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Clebardman Yesterday, 6:08 AM
Enjoy Utena <3
Manaban May 19, 2:19 PM
Both Togame's passing and Hitei and Shichika at the end weren't really things that affected my stance on the series very much either way. I assume that Togame's passing wasn't as much of an issue to me since it happened fairly close to the end, making it really only impactful to the events that followed it if I'm thinking of it from the more contained standpoint that I usually drift towards seeing things in. There was a sort of resonance with how the ending scene felt poetic to me, but that was more because of the narration than Hitei and Shichika themselves. I wouldn't say "unimportant" is the right words, but especially the bit with Shichika and Hitei didn't affect my view of the series much.

Like, the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat, I guess. Part of going along for the ride is what you see from point A to point B and taking in the entire experience, which is a sort of philosophy I'm dedicated enough to that I won't pick up more than 2 non-seasonal anime at a time and I'm thinking of stopping watching seasonals all together starting next season, if I can muster the self-control to do so. The aspects that made the ride that was Katanagatari the most memorable to me weren't really involved around the romantic aspects in any sense nor was I so entirely dedicated to Shichika and Togame specifically that I couldn't fathom the idea of Togame passing away and Shichika working with Hitei at the end. I wouldn't take issue if people didn't like that, but to me, the romantic aspects and chemistry between Togame and Shichika were just part of the ongoing events/aspect of the character chemistry praise, which is still present in a variety of interactions between other characters as well, I feel like.

And I'll take note of it for future reference. I've been having a great yearning for a good comedy as of late, so it might go on the backburner for a bit after I finish up what I'm watching now so I can satiate that desire. But I've been meaning to look into mahou shoujo in general, past what I've seen, for a while now but never got into it. They can have a lot of cute girls, from what I can see :P

And I looked at my list and couldn't find a series I rated highly - highly going as far as meaning I rated it above 5, which is the significant majority of my list - where the action was the sole driving force for me, but I don't think that it'd be impossible for that not to be the case either. It'd be a lot more mood dependent than something like cute girls or comedy, I feel like, but it could still carry a series pretty far for me.
Wintermaedchen May 19, 2:38 AM
Thank you!:3
Narutofreak1412 May 17, 3:52 AM
Haha, I'm sorry.

I once had a list, but since I switched to another anime list site, I stopped updating the MAL one and after around 8 years I decided to delete the MAL list, because it was way too out of date. If you are interested I could give you a link to my current one.

It's always nice to see other people giving precure a try :3
I wish you lots of fun, especially pre-Fresh Precure when some of the most well known talented animators of the industry get to work on precure:

Shida: ,

Even the CGI is simply gorgeous:
tingy May 17, 12:40 AM
This is also really really really really really super really late D:

Glad to hear that you've been enjoying Akatsuki no Yona the manga! I agree about Zeno's backstory, it was really heartbreaking and emotional...and definitely not something you'd see in a manga targeted towards the shoujo demographics. Did you also enjoy Tae-Jun's development?
Manaban May 16, 5:59 PM
Well, I should really clarify that complex ideas or themes aren't entirely lost on me, so even in things like FMA:B or Monster that I primarily enjoyed for less-complex reasons than what I would assume to be the average, I could recognize the themes and ideas and still praise them for things that weren't waifu-y or comedic in nature. I just often opt for simplicity because of my line of work up until very recently, which was in a funeral parlor and gave me a pretty strong aversion to dwelling on heavier aspects of life in my free time. That's just not something I'd want to bring into a more serious environment when it comes to discussing these things because it'd be a total copout, though xD

To try to give an example of this, in a sense I'm the exact opposite of you when it comes to TTGL - I was actually very much annoyed by the loudness and brashness or more "fun" aspects of it, no less so than Imaishi's other works which I've found myself consistently rating low for that very reason, but the themes and ideals it had in it were just so uplifting to me that I couldn't fairly bring myself to dislike it. Simple and silly and idealistic, sure, but were just so relentlessly positive that it was a tonic for the soul in a lot of ways. I hold it in reverence because of that, which my 6/10 score can't indicate since it's just there to provide a more whole view and not ignore the ways it grated on me.

Mm, enough of my off-topic rambling, though, on to Katanagatari - I wrote a post in a thread the other day talking about the film 12 Angry Men and the awesome balance it strikes with simplicity and complexity, and when I was trying to think of ways to tie it back to anime if I was forced to try and keep it more on-topic, Katanagatari was one of the first series I would've done so with. It's why I thoroughly disagree with the notion put forth that it requires an analytical lens to take the most away from it; it has a pretty grand sense of adventure ranging through the various landscapes and settings with its fantastical take on Japan that was really just incredibly accented by the art style and the character designs - which, distinct as the character designs may be, one little touch I couldn't help but notice was how consistently stunning the backgrounds were - I remember noticing it in many scenes where I feel the character could be removed and the sheer stylishness of the backgrounds could seem like a beautiful painting sometimes, this being what I feel to be a great example of that.

The banter between the various characters, ranging from the lead pair to the Maniwa Corps to the various bearers of the demon blades, was entertaining in a way that made it feel effortless to follow and fostered a sense of attachment in some characters to me. A way to try to illustrate this is that, even with side characters like the Insect Squad, by the beginning of their episode they were new characters, and by the end of the episode I had felt sad to watch each one of them lose and pass away. I was so enthralled by their task that I actually forgot that there was supposed to be, y'know, a deviant blade gathering with a character who even had a bit of build up to him prior, and only remembered as much because of the troll-ish end of that same episode. And getting more on a connected level, that banter played a key role in making the action scenes themselves feel more intense when they came to be. They were awesome - often brief and only after a lot of dialogue and banter, but when they came to be it felt like a genuine payoff in a way. And that's assuming "payoff" is even the right word here because that'd imply that the dialogue itself was...well, something I had to force myself to sit through, which was not the case.

That's me trying my best to expand on my thoughts, though. I feel that to take those things away from it - a cool adventure, a beautiful and distinct style to it, great character chemistry and often-tension filled action scenes whenever they came around, dwelling and pondering on it isn't necessary. I believe it can still easily provide a very fulfilling experience without the more complex aspects being at the forefront of it all.

I just don't feel that it demanded me to put forth effort into mulling over what it tried to say at any point to get a lot out of it - I'd even argue far less so than the Monogatari series in that regard. Not to say they weren't present, but at no point did I feel ordered around to think about it because it had a lot of other things going on for it that made it completely enthralling.
Manaban May 16, 12:38 PM
Sorry ._. Didn't read your reply very well before writing that first reply, so I deleted it. I had misunderstood things myself xD I'm sure you've recognized how shitty my reading comprehension skills with English are previously, and how it's something I really need to improve on by now ._. This sort of thing happens way too often with me, I feel like ._.

I'll keep that in mind. I do want to listen to that viewpoint, y'know? It just doesn't seem unnatural to me for me to also question that stance on the relatively simple basis that I didn't take anything away like that, which in of itself can easily be attributed to my general viewing mindset of just going along for the ride and whatnot. It's just that I'm coming back to it and treating it differently than I normally would because I would take issue with that sort of thing myself and it feels kind of bad to have this doubt. Two of my absolute least favorite series are my least favorites because of perceived abusive situations like that, even. That post I linked just made me think about your previously expressed opinions about it and just had me questioning whether or not I was a hypocrite here, which is also something I try not to be xP

In any case, if I do go back to it, idk, maybe the second look would change my view of the series or maybe there'd be a reason why it didn't bother me the first time around and we can talk about that or something, I think maybe that'd be interesting. I just wouldn't be going back to it anytime soon if I do, though, so it's ultimately a non-issue at the moment anyway xP
Manaban May 16, 10:34 AM
Mm, I remember a while back where you showed me your post about Shigatsu and I did actually read that, and since then that perspective's kind of had me in a bind, I guess would be the way to put it. Because as I watched it, I know I didn't really take anything like that away from it because I would clearly remember it if I did, but at the same time I don't really doubt you, y'know?

And I wrote a post in AD just a little bit ago, and I sort of expressed issues with a couple of characters from different series that I had, and it does sort of feel like I felt that way about these characters is comparable to the way you felt about Shigatsu and reading over my post sort of reminded me of that ._. Like, I would take issue with me having that highly rated in my case, yes, but at the same time I know I'd remember feeling that way about parts of it if I took issue with it, but it's been a while since I've seen it too so I'd rather look back into it myself to determine my thoughts on that, I guess would be the way to put it. So half of me wants to try to go back and rewatch it because of that, I guess. At the same time, idk, it feels like it'd be weird to go back through something with that sort of lens, partly because I haven't actually tried to look into something on that level for a long time and I don't know if I'd be any good at that, and the only reason I feel like I'd have reasons to actually are relating to morality - which, honestly, isn't something I like to discuss or think heavily about to begin with. It's a topic that can turn sour and evoke feelings of hatred very quickly, y'know, and like, idk, it feels entirely counter-intuitive to actively look for these sort of things with my pre-existing watching policy of...not looking for these things unless they smack me in the face.

So idk, I hope I'm not bothering you with this stupidity or anything. I just thought I'd ask for your thoughts on since I'm kind of in a bind after having talked with you about it, however briefly - if I were to go back on it and feel like that was the case myself on second inspection, then yes, I would have an actual issue with having it at a good score on my list. At the same time it just feels like it'd be counter-intuitive to what I seek out most from watching anime which isn't definitely not that, I guess. So it creates a sort of problem for me in that sense ._.

Sorry for bothering you with this silly problem and if you don't want to arse yourself with it then that's totally cool by me, but I was just wanting to know if you had any thoughts or anything, since I can't really think of anybody else I could really ask about this
Empedokles May 9, 5:12 AM
Thanks for accepting my request :3
-Asuka May 6, 4:12 AM
You mean this one?

This is from Inu x Boku SS.
Tyrel May 2, 5:45 PM
There seems to be a lot of them. Is that the only good one? The rest poorly rated.
Ratohnhaketon May 2, 1:01 PM
Well I'm glad they served some purpose. That really makes me want to get back to anime and get the posts rolling again. While I mainly do it for myself, I've noticed people tend to message me about them and that's how I strike up some real good conversations, especially relating to obscure anime. I had a guy randomly PM me about a post on Koi Kaze and now we've been exchanging thoughts for nearly 4 years. Even talking about meeting up at a con one day when there's one we can both go to.
silverwalls Apr 30, 1:10 AM
hmm, let's see~
magic knight rayearth - definitely "different" from the magical girl series you've watched so far as its set in a "deep fantasy" world and has girls fighting with swords and even some mecha elements in the end.

kamikaze kaitou jeanne - not really a "different experience" as i find its flair really similar to sailor moon's, but i think you'd enjoy it so why not :)

mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha - has some sci-fi elements (parts of the series is set on a spaceship, the weapons incorporate AIs). there's just a major problem with the series - it peaks with A's (the second season) and goes downhill really quickly after that. i'd say the first 2 seasons are definitely worth it though, or the movies (which i found better than the respective TV series).

shugo chara - very cute and fun, great characters and great romance (my #1 anime couple is from this series, actually). i personally continued with the manga after the first season since season 2 and 3 are apparently not that good.. (if you picked up this show i'd probably join you for those though since i kind of still want to complete them haha)

houkago no pleiades - this one is not of the "warrior" type but one i'd still recommend, though i can't guarantee you'll like it (i seem to be in the minority of people who thought it was really good). lots of the "action" is set in space as in the girls travel to planets/stars to gather engine pieces. the show is pretty chill and comfy for the most part even though there's lots going on, and it has a cute little romance too.

ultra maniac - this one is more like a shoujo romance with magical girl elements thrown in, but i guess it doesn't hurt to put it out there. what's interesting about this one is that it's not the protagonist who is the magical girl in this one.
Pullman Apr 24, 3:49 AM
Hm, that's not really how I used the term so far though. I've never really looked at the etymology but always considered high fantasy to be any classic swords and magic setting where you have elves, orcs, dwarves, basically the classic fantasy races or at least some of them. Basically following the 'traditional' fantasy elements, or not what was I used as the criterion.
Pullman Apr 23, 3:41 AM
There isn't actually a lot that I'd consider must-see. I do quite like the Record of Lodoss War OVAs (and franchise in general - I got my hands on all the manga I could find). But I have not yet seen the TV remake because most of it is just a retelling.

Aside from that OVA series there isn't all that much high fantasy that I'd recommend. A lot of it are just 1 or 2 episode OVAs that I enjoyed and then you have of course Slayers, which I love but which is more comedy oriented (but still always has a storyline). It really has all the classic fantasy tropes and I even recommend the dub (I watched the whole franchise mostly dubbed). But it's over 100 episodes in total.

TBH I never really compiled a high fantasy list in my head because it's hard to draw the line to normal fantasy, because there's a lot of stuff that I know about but haven't seen yet and because it does seem to be a genre more prevalent in OVas and Movies (Ys, Legend of Crystania, Bastard!!! etc..) and about half of the titles seem comedy based. Just watch the Lodoss OVAs and you should be fine :>.

The El Hazard OVAs were amazing too, mostly for the visuals. Get them in HD and enjoy, it's really a feast for the eyes from start to finish. The backgrounds, the designs, everything. And the plot is solid too. Just don't watch the sequel TV Series because they are super average and don't even have the impactful visuals anymore.