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Gintama.: Porori-hen
Gintama.: Porori-hen
Today, 8:52 AM
Watching 330/? · Scored 10
Blend S
Blend S
Today, 8:51 AM
Watching 2/12 · Scored -
Cardcaptor Sakura
Cardcaptor Sakura
Today, 5:29 AM
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Konohanatei Kitan
Konohanatei Kitan
Today, 5:30 AM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 7
Masamune-kun no Revenge
Masamune-kun no Revenge
Oct 29, 3:36 PM
Reading 29/? · Scored -
Shokugeki no Souma
Shokugeki no Souma
Oct 29, 3:36 PM
Reading 163/? · Scored 10


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King_Kouta_777 3 hours ago
I'm doing good, watching GTO, reading the second volume of 20th Century Boys and I'm playing Skyrim on Nintendo Switch too.

No, I looked just now but I can't find any info about the new Baka and Test, which as you know is my favorite anime! Hehehe! ;P Do you have any links?
Koukaika 11 hours ago
شكراً لك صديقي.

إقرأها متى شئت يا صديقي و إذا أردت الرد قم بذلك فقط حين تشعر بذلك
لقد تأخرت و ماطلت أنا أيضا في بعثها مدة طويلة
Insertanamehere Today, 10:08 AM
Can't say I've been traumatized by any anime adaptation lol, DI and Tsukihime did their best to try though

But yeah I haven't seen the source being inferior to the original ever (unless the source is bad and the anime is only good by virtue of looking pretty/having a good ost/etc)
Comet Today, 9:45 AM
Most of the things I buy are just for the sake of collecting, yeah. I don't even take my figures out of the boxes. I doubt the illustrations would spoil anything since important events are usually portrayed by text. Death Note's author's tribute illustration is the best

Btw, most of the art in the Trouble Chronicle isn't even new. These are some of the only new ones

Insertanamehere Today, 9:08 AM
lol well I hope the Subahibi KS doesnt fuck up at least

and I wouldnt watch it if it comes out before
Comet Today, 7:56 AM
Here's the best part: I HAVEN'T LOOKED AT THE BOOK EITHER :D

Naturally, it's in Japanese. At the moment, my Japanese (specifically my Kanji) isn't good enough to read anything besides shounen and shoujo manga (they have furigana). If I can't read it, what's the point in opening it? I already saw the tribute illustrations online. So sorry; I don't know if it contains spoilers.
Comet Today, 7:12 AM
I know it's crazy, but I actually haven't watched the OVA. I forgot it existed this whole time. But yes, I would imagine it's only 15 minutes. It's not like they had a ton of source material to work with or an incredibly high budget.
Insertanamehere Today, 6:09 AM
No probs

Apparently they fucked up the JP physical release with some items shipping too lol

hopefully the VN, early enough that I can read it before the anime
TAKI- Nov 13, 10:15 PM
تهلا شينسكي
همم اعطي رقم الواتس حقي بلوك
هو رقم وهمي وحاليا فقدته اول ما احضر رقم اخر ساراسلك به
وعذرا اذا رقمي سبب لك متاعب ^^"
Comet Nov 11, 1:23 PM
Did you get your Trouble Chronicle yet?
King_Kouta_777 Nov 8, 3:20 AM
Lol, I don't know who added who, but I know we will become great friends! :) How have you been my friend?
Eru Nov 4, 5:47 AM
Clannad was just way too long for my likes. I didn't like Tomoya much either. Haven't played Kanon as well welp.
So much things I want to do but no time.

Then you should read VN next. UBW anime was quite mediocre but it's decent when compared to Apocrypha adaptation which had a decent source but made the anime worse instead of fixing mistakes novel had.
Most of TM stuff isn't translated surprisingly so it can be tough.
Olem Nov 3, 11:42 AM
No worries.

Cool, I was actually worrying that I might've typed a bit too much to a simple question so that' a relief lol

Hmm... I suppose the adaptation was really well-done, but I just personally felt it could've be done a little better with how it transitioned from drama>sol>drama and again. But anyway, it's not like the anime doesn't have some pros that the LN didn't have, like the music! Always liked Keiichi Okabe so hearing his music in various games and anime is always cool.

I sure hope they do. The hero system in there also works a bit more different than YuYuYu and WaSuYu, and the stake also feel a lot higher in there as well. It just feels a hell of a lot more dangerous overall for the girls.

I know what you mean. When I played it, I was pretty much only going by what I understood and words and phrases I heard here and there that I, so I pretty much patched up things up from there and got the gist of what was happening.
Hmm... I think you can take it as non-canon. I feel the game was mostly promoting the LNs and anime since they pretty much remade the stories thus far into playable campaigns in the game. Like, you could experience WaSuYu, YuYuYu, NoWaYu in some VN-like format in the game. Still, it was pretty cool. Sadly, my harddrive died and I would play it on Nox... so I haven't played it in about 4 month now :v
Anyway, I never answered your question. But yeah, I don't consider it canon and the game's original story is that there's some kinda weird shiz going on(omitting for spoilers sake) and the girls throughout the series are being transported to YuYuYu's timeline where they all meet and are coming together to solve the situations. It's cool seeing all the girls interact with each other and iirc, it was fully voiced.

I only played the first VN :( I didn't know the second one got translated though?
Oh shoot, really? Didn't know another one was coming soon. Definitely looking forward to it.
Insertanamehere Nov 3, 9:18 AM
Y e a h kickstarter delays are apparently very common in the vn industry

G.O? He's pretty good
Well, I've only read himawari from him though

Island is in the same world/setting/universe as himawari but only loosely connected iirc
Comet Nov 2, 5:16 PM