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Urusei Yatsura
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Hug tto! Precure
May 13, 5:38 PM
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3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
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20th Century Boys
Jun 13, 2017 5:18 PM
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Oyasumi Punpun
Jun 13, 2017 5:17 PM
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Apr 8, 2017 8:07 PM
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Manaban 9 hours ago
Mendou is pretty hilarious, yeah xP I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm kind of shelving it until you catch up to where I'm at so we can kind of keep at each other's pace like you were wanting to do, so 'til then.

My favorite episode was 18, but I did hype it up for myself a lot prior and didn't end up being disappointed. It's one of the main reasons I wanted to watch this and all, Ran is kind of like old school (and much more devious and mean-spirited) Run, the basis for her and all. The other main reason I wanted to watch it was because it did play a significant role in the development of harem and ecchi shows, kind of in a pioneering way, even though it's not really ecchi whatsoever and harem is quite debatable.

And Ran is my favorite, but I kind of went in expecting as much and wasn't disappointed. I just lowkey hope she appears more, but with my luck in regards to screentime I'm not counting on it ._. I've got a reputation to uphold and all :P Second would be Lum, third would be Mendou or Ataru because I do kind of think they get the funniest moments.

I also lowkey kind of like Ataru's mom for some reason ._. Like she's really cute, somehow, in a weird way.
Illyricus Yesterday, 3:24 PM
Yep, its Togame, the one and only.
Glad you like it, because it's a great gif.
Ayumu_yuu May 17, 2:46 PM
Dunno what made me check ur profile, ur pic? the fact that we're both '95 kids or that awesome poem in ur "about me"-heading. Anyways, all 3 are on point
ViewtifulFella May 15, 7:23 PM
Don't sweat it, takes me a while to get back to messages too lol. I didn't know you started reading the manga
jal90 May 13, 11:34 AM
Ugh, I just can't. I'm way too sensitive lately to this kind of stuff, that's why I need to move on. The guy keeps quoting me though and I don't know how can I make him stop xD

Thanks for your words, after this exhausting and frustrating exchange they are very welcome.
Stripes May 12, 4:54 PM
Clannad traumatized you? I've never watched it personally. I know it's sad and familial. It always looked like cry porn and by the time I was more aware of that and the Key adaptations it was never my cup of tea.

I do think Shokugeki is more on the entertainment value and I'll admit that the rammed in plot for season 3 (though it makes sense to the story and character progression) seems so haphazard. Though I've heard the tension is better built in the manga (almost like everything for this series). But I think how they dedicate to the food information and hiring an actual culinary expert to approve of all the food in the story was kind of brilliant and you almost never hear of that kind of collaboration. I just wish production values stayed consistent it may have kept my 9's all the way from S1.

When I was talking about the ratings, I guess my best way of expressing it is, I find a lot of people giving series 7+ just because it looked clean and well animated with hardly consistency or thought into character. It is all about what you value, some people just like sub-par entertainment but if you're giving everything 7 and up then your definition of value kind of seems lost. But I'm also someone who can explain everything they like/dislike in a series even forever later, especially if it bugged me aka my 2's.

Oh trust me. I'm not defining KyoAni into good drama. It's just overall dramatic on most stories. And granted, I've only seen Hibike and Violet Evergarden in those boxes by them, I was kinda left loving some elements but it was never the drama/conflict. Kind of makes me weary to try anything else by them really, well other then there comedies and stuff (which end up having better drama then their dramas). I feel as if dramas end up being pretty shallow? It's probably just the ones I pick up but they heavily rely on death and romantics to try and hook me but I need to be invested in characters before I can get hooked by any of those elements so it just makes upset a tad when people count on stuff being great with those attributes.

But I'll definitely get onto 3-Gatsu soon. You're like the third person to recommend it so, it must be a sign. Can't believe Shaft made 44 episodes for it.

Sapewloth May 10, 1:14 AM
No problem! I will keep you informed :)
Stripes May 9, 9:35 PM
I think I can handle "easy" episodic series. Like I've been trying to do that with Yugioh and utterly failing due to just forgetting. I guess the best way I can explain it is that, if it's a story that's episodic or doesn't really have a deep structure or plot to follow along with then it's not too bad. I felt this way when I watched Yu Yu Hakusho over the course of a month and a half.

I'll just say you're pretty lucky to stumble on HxH as young as you did. I would've loved for my bar of shonen to be that high instead of being obsessed with the base level stuff. *sigh*

TO BE HONEST. I clicked on Souma as a laugh and had literally no idea what it was about other then the crappy summary on CR. And it probably took me up until end of episode 2 but I was like, yep, yep this is it. I'm usually not one to like ecchi without purpose and style and this did both.

Haikyuu is very fun. If you're very character oriented over a whole cast then this is IT. I really wasn't into sports anime before this but it really made me want to tackle it a lot more when I have the time (most are so so very long).

UGH. That probably sounded wrong. Honestly I didn't connect my dots when I said "old" and "pre-2010" but if we look at the anime landscape of when anime changes, it's usually at the 10 year mark. I'm interested in watching pre-2000. But all the staples are 30+ episodes -- like I've been meaning to get to the original HxH because of the tone difference and even try some of the Gundam franchise. SOMEDAY.

I have a hard time getting into drama (or well the characters in said drama). Especially KyoAni. I just might be a cynic at this point. But I feel in my bones that 3-Gatsu will be REALLY good. I just have to get to it.

MMH. My taste has really sculpted in the last year but if I have to describe it, it's like. Tone and direction are everything, I think a series that knows what it is and proudly puts itself out there as such is a lot more honest and usually quality then stories that either try to do WAY too much at once, try to parade as something deep and important, or tries so hard that it ends up utterly failing in the grand scheme. It really hit me lately when I had watched both Violet Evergarden and Kakegurui in the same weekend and gave them both 6/10 and the best way to amount that was that VE tries really hard to be a romance, finding ones self, action, historical, think piece (so much crammed into 13 episodes: this isn't accounting for animation and pacing though but I do put story/tone above the look of a series) and then Kakegurui which is pretty much dumb fun entertainment, wasn't trying to be super witty, wasn't exactly original either (basically shokugeki / kill la kill), but it was entertaining and other then 2 weird episodes I was eye to television the whole time. So I feel like I've started to ease up on my pedestal of being a critic but I think it's hard to find good entertainment that isn't trying to hard in one way or another.

But that's just my stance. And people value stuff in different ways and different experiences. Granted I'm getting a little tired of people just describing stuff as "generic" or in reality can't actually speak as to why they don't like a series but maybe that's just me being super opinionated. Realizing that I'm just THAT WAY.

I've found myself even harder to make cry over anime lately but I can't be arsed to cry over people dying who I don't really know and won't see it any other way. :/

Ah. You were the one who commented on my "jaded" post. Probably not a stellar post really. I was gonna write a lengthy worded response on that but I was all "yeah, of course you become more harder to impress as your mind gets so tired of watching garbage" so I just spoke from personal insight. Granted rating anything on this site below a 6 is a novelty.
Stripes May 9, 7:50 PM
True. Lots of my PTW are long series that I'd like to get to but I'd like to have time to digest and appreciate them and I just haven't at that recently. But even though I've watched a lot I feel like I've skirted away from a bunch of the trope filled generic schlock that I'm always hearing about and occasionally dip my foot into.

Right right. I kinda took a 5 year break between 2012-2017; sometimes I slipped away to read some manga and watch the rare movie release but hardly looked back on it until last January probably? I got a Crunchyroll account on a whim and just went batshit, just trying series that I wasn't even sure I'd like but I hit jackpot with HxH and Shokugeki AND even though I made fun of it, I ended up getting disgustingly attached to Haikyuu.

This is probably the one season I'm watching more then one. I'm pretty shackled to BNHA but Souma is just an easy obligation watch and Amanchu is just nicely relaxing but I'm not one to watching something once a week and I end up falling behind. I've heard really good things about this season of Precure by so many Anitubers, I'm tempted just to try it; my horizon on genre is very wide.

Going for all the emotional drama stuff I seeeee. I feel the need to watch older series, anything pre-2010. But there is so much to choose from that picking something to watch for 4+ hours is daunting a bit. AT LEAST FOR ME. I like to absorb and pick apart my media and it's very rare I pick garbage or trashy stuff for popcorn value. HA.

I feel like I'm on the forum a bit but I don't hound people or try to start debates unless I'm passionate so I probably don't stand out much honestly. (๑•﹏•)
Stripes May 9, 6:30 PM
Ah!! Thank you. Feels like it took forever to even climb to 300. Then again I used to just watch the same series and movies until I took a break from the medium for a while. But it feels like an accomplishment.

How're you by the way? You're probably one of the few people I've seen who aren't indulging in seasonal fare.
Manaban May 6, 3:26 AM
Cool, cool. It's a pretty good show imo, so I hope you like it too xP

Also thanks, I'll ask if I have trouble finding it if you don't mind.
Mayuka May 5, 10:36 PM
Oh! Didn't know that haha. I hope it'll get another sequel for the anime. Since it got a sequel so quickly from the first.

Definitely read the manga! There's at least 40 chapters translated ahead of chap 90 :>
ViewtifulFella May 5, 6:18 PM
Have you heard of this guy? He's the best One Piece analyst on YT right now
Mayuka May 5, 6:06 PM
It's really good :> The anime is still ongoing and I don't know where it's at. I think the current season, it'll get quite a lot of episodes so you don't have to worry about not seeing everything.
Mayuka May 5, 6:03 PM
currently reading the mango :) so i don't think i'll start the anime until like.. years later when my memory gets rusty

but thanks!