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Manaban Sep 23, 3:21 PM
I thought it was good but not very good or great; at worst I found it uninteresting and at best I had a great time with it. When it stayed episodic is when I felt it was at its best, especially in cases like the episode with the trucker woman or the fridge episode, and comparatively I found segments where it delved into the past of the characters or just had a particularly serious vibe to it in comparison to some of the more episodic episodes to be relatively uninteresting. I feel like it worked best when it wasn't especially tense, if that makes any sense - it could do serious fine, it could do action great (the fluidity of the animation overall really helped that out, I feel like) but I still sort of had the best impression of it when it felt like a laid back space action show moreso than anything else. Which there wasn't a shortage of or anything, but there were episodes like the Jupiter Jazz segments that kind of caused me to hit a wall at times and I had to force myself through them, not out of disdain for them but just out of disinterest, if that makes any sense. At the same time I found the ending episodes to be relatively strong and they wouldn't have been as much without pieces like the fifth episode or the Jupiter Jazz episodes, but I still found sort of a slog at times whenever it just felt like it was being a bit too emotional from what I had come to enjoy the most out of it, like say, in the episode where it talked about Faye's backstory a bit; not that I'd have any issue with that had it actually managed to move me, but when it started being serious and I had a good impression of it being more laid back and I didn't find that seriousness to be up to par it just made it sloggy, if that made any sense.

It's not a particularly coherent line of thought - it's kind of difficult for me to find the words needed to describe this series because I don't want to sit here and begin recalling how I felt about every single episode, I'm a bit too tired for that - but I'd describe my feelings towards it as being a bit of a mixed bag but leaning on positive, and a quite strong ending bumped it from a 6 to a 7 because it left a good taste in my mouth.

Ratings scale isn't especially different than the words put beside the 1 - 10 marks, though I'd hesitate to call my 10s "masterpieces," but I will probably say I factor in personal enjoyment much, much more than average and I don't consider my ratings to be especially useful to others unless they share a lot of similarities to me.
le_halfhand_easy Sep 22, 3:52 AM
I actually don't know what's my 100th. I watched several anime as a kid on CN, Toonami, Hero, and the two big national channels in the PH that would also air what I think are the World Masterpiece Theater shows Tagalog dubbed every Easter, but with the exception of Pokemon and School Rumble, I don't really remember if I ever completed the rest of them (except the Theater and the Ghibli movies but I also don't remember much of their story because I was so darn young and listless) so I started that on a blank slate. Most of it is post-highschool.

6 is positive though. I do enjoy my 6s, and some of my 5s as well. It just feels like they have several cons that stops me from rating them higher. The series I did not enjoy are either dropped or >4.

I just felt that K-On lacked that ompff. It's way too short to get me invested in the characters or the concept. The person who got me into it pretty much predicted that that would be my reaction to the first season and said I would enjoy the second season more. Since I enjoyed the first season, I'm looking forward to seeing the second when I get the time.
LiaNF Sep 13, 3:51 PM
I grew up on WMT series, so they really hold a special place. I'm actually rewatching Romeo no Aoi Sora and planning to watch Cosette once I've cleared my backlog.
EriitoSenshi Sep 11, 10:08 PM
Right Omg I keep forgetting that sorry yeah I know Katanagatari not part of the Monogatari series. And I guess I'll try the Crest of the Stars at one point but I don't know if it will fit my favorites, we'll see. All I'm saying is that that combination of genres is my ideal one, so an anime with that would have a huge advantage over everything else. But if said anime had my ideal genre with that advantage and wasn't that great, it wouldn't end up on my favorites, unlike other anime that don't have my ideal genre advantage but are so great that they have to be in my favorites. But you're right, I should try it. Katanagatari and Spice and Wolf I'll look into these too, but if Spice and Wolf is simply a romance/drama, I'd rather prioritize other romance/drama anime like Clannad, Koe no Katachi, Ao Haru Ride, ...
EriitoSenshi Sep 11, 6:28 PM
Monogatari series for sure. Spice & Wolf looks good too. Both are on my list anyway. As for the Banner of the Stars franchise, I'm not gonna lie, I'm hesitating because the anime isn't very known. Even if it's my ideal genre of anime, I'd rather have something more integrated in the anime community like SAO and Mirai Nikki. I have some other anime that I think are very close to my ideal genre: SnK, Deadman wonderland, Steins;Gate. Clannad AS also seems like something that will make my favorites because it's known to hit very hard, and it's a romance/drama. I'm planning to watch all of them, but I don't want to watch something that'll make me depressed right now lol, I have school and studies to worry about, so all I watch right now are normal funny anime.
EriitoSenshi Sep 11, 6:16 PM
Thank you :D, and thank you for the recommendations. I'll keep them in mind.
Cyborg_Icarus29 Sep 10, 7:32 PM
Oh that's good, anime is a big medium that offers a variety of shows that are worth watching so you did the right thing by expanding your horizons and experiencing stuff that doesn't fit your Taste completely.

The GITS movie is artsy, slow paced and philosophical in it's nature, it might not fit your Tastes but it's worth watching because it's a classic in it's genre. BTW I loved it because I'm a big fan of these "artsy-fartsy" shows, shows like ergo proxy, NGE, texhnolyze, tatami galaxy, SEL, Mononoke are really unique, well written and thought provoking. I love everything about them and I always recommend them to those who want to watch something unique and original.

Cyborg_Icarus29 Sep 9, 9:46 PM
Oh it's alright.

I see...that's definitely a valid reason and you have made the right decision by not forcing yourself to watch it. Take your time and enjoy it when you're in the mood for a heavy political drama, the second season is more "epic" and shouldn't be rushed imo.

I used to have the same problem with classic and popular stuff but I got rid of it eventually by watching shows from different genres and expanding my horizons. Just ignore all the hype, negative opinions and blind praising and be more open minded.

Again, you made the right decision by not forcing yourself to set through them. The series is very dark indeed and shouldn't be rushed too.

I like what you're doing with your extended PTW list, it's a little bit too "detailed" (I don't know if this is the right word) but I like the general idea. I like the "overhauling" idea too, it's definitely helpful.
Serhiyko Sep 9, 1:56 PM
iirc zanetu was the author, if so unfortunately he ceased support of all of his userscripts and deleted them
Manaban Sep 7, 5:11 PM
Did I mess up when I responded to you again? ._. I thought I had a better grasp of what you were trying to say the second time around, but I've had this sort of lingering feeling I might've misinterpreted something again and so I thought I'd ask.
Cyborg_Icarus29 Sep 6, 8:51 PM
hey man, i noticed that you liked GITS:SAC a gave it 9, i recommend watching the second season and S.S.S, the second season is as good as the first and the S.S.S movie is pretty good. check out the Oshii movies after you finish the series. they are really good, the 1995 movie is a well known classic and the second movie is pretty good in it's own right.
i also recommend you to continue watching the kara no kyoukai movies, the story gets better as the series progresses and the 5th and 7th movie are amazing.
NYJustin Sep 3, 12:49 PM
Will add Spice & Wolf to my plan to watch, thanks for the recommendation
Mamokaru Sep 1, 10:19 AM
Oh, now i got it, you have your own rating system and 6/10 is a good score. No further questions.
Mamokaru Sep 1, 10:16 AM
But you gave this show a 6/10, why? Did you not like it?
Mamokaru Aug 31, 7:02 PM
Thank you. I will check it out.