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Days: 68.0
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  • Episodes4,025
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Be-Bop Highschool
Be-Bop Highschool
Jun 20, 12:48 PM
Completed 7/7 · Scored -
Ashita no Joe 2
Ashita no Joe 2
Jun 15, 4:30 PM
Completed 47/47 · Scored -
Ashita no Joe
Ashita no Joe
Jun 1, 2:23 PM
Completed 79/79 · Scored -
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Days: 21.1
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  • Chapters3,793
  • Volumes364
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One Piece
One Piece
4 hours ago
Reading 944/? · Scored -
Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou
Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou
Jun 9, 12:48 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Domestic na Kanojo
Domestic na Kanojo
Apr 3, 12:03 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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EcchiGodMamster 7 hours ago
i need to do last weeks fanservice, just haven't yet lol
EcchiGodMamster Jun 10, 10:02 PM
wouldn't it be nice if anime actually consistently drew the asses that big lol
EcchiGodMamster Jun 10, 9:48 PM
thats like...

the most generic looking anime girl, minus the extra phat ass lol
EcchiGodMamster Jun 10, 6:58 PM
does it look like its from an anime LOL?
MJROCKS05 Jun 6, 12:11 PM
Because I've seen some other profile like yours.

I may have come off as rude but I was just genuinely curious. So, may I know this reason which stopped you from rating?
MJROCKS05 Jun 6, 12:43 AM
Yeah, I know that and as I mentioned, it felt strange looking at your profile. I thought it was something else I didn't get, but well it was simply to list your anime.

Seems like a waste to me, but, it's your choice. :)
MJROCKS05 Jun 5, 2:19 PM
No tags, No scores !?..... Why use MAL just as a tool to list all your completed anime? Surely, even a simple .txt file would suffice for that purpose. You won't get recommendations through the auto-rec feature, people won't know your tastes as such and hence won't bother to connect with you, leaving you with hundreds of missed opportunities to find something new. If you were using this site just as a medium of discussion on it's forums, then you could have done so without an account, and seeing that you don't use it for that section much, I wonder why then, even bother making an account when you aren't using this site for what it's purpose was.

Not hating or anything, rather, I am just curious to know why have you decided not to provide any scores or tags. Just felt a bit strange to me
27_Seconds Jun 2, 8:09 AM
I think some of the voices in the dub of Tenchi Muyo fit the characters and don't seem that bad at all. I like Mihoshi and Ryouko's voices in the dub. Tenchi's dad's voice in the dub is hilarious though, it's just so raspy lol. I also like Sasami's voice in the dub mainly because I think it fits the character well.

Oh wow, really? That is weird. It's probably harder to get the license of an older anime like that, so Crunchyroll has to take what it can get. I can probably find the first season online somewhere, even though I'm picky about what sites I used to watch anime. I remember once I tried using a site called ryuanime and it tried to download spyware on my laptop (luckily, I have some anti-virus stuff on my computer that prevented it from being downloaded). Been careful of what sites I use since then.

I'm not sure, it might end up being a bit longer than the original. The 2001 version was only 26 episodes.
Safeanew May 29, 1:09 AM
Yeah, tags give a lot more freedom to express and organize anime after one's own taste.
One should only score anime if it helps one's own expression of what anime is to oneself.
Why scores are so popular is because they are more integrated in the myanimelist system and easier to compare.
But they are easier to compare because they don't say that much.
Safeanew May 28, 3:21 PM
Because a score don't say that much, I have decided that I will use tags that categorize after the impression I got from it rather than trying to give a measure of general quality or enjoyment.
AshitaNoJonas May 25, 2:16 AM
Hi! The character is Haman Karn from Zeta Gundam.
27_Seconds May 22, 2:25 PM
Haha awesome! I remember seeing episodes of Tenchi Muyo on Toonami when I was a kid. I remember it aired alongside DBZ and Sailor Moon back in the day. So, I decided to go back and give it an actual, full-watch. Very nostalgic though.

Did you watch Tenchi dubbed or subbed? I'm watching the dub since that's what I remember seeing as a kid. For late 90s standards, it's fine, although Tenchi's voice actor is....well...nothing to write home about, lol.

I see, where are you watching Ashita no Joe? I think I remember seeing it on Crunchyroll.

Well, most of what I know of the romance in Fruits Basket is from the original show, which I don't know had different writing from the manga since it was made while the manga was still publishing. Still, the romance is your typical, fluffy romance that you find in your usual shoujo. However, I feel like it's characters are still really likable and fun, that it doesn't really feel generic. Not sure if that's descriptive enough, but I hope you get the idea, haha. You might like it if you gave it a chance.
27_Seconds May 12, 8:51 AM
30 shows at once is insane. I can't keep up with more than a few shows. I say 5-6 shows is a good amount to watch at once. For me, I have a bit of a "system" with watching anime. Usually, I watch one 12 episode long series, one 26 episode long series, and maybe one series that has a lot of episodes (like LOGH, for example). Then I might throw in an airing show or a rewatch, just for some variety.

Ashita no Joe is a series I wanna watch, but I'm never sure if I'll ever have the time. Doesn't it have multiple seasons with many episodes? I have thought of watching Megalo Box, since I believe that's supposed to be a modern retelling of the Ashita no Joe.

Record of Lodoss War was really cool, I watched it last summer. I agree with you about the Lord of the Rings vibes, I haven't seen any other fantasy anime that gave me that sort of feeling. A lot of fun with some great animation for it's time.

I've been keeping up with The Promised Neverland on Toonami. I know I can watch it subbed online, but I sort of like waiting for a dubbed episode each week. I like it, although I want it to dive more into the horror. Still gotta watch the fifth episode. I've also been watching the Fruit Basket remake that's been airing. I loved the original show, but it finished before the manga was completed, so it had an open ending. It's still enjoyable and easy to watch. Characters are really charming and it's still pretty funny. It's actually a good show to relax to.
27_Seconds May 4, 3:35 PM
I feel you, I do try to watch One Piece at my own pace, but that usually means only watching an episode or two every few months. It sucks, because I think it's a fun show with really likable characters, but I can just never stick to watching it consistently.

I also sort of struggle with binging shows in general. The most I can do nowadays is maybe 3-4 episodes at most. I usually feel like there are so many shows I wanna watch that sticking to one show can be difficult for me. It's weird, but I don't know. The only time I seem to be able to binge is when rewatching shows. When I rewatched Evangelion last year, I binged like 9 episodes in a row.

Watching any other good stuff lately?