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Heartcatch Precure!
Heartcatch Precure!
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Dirty Pair
Dirty Pair
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Choujigen Game Neptune: High School
Choujigen Game Neptune: High School
May 31, 2014 11:35 AM
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Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation
Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation
May 31, 2014 11:34 AM
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Choujigen Game Neptune
Choujigen Game Neptune
May 31, 2014 11:34 AM
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RPGX_Omega Feb 26, 2018 10:00 AM
Added Cure Dream to my awesome character blog.
Avradical Nov 2, 2017 12:41 PM
Turns out I watched it with a friend like 7 years ago because the first ep was free on PSN at the time haha. I remember thinking it wasn't that great haha.
ToQYuLovely May 30, 2017 8:36 AM
I haven't seen Yes yet but I'm actually intrigued by it. Dream seems to be a great leader and I'm particularly interested in Cure Lemonade and Aqua.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 25, 2016 1:29 AM
I only remember her using Sunny Day and calling it a day xD. That's fine for liking many as I am the same, and indeed for the crossovers though sadly the newer ones ignore the older girls too much. The one I didn't like was Haru no Carnival because it was too much dancing with few cool fighting and action parts xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 24, 2016 12:08 AM
I doubt you could surpass this guy anyway xD. Cool for Empires then! Sorry for missing Sword somehow xD. From that season I liked Regina and Rikka the best though. Also White is cool, but I must ask why Echo since was never too partial for the Cure that never fights; all my fault for being a battle junkie maybe xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 22, 2016 1:51 PM
I think WiiU has one of these, should check out xD. Think Empire is more strategy, while I like Strategy RPGs plain strategy I'm kinda awful with for some reason. I doubt Ram would kill you though, maybe hurt you tops xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 22, 2016 2:19 AM
I would be fine with the harem plot if it didn't include turning Rito into Rapisto because author femsub bias xD. The shower scene was pretty weird all right. Sadly never played any Dynasty Warriors game though played Samurai Warriors 3 and Hyrule Warriors + Legends instead; maybe next time Koei Tecomi will make a Switch port xD. Surprising for Ram, thought she was kinda un popular for being the serious sister. Also noticed the absolute lack of Cures though think you like the series xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 21, 2016 12:12 AM
I agree there, same outside Japan mecha kinda lacks popularity xD. That and people refuse watching older shows, boo that! The only problematic girl would be Momo for I don't like how she tries to turn Rito into a molester when he could have the harem and be nice to girls, and the whole harem plotline period feels too dragged out due to not progressing much xD. Most of the others are fine, maybe Asuna whose massive huge popularity among casual viewers always baffled me though think my Shino and Snow Black biases are the reason. The rest are fine, even tho sometimes there are girls I like better like Koumei and Sousou over Chouhi and the non-Vert goddeses over Nepgear but even then those girls overall are good! Well, the goddesses and the other imoutos too, especially Noire and Uni since I love black hair with red eyes xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Dec 19, 2016 11:58 PM
I approve of Mikan being on top and most of the list is pretty cool! Also awesome you included Mylene there, mecha needs love xD.
ToQYuLovely Oct 3, 2016 1:58 AM
It's been quite a white since I've talked to you and watched Koihime XD

Well personally, I thought the first season was average, and it didn't give me an urge to follow the rest. Didn't like the ecchi and forced yuri scenes all that much. But if you're saying the rest is worth watching, I'll give it a shot sometime.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 10, 2014 2:42 AM
I think they censored less things because OVAs 3-4 didn't have Mikan, tho sadly body swap isn't my thing. I quite enjoyed the Kyouko one, let not be said I only complain xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 7, 2014 7:28 AM
I'm glad I could help xD. Thing is, Momo hasn't done a thing: Mea would've gone after Rito regardless because of Yami, Nemesis would be the same and Tearju isn't much of a haremette; for specific plots EVERY relationship-building event that matters was NOT caused by Momo, such as Rito and Yami's hands being stuck, the date of sorts Rito and Haruna had recently, Yui remembering she met Rito once, Rito cheering up Nana when she found out about Mea's powers, Rito getting Yami to accept Mea, and so on. If anything Momo actively hampers relationships as she ended making Lala stop going after Rito and sneaking into Rito's bed made Nana get angry at him, one helpful lead heroine right there xD. I'd prefer hair not to cover the ass, because it just leads to series ruining buttshots because who cares about asses. Sorry for the Momo blog xD. Thing is the harem plan was a thing Lala proposed already, all the girls ended liking Rito often before Momo even showed up and as said she has done some bad and no good for the harem plan; honestly I think "HAREM PLAN" is just an excuse from the authors to shoehorn Momo everywhere, as most of the time she can be removed without really changing things much if at all. The original anime was meh and Motto was awesome, but Darkness, yeah xD. Actually I'm not looking forward to the OVA since it adapts two Mikan chapters and Xebec really fucking hates Mikan and ruins all her good manga scenes. Well, except for the marshmallows one, but otherwise xD.
ZettaiRyouiki Jul 6, 2014 3:25 PM
I kinda forgot about this, so thanks for actually reading it xD. Sorry, Katja and Chiaki are my two assistants. Flat-chested isn't always used for literally flat girls, but for these with small breasts in general; also measurement-wise Nana has breasts 7 cm bigger than Mikan's, odd xD. As for Tear a friend did a blog on her, but indeed I don't like her chest and I was really annoyed by her debut arc since it consisted 50% of praising her big breasts and 50% of using them for fanservice, blah. She's fine character-wise and later she improves as her nice thong shows, but damned if her debut didn't suck xD. Mind, Nemesis also gets IMO a weak debut and she's my second or third fav girl, but still. My point is big breasts are too overrated and big asses need more love xD. Go golden showers <3. No, I do not like Momo, sorry :/. The short version is Momo was introduced as a secretly sadist girl and more or less overnight became an openly masochistic girl, I'm not into masochistic girls and a forced one is even worse; plus she steals the show for no reason and overall is clearly a bad vehicle for the authors to force their bad tastes on us. The long version is here; before you ask this is Suzuha and this is Proist xD. The Yami thing is odd indeed, but in Momo and Nana's official profile the authors explain they try to give their characters unique traits. Given Yui, Yami AND Nana all have a dislike of perversion as one of their main traits and Haruna and Rin have some of that too the only conclusion is the authors think this is super-funny or something xD. The manga lacks enough yuri scenes for them sadly, too much Rito focus I guess. I'm not a big fan of Darkness, the short of it being too much breasts/vaginas/tentacles/abused women focus which are all things I'm not into while TLR was far better in this sense xD. Right, too many series focus too much on breasts, even Vividred that was meant to be a show on butts focused too much on breasts :/. I prefer pear-shaped girls xD. To summarize Haruko is the bland busty main girl from Maken-ki, Miwako is the ahegao girl from Hen Zemi, Akane is a strict sexuality-manhater from Kanokon, Tomomi is a troll from Ladies x Butlers, Arashiko is a boring androphobe from MM, and finally Naru is the mean main girl from Love Hina. I figured so much for her age, yeah xD. Well, the last part is the fanservice part all my blogs have, I tend to focus on butts and Yami's power just asked for that, plus even she thinks that's ridiculous. Otherwise my blog self has Harem Lead Syndrome and always ends on fanservice situations; this is an actual plot point xD. Thanks for reading it! And sorry my reply is so long xD.
RPGX_Omega Jun 29, 2014 5:41 AM
I was just thinking. It pains me how they ended up ruining Smile Precure. Could have turned out something awesome.
ZettaiRyouiki Jun 27, 2014 3:23 PM
I am rather verbose, sorry xD. Right, the way Mana always get pushed in the forefront and always gets favored is ridiculous. There's an episode that shows how her fixation with solving other people's problems is bad because then people don't learn to do things by themselves and how Aguri's belief people should try to fix their own problems is good and yet Aguri admits she was wrong and Mana was right because technically telling people to think by themselves is helping them and that's what Mana does and thus Mana is still right by being wrong, the fuck xD. Well, thing about Happy is she's nothing special, being just a standard ditzy and dumb Pink Cure much like all the Pink Cures so far but Tsugumi. Plus she ends stealing the Smile movie xD.

Huh, Echo didn't even seem to HAVE power, as far NS1 goes transforming only gave her fancy clothes and an overrated hair color. Then you should actually watch All Stars as all of them are much better than the New Stages xD.

I'm sure Honey hasn't sung by ages, in fact you should be done with her singing by now. Also love of rice is more of a Japanese thing I think xD.