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corwinr Today, 1:38 AM
Sure. Not sure if there's anything specific that you might want to know, but I'll try sharing my overall impressions of the franchise.

You're familiar with other magical girl titles, so you know about the monster of the week trope. Doremi changes that episodic format to solving a problem each week. The girls deal with various issues that are both important in general, and have a big impact on a child of their age. So, there are no central villains or a looming disaster, and the show mostly deals with growing up. The magic system is interesting in that it has both progression and some serious limitations, so it's not a do-it-all solution, but more like a convenient tool that helps solve the issue at hand, and the clincher is human interaction and personal growth. Every season has a theme of sorts, that has the girls work part-time, which helps them with their magic efforts, meet new people and achieve a certain level of independence. And what's amazing is that this is a show primarily aimed at young children, because the messages are universal and get through easily, and in my personal opinion, it has value for everyone experiencing it, regardless of their age.

Might seem like a bit of a time sink, but I'd recommend giving the franchise a try. It reminded me of some Precure episodes, mostly from Heartcatch and Splash Star, with focus being on daily life troubles more than the enemy they fought that week. I think you'll get a lot out of the experience, and prepare for some emotional impact, especially in the later seasons.
Deknijff Yesterday, 4:41 PM
ah well I wasn't really following your progress. Just saw someone commented on Slayers and thought Id pop my head in there
But yeah man Slayers pretty fucking good so glad you enjoying it
I see you already watched the prequels too
Deknijff Yesterday, 1:04 PM
TripleSRank said:
It kind of bothers me that they’re making Hellmaster out to be a significantly beigger threat than Copy Rezo/Zanaffar. The whole point of Rezo merging with Zanaffar was that it was supposed to give him a fighting chance against Shabranigdo, and Shabranigdo should be much stronger than Hellmaster. Heck, that’s why Copy Rezo wanted Lina to use the Giga Slave; he wanted to see if he could have won against Shabranigdo or not.

Idk. I could see Hellmaster and the other dark lords under Shabranigdo possibly being a comparable threat compared to Zanaffar, but making them out to be significantly stronger doesn’t seem right. /endrant
yeah sorry I know this random but just want to double check with you that you know the current Shabranigdu isn't at full power since he was split into 7 different parts by the Dragon God Ceifeed?
Arkab Dec 14, 3:32 PM
I like a lot your pfp btw...
Zergneedsfood Dec 13, 6:00 PM
Yea I don't think copying is all that bad; I think it's often a great way for certain writers or directors to find a rhythm or idea to strengthen their main point. Think of how Gunbuster essentially copies Ace wo Nerae to tell a different story but with relatively similar characters and progressions in the narrative.

But as far as what's the distinction, I guess that's a bit harder to say. They can be really similar. Both can be overt and oblique, and it's difficult to narrow it down to intent since I don't think one can reliably say that Anno was copying Ideon or inspired from it. Is there a distinction? Probably, but it's hard to judge it based purely on some intentional basis because we generally will never know the "truth."

For Tolkien, and this is probably not the best answer, but copying Tolkien is on the level of narrative and inspiration is on the level of ideas. I think it's probably more rare that you see entire ideas and themes being copied than plot, characters, and narration is copied. The best example is probably series like Eragon, where it's very clear that the author has straight copied a myriad of concepts on the level of the narrative. The hero's journey, the characterization of evil, etc. etc. Some of it has to do with how archetypal fantasy is, but still a lot of things are very Tolkien in nature, and I think that has to do with the fact that Paolini very overtly copied a lot of Tolkien's major narrative decisions.

On the other hand I think if you look at something like Dragon Age or WoW, two fantasy games that are very much in the realm of Tolkien-esque high fantasy, you'll see a lot of inspiration but probably not a lot of Tolkien elements. Dragon Age is much darker in its exposition, but things like elvish mysticism and an attention to lore and civilizations is very much in a kind of Tolkien vein. Same with WoW. Something like "Quelthalas" sounds like it could come straight from a Tolkien world given names like "Lothlorien," but despite the inspiration I'd say WoW never goes so far as to copy any real major narrative points that Tolkien was known for.

I think the caveat to all of this is that people will always debate how far Tolkien's inspiration really goes. He didn't come up with elves, he wasn't the first to make up languages, etc. etc. But I think if we assume Tolkien inspired this particular climate of high fantasy, then that's probably the way I'd try to distinguish the two.
KushHaze Dec 9, 11:29 AM
I hope you like it as well and the same goes for the Happiness Charge season. With Dokidoki I can clearly understand that people don't like it and I can't deny what you said in the thread about Mana, but she is still a nice character. I really like the cast overal, but maybe I'm a bit biased for it. With Happiness charge it's completely different and I don't really understand why people don't like it. Yes the first half was better, but the second half was great as well. A nice experience overal.

Also bless dude. Seen you around the forums a couple of times and it's good to see there are still more people who explore the Mahou Shoujo genre. Nice to hear that you want to see everything it has to offer. Except for the 2 movies that got released this year and the Kirakira movie from last year (not counting all the commercials and stuff) I've been up to date for a long long time.

I will drop some recs here
karkki_ Dec 8, 3:25 PM
Hey there! I firstly want to thank you for that list again; it was really useful!

The main reason I wanted to get into Precure was because lately I've been in the mood to watch more long shows. I watched great shows like Swiss Family Robinson and City Hunter not too long ago, but I wanted something I could have playing in the background while I do other things, and I think this is perfect for that. It's not something I need to pay full attention to get what's going on and it's entertaining enough to side track me from what I'm doing.

I'm unsure if I'll end up watching every season of Precure but I'll definitely make sure to watch some more! The character designs alone make me wanna watch some of these.
MaceChan Nov 25, 12:56 PM
Sorry, forgot to reply to you.

Anyways, I for one enjoyed ZZ. Its approach is different to what you might expect from a Gundam show and more akin to Tomino's Xabungle. Combining serious plot lines with comedy scenes so to speak. If you liked the Zeta Gundam cast, it might be off putting to see characters like Bright or Yazan in slap stick comedy scenes. Somehow I found it endearing. The new cast of characters are basically the most 80s teenies ever. Their realtionship and banter are fun to watch, but here tastes might differ. To put bluntly, if you don't like Judau and his friends, you won't like ZZ. Simple as that.
MaceChan Nov 14, 7:56 AM

Well, I am a mecha fan, so naturally I am also into a lot of old anime. Macross and Gundam have some of their best entries in this era. I also love these fun random OVAs, which featured everything from grotesque violence to big robots to thicc girls. OVAs like Project A-Ko and Iczer 1 are so dumb, I just can't help but love them.
Stripes Nov 11, 1:00 PM
REALLY?? I mean I try to make good conversation in that section but everyone wants to argue about truly basic stuff, that I never get an edge in on having good back and forth with most those people. I try. Was there anything particular I said that was earth shattering? hehe.

Everything got all jumbled after the whole MAL shut down, I'll answer back to your message from May when I get back tomorrow. (I like the effort you put out too, hard thing to find even here)

silverwalls Nov 11, 1:47 AM
thank you! :)
i'm not feeling much different yet but we'll see haha~
Pullman Nov 9, 12:11 AM
Well if it's about being sakuga heavy I'm not an expert, I'd probably mostly recommend movies (and Bebop) to be on the safe side since TV shows rarely have a high enough density of them for me to be comfortable recommending them based on that. Akira is the obvious #1 choice along with the old Ghibli movies. But there's also stuff like Venus Wars or Megazone 23 (first part in particular) that I can recommend as well as franchise movies like Beautiful Dreamer.

In terms of HD remastered classics there's Ashita no Joe, Space Cobra, Urusei Yatsura, Akage no Anne, Maison Ikkoku, Rose of Versailles, Future Boy Conan, Gundam Zeta (probably most Gundam), Macross + Do You Remember Love? + Macross Plus and probably a bunch more that I'm forgetting or don't know about.
GlennMagusHarvey Nov 5, 10:42 AM
Haha, I haven't actually watched any "cute witch" series; I just know about the subgenre from listening to people talk about it.

But thanks for the compliment anyway. :)
Phospho Oct 31, 10:45 AM
🎃Happy Halloween!🎃

Shocked Oct 26, 7:34 PM
It's that "people die when they're killed" logic that has gotten me to where I am now.