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Days: 123.2
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Kanata no Astra
Kanata no Astra
Oct 15, 1:11 AM
Watching 1/12 · Scored -
Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?
Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?
Oct 13, 2:31 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 8
Sounan Desu ka?
Sounan Desu ka?
Oct 6, 4:03 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
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Days: 4.6
Mean Score: 8.12
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Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou
Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou
Dec 15, 2018 4:59 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 8
Mahou Shoujo of the End
Mahou Shoujo of the End
Jul 1, 2018 6:13 PM
Reading 31/64 · Scored 8
Jun 30, 2018 3:17 PM
Completed 9/9 · Scored 7


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Ayato-Hiragi Mar 28, 2:01 AM
Happy birthday!
Ayato-Hiragi Aug 26, 2018 7:01 AM
Currently watching Brother ,dear brother.
wonderedy Aug 26, 2018 4:08 AM
Sorry for replying so late. I went back to my home town and it's hard to find some time to go on MAL and chat :/

What courses did you take in college?
I wonder how different are our educational systems. Tbh I think it's bit funny but schooling in my country atm is pretty different than when it was years ago, even when I was back at middle school (which doesn't exist in the system rn) xD

I personally didn't like Darling in the FranXX very much. It was nicely done, but after all the hype it got, I guess I expected more. I was honestly so disappointed by lack of personality in other parasites besides Hiro, Ichigo and Goro. And those are not as complex as I wish they were. Zero Two also seemed badass at the beginning but after several episodes she became a bit boring imo. And I didn't like the ending at all. I could also complain about that awkward doggy style and lack of fight/action in the middle of the series

I ordered volumes 1-4 of Deadman Wonderland, One Punch Man vol 1, Monster vol 1, both volumes of All You Need Is Kill, both volumes of Solanin and both of Umibe no Onnanoko. I'm also ordering a bunch of yaoi which surprise surprise have some plot but I need to spend freaking 60 cents more to have free shipping so I'm just sitting here looking through all the manga that is already translated and also not longer than 10 volumes but I can't pick xD
I know I want to have physical copys the rest of DW, OPM, Monster, Death Note, Mushishi, Another, Ajin, Erased, Blame, Vagabond and the list goes on and on, but I'd like to get them second hand otherwise I'll be bankruptk

And anime-wise, I'm rewatching Kuroshitsuji, Soul Eater, Bleach, Code Geas, Jojo, Gintama... stuff I really enjoyed but never finished. Especially Soul Eater. I've watched first 30 episodes like 5 times to this day but somehow I just end up not watching it for a couple of days, then week goes by and then a while later I'm mad at myself and promise that next time I'll sit and watch it at one go. I'm such a liar, haha
And I'm watching some seasonal anime like Happy Sugar Life, Banana Fish, Hataraku Saibou, Grand Blue an Satsuriku no Tenshi.
How about you? Are you interested in watching seasonal ones?
wonderedy Aug 23, 2018 1:42 PM
Well, I'm almost on my second year at uni and I can already see the struggle after my 3rd and last year here. Though, next 4 semesters are gonna be a mess and I will have to start working on my master's thesis soon. Maybe I shouldn't worry about what I'm gonna do after I finish uni and focus on what the hell I'm gonna do to finish uni xD

I'm still on my summer break, but I have exams coming up very soon >.<
I can't imagine going back to spending all my time buried in books. It feel so unreal atm. So although I'm pretty busy, I try to watch, read and meet up with my friends who live far away as frequent as possible. Trying to catch up with older anime but also watching some seasonal ones and impatiently waiting for my manga order to finally arrive.

Where are you in Darling in the FranXX and how do you find it so far?
wonderedy Aug 21, 2018 5:12 PM
Glad to hear you're doing great!
I'm actually pretty good too. Though I start feeling down every time I think about all those things I have yet to handle. Adult like life is just so hard, man. I remember being like 5 and talking that I'm already a grown up. How I wish to be 5 again and be able to spend my days playing and not caring about shit xD
What have you been up to lately?
Ayato-Hiragi Aug 21, 2018 2:02 PM
No problem, what’s up?
wonderedy Aug 19, 2018 3:27 AM
Hi, thank you for accepting it! ^^ When I saw your profile pic I just couldn't resist. I'm just such a huge TG trash xD How are you doing?
Luminositea Jun 3, 2017 3:26 PM
Well my family has been planning to go on a cruise this summer for like over a year now, so I'll be going to like Aruba, Cancun, and two others but I can't remember them. So that'll be pretty fun! :D Although I'm pretty sad because one of my friends was supposed to come with us but her family decided not to let her go in the end, but oh well! I'm also planning on going to Disneyland with some family friends and also to Anime Expo with my some friends, which should be pretty fun so I'm excited ^-^ Yea my dad enjoyed Soul Eater, but he didn't like the ending as I expected (which I don't blame him, I didn't like it either x3). I haven't been up to much though, just been trying to catch up on school projects I've been neglecting since I only have 2 weeks left xD I haven't really been watching anything new lately, just been watching Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia when they come out and a Gintama episode every once and a while when I'm bored (which I can't believe I've waited so long to watch it?? I love it it's so funny). I'm kinda waiting until I'm on summer break before I start anything new :p What about you, seen anything good lately? :o
Luminositea May 8, 2017 1:52 PM
Wow you're on summer vacation already? Lucky, I still have another month of school left ;-; Are you planning on doing anything special over the break? :0

I might rewatch Durarara dubbed one day if I ever decide to show that one to my parents, I just don't know if they'd enjoy it since it starts off a bit slow and is pretty dialogue heavy. My dad usually decides whether or not he likes a series based on the first episode (Unless I push it, right now I'm showing them Soul Eater but I had to make him sit down and watch at least past the character introduction episodes in order for him to like it xD). That sounds really interesting though! :o I'd definitely love to see that get animated.
Luminositea May 7, 2017 5:26 PM
Aaah it's been like a month but I'm finally back and free! I finished up AP testing and SAT tests and I feel so much better and less stressed now xP How've you been? :D

I've seen part of Durarara dubbed but I only really paid attention to Shizuo and Izaya's VAs (both of which have my approval because I love Crispin Freeman and Johnny Yong Bosch :p). What's Durarara SH? :o I've never heard of it. Yea there are definitely a couple of minor plot points missing in the Tokyo Ghoul anime (Although mostly it's a lot of character development and background missing which messes with the plot), and I'm actually pretty sure they killed off a character they weren't supposed to in the anime as well if I remember correctly :o So it would be pretty difficult to do a 3rd season without a reboot :p
Luminositea Apr 1, 2017 2:19 PM
Sorry for the late reply! I had APUSH finals all last week so I haven't had time to respond to messages. Yea, I love how it starts off as separate stories but they all end up connecting with each other somehow :p Yea Shizuo and Izaya are definitely my two favorites as well, although I also really like Kida even though he's not around much in x2 as far as I've seen. But I'm a bit biased since his Japanese VA is my favorite VA xD Yea from the perspective of someone who hasn't read the manga I've heard people loved it. I don't have a huge problem with it since anime that don't follow the manga can still be good (like FMA), but I wish they had followed the manga more because people who didn't read it are missing out on sooo much. The one thing I was and still am pretty salty about is the fact that they removed my favorite scene from the manga that was supposed to be in the beginning of the 2nd season, I don't know why they removed it but I was SO HYPED to see it animated and they were just like "nope" and got rid of it entirely D: Oh well, maybe one day if they decide to reboot it :') I think we have to wait so long because the school districts in California give most districts a different week for spring break so not everyone is out at the same time (I assume they do that in other states as well but I dunno), and so I guess my school district ended up being unlucky xD But At least I just have one more week until then :D
Luminositea Mar 18, 2017 7:32 PM
I love Durarara, it's one of those anime where there are so many likeable characters it's pretty much impossible to choose a favorite (although if I had to choose, mine would be Shizuo xD). I haven't finished the second season yet because I've been trying to get through my list of on-hold anime that I started but never finished, and I've also been busy rewatching Tokyo Ghoul because my parents really enjoy anime so I show them some I think they would like. Personally I didn't really like the anime very much because I read the manga first (which is my all-time favorite manga) and they completely butchered the second season and the character development and plot could've been much better, but I've heard that a lot of people who only saw the anime loved it so I was like "eh why not" ^-^ I still enjoyed watching it at least, it just could've been so much better D: Oooo you're on spring break already? Lucky! I have to wait another 3 weeks or so until I'm on break, and that's AFTER I have to take my AP US History finals :(
Luminositea Mar 8, 2017 5:14 PM
Yea Free isn't for everyone lol. Ghost Stories dub is the best though, anyone who hasn't seen it is missing out on SO MUCH xD I had seen Soul Eater a while before Soul Eater NOT came out and I had been so hyped because I thought it would be a continuation or something. I was definitely let down too :p The characters really weren't all that great either, they were kind of annoying in my opinion, nothing like a real Soul Eater character should be. Oooo those have been on my list for a while, I've still got to get around to them. Maybe after I finish Durarara, I finally finished rewatching the first season (because I had forgotten so much about what had happened) so I could catch up and finally watch the X2 series :0 I have been meaning to for a while now, I remember when X2 was first announced and I was so hyped but I just never got around to it I guess, I must've gotten distracted at some point xD
Luminositea Mar 4, 2017 3:46 PM
Agh yea, and then once it's spoiled for me I try to forget it but then as soon as I see anything about that anime or manga pop up my mind ALWAYS jumps to the spoiler I found out. Yea I love both subs and dubs, there are definitely some dubs that are just awful (Such as the Free! dub...just awful xD), and then there are others that I prefer the dub over the sub (Like Hellsing Ultimate, the voices just fit SO PERFECTLY), and some I love both so I don't mind watching either (Like Assassination Classroom). Or there's Ghost Stories, which kinda speaks for itself xD. Yea, MP100 just had more of a story to it and the main character felt more developed to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ah I generally don't think spin-offs are that great to begin with :p Such as Soul Eater NOT! which was...definitely not good xD
Luminositea Mar 1, 2017 5:58 PM
Oh I absolutely hate accidentally spoiling stuff for myself. I've spoiled several things for myself for Fairy Tail so far because I forget how much further into the story the manga is while the anime is on hiatus. Note to self, never look in the Youtube comments of an anime opening for an anime you haven't finished the story of yet. Agh. I haven't seen much of Hunter x Hunter's dub other than the few times I've caught it on Toonami, personally I don't really like it but I'm probably biased since I watched the entire thing in sub and so now if I hear anything that isn't their Japanese voices it just doesn't sound right to me xD Yea I've been watching a couple of 12 episode anime so I don't end up getting attached and binge watching like 15-20 episodes a day, so I can usually finish them in 2-3 days or so :p So far since finishing Hunter x Hunter I've watched Bungo Stray Dogs and Mob Psycho 100, both of which were really good but I liked Mob Psycho 100 a lot more than I thought I would :0 I've seen One Punch Man and I enjoyed it but didn't think it was that great (other than Genos bc I love him), so I didn't think I'd like MP100 more than I liked OPM but I was pleasantly surprised ^-^ Have you seen anything recently, or haven't had the time yet?