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bibi97 Jul 8, 3:50 AM
Thanks for accepting!
Soulsfear Jul 7, 7:17 AM
thx fro accepting FR..nice to meet you :-)
Zeta-Ewigkeit Mar 20, 8:15 AM
You're welcome^^
Kineta Jan 7, 5:39 AM
Super late reply, but you can find the answer to your question in our FAQ :)
Cloe900311 May 8, 2019 1:49 PM
It's not surprising to see the Lezhin authors post a chapter every week because that's part of their contract. There were talks last year about cases where authors were required to compensate double the amount if they took a break. So, it's not surprising either to encounter stories where authors took a break because they didn't get enough rest. :/ Maybe Lezhin pushed for more recognition of Korean stories through their English translated site too. Manhwa have been around for a while, like Noblesse since 2007 and just finished in January 2019.

I requested Love Stage!! to my local library, and I only see the first volume when I go on their website LOL. It was a fun anime back in 2014 :)) I adore the Sena parents.

.... ;-------; Being with people for the sake of love alone is so pure. You experienced that before, so you may relate well with Junyoung and Sihoon in How Sweet is a Sugar Daddy? <3

Where I live, (Canada) French is a second language so we had to learn it from elementary school until high school but I forgot nearly all of it because it didn’t use it other than in my french class. I can understand the language of my parents however, I can’t speak it. Weird how that works lol. In my Japanese class some people are learning Japanese because their spouse is Japanese and they want to communicate with their in laws.
Seems you didn't grow up in Quebec then since you call French the second language LOL. In the classroom, there are teachers who teach French but let's say they learned their French somewhere in France. So, if you go to Quebec, it can be difficult to communicate LOL. My friend went to French Immersion growing up, and he admitted that it's not so easy to communicate in Quebec due to the different dialects lol. Also, keep in the mind that the way we're taught in school can totally be a textbook format, so not everything is applicable conversationally ;-----; So, it's best to immerse in the language as much as you can, and practice reading, writing, and speaking.

When people tell me they "can't" speak the language their parents speak, I can see the reasons behind that. Every language needs time to practice, and you grow the more engaged you are with it. Like your classmates who are taking Japanese classes to interact with their in-laws; they previously "could not" speak Japanese too, but with effort and their growing understanding of the language, it will happen. A lot of it has to do with choice too. If people simply do not choose to speak, then it just won't happen. And then the knowledge of the language doesn't spread that way either. I notice situations where parents want their children to assimilate as best as possible, so they don't always prioritize having their children speak the language they themselves grew up with and then the children don't. But sometimes (parents or not), people can have tunnel vision that way by only focusing on the language of the country they moved to for their children to assimilate to, without considering the peers their children could meet who come from the same ethnic background or have a commend of that said language. Language is also a major component of one's identity, so not engaging in it can be a major loss. This is one reason why so many Indigenous youths want to learn the language(s) of their ancestors, which was sadly erased and shun when their parents or grandparents were forced to stay at residential schools as children and/or experienced the Sixties Scoop where they were adopted by white families (totally intentional by the Canadian government, so Indigenous tribes' cultures would die off). It's sad because many Indigenous folks either don't feel a strong connection to their culture(s) due to the Canadian government's damage, and/or they do not have a lot of knowledge. :/

If you watch the reality show, The Return of Superman, Naeun was born in 2015 and she speaks four languages (German, Spanish, Korean, and English). How did that happen? Anna, Naeun's mother, speaks German with Naeun, along with Naeun's aunt (Anna's sister). Naeun's maternal family, including Anna's mother, speaks Spanish with Naeun. Naeun's father, Jooho, speaks Korean with Naeun, and Naeun speaks Korean with the rest of his family and anyone else in South Korea. And then Naeun learns English from school and her parents speak it with each other. The whole family could have easily stuck with English LOL and have Naeun be raised monolingual, but they didn't, and that was a choice on everyone's part. Since Naeun lives in South Korea, it's easy to assume that German, Spanish, and maybe even English aren't relevant outside of her family - but that's wrong. Naeun's father, Jooho, is a soccer player and his colleagues are multilingual. There was even an episode where Naeun spoke German to the soccer player on her left, and she spoke Spanish with the soccer player on her right LOL. Jooho and the soccer player who speaks Spanish learned Japanese from working in Japan, so they speak Japanese with each other instead of English LOL. xD So, there were five languages bouncing around in that episode lol (German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and English) when everyone could have stuck with only English.

So, anyway, I see people's reasons sometimes when their children do not speak the language they grew up with (e.g. "My kids are comfortable speaking English, why not?"), but it'll be up to the children to engage more or not. My other friend lives in Australia and her parents speak Tagalog, and I can tell she lacks confidence. My friend doesn't feel very comfortable engaging with her relatives who speak Tagalog, and she understands Tagalog from her parents and she could ask them for more vocabulary, but then she's just so used to speaking English and I've heard her mom speak English to her before, so *shrug* It's really about choice and passion. I've been told by people that they claim they sound awkward (aka lack of confidence), but once you reinforce to yourself that you're engaging in a language for yourself, you would be motivated to expand your horizons then. I've told people before that you just gotta keep speaking. It can be interesting when people blame their parents for not reinforcing confidence into them (I can understand that), but blame can only go so far, and we all got the power to do what we can for ourselves. Languages just won't continue if you don't engage with them. There's already a prediction for the future that many languages we know now will be nonexistent because lots of people are trying to learn English aka the language of the colonizers.

Personally speaking, I notice I tend to be more drawn to multilingual people than monolingual folks LOL. If I have a conversation about different sentence structures in languages for example, and when people say, "Oh, I wouldn't know that. I only know English," the conversation totally dies down LOL. I'm a curious human being and I'm open to learning about people's cultures, so if people choose to stay in their own bubble (we can call that being close-minded, like my ex-friend who said mangaka earn money in Japan lol), it does say something about them too. I think about my motivator for learning Chinese, and one reason is because of the poetry LOL; I don't want to rely on English translations for example, because English just doesn't have beautiful poetry in the same way like that.

Oh wow, that’s very insightful view of Chinese and Japanese culture. I’d love to visit China. Have you been there?
Thank you, I've been told that I am insightful lol. If you want to do something, it's important to reflect why you want to do it, or else you can get stuck and ponder what the point is. ;-----; And no, I haven't visited China yet. Where would you want to go in China? :)

Even though Healita is not BL there was an episode where Germany took Italy on a date and brought him flowers. So cute!
;-------; Is this why Zaria ships Germany and Italy then?? LOL!! HOW SWEET of Germany to get flowers for Italy on their date *___*!!

Three courses this summer? Good luck!! I have two, and I don't know if I could survive with three like you lol. xDD I tend to take one course at a time. I hope you enjoy my recommendations then :)) If you scroll through my list, you may know what stories I tend to fall for :P

Ten Count had the potential to be amazing, but it's just so unfortunate that sex was used for Shirotani to overcome his OCD ;------; It wasn't too convincing when Shirotani overcame his OCD in volume one too... That whole process should have been longer.

Just know that parents may have the authority in terms of your living arrangements, but it's your choice how to handle them. If you're non-heterosexual, you're certainly not obligated to tell your parents that. I have a professor whose son is studying music, and his son questioned if he would end up like people on the streets... :/ My professor told his son that if he's so talented, work will come. So, arts or not, there will be a way. Your sister can engage in art as a hobby or a side job too, because not everyone likes to go to school and get critiqued for their work. Or, you can double-major like your sister can pursue both business and art. You're not obligated to stick with only one path in life. And you can pursue something with geography along the way like as a minor, or even as a second degree or through further education. And a women's shelter can give you a good perspective on how heteronormativity works, as there are issues of trans women not being accepted to many women's shelter and just not feeling safe in men's shelter :/ Not everyone has the money to undergo surgery or even wants surgery, or they haven't legally changed their name either.
Cloe900311 Apr 29, 2019 12:32 AM
I still feel conflicted about Lezhin LOL. I think Lezhin is paying their artists properly now because artists post their stories there. However, we still have authors like Haga and Kang Ji-young whom wrote King's Maker (one of my favourites <33) who are on hiatus. :/ I'm not sure if you know, but last year, there was an issue with Lezhin because artists were not getting the money their international fans were giving them. Many artists ended their stories abruptly, or even discontinued their stories on the website. :| I like supporting my artists and I still read stories there, but I'm not 100% sure about how artists are being treated now lol. Anyway, I hope Lezhin has gotten better. I'm waiting for John's current story about the man who films himself doing r-rated stuff + the considerate seme to be translated; his story, Eunsuk & Jung-gu was a comedy LOL that was also genuine :))

I love stories that are so romantic that you could just fall in love with them. I want to experience that same kind of love that the 2 main characters have for each other!! I got to read it ASAP.
We're so alike xDD I love genuine love. I adore those moments when somebody asks, "How did you fall in love with X?" or "What is there to like about X?" And then the answer is just an, "I don't know" LOL. Love is weird like that :P We don't get to decide who our heart yearns for. Somebody can totally diss your partner for being some old guy and that you're 'wasted' on them, but that doesn't stop your feelings for them. Anyway, take your time with How Sweet is a Sugar Daddy? :)) I like the look in the characters' eyes when they're touched or when they let their emotions take over.

Good thing that person is an ex friend lol! How can someone be so close-minded?! I want to support the artist so they can continue to make BL and to know that they got fans outside of Japan. BL has more room to grow overseas so we got to support our favourite artist (if we can).
We are getting along nicely :) Feel free to send me a private message if you ever want to talk elsewhere with more of a chatroom format =) I think sometimes, when people aren't in the same position as you (including, not being a reader in general), they don't always understand what it's like. There are people who may be more casual and prefer to read stories online, which isn't always legal because artists aren't always supported (at least, financially) that way... :/ I get reminded of even otome games being translated to other languages like English or Chinese, which is accessible to a wider audience. All the participating members, like the employees of the game company and the voice actors, could receive financial support but also know that their work is loved. Overall, it's a win-win for the seller(s) and consumers.

I agree with you about a language being easier to learn if you are interested in it LOL. I took French classes for six years (I mainly learned sentence structures and gender variations, but I don't have the vocabulary to understand), and one introductory Spanish course. I continued to learn both French and Spanish on Duolingo, but I gradually lost the motivation because I wasn't applying the languages anywhere, like not in my daily interactions or through my entertainments... :/ And wow, I didn't know Dutch is considered the easiest language for English speakers to learn! :O I know if you raise a child to be multilingual by having each person communicate with them in a different language, then they can learn that way. If you're motivated to speak a language because someone you know understands that language, you may be more passionate that way as well :))

I'm guessing your sister has an interest in Korean culture as well? I notice that if someone is interested in a culture, that could totally motivate them to learn the language. Regarding Chinese, I grew up watching Hong Kong dramas, and Mainland China dramas are on the rise lately, so I am familiar with their customs and sayings. Historical settings tend to win me over *__* I love how poetic the Chinese can be, which the Japanese and Korean languages have borrowed vocabulary from as well. And regarding anime, I truly respect the Japanese for their insightful explorations of human emotions and the phases in people's lives. It can be worrisome to know that people work so much in Japan, yet I also do feel a sense of joy knowing that there are seiyuus who really love their jobs. So, anyway, lol that's my paragraph on learning cultures to motivate you to learn their language(s) XD

Anyways good luck with learning Chinese, one day you’ll be able to read the Chinese raws for sure!
Awe, you're so sweet!! Thank you =)) I wish you luck in furthering your Japanese as well <33

You sum up perfectly how I felt about the DJ! It’s so perfectly done. The DJ made me love that ship even more.
Zaria in general has beautiful couples <33 I haven't watched or read Hetalia yet LOL, but I hope I won't be too disappointed when Italy and Germany aren't a couple on-screen... :P

Do you know any more BL that is very romantic and heart warming? I really want to just relax with some cute BL after all this studying. I need to treat myself!
OMG yes, relax, relax!! I've been wanting to relax too. I'm going back to school next week for the spring/summer term LOL. So, I'm trying to enjoy my break before that begins. :P

Have you read Here U Are by DJun? There are relaxing and cute moments. Although, the story also touches on things that people face in real life (I've read comments where readers related with YuYang whom is the protagonist, and many of us sent messages of support for fans who may be in the same position). I can feel the genuine concerns, and the genuine emotions the characters have for each other <33

Have you read You are in the blue summer? That story made me feel warm. I didn't have to worry about anyone dying, or a tragic breakup that would hurt Saeki and Wataru AND me LOL XDD I like seeing people bond overtime, and gradually recognize their feelings for each other. :))

Have you read Revival Blue?? I don't know why My Anime List is still pending the manga, after I requested the page to them... T____T Anyway, I don't know how the story ends because it hasn't ended yet. I like the moments I'm seeing of Naoki and Minato. I love it when people interact, and their horizons expand :)) Minato and Naoki can be people you would not expect to get along and talk comfortably, despite not knowing each other for very long at all... But life can be weird like that, right? So, I'm not sure if this story is romantic because three chapters are translated so far. :P

Why can't the uke fall in love with the seme WITHOUT rape?! And also why does one of them keep denying the relationship they're in
Oh my gosh, I wrote an essay, addressing what you asked. We live in a heteronormative society. It's sad because rape is sometimes used as a plot device for the uke to realize his feelings for the seme. And sometimes, denying a relationship happens because people don't want to admit they're gay. :/

Given does look promising, and I haven't read it either. :)) I also look forward to it. I'm curious about how music impacts the characters, and how their bond is like while being in a band together.

;----; Sometimes, parents place their expectations on their children, especially when they want their children to have 'better' lives than them. I notice that if parents grew up or experienced war in some way, they can be more eager to encourage their children towards jobs that 'earn a lot of money,' because they prioritize stability. However, those jobs don't make everyone happy lol. It's like our conversation about learning languages: if you have zero interest, you won't want to do it. So, it's important to take the path that motivates you, no matter what you may face. :)) Do you currently volunteer? That can be a way to help people learn what they like sometimes.
Cloe900311 Apr 23, 2019 2:48 PM
Woo hoo! Somebody is going to read How Sweet is a Sugar Daddy? !! XD We're so lucky that Lezhin publishes these Korean comics and they have an English site too where we see many stories translated. :) That story has a place in my heart for being genuine, and I felt that the uncertainty but also the emotions of being in love could easily happen to anyone, regardless of what the situation is. This is one of the stories had me open my eyes to age gaps LOL, and seeing some of the beauties that can happen.

Reading raws is a real feeling lol. I remember an ex-friend of mine said mangaka get supported in their native country. I didn't bother to say anything to that, 'cause what they said was technically true. However, I don't think this should be why any of us should not buy manga that gets translated in our countries or even overseas. So, some people just don't see that, and I don't bother to engage in that discussion with some people who choose to stay close-minded.

It sounds like you put a lot of effort into learning Japanese, which is great! :) Once exam season dies now, I need to navigate what approach I want. I also want to learn Chinese, and there are tips on how to learn two languages lol, so I'll see if that works for me, or if I should learn Chinese first and then transition to Japanese. I also like that Duolingo is flexible; you can learn a bit for five minutes per day.

Damn, Italy and Germany were so precious in Zaria's doujinshi LOL ;-----; My sister even thought they were gay, and she was shocked when I told her Hetalia is not a BL LOL! XD I adored Germany's patience and tenderness, and Italy had that edge of eagerness and openness in expressing his feelings. Zaria tends to have such doting semes, I love it ^___^

Oh my goodness, I take Mob for Jack as an experimental period for Zaria ;-------; There was psychological damage done to Jack ever since he was little, and he was just conditioned by his own father sexually.... I felt so bad for Jack when he got raped in the military by all those men, whom thought he was enjoying himself :/

Harada isn't my cup of tea. Besides not being a fan of her art, somebody from my high school recommended me YatoMomo two years ago during my newbie mangaka BL period LOL, and that did not go too well... :P I haven't fallen in love with a story by Nekota Yonezou. Don't Be Cruel was one of the stories recommended to me by that same person from high school lol, and I would have really appreciated it if she told me about rape before transitioning to romance xDD And Yamamoto Kotetsuko...I don't have a story that comes to mind from them that I read ;-----;

And yes, more BL animated in general would be the best *___* We're getting there as the years go by lol. Some stories have Drama CDs, so that can be nice to listen to in the meantime :))

Oh, an IT auditor? It's my first time hearing about it. And I think you should certainly take your time in deciding. :) People sometimes change their careers too, so you don't have to stay with one job for the rest of your life either. And I'm still debating too. I want a job that contributes to society effectively by assisting people somehow.

Cloe900311 Apr 21, 2019 4:35 PM
I rarely engage in single father BL, so I certainly enjoyed seeing the family vibe between Naruse, Asumi, and Ichika. :)) Domestic activities make me happy too, like when the couple eat together at home. x)) I have a fondness for moments when the couple wake up in bed, cuddled up (Gosh, How Sweet is a Sugar Daddy? melted my heart <33) so naturally.

What was your way of learning Japanese? And do you continue to learn Japanese? Actually, I just downloaded Duolingo last night, and I added Japanese to my list. It's not so hard to find the raws to stories usually, but manga can have infrequent translations uploaded (of course, not necessarily the fault of the translators; chapters come out bi-weekly, once a month, or bi-monthly excluding any delays or hiatuses... + scanlation teams have their own lives too). I was happy to find Caste Heaven chapter 23 like I told you last time, but it would be nice to know what Karino and Azusa were saying and what led to their decisions too... ;-------; My goal isn't to speak Japanese like a native, but being able to read raws, even a sentence, would make me happy! :)

I adore Zaria Ranmaru!! She's definitely my favourite :)) (I could elaborate, but me talking about Zaria could lead to paragraphs lol.) When I was first engaged with the BL scene two years ago, Kou Yoneda was my go-to artist. I like Ogawa Chise sometimes, because she explores the emotions and perspectives of people who don't necessarily live fortunate lives. I feel that I can see where the characters are coming from, and I could go back to a scene and realize something new again. I'm also somewhat drawn to Psyche Delico because she has, what you can call, 'messed up' stories LOL; topics like obsession, and engaging in relationships that are not necessarily 'pure' monogamous love like the way we see in Disney or thorough out our childhoods... She allows me to see why people engage with others in ways that aren't considered conventional. Anyways, how about you?

I stay away from numbers lol, so I applaud you for studying statistics and understanding it.

Wow, one more year, and then you graduate! Any plans after your university graduation? :)

Did you already do your statistics exam?? And thanks for the warm wishes ^^ I accepted your friend request by the way ~
Cloe900311 Apr 17, 2019 11:51 AM
I was a little surprised at how genuine <Papa Datte, Shitai> was, actually! :O There managed to be some substance when we saw Naruse doubt his own worth regarding being with Asumi, and Asumi had the choice whether to stay or leave. I think that anime could have been way worse if its only purpose was to present porn.

HAHA!! I tend to find other things to look at too during exam season, because it's so easy to not be motivated. :P Just last night, I got curious about how Caste Heaven is doing, since it hasn't been translated since chapter 18, and I found raws for chapter 23 and I was a dying, happy soul ;---------;

You're studying for a Statistics exam? Is that fun? And yes, I'm in post-secondary :)) Are you in your final year?
Cloe900311 Apr 16, 2019 7:48 PM
Wow, you just replied five minutes ago, and I just happened to log on. xDD Anyway, that aside, I'm guessing you're referring to seeing me post about <Papa Datte, Shitai>? :P My comments on that series are indeed positive overall. When people give it poor ratings due to a "poor plot" or "porn was censored," it just seems unfair to diss it for things it's not intended to be, when we can appreciate it for what it can offer considering things like the length of each episode, the budget, etc. :/

It's exam season on my end, so I'm balancing between being relaxed but also studying. How are you? :)
Cloe900311 Apr 16, 2019 3:44 PM
Hi, I see that you sent me a friend request. I think we have similar tastes regarding the genres we tend to enjoy too. :) Just curious about where you found me and what led you to adding me? I'm open to making new friends, and I tend to add people once we're compatible via talking :))
ana_ika Mar 16, 2019 4:18 AM
Hi! I'm fine just a bit tired, yesterday was a busy day :)
Fundashi666 Mar 15, 2019 7:30 PM
No plobrem 😜

I'm fine (^^) thanks for asking ❤️
Hmatoki Aug 26, 2018 9:36 AM
Of course! I would love to make new friends ^_^ And I like your profile!
Faisel Aug 19, 2018 3:59 PM
Happy birthday. (: