CJ Michalski,

Given name:
Family name: CJ Michalski
Alternate names: シージェイ ミチャルスキー, Bikkuri, Pancho, M²COMPANY, XX's
Birthday: Mar 13
Website: http://m2co.org/
Member Favorites: 76
Gender: Female
Blood type: O
Zodiac: Pisces
Doujin circles: M²COMPANY; XX's
Nationality: Japanese (Once self-proclaimed as a "Russian living in America," but at the same time she also claimed she was 14 years old... so that was obviously a joke.)

Twitter: @CJ_Michalski

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Zeni3210 | Jun 6, 2020 2:16 PM
please add manga Ano Koro No Mama De Ite

-Sonal- | Mar 29, 2019 2:22 AM
90% of her stories are about a manly seme raping his feminine uke (who btw always looks like a 13 yr old) and then professing it to be love. Jfc, such women shouldn't be allowed near literature with a 100 feet pole.

EION | Nov 5, 2018 7:25 PM
Wow I completely forgot about Michalski. It's been too long since I've read her works.

Ryukiation | Aug 3, 2018 5:00 PM
Comment of 2018
My Ram plush guided me to this page.

Introvert100 | Oct 8, 2017 11:25 AM
Laugh though* I clearly know English

Introvert100 | Oct 8, 2017 11:25 AM
Damn no one has commented since 2014
Her stories are ok, that description of her made me laught through

Cheekyweelogan | Nov 29, 2014 12:55 PM
Why are you people commenting her if you don't like her stuff lol? What a waste of time.

Just read Privete Lessons and I liked it because I'm garbage whoo.

EION | Jun 14, 2014 10:32 PM
Alot, scratch that, most of her work centers around rape and abuse.
I can tolerate love formed from rape but that's basically the main focus for the majority of her works. It's not really my cup of tea.
Oh well, at least it was entertaining

Ana | May 27, 2014 12:17 AM
Her works are the hilariously bad type, although I won't deny that I was very much entertained by it. The one I genuinely liked was Gochisou-sama.

leetin08 | Feb 26, 2014 8:13 AM
I really like her works! :)

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