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Nov 2, 2016
Tokidoki (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Tokidoki is the latest One Shot by Naoshi Komi,despite the small length it has been better in many aspects than his previous work but this isn't the first time that someone came with a Melodramatic plot which portrays strong emotion and tragic in the expense of logic and character development, tbh, it relies heavily on getting the reader emotional to create a fake sense of attachment to the uninteresting and bland characters, the closest thing I can relate it with is Hollywood flick "The Fault in Our Stars"
In short,it follows a girl with fatal heart disease and got few countable years to live, until ...
Oct 31, 2016
Hawk is a nice guy-Gilthunder

First of all,the title "Seisen no Shirushi" or "Sign of Holy War" is pretty misleading,there's whatsoever not enough content that does justice to the hype the title created,unless we pay attention to extra couple of minutes here and there,secondly it would be wrong to call it a sequel,more of a mini-series or 4 part OVAs.

EPISODE 1- Our evergreen Hawk wants to have fun,ok.
EPISODE 2- Finally the most awaited fight BAN vs MELOIDAS,wait it was just a prank.
EPISODE 3- Romantic development between Titan Diane and king which the least people care about.
EPISODE 4- Another 20 minutes of misery just to see Vivian's ...
Oct 1, 2016
"One Punch Man" was a phenomenal success overnight and there is no denying the fact that its deserve all of it,works like this set a benchmark for an author, "Mob psycho 100" is from the same author so it's obvious that our expectation would be high but it turn out to be one step behind its predecessor.
Although,there are quite a few similarities between the two but it'll be unfair to judge on the basis of that.
On one hand when "OPM" was eye captivating from the first episode itself,"MP100" is paced bit slowly and takes the time to develop but once its reach the peak,it's quite ...
Oct 1, 2016
91 Days (Anime) add
You don't need a reason to live,you just live-Nero.

In today's generation we strive for more fan favorite genre shows and it's not often we get to see something different, "91 days" is one of those work which isn't made to target all viewers,some may find it immensely out of their regular taste while others will take a great interest in it.

The story is set in the early 1900s during prohibition,it start with Avilio Bruno (The main character) receiving a letter and going back to the flashback of his past, when his family was brutally murdered by Vanetti Family and he was the sole survivor,running away ...
Sep 28, 2016
Finally, china blessed us with another Zombie stuff.
There's no secret to the success of animes like this,either you need to have tons of fan service like "high school of the dead" or such hype that will make it widely popular even before it start airing,like what happen to "Kabaneri of the iron fortress" and having a logical plot is irrelevant for such genre.
But unfortunately "Hitori no Shita: The Outcast" got none of it but still there're few surprising element in it,at least I thought so at the beginning.

It's a tale about chou the strongest of all outsider (People with supernatural power but are ...
Sep 27, 2016
Mixed Feelings
I'm a mere human being who can't comprehend the greatness of Sakamoto but he's back once again to teach us some more "LIFE HACKS"
If you desire for "SWAG" in everything,then look no further,you've already reached your destination.

Envy of those Japanese who can watch newly aired episodes without subtitles?Now,you can learn kanji just by syncing your lips with Sakamoto sensei.
Insecure of wearing glasses?don't worry,Sakamoto will teach you how to wet girls just from eye contact.
Your sexual desire is something beyond normal human being?If yes,from now on even ghost will carve for you.

Sep 25, 2016
Orange (Anime) add

School life is so fascinating and a typical shojo romance without a setting in high school isn't common, "orange" is no different but there's a lot more to it than just being your every day's anime.

The plot is quite open from the first episode itself,nothing much of suspense.we're being introduced to Naho a 16-year-old girl,about to attend her second ...
Sep 12, 2016

THE AUTHOR-Makoto Shinkai who is regarded as one of the finest director of recent time and with works likes "Hoshi no Koe" "GOW" "5CMPS" under his belt,there is no doubt about the caliber of this man.
His majority of works relies mainly on the visual effect where each frame speak a word for itself,the tension he creates between the characters,the emotion he depicts with that and overall execution which even makes a simplest of the story somewhat extraordinary to watch.
I really find myself fond of those and following Shinkai over the years,I realised that plot-based work is never his strong point ...
Jul 9, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku titled "The Princess and the Pilot" in English is a 2011 Japanese film, based on the fantasy light novel of the same name by Koroku Inumura.
The story follows a beautiful daughter of a noble family, who was proposed by the prince of a foreign country and as they were at war, the marriage was postponed until the war ends, but there was threat to the future princess so it was decided to send her to the prince ,meanwhile a young pilot who was subjected to racism due to his half blood from childhood, was bestowed with the mission ...
Jun 30, 2016
First of all this is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the anime series Rahxephon,it's more like auto play of all the 26 episode at 10 x speed with little cut on and add.
Movies like Evangelion 1.0,Lagann-hen seem to share similar traits: they have above-average predecessor series, but they encounter the familiar pitfall of rehashing material, perhaps in an attempt to replicate the same success in a different format. The movie chooses the same path by reusing the same events as RahXephon, tightly packing them all into one movie and hence it suffer from rushed pacing and incoherent storytelling.

Ayato Kamina and his classmate, ...

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