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Go! Princess Precure
Go! Princess Precure
16 minutes ago
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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2nd Season
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2nd Season
Today, 1:16 AM
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Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Mar 25, 4:56 AM
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Akatsuki no Yona
Akatsuki no Yona
Dec 19, 2016 4:51 AM
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Aug 6, 2016 11:07 AM
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Billionaire Girl
Billionaire Girl
Feb 17, 2016 2:45 PM
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Manaban 4 hours ago
Sorry if it came across like I was trying to drag you into that whole stupid drama. The truth is I was kind of at a crossroads of whether to mention you or not because I didn't want to mention you without your knowledge, but I worried if it did it'd seem like I was trying to pull you in ._.

In hindsight I probably should've just said "I had a discussion with somebody" and masked a link there, but I was kind of frustrated then and didn't think very well. Sorry.
Eucli Mar 24, 3:48 AM
Hey! I've been well!

Yeah, I've been somewhat busy. I'm currently juggling between university and part time, so those eat up most of my time.
I still watch anime with a slower pace, though I have completely stopped going to the forums and clubs. I've also missed everyone here, but I keep a distance on purpose since being more active on MAL can eat up a lot of time, and I'm trying to get a scholarship, so time is the one thing I have to be careful with. I still visit friend's profiles from time to time to see how you're up!

How have you been?
bastard_of_young Mar 22, 4:32 PM
Yo, thanks for the accept and the recs! I'm still slowly inputting stuff on here, so my list isn't fully up to date, so I've seen a few of them and just haven't rated them yet (namely Katanagatari, CCS, and GitS) but the rest I'll need to check out. Heard great things about Space Brothers in particular, just been putting it off since there have been a bunch of shorter shows I need to catch up on.

Yeah, season 1 of Sailor Moon didn't do much for me, but I need to check out the seasons after because it sounds like Ikuhara's "Ikuharaness" bleeds through a bit, which should be at least interesting. But yeah, I dug CCS and Princess Tutu (another I've yet to rate) more than Sailor Moon S1. It had a few good moments, just felt too tedious most of the time. I appreciate a good slow burn, or a great slice-of-life, but so much of the season felt, for lack of a better word, expendable. I should check Precure though.

I think I need to rewatch Katanagatari and GitS before I rate them. GitS was so long ago (since I watched it on AS way back). Based on that old viewing, I'd probably give it a 7, but I could see it jumping a point. Had some issues connecting with the characters and the setting isn't my favorite, but plots were incredibly smart (Laughing Man was fantastically intricate).

Katanagatari has been the same story as any Nisio Isin adaptation I watch: feels like work for the first half before I start to appreciate what he's doing. I'd probably give it a 7 as well based on my current impression, but it deserves a rewatch down the line.

Anyways, I appreciate you taking the time to type this all out and welcome me, and I hope we have some solid chats in the future!

If you're a fan of the stranger aspects of Sailor Moon, I highly recommend Utena and Penguindrum. Their creator/director, Ikuhara, worked on Sailor Moon until he left due to artistic limitations imposed upon him. And definitely check Maison Ikkoku. One of the best love stories ever told. And if you ever want recs, lemme know what you might be looking for (guidelines), and I'll see if I can come up with something. Thanks again!
SuperRed Mar 14, 6:46 PM
Hi Triple, this is a bit sudden but please share your thoughts on this:
NathK450 Mar 12, 8:14 PM
Social media was made for people to speak freely so no problem @TripleSRank
Nidhoeggr Mar 3, 1:50 PM
Well, I watched Futari Wa pretty much as it aired and it was one of my first seasonals so there is that.

And no problem, glad to help.
Nidhoeggr Mar 3, 3:37 AM
Sorry it took so long. You can really start everywhere you like as most seasons have one or two aspects that they do better than the rest usually. The first four seasons are very oldschool with an emphasis on mano e manu fighting and a smaller, but more pronoucned cast. Futari Wa's second half is a bit weaker though and Splash Star faced a lot of criticism of having two main characters that are very similar to Futari Wa. Yes 5 has some of the infamous Toei QUALITY going on, but is otherwise more sentai and revived the show's popualrity which stagnated before.

With Yes 5 however, Precure enters what I'd imho call the second era where the show moves away the oldschool approach and tries various new things. Fresh has some neat plot twists in the end and some nice chars despite some meh production inbetween; Heartcatch is for many the most well-rounded show with good plot and great characters as well as a very unique style. Suite starts weak, but is otherwise a very strong entry and Smile is by far the most popular with fan and artists alike as it features a neat design and a lot of cute SoL moments - however, it wastes its theme a bit.

And then we have Dokidoki. Somewhat popular, but in my eyes the SEED Destiny of Precure and by far its worst iteration. Mana is a terrible Mary Sue and a lot of the cast has barely any characterization beyond "Mana is X to me". And with this, Precure enters an imho third era - an era of mixed success in one way or another. Happiness Charge had a lot of nice ideas like international Precures of form changes, but fell a bit flat in the end whereas Princess choose a very bland theme which translated into an okay, but ultimately just as bland experience. Witch precure changed up the formula a bit and introduced a Hogwarts like setting and I liked it more than the previous two in the end, but it was surprisingly unpopular with many Precure fans over all - no idea why, really :/
The current iteration just started and once again seems to change things considerably with forgoing the "enemy officer" trope completely by the looks of it as well as featuring a very strong SoL focus again.

Personally, I really enjoyed Suite, Fresh and Heartcatch but I also liked Witch and Futari Wa (how much of that is nostalgia I can't tell you, though. It was my very first Precure in the mid 2000s). Splash Star is also really nice. Just do whatever you think feels right to you. I hope my hasty writeup provided you with enough feedback to make your choice.
AholePony Feb 21, 9:53 PM
Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon
zombie_pegasus Feb 21, 8:18 PM
Ardanaz Feb 21, 10:55 AM
Thanks ^^
Kaimon Feb 19, 9:52 PM
JoJo is my 2nd favorite long-runner after One Piece atm. It's hard to describe without getting long-winded but the way Araki manages handle so many memorable characters, creatives powers, unique conflicts, genre-shifting, and stay unpredictable for over 30 years/100+ volumes is amazing. He also isn't afraid to take risks with his story(ies) and do things that would probably tank other series just because whatever he has in mind still manages to turn out pretty great. Plus it's really neat to see how he grows as the franchise goes on, compare Part 1 to Part 7 and it's almost hard to believe it was written by the same person.

That's enough wanking for now, anyway my point is that I think you'll enjoy it haha.

And in case you need a reason to get back into that One Piece groove:
Kaimon Feb 18, 7:41 PM
Yeah Zou was really short, like 22ish chapters. Iirc it might have even been the first time Oda finished an arc before the anime got to it since like Thriller Bark or Saobody. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it! Did you finish both FMA series, too?

And yeah it felt weird coming back after so long. Those 5 months in boot camp felt like 2 years lmfao. I'm still catching up on alot of things but I have enough money to invest in gaming again and marathoning the second half of JoJo Part 4 has been amazing.
Kaimon Feb 18, 7:23 PM
Did you watch the Zou arc in One Piece yet? (and hello long time no see!)
Tenth Feb 16, 10:38 AM
Haha no worries, feel free to talk about whatever. Saw your posts about IBO though.
Zack312 Feb 16, 7:48 AM
Hmm Maybe. Thanks for the tip xd