good sleeping spot at the library :P).. after i woke up i'd go to my English class and i fought HARD to stay awake,,, oh my goodness was that class boring af.. i go to work after school too so that library nap was essential. I swear i feel more tired when i wake up from a longer sleep session too.. narcolepsy?! dude don't tell me you regularly had sleep paralysis,, that would suckkkkkk. hate that.
I'll probably watch all the movies last then,, and i actually haven't watched Madoka (yeah i know) but imma assume the animation is sick 👍
My favorite youtuber (UberHaxorNova) "quit" youtube and started streaming a lot and he's been doing GTA roleplaying streams.. i didn't think i'd like it so i never checked it out but i was bored one day so i watched him and i got super into it that i had to go back and watch the rebroadcasts.. usually i just watch streams as i'm playing video games but someone randomly gifted me a subscription so i've even been typing in the chat instead of just lurking for once.. his streams are like 6-10 hours too so imagine if i put the same dedication into watching the monogatari series
hmmmmm.... you'll come to like it..... i'm sure you will..... have to :| ..... i can't watch dubbed anime, i've only ever experienced bad English dubs so i don't even bother checking out any dubbed stuff anymore
i'm probably the pickiest eater you will ever know (trust me) so it's going to be hard finding a recipe that doesn't have things i dislike in it but i'll check those out.. i've been trying new things lately but so far it hasn't gone well
Neat how you've seen him,, that'd be instant snapchat story worthy contenct if i ever saw him irl.. that's why i said Florida 😅.. i've read so many dumb/random things on twitter about Florida people
My phone died before i got to see my car or else my live reaction would've been recorded too.. the cars around my parking area had all their windows gone and some even collided with other cars because they got carried around so i thought my car would be rekt too but nope,,, only a small pine tree was on the hood but i just backed up and it was undamaged ... you'd think i'd be happy about that.... nope. i was soo mad dude.. i wanted that insurance money lmfao.. since that day, i've hated my car even more than i did before.. it's a nice car and really fun to drive but i reallyyy Hate the color of the interior but i don't want to sell it because of how many rare/neat features it has and finding a 335 model of that car was a struggle (it's a complicated relationship)
Is it bad that i want to be in a hurricane?.. i feel like it'd be fun to fight against the wind and i want someone to record me as i try to remake that spongebob pizza meme (i never watched spongebob but i've seen plenty of memes).
There was another tornado near here a couple days ago but people pretty much just carry on with their lives even if a tornado is literally in their sights..

Hate me if ya want but i'd actually prefer that rainy weather over a hot sunny one 😶.. more reasons to stay indoors :P
we get all kinds of weather here, even a couple weeks ago it started snowing again.. climate change has been pretty awful tho.. i'm somewhat an environmentalist and it bugs me seeing stuff that's happening because of it while there's barely any real effort to making a change.
Lmao.. sounds like a plan. There's too many options to choose from for European countries with nice beaches so idk where to go to.. good beach/weather, modern-looking, English being a common language and hiking areas are a Must so that should filter some countries out... now to figure out how to apply that filter on google search
NovaKingSA May 29, 2019 9:37 AM
i get them online too so i may have to break out of my social bubble and actually ask them for the cards. i was going to go on Memorial day since i had the day off but i pretty much stayed in bed all day
that's good.. Question. Are you actually considering switching to animation or nah?
Ever fallen asleep in school? i swear naps at school feel more refreshing 😅.. and so you at least have a good reason for having an awful sleep schedule, i just suck at sleeping... this is how many hours a day i sleep

Was there any problem with watching the movies last and do i have to watch them?.. for some reason i'm not much of a fan of watching any kind of anime movie... i haven't watched any anime for like a week cuz i've dedicated most of my free time to watching Twitch rebroadcasts (am trying to catch up on a series) but i finished yesterday so i'll 100% watch the Monogatari series once i catch up on the the anime from this season.. i'll probably start it this Saturday at work. trust me.. this time i will
HunterxHunter is greattttt.. hopefully you enjoy it.. i managed to binge watch it all in like a week because it was on Netflix so it made it super easy
i'm going to be youtube-ing so many cooking recipes when i live alone, looking forward to the experiments :)
i actually already manage all the bills and stuff in my household since everything is linked to my email.. once you have everything on automatic payments, you'll be good.. taxes suck tho, i just have someone else do that.
spoookyyy .. you guys do have a lot of spooky stories.. i think Florida has the weirder activities/people tho
there are some lakes here and they have signs up that say to swim at your own risk cuz there's some kind of bacteria in the water (it's super gross/green) .. they released this episode like the same day that a tornado passed through town too so that was quite coincidental.. video from my snapchat story during/after the tornado
Bet. i'll stop by NJ before i fly off to some random European country so that i can compare their beaches.. beaches in europe are awesome,, they have really clean/clear/fake-looking/blue water (only ever seen them in pictures)