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Jan 1, 2014
Hot Road (Manga) add
Lurking around the internet looking for a quick read, I come across Hot Road. To be honest, I wasn't expecting too much but I got so much more from this series that I felt compelled to write a review. Hot Road may not seem like much at first glance, but it truly is a very well done manga that I recommend!

Story: (8)
The story is simple. A simple, quiet girl ends up getting involved with a motorcycle gang and ends up getting romantically involved with one of the gang members. The manga is not too dramatic, though, and at times it almost feels like a slice ...
Jan 6, 2012
Suki nan desu (Manga) add
Have you ever felt you loved a person so much you cried at the thought of her leaving you? Cried of the thought of your feelings not being returned?

Suwa, our dear prince of the one-shot, did. And this is where the one-shot stands out. In just a few pages Suwa managed to show more emotions than most of the shoujo male leads. He openly shows his affection towards his girlfriend.

We've all seen the cool and collected bishounen. I'm ready to see a more emotional one and this one-shot gave me a tiny glimpse of one.
Nov 13, 2010
Preliminary (20/42 chp)
I found Barajou No Kiss while searching for a reverse harem. While it does have some original qualities, this series does not escape from many of the dreadful romance cliches.

Story: (7)
Anis has a choker given to her by her father which she cannot take off. One day, though, she loses it and while searching for it she discovers she's the Dominion of the Rose Knights. The title includes 4 cards and the servitude of 4 boys, all of which go to her school. It's starts out rather basic and drags on a bit to reach its main plot, and even now at chapter 20 the ...
Jul 11, 2010
I picked Kodocha a while back, hearing many great things about this series. I can gladly say it didn't disappoint!

Story: (8)
The story revolves around Sana, a quite successful child actor, and how her relationship develops with fellow classmate, Akito. The beginning is quite typical, Sana immediately hating Akito and arguing endlessly over each other's attitudes. The beginning is the most surrealistic part of the manga. Unless you find an elementary classroom completely ruled by a group of boys to be normal. However, it is much more realistic than most series. As the story progresses, things become more realistic and the relationship between Akito and ...
May 7, 2010
Mixed Feelings
"Do You Want To Try?" - The title, for some weird reason, led me to read this manwha... I can pretty much say I'm greatly dissapointed...

Story: (4)
The story is one extremely popular in Korea, including Jjangs and all that. It even has the ever popular "Fake relationship to get some stalker to leave me alone". It's very mediocre, and the author keeps trying to make it interesting by adding random things such as bullying, dark pasts, and betrayals. Trust me, that's all there is to it.

Art: (8)
This is the best part in the series. If that disappoints you, turn away now and just don't read ...
Apr 23, 2010
The summary for A Kiss to the Prince sounded mildly interesting, so I decided to give it a try. One thing I can tell you right now: This series has great art!

Story: (6)
One of the low-points of this series is the story. It's rather, well, over-used. The "plot twists" in it are also very over-used and not the most creative. In fact, the whole story itself is extremely predictable. From the beginning of the 1st volume I knew who would end up with whom and guessed fairly well at the ending of the manga.

Art: (8)
What I would like to tell you right now is: KTP ...
Mar 15, 2010
Preliminary (1/16 chp)
Long Along Alonging, a short -paged story of a witty little girl that decides to become a vampire's apprentice.

Story: (8)
Amusing, to say the least! LAA manages a unique twist on vampires (Which is the apprenticeship in itself) which I really enjoyed. The ending, as surprising as it is, is one of the funniest endings I've seen in a while. For an 8-paged story to get me to laugh out loud is pretty amazing!

Art: (6)
Not a big fan of Nakamura's art. However, the character's blunt faces really helped with the comical effects at the end.

Character: (5)
Stereotypical, but what do you want? It's only EIGHT pages! ...
Feb 25, 2010
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (3/4 chp)
Setsuna no Rakuen was just recently updated on mangafox. I had a little spare time, so I decided to read since it was so short. It's not anything special, but very short and a very fast read.

Story: (6)
Girl makes an "alliance" with a guy to make her best friend (Whom is also her crush) and his girlfriend to break up. Not very original. The mangaka also tried to fit a lot of story and events into 3 chapters, so it seems a little rushed and has quite a few short time skips. Still, for 3 chapters it was rather decent.

Art: (7)
Faces were sort of awkward, ...
Feb 9, 2010
Preliminary (12/52 eps)
I'm not the biggest fan of magical girl anime, but have found myself enjoying a few very good series. I watched Mermaid Melody because someone said it was good... It's anything but in my opinion.

Story: (3)
The story is really bad. Other than the small twist with the girls being mermaids and fighting enemies with music, nothing about it was interesting or original. We basically just watch the characters mingle a bit, an enemy appears, then is "destroyed" by the mermaid's singing. That sums most of the episodes that I watched.

Art: (7)
Best part of the series. Even then, the character designs weren't the most original and ...
Feb 2, 2010
Preliminary (Unknown/6 chp)
Bitter is a rather short yaoi series, with a rather large amount of sex.

Story: (8)
The story isn't all that unusual or special. Two owners of opposing hotel chains are main pairing in this, and love between rivals is anything but new. However, the fact that the uke did not instantly fall in love with the seme was my favorite point. Instead, the uke loves someone else. This was a refreshing point, especially since most yaoi series instantly have the two guys attracted to each other.

Art: (8)
The art was great! Characters were very beautiful! However, this only gets an 8 because of the weird feeling ...

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