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Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou
Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou
Oct 12, 8:58 PM
Watching 12/24 · Scored 8
100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru
100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru
Oct 12, 6:32 AM
Watching 2/12 · Scored 6
Tonikaku Kawaii
Tonikaku Kawaii
Oct 11, 9:42 PM
Watching 2/? · Scored 8
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NthDegree Jan 17, 2019 12:44 PM
Just the mystery shows? I can do that. But then again, you seem to find fantasy much more mysterious than I do, while I prefer scifi, so I can't guarantee our tastes will match. Well, at the very least I can tell you which shows I'm watching.

NthDegree Jan 17, 2019 10:20 AM
I would say that by far the weakest part of Akatsuki no Yona is the beginning arcs. The inciting incident it handled pretty well, but the first dragon they find comes off as rather generic. However, what really saves the show at that point is the MC's character development and green dragon's arc a bit later (he's the third one) is fantastic. After the anime ends I feel like there is a bit of a lull, but once they get around visiting the water tribe everything after it is consistently great.

My personal favorite aspect of the series (aside from the protagonist, everyone loves Yona) is its villain though, since it would be so easy to paint them as pure evil... but they don't. They're probably the most nuanced take on this type of character I've seen.

But yeah, if you ever get around watching/reading it, you should be aware that it's kind of a slow burn. Not that the first half is bad per se but it's just okay. So if you ever feel like you're really bored, I'd recommend it as a way to pass time. Who knows, maybe you'll grow to like it like I did.

Oooh, I'm into mysteries too~~ I've a ton of things on my favorites list you might like. The animes with outright mystery genre tags are Lain, Monster (you can also just read the manga), Paprika, Mawaru Penguindrum and Ghost Hound. ...Yes, literally half of my favorites list is just mystery genre lol. Be a little bit careful though, all of them besides Monster can get a little... trippy.

Outside anime, you might wanna get around reading that Umineko Naku no Koro Ni manga or play the VN of it. I see Zetsuen no Tempest in your favorites it honestly reminded me of Umineko. Especially how they argue about magic. Plus Aika looks exactly like Rosa but younger lol...

Good luck at the Navy!
NthDegree Jan 16, 2019 2:14 PM
Uh... Akatsuki no Yona is already on top of my manga list (it's my favorite ongoing manga - the parts that aren't in the anime yet are really, really good) and I've read Solanin (since it's by Inio Asano) and some Blood Alone (it was alright). I think I'm going to take a break from all the isekai/VRMMO stories but I'll check out the rest of your recommendations.

If you wanna watch anything on my favorite animes list, I'd recommend Infinite Ryvius. Mostly because so few people seem to have seen it that it should be illegal. Hopefully you like scifi.
NthDegree Jan 13, 2019 12:32 PM
Although I generally watch more anime, the reason my manga list is so small is because I'm too lazy to add them all to MAL. I don't typically even update my anime section... I think my 'watching' list is still stuck on last spring season lol. I just add stuff when somebody mentions an anime and I realize I haven't marked it yet lol.

I read Shield Hero because I had just read Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? LN and liked it... So I wanted to find something similar to it. I first ended up reading the manga version of Slime and then Shield Hero LN. But in the end I did't like them as much.

I mean, half of my favorite anime list would probably be classified as Seinen if they weren't anime original shows. MAL tags series based on which magazine their manga version ran at, which is why there is no anime-original seinen. In manga/LN I'm not really into seinen though, with a few exceptions (mainly Naoki Urasawa and Inio Asano). Shounen is fine but I usually get frustrated with them since they just keep stretching the story. I suppose that's more general problem with manga though. The authors just want to keep the story going to ensure their livelihoods rather than give it a satisfactory ending (or rather, the editors do... have you read Bakuman? That's why Eiji has to go to such extremes...).

But yeah, josei or mature shoujo is probably your best bet in manga/LN.
NthDegree Jan 12, 2019 4:44 AM
But yeah, I guess we agree on that the OP should only define the topic at the beginning then. But yeah, sure. I typically accept all friend requests anyway. I don't mind either thread or PM, so you can choose whichever you're more comfortable with.
NthDegree Jan 11, 2019 5:46 PM
Yeah, OP can mean the both, the person and the post, which is why I've repeated it so many times in my previous comment.

The scenario I suggested is not realistic because as it is, the OPs don't own the threads, so them dictating the conversation to this extent is not in the rules. As I said before, my intention was simply to show what would be possible if they did have that power (and thus demonstrate why I'm against it).
NthDegree Jan 11, 2019 1:52 PM
I think you misunderstood.

NthDegree said:
Changing the target of the topic slightly is still a mild example, but it may also lead to censorship of the thread if for example the OP disagrees with someone's opinion and they change the topic again in order to stop them from expressing it.

The former case is referring to the OP, the latter one is a hypothetical scenario showing why it's good that the OPs in general don't own their topics. Target here is just referring to what the topic is about.
NthDegree Jan 11, 2019 12:44 PM
I suppose the difference here is that I believe that the OP of any particular topic doesn't have the ownership of the discussion that ensues afterwards. Changing the target of the topic slightly is still a mild example, but it may also lead to censorship of the thread if for example the OP disagrees with someone's opinion and they change the topic again in order to stop them from expressing it. So for the clarity of the rules it's better to say the topic is just whatever is on the OP.

This is also why I believe that once the OP started the conversation in the OP, the ownership and the responsibility of the topic transfers over to the mods and general forum rules. Even if the OP participates in the discussion afterwards their standing is the same as with the other commenters.
NthDegree Jan 11, 2019 11:28 AM
As long as you understand it's fine. The part that mainly irked me was that I took your 'warning' as intended censorship that I can't agree with. I can be very patient with people who disagree with me, but I get quite annoyed if I feel like I'm being silenced :P

As for the OP changing their question in the later comments... I personally feel like the topic is about what's in the OP. Sure, specifying further later on can be helpful, but I don't think that makes the posts that reply directly to the question in the OP off-topic. In general, I think mandating everyone who replies the topic to read all the posts before them is kinda silly, especially when the replies on this type of topic tend to be both long and spoilerific.
NthDegree Jan 10, 2019 12:30 PM
Lol, when I came online yesterday I had 1 private message and 9 alerts... and my reply to you was probably the shortest among what I wrote. Fortunately I only had 1 PM and 7 alerts today lol. I like arguing but I also do have a full-time job, so trying to answer everyone within a day is quite tough.

So can you explain how Grey-Zone explaining why they like the show is off-topic on a topic about the OP asking why people like the show?

Yes, I've read less than him, but I also mentioned it in my post, so it's not like your potential new readers would have any way of misunderstanding it. Furthermore, it isn't your place to warn anyone, is it? If you think somebody breaks the rules, just report them. If they did indeed break them, then it's only right for it to get deleted. You're not the one who should be making the decision. This may be a bit rude, but it came off as 'backseat-modding' to me.
NthDegree Jan 8, 2019 10:16 AM
Well, I can at least appreciate that effort.

Anyway, if your only goal is to weed out the spoilers, then you should have no problem with me since I use spoiler tags. That's what it says in the rules.
Kineta said:
4. Spoiler tags should also be used when discussing key plot elements (spoilers).

It's not even off-topic, considering our reasons for liking/hating it were the spoilers we talked about. So it's all fine and dandy.

As for my intent, that's irrelevant to our discussion. Spoilers were in spoiler tags, talk was on-topic and no rules were broken. You're free to suggest "being mindful", but I must say I'm not a fan of arguments that essentially boil down to trying to silence other people.

I'm rather brief because I was away from MAL for a bit and now I'm flooded with alerts lol @_@
NthDegree Jan 4, 2019 11:52 AM
My main problem with your argument is that its goal seems to essentially censor my negative opinions from the threads. So in a sense, I see your argument as far more unproductive than my own. If you think I'm misunderstanding you, then feel free to specify what part you're objecting to. I suppose you might be just against mentioning the source material at all, but that wouldn't make much sense since you yourself used 'LN gets good later, so you shouldn't drop it' argument in page 1.

I also do feel like you're giving the people reading or watching the series far too little credit in your argument. Sure, I can tell people why I didn't like the story. However, if somebody drops it in the middle, it is their own decision. To me saying otherwise seems like belittling them.

I'm not replying to your comments on my opinions in the quote because I don't want to get sidetracked from the current topic. However, feel free to bring them up again after we're finished with this if you're still willing.

By the way the quote I used has a link to it. Just click to it and you'll get to the post in question.
NthDegree Jan 4, 2019 8:44 AM
Nobody is going to change their minds? Looks like you're wrong.
gastert said:
NthDegree said:

Oh boy, you have not been reading my earlier comments on the thread, have you?

Promoting slavery is simple: the MC supports actual slavery by being a slave master. That's bad enough but furthermore

I've mostly focused on the slavery bit but as for misogyny

Hmm, you have really good points there. If we see it that way, the MC is really not a great person. I think the author is really good at playing the sympathy card to make us like the MC. But honestly, the MC is somewhat realistic in his mind and action (yeah he is sometimes irrational or too rational). Still, I don't think it will impactful enough for people in the real world to do slavery because of this story (I hope so).

For the misogyny part, well I can't really argue. I should admit I change some of my opinion about this part. But still I think it is not that bad for a story like this.

And for your last paragraph, if that is really happen that is so f**ked up.

And this is coming from someone who has the LN in their toplist.

Just because you may personally find my comments unhelpful, it doesn't mean everyone does.
DDDeleteDDD Nov 18, 2018 12:39 AM
"I question why you believe "Goblins is bad, rape is bad, so goblins rape" is the "main logic behind the reasoning" for the goblins actions."

Well, you obviously didn't read my posts, I don't 'believe' it is a fact. Rape is in the series to vilify the goblins as if murder and torturing aren't going to do that. And rape and murder aren't treated equally. Look at every excuse that is put into the series, just to have rape being a prominent factor in creating a grimdark style and tone. As said in the overview, "I'm asking specifically the logic behind this from a meta point of view.

1. The goblin god made them beings of pure evil to cause chaos and pain but gives them the glaring oversight of needing other race's females to reproduce.

2. They can only be born male.

I am not arguing that they shouldn't be this way, I am pointing out that from a serious narrative point of view, this only serves as a way to make goblins seem bad. hence the example.

"Need I explain more? I'm not defending the series by any means, but using my imagination. I suppose not all stories require it, but you shouldn't judge it for being one that does."

Again, already addressed in my posts, that not only is this stupid but it is actually a flaw in the world-building - having the audience fill in the gaps. All it does is leads to pretentious overthinking and doing the work for the creators to make sense of things. This is why I mention that rational line of thinking is absent in all facets of the story. This is why I don't understand how people (fans) think this reasoning given isn't bad writing. It's like they are creating a fallacy argument for the creators of the fiction. Fans: “The authour can’t help depicting the rape monsters, because he invented a context in which these rape monsters must exist”. The logical response to that defence is from critics: “His hands aren’t tied because he chose to invent the context that particular way, so it was his decision – and still a bad one – to include the rape monsters” (this is in the context of the way Goblin Slayer presents it, treats and handles it, and has it woven into every fabric of the story).

I am not expecting you to read this, but this explains why, from a meta point of view that the only reason why rape exists here is to vilify the goblins which means it is nothing more than a device for cheap shock value. This is what I posted, now it includes other issues of world-building flaws

^^ This is not even adding things I have previously mentioned in the overview and other posts in thread discussions.

You took it literally but in terms of it being a few, I beg to differ. Every chance the show gets to show tits and ass shots, it does it without fail. And even if we agree that it's only a few times, it conflicts with the tone of the series. A good example is after the events of episode 1 which is known for its "grimdark style" which fans hailed this series a "dark and mature fantasy".

You have to agree that this creates a tonal dissonance, it's "trying to have its cake and eat it too", it's either a dark and mature fantasy or just a fantasy. A series that has a serious complex issue in rape and gory violence can't go on to have moments like this if they want audiences to take it seriously.

I am not against fanservice, I am against it when is gratuitous and titillating for the sake of being gratuitous and titillating. None of these fanservice scenes and a slice of life/high school comedy-like segments gels well with the grimdark style and tone it tries to establish. Like FMA: Brotherhood, one of my favourites, and a flaw that it has is inconsistent tone. The original wouldn't cut to a comedic scene straight after a sickening scene or a gut-punching moment, it ruins the mood and if it occurs too frequently between episodes (which Brotherhood avoids) then it really hard to take those moments seriously. I mean, could you imagine watching 300 and they had a scene like that ^ where the characters of the movie talked in that tone, and happy-go-lucky in their fashion? Or having big breasted women who have "boing" sound effects when their tits move?

And the reason why I continue to watch Goblin Slayer, is because of this, a blog I made,
I am not 100% blindly hating it, for starters, I actually watch the episodes, I actually give my opinions, I actually gave reasons to why I have these opinions, and I use numerous inworld references and examples to back up my opinions. And watching Goblin Slayer has taught me new things about storytelling and world-building. I don't intentionally write long reviews, and it doesn't take me long to type them either, I don't sit here all day at my screen so can't reply straight away like when I am actually present here but I do like avoiding red-herring, nit-picking and moving the goal posts in discussions. Are you sure you're not defending the series? Not that there isn't anything wrong with that, just that you actually tried to downplay some criticism which is done in defence of the show. I am not an elitist obviously, I mean look at my list and score.

cellors Feb 27, 2018 5:48 AM
Thanks man.If I need some information abuot some series, I will ask you :)