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Nanami Kiryuu (桐生 七実)

Grade: 7th
Birthday: 8 August
Rose Color: Yellow
Rose Bride: Touga Kiryuu
Sword: Scimitar (main) and Dagger (as main-gauche)
(Anime) Drive to Duel: Her big brother's honor, her own self-worth, and validation of her relationship with Touga
Blood type: B
Height: 159cm
Myers Briggs personality type: ESTJ

Touga's little sister, the prototypical "queen bee" of the school. She is very fond of him to the point of their relationship having semi-incestuous edge, at least on her part. Nanami often makes various malicious attacks on students she deems inferior (or worse, those she suspects Touga is paying attention to). After Touga is wounded in a duel with Utena, she temporarily takes over as Student Council President, adopting a bright yellow uniform. In duels, Nanami uses a style of dual blade fencing.

A few filler episodes in the series are specifically dedicated to Nanami and are usually stand-alone type situations, breaking the convention of a standard Utena episode. Each has a metaphorical theme exploring Nanami's character in a sympathetic light, but are otherwise "gag episodes," meant to be humorous and are especially notorious for their bizarre content.

Nanami is not a main character in the manga and is only seen once in a picture with Touga. She is seen only once in the movie, in a reference to an episode in which she was transformed into a cow.

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Voice Actors
Shiratori, Yuri
Valenti, Federica
Byrd, Christine
Applebaum, Leah
Tamarit, María del Mar