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Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
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Diamond no Ace
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THEAnimeHERO Dec 28, 2018 9:18 AM
I just saw the burning Lupin Special for the 50th anniversary it was really good but I wish it was a full length movie. Also did you hear of the 2019 tv special about Lupin & Jigen?
THEAnimeHERO Dec 18, 2018 4:43 AM
There's a bunch of changes such as making a whole new group of villains of a religious cult & retconning Erika's background. Originally she was persecuted by the nazis but it's been changed that she has memorized the blue prints in making a nuclear bomb which ties in with the eventual 199X. The main villain Kasumi Kenshin was fun & had that sense of old school manliness to him. Kasumi Kenshiro get's to do some cool things that's not in the manga & he might more powerful than Kenshiro assuming this Regenesis anime somehow becomes cannon to the Hokuto lore.
THEAnimeHERO Dec 17, 2018 11:43 AM
Oh yeah, Hokuto No Gun (name of subgroup) are still active. They've been subbing it every couple of months or so. They mostly focus on translating manga these days. They're the ones who did the North Star movies & series of similar nature. I just finished watching Fist of the Blue Sky Regenesis. The last ep that came out today really got to me. The 2nd half of the anime is where it got really good with the Hokuto story line but it's weird how it differs a lot from the Blue Sky manga. It's worth watching.
THEAnimeHERO Dec 16, 2018 6:55 AM
It's because of those events that I'm unsure if the final ep was cannon to the manga since it seems so odd. There's more manga stories but there's only a few chapters translated. You can watch the other Cobra stuff which is decent but the 80s version was just sooo good. You should probably jump to Kinnikuman as there's 86 eps subbed which stops right at the ending of an arc so it's a good stopping point until the rest of the series gets subtitled.
THEAnimeHERO Dec 13, 2018 4:20 PM
Cobra has 2 other big arcs being Rugball & Salamander. I'm not sure if the last ep of Cobra is cannon as the previous ep wrapped up the Salamander story line. It ends a little weird so I like to pretend the anime ends on ep 30 instead of 31. The Cobra anime movie is based on the sisters arc with a lot differences similar to the 1986 Fist of the North Star movie. The other cobra stuff is cool, too but never as cool as the original. There's a Lupin two parter involving Goemon which I re-watched recently & I never noticed how good it actually was until now. After a certain point most of the Lupin eps start to get a bit weird with odd villains & characters. By the very end some episodes change art style to resemble the Castle of Cagliostro movie. Part 2 has a lot of stuff going on. I'm hoping Cobra to appear in Jump Force to fight alongside Ryo Saeba & Kenshiro. Oh & Crystal Boy was voiced by Jigen.
THEAnimeHERO Dec 10, 2018 12:31 PM
Cobra's got that music. XD The 1983 He-Man is very corny & has a similar tone to older cartoons like Super Friends but there's some positive messages in its episodes. (It's episodic with some continuity) It uses a lot of rotoscoping & reused cels so action isn't a strong point & there will be some silly cartoony sound effects. There's pretty backgrounds & cool character designs in it but others can get over the top in that 80's sort of way. I got into it because of He-Man the character who's a very pure hero. Skeletor is a fun villain. The world of Eternia really excels in creating the sci-fi fantasy setting with its mysterious artifacts & various beasts. I recommend these eps which can be found on YouTube or Netflix. The Diamond Ray of Disappearance, She-Demon of Phantos, A Friend in Need, Teela's Quest, The Dragon's Gift & Prince Adam No More. In terms of anime I recommend the 2002 He-Man which was the start of the "American Anime" boom when stylish action cartoons were starting to pop into mainstream television. The 2002 series is very cool & has an ongoing storyline which unfortunately never finished since the show got cancelled. I would also suggest Thundercats 1985 & 2011. The 2011 version is pretty much a fantasy anime especially when animated by Studio 4c. But like the 2002 series never finished either. The original Thundercats was also animated in Japan so most episodes have an OVA quality look to it.
THEAnimeHERO Dec 7, 2018 10:24 PM
I also been very intrigued with American series this year. I explored the entirety of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (500+ Eps). Other shows I saw were The Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters, Transformers Prime, Inhumanoids, Bravestarr, Thundercats 2011, He-Man 1983, He-Man 2002, She-Ra 1985 & 2018. Other 80's cartoons I'm watching but haven't finished are Thundercats 1985, Transformers 1984, & GI Joe A Real American Hero.
THEAnimeHERO Dec 7, 2018 10:14 PM
Casshan was my first introduction to Tatsunoko; it's story is very heavy with grief from the very first episode. It's pretty much a war story starring a superhero. Casshan's family struggles really hit me personally. Once you complete the 70's Casshan I recommend watching Gatchaman (not Battle of the planets). The Gatchaman version is the original Japanese without the heavy censorship in the Battle of the Planets 1970's American airing. Gatchaman is quite the treat when it comes to superhero stories as it mixes campy with serious story lines which makes it historically impressive when compared to other superhero shows & comics which didn't become "serious" till the late 80's. The current Sentai Filmworks blurays/dvds of Gatchaman have the uncut japanese & a better accurate dub script via ADV Films back in 2005. The dub on grew on me for that series. Gatchaman 2 & Gatchaman F were only released sub only. If you like Cobra you should give Dirty Pair & Crusher Joe a try. Other favorites include The Rose of Versailles, Ashita No Joe, Sakigake!! Otokojuku & especially Kinnikuman. There's also the Kongo Bancho Manga from the late 2000's but it's a big love letter to 80's manly shonen.
THEAnimeHERO Dec 7, 2018 5:17 AM
I prefer the dub for Lupin Part 2; there's a few old references jokes in it but the cast is solid. That same group would come back to dub Part 4 & the recently bluray/dvd released Gold of Babylon movie. It's too bad they never finished dubbing the part 2 series since Geneon went out of business. There's a chance that older Lupin stuff may start receiving English dubs now via Discotek Media license. Some of that cast members also appeared in the dub for The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. Unfortunately, the dub for Jigen's Gravestone used a different cast. I would recommend starting with 80's Cobra for it has the best episodes & the music is on par with Lupin. The other Cobra series are good but not on the same level as the original. There was supposed to be a new anime called Cobra: Return of Joe Gillain in 2016 or so. It's either still in production by a French company or its lost. As for Lupin, there's already confirmation for a new tv special in 2019. It's also admirable that in the Japanese dub Kobayashi Kiyoshi who voices Jigen has been playing the character since the very first pilot for Lupin since the 1960's. He's the only surviving/working actor of the original JPN cast.
THEAnimeHERO Dec 6, 2018 4:10 AM
With the exception of a single two parter ep, Part 2 is completely episodic. The series with arcs wouldn't start till the Woman Called Fujiko Mine followed by Part 4 & 5. Part 2 has the traditional lupin tunes used today & their banter with each other is great.At some point the fansubs after the 70s I think started getting really bad & I remember having to look for a different sub group which did a better job. Since crunchyroll & discotek have it, finding better subs now should be easy. City Hunter is great but like Lupin is extremely episodic. It's also one of those cases where you have to watch the anime & read the manga.The manga has more dirty jokes & from what I heard goes deeper in the relationship area. I hadn't got around to watch the rest of City Hunter but it's definitely something I need to finish. I was into it but I guess the lack of ongoing story lines didn't make it my priority. Compared to the Lupin gang who have a lot of chemistry the city hunter cast was mostly appealing because of Saeba, at least to me. I don't know if later anime parts make longer stories or if the movies do the same. I compare it to Gintama in how long it took me to REALLY get into it. Ryo Saeba being voiced by Akira Kamiya (Kenshiro) made it all worth it. Have you seen Space Adventure Cobra the anime series? That's a manly 80's show with multiple short arcs with the occasional episodic stuff. And if you liked that you can follow up with Cobra the animation ova the psycho gun, time drive & the 13 ep anime from 2008.
THEAnimeHERO Nov 30, 2018 7:32 AM
Nope, I never played Blood Will Tell but I did know about it when I started reading Dororo. I'm close to halfway with Lost Canvas; it's been decent so far. What turns me off is the music since it uses a different soundtrack. The 80's anime ost is really damn good along with its openings. I've been more motivated to re-watch Superman The Animated Series & been enjoying it. Once you like Lupin, you just can't stop. I remember spending a good chunk of a year watching everything Lupin.
THEAnimeHERO Nov 28, 2018 4:50 AM
With Dororo I've been anticipating a proper reboot for Tezuka series. His modern stuff have been mediocre such as Atom the Beginning & Young Black Jack. Dororo 2019 looks very promising as it seems darker in contrast to the other newer anime which focused on lighter tone prequels. I'd be very happy if it ends being darker than the source material. Looking for Saint Seiya stuff is a bit hard due to odd licensing. I'm not sure if Saintia Sho would be a good starting point. I'm currently watching Saint Seiya Lost Canvas which is a prequel series. The problems with the original Saint Seiya is the fansubs are really, really bad & crunchyroll for some odd reason only has 73 eps out of the 114. Now that I'm checking apparently they're region blocked now. I ended up buying some old dvd releases from ADV Films to watch the series. I mostly saw it dub but the subs were certainly much more accurate. But they never finished the show only up to ep 60. Meanwhile there's a crappy recent dvd release called sanctuary from New Video which had some bad subs for some reason. & the manga is a bit challenging to find too but then the anime is very different from the manga.... so it kinda forces everyone to watch the original anime of 114 eps plus the 3 Hades ovas to wrap it up completely. Almost every new Saint Seiya anime revolves around that original 80's anime & Hades stuff. I haven't finished Lost Canvas but it may work better as introduction point of getting the general idea & its available on crunchyroll & netflix. Discotek Media did release & subbed the 4 saint seiya anime movies so that could work in getting the general idea of what you're getting into. I have no idea if the fansubs are good for those films. Saintia Sho takes place in the middle of 2 arcs from the original (Sanctuary & Poseidon) it's also very girl heavy so I'm expecting a cross tone approach of Sailor Moon mixed in with Saint Seiya. Soul of Gold occurs in the middle of Hades Inferno & Hades Elysion. Meanwhile Omega takes place after the original but is very kiddy in tone. Another option is to wait for the netflix cgi series hits in 2019 which starts from the beginning of the original 80's anime. The thing is Saint Seiya is WAY more popular in Mexico, Italy & France than America so I'm assuming copyright for it may take priority in those countries while the u.s.a. hardly gets anything to properly start the show.
THEAnimeHERO Nov 27, 2018 10:09 AM
What I'm looking forward to is Saintia Sho & Dororo 2019.
THEAnimeHERO Nov 27, 2018 10:03 AM
I saw some eps but I was waiting for the US Netflix release for better subtitled translations or dub if it gets it. Most of the Baki fansubs especially in manga aren't very accurate & I wanted to know for certain what is truly being said.The thing is sometimes Netflix tends to release shows after it airs in Japan. Same thing happened with Little Witch Academia. The english netflix release will be December 18, 2018. The Pickle Arc was the best part for me. There's also Baki Dou aka the 4th part which finished recently but the scans are incomplete & not the best quality. Part 4 is based on a clone of Miyamoto Musashi. There's a planned 5th manga part for 2019 dealing with a sumo wrestler.
THEAnimeHERO Nov 27, 2018 12:00 AM
Pretty close. It's not as graphic as the Goemon movie but Goemon himself does slice up a lot of people in part 5. A lot of the Lupin series parts 2-4 are very tame by comparison. There's an ep in part 2 where Lupins friends hate him for killing somebody. Lupin was framed but that still seemed odd and other eps would state that he had a rule of only killing in self defense. That has stayed true for the most part but eps 1-5 showed a lot what part 5 is capable of. There's plenty of fun moments mixed in with serious eps but I really appreciate the show for giving Lupin his balls back.