Oct 1, 2016
91 Days (Anime) add (All reviews)
R_TF (All reviews)
You don't need a reason to live,you just live-Nero.

In today's generation we strive for more fan favorite genre shows and it's not often we get to see something different, "91 days" is one of those work which isn't made to target all viewers,some may find it immensely out of their regular taste while others will take a great interest in it.

The story is set in the early 1900s during prohibition,it start with Avilio Bruno (The main character) receiving a letter and going back to the flashback of his past, when his family was brutally murdered by Vanetti Family and he was the sole survivor,running away for 7 years he's finally back in his hometown to seek vengeance,with the assist of his father's friend who sends him the letter earlier.
It's a anime with a much darker theme and things like violence,gruesome killings,fast pacing are inevitable so it may not please all but with each episode,the story gonna progress and gets really compelling.

We won't get to see too many distinctive characters but more or less,each one will have a salient role in the development of the story and Avilio Bruno is a man on a journey,he'll make friends,enemies and will rise from dirt.

The art is pretty much decent,nothing out of the ordinary but still it befitted with the setting of the plot, so nothing to complain.

All the OST got some nostalgic old age feelings, this is something that makes you change the outlook.

I'm glad that we got something unusual this summer and being a fan of Baccano, this is the absolute work I was waiting for.
It got all aspect to make it a worth watching,give it a try.